SIGNTYP Prompt Files

Downloadable prompt pdfs. There are a total of 994 prompt slides, divided into 11 sets (sample set plus sets 10 through 90). The letters of a fingerspelled alphabet do not have individual prompt slides, because each language varies. Email us if you want a PDF with white backgrounds for printing. Note: Credits for the photos used in these prompts can be found on the home page link for Credits

Sample: First 10 Animals

10. Numbers and Letters Prompts (103 number prompts plus varying number of letters)

15. Animal Prompts (127 prompts)

20. Nature and Body Prompts(104 prompts)

30. Clothing and Health Prompts (94 prompts)

40. Food Prompts (94 prompts)

50. Tool Prompts (94 prompts)

60. Building and Society Prompts (79 prompts)

70. Role Relationship Communication Prompts (108 prompts)

80. Recreation Prompts (99 prompts)

90. Vision Space and Time Prompts (82 prompts)