SIGNTYP Prompt Files

Downloadable prompt pdfs. There are a total of 994 prompt slides, divided into 11 sets (sample set plus sets 10 through 90). The letters of a fingerspelled alphabet do not have individual prompt slides, because each language varies. Email us if you want a PDF with white backgrounds for printing. Note: Credits for the photos used in these prompts can be found on the home page link for Credits

  • Sample: First 10 Animals

  • 10. Numbers and Letters Prompts (103 number prompts plus varying number of letters)

  • 15. Animal Prompts (127 prompts)

  • 20. Nature and Body Prompts(104 prompts)

  • 30. Clothing and Health Prompts (94 prompts)

  • 40. Food Prompts (94 prompts)

  • 50. Tool Prompts (94 prompts)

  • 60. Building and Society Prompts (79 prompts)

  • 70. Role Relationship Communication Prompts (108 prompts)

  • 80. Recreation Prompts (99 prompts)

  • 90. Vision Space and Time Prompts (82 prompts)

  • Special sets. Any prompt sets below are included for special purposes.

    Special Prompt Set Brazil

    Special Prompt Set Nepal

    Special Prompt Set Estonia

    Special Prompt Set DSL