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category: action
category: alphabet
category: animal
category: basic
category: body
category: bodyaction
category: building
category: clothing
category: color
category: communication
category: computer
category: creature
category: deafness
category: direction
category: education
category: emotion
category: existence
category: food
category: furniture
category: inheritance
category: joke
category: linguistics
category: literacy
category: medical
category: mentation
category: money
category: nature
category: negationaffirmation
category: nonmanual
category: number
category: place
category: pointing
category: politeness
category: political
category: preposition
category: pronoun
category: punctuation
category: question
category: recreation
category: relationship
category: religion
category: roleintrinsic
category: rolepolitical
category: rolereligious
category: rolework
category: signname
category: sizeshape
category: society
category: space
category: tactileodor
category: temperature
category: time
category: tool
category: transportation
category: unclear
category: vision
category: work
category: zznotasign
comment: 2 handed
comment: aardvark and fly showing two videos at same time
comment: alternate spelling
comment: animal,classifier
comment: as in page before
comment: borrowed from international sign
comment: Bottom of right hand rub on top of left hand
comment: Canbeteasing positive etc
comment: CL-FF,classifier
comment: classifier
comment: copied from java to become Sign Puddle
comment: detailed writing of Squeeze finishing in the middle of movement
comment: dialect from Georgia School for the Deaf
comment: emphatic
comment: encircle any area of the body to show contact area this used to be commonly done,but now is just for research.
comment: expressive
comment: expressive version
comment: expressive version,fingerspelling
comment: eyelid
comment: fingerspelling
comment: from fairview adapted Dolch
comment: from Martin Sternberg
comment: gestural
comment: gesture
comment: good plus news
comment: GSD
comment: Hail Mary
comment: hand on top of other simultaneous movement
comment: in handwriting the right arrows would be connected
comment: include smile face
comment: including nod of head
comment: inflected
comment: initialized
comment: is the finger supposed to be wiggling or bending several times while moving i wasn't sure by the picture this writing is a simple movement to the side,receptive
comment: Left curved hand grasps right hand near thumb and thumb wiggles upward
comment: levite is fingerspelled,fingerspelling
comment: lexicalized sign
comment: making pictures with signwriting,test
comment: maybe a classifier,classifier
comment: middleofbackofhandcontact
comment: mm adverb adds the feeling that it was nothing
comment: mm-adverb adds the feeling of easy while writing
comment: Modified with circle symbols instead of hinge
comment: movement in three steps
comment: movement writing
comment: n d-a-k-o-t-a,fingerspelling
comment: nonmanual
comment: nonmanual in part
comment: nonmanual,expressive version
comment: nonmanual,receptive
comment: not really a sign
comment: not yes and no answer
comment: Old ASL Sign for Belgium
comment: on left with eyegaze
comment: on right with eyegaze
comment: p+religion,initialized
comment: perennial AFC West Champions
comment: Phil 4 4 and 1 Thess 5 16
comment: possible variation
comment: receptive
comment: receptive,fingerspelling
comment: regional in Norfolk VA
comment: Revelation 1-5
comment: rhetorical
comment: roleplay
comment: roleshift
comment: SEE
comment: SEE,initialized
comment: shiver
comment: Sign describes an Eskimo Hat
comment: sign used in Hawaiian Hula dance to mean fish.. supposed to be thumb circling,not full hands,gesture
comment: similar to building,initialized
comment: simple citation form
comment: spelled quickly,fingerspelling
comment: suffix
comment: symbol not sign
comment: symbols were entered in the wrong order
comment: taken from the SignBank Database typed with SignWriter Java and retyped into SignPuddle
comment: test for sign withonly nonmanual elements,test
comment: test location handedness,test
comment: test nhandshape in csl 20,test
comment: test single symbol double line,test
comment: test,test
comment: test2013,test
comment: test201303,test
comment: testtesttest 201303,test
comment: this looks like the sign for dead
comment: topic
comment: uses what question expects to get the number not yes and no
comment: variant sign for elevator
comment: Variation of the sign for Thank-You with no movement
comment: vertical version
comment: video of adam frost
comment: W-V-A,fingerspelling
comment: WH question + shaking head
comment: widow next sign is alone,classifier
comment: with directional eye gaze as mom to child
comment: with eyebrows up
comment: with topic marker
comment: word is fingerspelled,fingerspelling
comment: yes no question
glosskey: a-d-v-e-r-b
glosskey: aardvarkandflyshowingtwovideosatsametime
glosskey: abandon
glosskey: abbreviate
glosskey: ability
glosskey: abortion
glosskey: about
glosskey: abouttime
glosskey: above
glosskey: absent
glosskey: abuse
glosskey: accept
glosskey: acceptjesus
glosskey: accident
glosskey: accomplishment
glosskey: account
glosskey: accountant
glosskey: across
glosskey: action
glosskey: actor
glosskey: add
glosskey: addresslocation
glosskey: adjective
glosskey: adopt
glosskey: adult
glosskey: advertise
glosskey: advice
glosskey: advisor
glosskey: aerobics
glosskey: afraid
glosskey: africa
glosskey: after
glosskey: afternoon
glosskey: again
glosskey: against
glosskey: age
glosskey: agency
glosskey: agree
glosskey: ahead
glosskey: airplane
glosskey: alabama
glosskey: alaska
glosskey: alcoholic
glosskey: algebra
glosskey: all
glosskey: allday
glosskey: allgone
glosskey: alligator
glosskey: allnight
glosskey: allofyou
glosskey: allover
glosskey: allow
glosskey: allright
glosskey: almost
glosskey: alone
glosskey: alot
glosskey: alphabetletter
glosskey: already
glosskey: also
glosskey: altar
glosskey: always
glosskey: amaze
glosskey: ambeforenoon
glosskey: amen
glosskey: america
glosskey: american
glosskey: americanindian
glosskey: americanSignLanguage
glosskey: among
glosskey: amount
glosskey: analyze
glosskey: ancestor
glosskey: and
glosskey: angel
glosskey: angry
glosskey: animal
glosskey: animalcrawling
glosskey: animalmoves
glosskey: annually
glosskey: anoint
glosskey: another
glosskey: answer
glosskey: ant
glosskey: anxious
glosskey: any
glosskey: anyone
glosskey: anything
glosskey: anyway
glosskey: apart
glosskey: apologise
glosskey: apostle
glosskey: appear
glosskey: appearance
glosskey: applause
glosskey: apple
glosskey: apply
glosskey: appoint
glosskey: appointment
glosskey: appreciate
glosskey: approach
glosskey: approve
glosskey: april
glosskey: archery
glosskey: architect
glosskey: architecture
glosskey: argue
glosskey: arise
glosskey: arithmetic
glosskey: arizona
glosskey: arkansas
glosskey: arm
glosskey: army
glosskey: around
glosskey: arrange
glosskey: arrest
glosskey: arrested
glosskey: arrive
glosskey: art
glosskey: article
glosskey: artificial
glosskey: artist
glosskey: ashamed
glosskey: ask
glosskey: asl
glosskey: assistant
glosskey: association
glosskey: astray
glosskey: astrologer
glosskey: astrology
glosskey: at
glosskey: atherosclerosis
glosskey: atlanta
glosskey: atleast
glosskey: attend
glosskey: attention
glosskey: attic
glosskey: attitude
glosskey: attorney
glosskey: attractive
glosskey: auction
glosskey: audience
glosskey: audiologist
glosskey: audiology
glosskey: august
glosskey: aunt
glosskey: australia
glosskey: australian
glosskey: austria
glosskey: austrian
glosskey: author
glosskey: authority
glosskey: automatically
glosskey: autumn
glosskey: average
glosskey: avoid
glosskey: away
glosskey: awesome
glosskey: awful
glosskey: awhile
glosskey: awkward
glosskey: baby
glosskey: babyish
glosskey: bachelor
glosskey: back
glosskey: backandforth
glosskey: backdirection
glosskey: bacon
glosskey: bad
glosskey: bag
glosskey: bake
glosskey: balance
glosskey: balancechange
glosskey: bald
glosskey: ball
glosskey: balloon
glosskey: baltimore
glosskey: banana
glosskey: baptism
glosskey: bar
glosskey: barbeque
glosskey: barber
glosskey: baron
glosskey: baseball
glosskey: baseballbat
glosskey: baseballplate
glosskey: basement
glosskey: bashful
glosskey: basic
glosskey: basket
glosskey: basketball
glosskey: bat
glosskey: bath
glosskey: bathrobe
glosskey: bathroom
glosskey: bathtub
glosskey: battery
glosskey: bear
glosskey: beard
glosskey: beauty
glosskey: beaver
glosskey: because
glosskey: become
glosskey: bed
glosskey: bee
glosskey: beer
glosskey: beforeinspace
glosskey: beforeintime
glosskey: beg
glosskey: begin
glosskey: behave
glosskey: behind
glosskey: belgian
glosskey: belgium
glosskey: believe
glosskey: bell
glosskey: belly
glosskey: belong
glosskey: belongtogod
glosskey: below
glosskey: belt
glosskey: benefit
glosskey: berry
glosskey: beside
glosskey: best
glosskey: between
glosskey: bible
glosskey: bicycle
glosskey: big
glosskey: bigger
glosskey: billiards
glosskey: biography
glosskey: bird
glosskey: birth
glosskey: birthday
glosskey: biscuit
glosskey: bishop
glosskey: bison
glosskey: bit
glosskey: bite
glosskey: bitter
glosskey: black
glosskey: blackjack
glosskey: blackpepper
glosskey: blame
glosskey: blanket
glosskey: blend
glosskey: bless
glosskey: blind
glosskey: block
glosskey: blood
glosskey: blooddraw
glosskey: bloodpressurecuff
glosskey: blow
glosskey: blue
glosskey: blunt
glosskey: blush
glosskey: board
glosskey: boast
glosskey: boat
glosskey: bobble
glosskey: body
glosskey: bodyshape
glosskey: boil
glosskey: bologna
glosskey: bomb
glosskey: bone
glosskey: boo
glosskey: book
glosskey: bookcase
glosskey: booklet
glosskey: boot
glosskey: bore
glosskey: boring
glosskey: born
glosskey: borrow
glosskey: boss
glosskey: boston
glosskey: both
glosskey: bother
glosskey: bottle
glosskey: bow
glosskey: bowldish
glosskey: bowling
glosskey: bowtie
glosskey: box
glosskey: boxing
glosskey: boy
glosskey: bra
glosskey: brain
glosskey: brake
glosskey: brave
glosskey: brazil
glosskey: bread
glosskey: breakfast
glosskey: breast
glosskey: breastexamlump
glosskey: breastplate
glosskey: breathe
glosskey: bridge
glosskey: brief
glosskey: brightperson
glosskey: bring
glosskey: bringdownfromheaven
glosskey: broken
glosskey: broom
glosskey: brother
glosskey: brotherinlaw
glosskey: brown
glosskey: browse
glosskey: bug
glosskey: build
glosskey: building
glosskey: bulgaria
glosskey: bulgarian
glosskey: bumponhand
glosskey: burden
glosskey: bureau
glosskey: burrito
glosskey: bury
glosskey: bus
glosskey: business
glosskey: businessman
glosskey: busy
glosskey: but
glosskey: butter
glosskey: butterfly
glosskey: button
glosskey: buy
glosskey: buzz
glosskey: by
glosskey: cabbage
glosskey: cabinet
glosskey: cafeteria
glosskey: cage
glosskey: cake
glosskey: california
glosskey: call
glosskey: calm
glosskey: camera
glosskey: camping
glosskey: canada
glosskey: canadian
glosskey: cancel
glosskey: candle
glosskey: candy
glosskey: cane
glosskey: cannot
glosskey: canoe
glosskey: cape
glosskey: captain
glosskey: caption
glosskey: capture
glosskey: car
glosskey: care
glosskey: careforself
glosskey: careful
glosskey: careless
glosskey: carpenter
glosskey: carrot
glosskey: carry
glosskey: case
glosskey: cash
glosskey: casually
glosskey: cat
glosskey: catch
glosskey: catchup
glosskey: category
glosskey: caterpillar
glosskey: catholic
glosskey: catsmeow
glosskey: cattle
glosskey: cause
glosskey: ceiling
glosskey: celebrate
glosskey: cemetery
glosskey: center
glosskey: cereal
glosskey: chain
glosskey: chair
glosskey: chairperson
glosskey: challenge
glosskey: chance
glosskey: change
glosskey: chapter
glosskey: character
glosskey: charge
glosskey: chargers
glosskey: charity
glosskey: chase
glosskey: chat
glosskey: cheap
glosskey: cheat
glosskey: check
glosskey: checkers
glosskey: cheese
glosskey: chemist
glosskey: chemistry
glosskey: chemotherapy
glosskey: cherish
glosskey: cherry
glosskey: chess
glosskey: chewing
glosskey: chewinggum
glosskey: chicago
glosskey: chicken
glosskey: chief
glosskey: child
glosskey: chilly
glosskey: chin
glosskey: china
glosskey: chinese
glosskey: chocolate
glosskey: choice
glosskey: choke
glosskey: cholesterol
glosskey: choose
glosskey: christ
glosskey: christian
glosskey: christmas
glosskey: church
glosskey: cigarette
glosskey: circle
glosskey: circus
glosskey: city
glosskey: clap
glosskey: class
glosskey: classifier with index
glosskey: classifier with index and middle
glosskey: classroom
glosskey: clean
glosskey: clear
glosskey: climb
glosskey: clinic
glosskey: clock
glosskey: close
glosskey: closeeye
glosskey: closet
glosskey: clothes
glosskey: clothesdryer
glosskey: clotheswasher
glosskey: cloud
glosskey: clown
glosskey: club
glosskey: coach
glosskey: coat
glosskey: coconut
glosskey: coffee
glosskey: coin
glosskey: cold
glosskey: collar
glosskey: collect
glosskey: college
glosskey: colon
glosskey: color
glosskey: colorado
glosskey: come
glosskey: comfort
glosskey: comma
glosskey: command
glosskey: commandment
glosskey: commend
glosskey: committee
glosskey: common
glosskey: communicate
glosskey: community
glosskey: company
glosskey: compare
glosskey: comparison
glosskey: compete
glosskey: competent
glosskey: complain
glosskey: complete
glosskey: complex
glosskey: compound
glosskey: computer
glosskey: concept
glosskey: concern
glosskey: condition
glosskey: condom
glosskey: confess
glosskey: confident
glosskey: confidential
glosskey: confuse
glosskey: congratulations
glosskey: congress
glosskey: congressman
glosskey: connect
glosskey: connecticut
glosskey: conscience
glosskey: consider
glosskey: constitution
glosskey: contact
glosskey: continue
glosskey: contrary
glosskey: control
glosskey: conversation
glosskey: convince
glosskey: cook
glosskey: cookie
glosskey: cookingoil
glosskey: coolneat
glosskey: cooltemperature
glosskey: coordinate
glosskey: coordinator
glosskey: copy
glosskey: copyperson
glosskey: copywrittenmaterial
glosskey: corn
glosskey: corner
glosskey: correct
glosskey: cost
glosskey: cough
glosskey: could
glosskey: count
glosskey: country
glosskey: courage
glosskey: course
glosskey: court
glosskey: cousinfemale
glosskey: cousinmale
glosskey: crab
glosskey: crack
glosskey: cracker
glosskey: crash
glosskey: crawl
glosskey: crazy
glosskey: cream
glosskey: create
glosskey: creditcard
glosskey: crippled
glosskey: criticize
glosskey: cross
glosskey: crossroad
glosskey: crossyourheart
glosskey: crowd
glosskey: crown
glosskey: crucify
glosskey: cruel
glosskey: cry
glosskey: culture
glosskey: cup
glosskey: curious
glosskey: curse
glosskey: curtain
glosskey: custom
glosskey: cut
glosskey: cute
glosskey: czech
glosskey: czechoslovakia
glosskey: czechoslovakian
glosskey: dancing
glosskey: danger
glosskey: danish
glosskey: dare
glosskey: darkcolored
glosskey: dash
glosskey: dataexport
glosskey: dataimport
glosskey: date
glosskey: daughter
glosskey: daughterinlaw
glosskey: day
glosskey: dayaftertomorrow
glosskey: daybeforeyesterday
glosskey: dead
glosskey: deaf
glosskey: deafpower
glosskey: deafschool
glosskey: dear
glosskey: dearest
glosskey: debate
glosskey: december
glosskey: decide
glosskey: decipher
glosskey: deckofcards
glosskey: decrease
glosskey: dedicatetogod
glosskey: deep
glosskey: deer
glosskey: defend
glosskey: deflatedesteem
glosskey: delaware
glosskey: delay
glosskey: delete
glosskey: delicious
glosskey: deliver
glosskey: demand
glosskey: democracy
glosskey: demonstrate
glosskey: denmark
glosskey: dentist
glosskey: deny
glosskey: department
glosskey: depend
glosskey: derivation
glosskey: derive
glosskey: descendent
glosskey: describe
glosskey: desert
glosskey: desk
glosskey: despise
glosskey: destroy
glosskey: detroit
glosskey: develop
glosskey: devil
glosskey: dialogue
glosskey: diaper
glosskey: dictionary
glosskey: different
glosskey: diningroom
glosskey: dinner
glosskey: dip
glosskey: direction
glosskey: directly
glosskey: director
glosskey: dirty
glosskey: disability
glosskey: disagree
glosskey: disappear
glosskey: disappoint
glosskey: disbelief
glosskey: discipline
glosskey: discount
glosskey: discover
glosskey: discuss
glosskey: disgust
glosskey: dishes
glosskey: disneyland
glosskey: dissolve
glosskey: distraction
glosskey: distributeto
glosskey: disturb
glosskey: dive
glosskey: diver
glosskey: divide
glosskey: divorce
glosskey: dizzy
glosskey: do
glosskey: doctor
glosskey: dog
glosskey: dogbark
glosskey: doll
glosskey: donkey
glosskey: dont
glosskey: dontcare
glosskey: dontknow
glosskey: dontlike
glosskey: dontmind
glosskey: dontwant
glosskey: door
glosskey: doorbell
glosskey: doorknob
glosskey: dormitory
glosskey: double
glosskey: doubt
glosskey: down
glosskey: download
glosskey: downstairs
glosskey: dragon
glosskey: drama
glosskey: draw
glosskey: dread
glosskey: dreadful
glosskey: dream
glosskey: dress
glosskey: driedbeans
glosskey: drinks
glosskey: drive
glosskey: driveby
glosskey: driver
glosskey: drool
glosskey: drop
glosskey: drug
glosskey: drum
glosskey: drunk
glosskey: drunkard
glosskey: dry
glosskey: duck
glosskey: due
glosskey: duke
glosskey: dumb
glosskey: during
glosskey: dutch
glosskey: each
glosskey: eachone
glosskey: eachother
glosskey: eager
glosskey: ear
glosskey: earl
glosskey: earlymorning
glosskey: earn
glosskey: earring
glosskey: earth
glosskey: east
glosskey: easter
glosskey: easy
glosskey: eat
glosskey: edit
glosskey: education
glosskey: egg
glosskey: egypt
glosskey: egyptian
glosskey: either
glosskey: elbow
glosskey: elder
glosskey: election
glosskey: electric
glosskey: elementary
glosskey: elephant
glosskey: elevator
glosskey: email
glosskey: embarrass
glosskey: embed
glosskey: emergency
glosskey: emotion
glosskey: emphasis
glosskey: empty
glosskey: encourage
glosskey: end
glosskey: endure
glosskey: enemy
glosskey: energy
glosskey: engaged
glosskey: engineer
glosskey: engineering
glosskey: enginemotor
glosskey: england
glosskey: english
glosskey: enlighten
glosskey: enough
glosskey: enter
glosskey: enthusiasm
glosskey: entire
glosskey: environment
glosskey: envision
glosskey: envy
glosskey: equal
glosskey: equality
glosskey: error
glosskey: escape
glosskey: esperanto
glosskey: establish
glosskey: etc
glosskey: eternal
glosskey: ethiopia
glosskey: europe
glosskey: european
glosskey: evaluate
glosskey: event
glosskey: every
glosskey: everyday
glosskey: everyone
glosskey: everything
glosskey: everywhere
glosskey: evil
glosskey: exact
glosskey: exam
glosskey: examine
glosskey: example
glosskey: exceed
glosskey: excellency
glosskey: except
glosskey: exchange
glosskey: excited
glosskey: exclamationpoint
glosskey: exclude
glosskey: excuse
glosskey: excuseme
glosskey: exempt
glosskey: exercise
glosskey: exhausted
glosskey: exit
glosskey: expand
glosskey: expecttogetanswer
glosskey: experience
glosskey: expert
glosskey: explain
glosskey: expose
glosskey: express
glosskey: expression
glosskey: expressly
glosskey: eye
glosskey: eyebrow
glosskey: eyeglasses
glosskey: eyelid
glosskey: eyetension
glosskey: fabric
glosskey: face
glosskey: facegod
glosskey: facetoface
glosskey: facialexpression
glosskey: factory
glosskey: fade
glosskey: fail
glosskey: fair
glosskey: faith
glosskey: faithingod
glosskey: fake
glosskey: fall
glosskey: false
glosskey: falsestart
glosskey: family
glosskey: fancy
glosskey: far
glosskey: farm
glosskey: farmer
glosskey: farout
glosskey: fascinating
glosskey: fast
glosskey: fat
glosskey: father
glosskey: fatherinlaw
glosskey: faucet
glosskey: fault
glosskey: favorite
glosskey: february
glosskey: fedup
glosskey: feeble
glosskey: feebleminded
glosskey: feedback
glosskey: feel
glosskey: fence
glosskey: ferriswheel
glosskey: few
glosskey: field
glosskey: fight
glosskey: fighting
glosskey: figure
glosskey: file
glosskey: film
glosskey: final
glosskey: finally
glosskey: find
glosskey: findfromgod
glosskey: finegood
glosskey: finetax
glosskey: finger
glosskey: fingernail
glosskey: fingernailpolish
glosskey: fingerscheckvagina
glosskey: fingerspell
glosskey: fingerspelling
glosskey: finish
glosskey: finishtest
glosskey: fire
glosskey: firefighter
glosskey: fireman
glosskey: fish
glosskey: fix
glosskey: flag
glosskey: flatter
glosskey: flick
glosskey: flirt
glosskey: float
glosskey: flood
glosskey: floor
glosskey: florida
glosskey: flow
glosskey: flower
glosskey: flutter
glosskey: fly
glosskey: focus
glosskey: focusongod
glosskey: follow
glosskey: fontsizelarge
glosskey: fontsizemedium
glosskey: fontsizesmall
glosskey: food
glosskey: fool
glosskey: foolish
glosskey: foot
glosskey: footballgame
glosskey: for
glosskey: forbid
glosskey: force
glosskey: forecast
glosskey: forecaster
glosskey: forest
glosskey: forexample
glosskey: forget
glosskey: forgive
glosskey: fork
glosskey: formal
glosskey: found
glosskey: foundation
glosskey: fox
glosskey: france
glosskey: free
glosskey: freeze
glosskey: french
glosskey: frenchfry
glosskey: frequently
glosskey: freshman
glosskey: friday
glosskey: friend
glosskey: friendly
glosskey: frog
glosskey: from
glosskey: frown
glosskey: fruitmixed
glosskey: frustrate
glosskey: full
glosskey: fullness
glosskey: fun
glosskey: funny
glosskey: fur
glosskey: furniture
glosskey: future
glosskey: gallaudet
glosskey: game
glosskey: garden
glosskey: gardenhose
glosskey: gas
glosskey: gather
glosskey: gay
glosskey: gee
glosskey: geek
glosskey: generally
glosskey: generation
glosskey: genesis
glosskey: gentile
glosskey: gentle
glosskey: gentleman
glosskey: geologist
glosskey: geology
glosskey: georgia
glosskey: german
glosskey: germany
glosskey: gesture
glosskey: get
glosskey: getaway
glosskey: getin
glosskey: getoutof
glosskey: getup
glosskey: ghost
glosskey: gift
glosskey: giraffe
glosskey: girl
glosskey: give
glosskey: givemyselfbaby
glosskey: givenbygod
glosskey: glad
glosskey: glass
glosskey: glory
glosskey: glove
glosskey: glue
glosskey: go
glosskey: goahead
glosskey: goal
glosskey: goat
glosskey: goaway
glosskey: god
glosskey: godlooksdown
glosskey: godlovesyoumuch
glosskey: gold
glosskey: good
glosskey: goodbye
glosskey: goodnight
glosskey: goodpoint
glosskey: google
glosskey: goosebump
glosskey: gorilla
glosskey: gospel
glosskey: government
glosskey: grab
glosskey: grace
glosskey: gracious
glosskey: gradef
glosskey: graduation
glosskey: grammar
glosskey: grandfather
glosskey: grandmother
glosskey: grapes
glosskey: grass
glosskey: gravy
glosskey: greatgrandfather
glosskey: greatgrandmother
glosskey: greatgreatgrandfather
glosskey: greatgreatgrandmother
glosskey: greece
glosskey: greek
glosskey: green
glosskey: grey
glosskey: gripe
glosskey: gross
glosskey: grouchy
glosskey: group
glosskey: groupoflevites
glosskey: grow
glosskey: growthabnormal
glosskey: growup
glosskey: guess
glosskey: guide
glosskey: guilt
glosskey: gun
glosskey: gym
glosskey: habit
glosskey: haha
glosskey: hair
glosskey: hairbrush
glosskey: haircut
glosskey: hairdryer
glosskey: hall
glosskey: hallucination
glosskey: hamburg
glosskey: hamburger
glosskey: hammer
glosskey: hand
glosskey: handkerchief
glosskey: handsoff
glosskey: hangover
glosskey: hangup
glosskey: hanukkah
glosskey: happen
glosskey: happy
glosskey: happybirthday
glosskey: hard
glosskey: hardliquor
glosskey: hardofhearing
glosskey: hat
glosskey: hate
glosskey: have
glosskey: havent
glosskey: haveto
glosskey: hawaii
glosskey: hawaiian
glosskey: head
glosskey: headneg
glosskey: headnod
glosskey: headturn
glosskey: headup
glosskey: healthy
glosskey: hear
glosskey: hearing
glosskey: hearingaid
glosskey: hearingperson
glosskey: heart
glosskey: heartattack
glosskey: heartbeat
glosskey: heat
glosskey: heaven
glosskey: heavy
glosskey: height
glosskey: helicopter
glosskey: hell
glosskey: hello
glosskey: helmet
glosskey: help
glosskey: helpfromgod
glosskey: here
glosskey: heredity
glosskey: hesitate
glosskey: hiccup
glosskey: hide
glosskey: hierarchy
glosskey: high
glosskey: higher
glosskey: highest
glosskey: highway
glosskey: hiking
glosskey: hill
glosskey: hippopotamus
glosskey: hire
glosskey: historian
glosskey: history
glosskey: hit
glosskey: hitchhike
glosskey: hold
glosskey: holdagrudge
glosskey: holland
glosskey: holy
glosskey: home
glosskey: honest
glosskey: honey
glosskey: honk
glosskey: honor
glosskey: hooray
glosskey: hop
glosskey: hope
glosskey: horde
glosskey: horse
glosskey: horseriding
glosskey: hospital
glosskey: host
glosskey: hot
glosskey: hotel
glosskey: hour
glosskey: hour10oclock
glosskey: hour11oclock
glosskey: hour12oclock
glosskey: hour1oclock
glosskey: hour2oclock
glosskey: hour3oclock
glosskey: hour4oclock
glosskey: hour5oclock
glosskey: hour6oclock
glosskey: hour7oclock
glosskey: hour8oclock
glosskey: hour9oclock
glosskey: house
glosskey: how
glosskey: howareyou
glosskey: howmany
glosskey: howmuch
glosskey: howoften
glosskey: howold
glosskey: howtodeal
glosskey: hug
glosskey: hulafish
glosskey: humble
glosskey: humptydumpty
glosskey: hungarian
glosskey: hungary
glosskey: hungry
glosskey: hurray
glosskey: hurry
glosskey: husband
glosskey: hyphen
glosskey: hypocrite
glosskey: ice
glosskey: icecream
glosskey: iceland
glosskey: icelandic
glosskey: iceskate
glosskey: idea
glosskey: idle
glosskey: idol
glosskey: if
glosskey: ifnot
glosskey: ignorant
glosskey: ignore
glosskey: ill
glosskey: illegal
glosskey: illinois
glosskey: iloveyou
glosskey: image
glosskey: imagine
glosskey: important
glosskey: impossible
glosskey: impressive
glosskey: improve
glosskey: income
glosskey: incompletepass
glosskey: increase
glosskey: india
glosskey: indian
glosskey: indiana
glosskey: industry
glosskey: infection
glosskey: inferior
glosskey: infirmity
glosskey: influence
glosskey: inform
glosskey: information
glosskey: infrontof
glosskey: inherit
glosskey: ink
glosskey: insert
glosskey: insertholemiddle
glosskey: inserttohole
glosskey: inside
glosskey: insidemind
glosskey: insist
glosskey: inspire
glosskey: institute
glosskey: institution
glosskey: insult
glosskey: insurance
glosskey: integrate
glosskey: intelligent
glosskey: intend
glosskey: intentionalgrounding
glosskey: interact
glosskey: intercourse
glosskey: interesting
glosskey: international
glosskey: internet
glosskey: internship
glosskey: interpret
glosskey: interpreter
glosskey: interrupt
glosskey: interruption
glosskey: intersection
glosskey: invent
glosskey: invention
glosskey: inventor
glosskey: invisible
glosskey: invite
glosskey: involve
glosskey: iowa
glosskey: ireland
glosskey: irish
glosskey: isee
glosskey: israel
glosskey: israeli
glosskey: issue
glosskey: italian
glosskey: italy
glosskey: jail
glosskey: jamjelly
glosskey: janitor
glosskey: january
glosskey: japan
glosskey: japanese
glosskey: jar
glosskey: jealous
glosskey: jerusalem
glosskey: jesuschrist
glosskey: jew
glosskey: jewelry
glosskey: jigsaw
glosskey: job
glosskey: join
glosskey: joke
glosskey: joy
glosskey: judge
glosskey: judgement
glosskey: july
glosskey: jump
glosskey: june
glosskey: justaminute
glosskey: justnow
glosskey: kangaroo
glosskey: kansas
glosskey: kansascity
glosskey: keep
glosskey: kentucky
glosskey: key
glosskey: keyhole
glosskey: kick
glosskey: kidney
glosskey: kill
glosskey: kindness
glosskey: kindof
glosskey: king
glosskey: kingdom
glosskey: kinsmen
glosskey: kinswomen
glosskey: kiss
glosskey: kitchen
glosskey: kite
glosskey: kneel
glosskey: knife
glosskey: knight
glosskey: knock
glosskey: know
glosskey: korea
glosskey: korean
glosskey: lake
glosskey: lame
glosskey: lamp
glosskey: language
glosskey: large
glosskey: last
glosskey: lastweek
glosskey: late
glosskey: lateatnight
glosskey: latemorning
glosskey: later
glosskey: laugh
glosskey: law
glosskey: lawyer
glosskey: layaside
glosskey: lazy
glosskey: lead
glosskey: leader
glosskey: lean
glosskey: learn
glosskey: leave
glosskey: lecture
glosskey: leftdirection
glosskey: legal
glosskey: lemon
glosskey: lesbian
glosskey: less
glosskey: lesson
glosskey: lessthan
glosskey: let
glosskey: letitgo
glosskey: letter
glosskey: lettera
glosskey: letterb
glosskey: letterc
glosskey: letterd
glosskey: lettere
glosskey: letterf
glosskey: letterg
glosskey: letterh
glosskey: letteri
glosskey: letterj
glosskey: letterk
glosskey: letterl
glosskey: letterm
glosskey: lettern
glosskey: lettero
glosskey: letterp
glosskey: letterq
glosskey: letterr
glosskey: letters
glosskey: lettert
glosskey: letteru
glosskey: letterv
glosskey: letterw
glosskey: letterx
glosskey: lettery
glosskey: letterz
glosskey: lettuce
glosskey: liar
glosskey: library
glosskey: license
glosskey: liedown
glosskey: liefalsehood
glosskey: lift
glosskey: light
glosskey: lightcolored
glosskey: lightning
glosskey: lightweight
glosskey: like
glosskey: lime
glosskey: limit
glosskey: line
glosskey: linguistics
glosskey: lion
glosskey: lip
glosskey: lipread
glosskey: list
glosskey: listen
glosskey: literacy
glosskey: literature
glosskey: little
glosskey: live
glosskey: livingroom
glosskey: llcn
glosskey: lock
glosskey: long
glosskey: look
glosskey: lookforwardto
glosskey: lookup
glosskey: lord
glosskey: lordssupper
glosskey: losangeles
glosskey: lose
glosskey: lostweight
glosskey: lots
glosskey: louisiana
glosskey: lousy
glosskey: love
glosskey: lovely
glosskey: low
glosskey: lower
glosskey: lucky
glosskey: lumber
glosskey: lunch
glosskey: lung
glosskey: lust
glosskey: magazine
glosskey: magic
glosskey: mail
glosskey: main
glosskey: maine
glosskey: mainstream
glosskey: make
glosskey: makesure
glosskey: malaysia
glosskey: malaysian
glosskey: malta
glosskey: maltese
glosskey: mammogram
glosskey: man
glosskey: manage
glosskey: manager
glosskey: many
glosskey: march
glosskey: marry
glosskey: marshall
glosskey: marshmallow
glosskey: maryland
glosskey: mashed
glosskey: massachusetts
glosskey: match
glosskey: math
glosskey: mature
glosskey: may
glosskey: maybe
glosskey: meaning
glosskey: measure
glosskey: meat
glosskey: medical
glosskey: medicine
glosskey: meditate
glosskey: meet
glosskey: meeting
glosskey: melon
glosskey: member
glosskey: memory
glosskey: menstruation
glosskey: mentalhealth
glosskey: mention
glosskey: menu
glosskey: menussign
glosskey: mercy
glosskey: merely
glosskey: merrychristmas
glosskey: message
glosskey: messiah
glosskey: messy
glosskey: mexican
glosskey: mexico
glosskey: michigan
glosskey: middle
glosskey: milk
glosskey: milkman
glosskey: milkpastyoureyes
glosskey: million
glosskey: milwaukee
glosskey: mind
glosskey: mingle
glosskey: minimum
glosskey: minnesota
glosskey: minute
glosskey: mirror
glosskey: missed
glosskey: missing
glosskey: missionary
glosskey: mississippi
glosskey: missouri
glosskey: misssomeone
glosskey: mistake
glosskey: mixup
glosskey: mm
glosskey: mock
glosskey: modvleft
glosskey: monday
glosskey: money
glosskey: monkey
glosskey: monster
glosskey: montana
glosskey: month
glosskey: moon
glosskey: moose
glosskey: more
glosskey: morethan
glosskey: morning
glosskey: morphology
glosskey: mosquito
glosskey: most
glosskey: mostly
glosskey: mostofthetime
glosskey: mother
glosskey: motherinlaw
glosskey: motorcycle
glosskey: motyl
glosskey: mound
glosskey: mountain
glosskey: mouse
glosskey: mouth
glosskey: move
glosskey: movie
glosskey: much
glosskey: mule
glosskey: multiply
glosskey: murder
glosskey: murderer
glosskey: muscle
glosskey: music
glosskey: must
glosskey: mustache
glosskey: mustard
glosskey: name
glosskey: napkin
glosskey: narrow
glosskey: nation
glosskey: national
glosskey: navy
glosskey: near
glosskey: neat
glosskey: nebraska
glosskey: necklace
glosskey: necktie
glosskey: need
glosskey: negative
glosskey: negativenonmanual
glosskey: negotiate
glosskey: neighbor
glosskey: nephew
glosskey: netherlands
glosskey: nevada
glosskey: new
glosskey: newhampshire
glosskey: newjersey
glosskey: newmexico
glosskey: newsletter
glosskey: newspaper
glosskey: newyork
glosskey: newyorkcity
glosskey: newzealand
glosskey: newzealander
glosskey: next
glosskey: nextdoor
glosskey: nicaragua
glosskey: nice
glosskey: niece
glosskey: night
glosskey: no
glosskey: noclue
glosskey: noise
glosskey: nomore
glosskey: none
glosskey: nono
glosskey: nonsign
glosskey: noodle
glosskey: noon
glosskey: northcarolina
glosskey: northdakota
glosskey: norway
glosskey: norwegian
glosskey: nose
glosskey: nosy
glosskey: not
glosskey: notasign
glosskey: notate
glosskey: notice
glosskey: notmyjob
glosskey: notoften
glosskey: notyet
glosskey: noun
glosskey: november
glosskey: number
glosskey: number0
glosskey: number1
glosskey: number1/10
glosskey: number1/2
glosskey: number1/3
glosskey: number1/4
glosskey: number1/5
glosskey: number1/6
glosskey: number1/7
glosskey: number1/8
glosskey: number1/9
glosskey: number10
glosskey: number100
glosskey: number1000
glosskey: number1000000
glosskey: number11
glosskey: number12
glosskey: number13
glosskey: number14
glosskey: number15
glosskey: number16
glosskey: number1661
glosskey: number17
glosskey: number18
glosskey: number19
glosskey: number1989
glosskey: number1990
glosskey: number1991
glosskey: number1992
glosskey: number1993
glosskey: number1994
glosskey: number1995
glosskey: number1996
glosskey: number1997
glosskey: number1998
glosskey: number1999
glosskey: number1dollar
glosskey: number1more
glosskey: number1personmeets2
glosskey: number1st
glosskey: number1stof3
glosskey: number1stof5
glosskey: number1to10
glosskey: number1to3
glosskey: number2
glosskey: number20
glosskey: number200
glosskey: number2000
glosskey: number2000000
glosskey: number2001
glosskey: number2002
glosskey: number2003
glosskey: number2004
glosskey: number2005
glosskey: number2006
glosskey: number2007
glosskey: number21
glosskey: number22
glosskey: number23
glosskey: number24
glosskey: number25
glosskey: number25cents
glosskey: number26
glosskey: number27
glosskey: number28
glosskey: number29
glosskey: number2dollars
glosskey: number2more
glosskey: number2nd
glosskey: number2ndly
glosskey: number2ndof3
glosskey: number2ndof5
glosskey: number2ofthem
glosskey: number2ofus
glosskey: number2ofyou
glosskey: number2peopletogether
glosskey: number3
glosskey: number30
glosskey: number300
glosskey: number3000
glosskey: number3000000
glosskey: number31
glosskey: number32
glosskey: number33
glosskey: number34
glosskey: number35
glosskey: number36
glosskey: number37
glosskey: number38
glosskey: number39
glosskey: number3dollars
glosskey: number3ofus
glosskey: number3peopletravel
glosskey: number3rd
glosskey: number3rdinalist
glosskey: number3rdly
glosskey: number3rdof3
glosskey: number3rdof5
glosskey: number4
glosskey: number40
glosskey: number400
glosskey: number4000
glosskey: number4000000
glosskey: number41
glosskey: number42
glosskey: number43
glosskey: number44
glosskey: number45
glosskey: number46
glosskey: number47
glosskey: number48
glosskey: number49
glosskey: number4classifier
glosskey: number4dollars
glosskey: number4ofus
glosskey: number4th
glosskey: number4thinalist
glosskey: number4thof5
glosskey: number4to6
glosskey: number5
glosskey: number50
glosskey: number500
glosskey: number5000
glosskey: number5000000
glosskey: number51
glosskey: number52
glosskey: number53
glosskey: number54
glosskey: number55
glosskey: number56
glosskey: number57
glosskey: number58
glosskey: number59
glosskey: number5cents
glosskey: number5dollars
glosskey: number5ofus
glosskey: number5th
glosskey: number5thinalist
glosskey: number5thof5
glosskey: number6
glosskey: number60
glosskey: number600
glosskey: number6000
glosskey: number6000000
glosskey: number61
glosskey: number62
glosskey: number63
glosskey: number64
glosskey: number65
glosskey: number66
glosskey: number67
glosskey: number68
glosskey: number69
glosskey: number6dollars
glosskey: number6ofus
glosskey: number6th
glosskey: number7
glosskey: number70
glosskey: number700
glosskey: number7000
glosskey: number7000000
glosskey: number71
glosskey: number72
glosskey: number73
glosskey: number74
glosskey: number75
glosskey: number76
glosskey: number77
glosskey: number78
glosskey: number79
glosskey: number7dollars
glosskey: number7ofus
glosskey: number7th
glosskey: number8
glosskey: number80
glosskey: number800
glosskey: number8000
glosskey: number80000
glosskey: number8000000
glosskey: number81
glosskey: number82
glosskey: number83
glosskey: number84
glosskey: number85
glosskey: number86
glosskey: number87
glosskey: number88
glosskey: number89
glosskey: number8dollars
glosskey: number8ofus
glosskey: number8th
glosskey: number9
glosskey: number90
glosskey: number900
glosskey: number9000
glosskey: number9000000
glosskey: number91
glosskey: number92
glosskey: number93
glosskey: number94
glosskey: number95
glosskey: number96
glosskey: number97
glosskey: number98
glosskey: number99
glosskey: number9dollars
glosskey: number9ofus
glosskey: number9th
glosskey: numberbillion
glosskey: numbereachof3
glosskey: numberonce
glosskey: numberonly1
glosskey: numberthose2above
glosskey: nun
glosskey: nurse
glosskey: nursery
glosskey: nut
glosskey: obey
glosskey: object
glosskey: obsess
glosskey: obvious
glosskey: ocean
glosskey: october
glosskey: octopus
glosskey: oculog
glosskey: ofcourse
glosskey: off
glosskey: offering
glosskey: office
glosskey: officer
glosskey: often
glosskey: ohio
glosskey: ohisee
glosskey: ohno
glosskey: oil
glosskey: okay
glosskey: oklahoma
glosskey: old
glosskey: oldfashioned
glosskey: oldperson
glosskey: on
glosskey: onion
glosskey: only
glosskey: open
glosskey: openeye
glosskey: opinion
glosskey: opportunity
glosskey: oppose
glosskey: opposite
glosskey: oppress
glosskey: option
glosskey: or
glosskey: orangefruit
glosskey: order
glosskey: oregon
glosskey: organization
glosskey: organize
glosskey: other
glosskey: otherwise
glosskey: out
glosskey: outofbounds
glosskey: outside
glosskey: overcome
glosskey: overflowing
glosskey: overthere
glosskey: overwhelm
glosskey: owe
glosskey: owl
glosskey: pad
glosskey: pagan
glosskey: page
glosskey: pager
glosskey: pain
glosskey: paint
glosskey: pair
glosskey: pajamas
glosskey: pakistan
glosskey: pakistani
glosskey: pamphlet
glosskey: pamphletbookletbrochuremagazine
glosskey: pancake
glosskey: pants
glosskey: paper
glosskey: parallel
glosskey: paranoid
glosskey: parent
glosskey: park
glosskey: parkinggarage
glosskey: parkingspace
glosskey: part
glosskey: party
glosskey: pass
glosskey: passby
glosskey: passcomplete
glosskey: passive
glosskey: passover
glosskey: past
glosskey: paste
glosskey: patchonarm
glosskey: path
glosskey: patience
glosskey: pay
glosskey: pea
glosskey: peace
glosskey: peach
glosskey: peanut
glosskey: pen
glosskey: pencil
glosskey: penis
glosskey: pennsylvania
glosskey: people
glosskey: perfect
glosskey: perform
glosskey: persecute
glosskey: person
glosskey: personality
glosskey: personplusword
glosskey: personsize
glosskey: perspective
glosskey: peru
glosskey: pet
glosskey: philadelphia
glosskey: philippines
glosskey: philosophy
glosskey: phoenix
glosskey: phonology
glosskey: photocopy
glosskey: photograph
glosskey: photography
glosskey: pickfromlist
glosskey: pickle
glosskey: picknose
glosskey: pickseveral
glosskey: pickup
glosskey: picture
glosskey: pie
glosskey: pig
glosskey: pillow
glosskey: pilot
glosskey: pin
glosskey: pink
glosskey: pipe
glosskey: pisac
glosskey: pitcher
glosskey: pity
glosskey: pizza
glosskey: place
glosskey: plan
glosskey: plant
glosskey: plate
glosskey: plead
glosskey: pleasant
glosskey: please
glosskey: plenty
glosskey: plumber
glosskey: plumbing
glosskey: plus
glosskey: pmafternoon
glosskey: pocket
glosskey: poem
glosskey: poetry
glosskey: point
glosskey: poison
glosskey: poke
glosskey: poland
glosskey: pole
glosskey: police
glosskey: polish
glosskey: polite
glosskey: politics
glosskey: pool
glosskey: poor
glosskey: popcorn
glosskey: popular
glosskey: popup
glosskey: porcelain
glosskey: portugal
glosskey: portuguese
glosskey: positive
glosskey: possible
glosskey: poster
glosskey: postman
glosskey: postoffice
glosskey: postpone
glosskey: potato
glosskey: pothead
glosskey: potpan
glosskey: pour
glosskey: poverty
glosskey: power
glosskey: practice
glosskey: praise
glosskey: pray
glosskey: preacherministerpastor
glosskey: pregnant
glosskey: prepare
glosskey: present
glosskey: preserve
glosskey: president
glosskey: pressure
glosskey: pretend
glosskey: pretty
glosskey: previous
glosskey: price
glosskey: priest
glosskey: prince
glosskey: princess
glosskey: principal
glosskey: principle
glosskey: print
glosskey: priority
glosskey: private
glosskey: problem
glosskey: proceed
glosskey: process
glosskey: produce
glosskey: professional
glosskey: profit
glosskey: program
glosskey: programmer
glosskey: progress
glosskey: project
glosskey: promise
glosskey: pronounfirstperson
glosskey: pronoungod
glosskey: pronounnotfirstperson
glosskey: proof
glosskey: proper
glosskey: prophesy
glosskey: prophet
glosskey: prostitute
glosskey: protection
glosskey: proud
glosskey: prove
glosskey: provide
glosskey: psychiatric
glosskey: psychiatrist
glosskey: psychologist
glosskey: psychology
glosskey: public
glosskey: publicize
glosskey: publish
glosskey: pull
glosskey: pump
glosskey: punchinface
glosskey: punish
glosskey: purple
glosskey: purpose
glosskey: purse
glosskey: pushaside
glosskey: pushdown
glosskey: put
glosskey: putdown
glosskey: putinme
glosskey: queen
glosskey: question
glosskey: quick
glosskey: quit
glosskey: quote
glosskey: rabbi
glosskey: rabbit
glosskey: raccoon
glosskey: race
glosskey: raceswimming
glosskey: radio
glosskey: rain
glosskey: rainbow
glosskey: rapture
glosskey: rat
glosskey: read
glosskey: ready
glosskey: realize
glosskey: really
glosskey: reason
glosskey: rebel
glosskey: receive
glosskey: recently
glosskey: recognize
glosskey: record
glosskey: rectangle
glosskey: red
glosskey: reflection
glosskey: refuse
glosskey: registerregistration
glosskey: regular
glosskey: rehearsal
glosskey: reject
glosskey: relate
glosskey: related
glosskey: relationship
glosskey: relaycall
glosskey: relief
glosskey: religion
glosskey: remainder
glosskey: remaining
glosskey: remember
glosskey: reminder
glosskey: remove
glosskey: removebotheyes
glosskey: removeeye
glosskey: repent
glosskey: replace
glosskey: report
glosskey: reporter
glosskey: represent
glosskey: research
glosskey: researcher
glosskey: reserve
glosskey: resist
glosskey: respect
glosskey: response
glosskey: responsible
glosskey: rest
glosskey: restaurant
glosskey: result
glosskey: resume
glosskey: resurrect
glosskey: return
glosskey: revenge
glosskey: reverse
glosskey: reviewlookback
glosskey: reviewwrittenmaterial
glosskey: rhinoceros
glosskey: rhodeisland
glosskey: rich
glosskey: ride
glosskey: right
glosskey: rightdirection
glosskey: righteous
glosskey: righthere
glosskey: righton
glosskey: ring
glosskey: riot
glosskey: rip
glosskey: rise
glosskey: river
glosskey: road
glosskey: roadsign
glosskey: rochester
glosskey: rock
glosskey: rocket
glosskey: rodent
glosskey: roleshiftneutral
glosskey: roll
glosskey: rollerskate
glosskey: romania
glosskey: romanian
glosskey: rome
glosskey: roof
glosskey: room
glosskey: roommate
glosskey: rooster
glosskey: rope
glosskey: rough
glosskey: rubber
glosskey: rubberneck
glosskey: rude
glosskey: rule
glosskey: ruleofthumb
glosskey: ruler
glosskey: rumor
glosskey: run
glosskey: runamachine
glosskey: russia
glosskey: russian
glosskey: sacrifice
glosskey: sadness
glosskey: safe
glosskey: safetyinfootball
glosskey: sake
glosskey: salad
glosskey: saladdressing
glosskey: salary
glosskey: salt
glosskey: salvation
glosskey: same
glosskey: sametime
glosskey: sandal
glosskey: sandiego
glosskey: sandwich
glosskey: sarcasm
glosskey: satisfy
glosskey: satisfynot
glosskey: saturday
glosskey: sauce
glosskey: saudiarabia
glosskey: sausage
glosskey: save
glosskey: savedata
glosskey: savings
glosskey: savior
glosskey: say
glosskey: scare
glosskey: scarf
glosskey: scat
glosskey: schedule
glosskey: school
glosskey: schoolwork
glosskey: science
glosskey: scientist
glosskey: scissors
glosskey: scoop
glosskey: scotland
glosskey: scottish
glosskey: scout
glosskey: screwoff
glosskey: scroll
glosskey: search
glosskey: season
glosskey: secret
glosskey: secretary
glosskey: security
glosskey: see
glosskey: seed
glosskey: seegod
glosskey: seem
glosskey: segment
glosskey: select
glosskey: self
glosskey: selfcontrol
glosskey: selfish
glosskey: sell
glosskey: semantics
glosskey: semester
glosskey: senate
glosskey: senator
glosskey: send
glosskey: sensitive
glosskey: sentence
glosskey: separated
glosskey: separatedfromgod
glosskey: september
glosskey: serious
glosskey: servant
glosskey: serve
glosskey: set
glosskey: settledown
glosskey: several
glosskey: sew
glosskey: sewingmachine
glosskey: sex
glosskey: shaky
glosskey: shame
glosskey: shape
glosskey: share
glosskey: sheep
glosskey: sheet
glosskey: shelf
glosskey: shhh
glosskey: shield
glosskey: shine
glosskey: shipping
glosskey: shirt
glosskey: shoe
glosskey: shortcut
glosskey: shortperson
glosskey: shorttime
glosskey: should
glosskey: shoulder
glosskey: show
glosskey: shower
glosskey: shutup
glosskey: shy
glosskey: sick
glosskey: sickofit
glosskey: signature
glosskey: signbank
glosskey: signlanguage
glosskey: signname
glosskey: signpuddle
glosskey: signtext
glosskey: signwriting
glosskey: silly
glosskey: silver
glosskey: similar
glosskey: simple
glosskey: sin
glosskey: since
glosskey: singapore
glosskey: single
glosskey: sister
glosskey: sisterinlaw
glosskey: sit
glosskey: situation
glosskey: skiing
glosskey: skin
glosskey: skinny
glosskey: skirt
glosskey: skunk
glosskey: sky
glosskey: slave
glosskey: sleep
glosskey: sleeptogether
glosskey: sleepy
glosskey: slice
glosskey: slide
glosskey: slim
glosskey: slovakia
glosskey: slovakian
glosskey: slow
glosskey: smart
glosskey: smash
glosskey: smell
glosskey: smellbad
glosskey: smokingpot
glosskey: smooth
glosskey: snake
glosskey: snap
glosskey: sneak
glosskey: sneeze
glosskey: sniff
glosskey: snobbish
glosskey: snore
glosskey: snow
glosskey: sober
glosskey: socialworker
glosskey: society
glosskey: sock
glosskey: sodapop
glosskey: sofa
glosskey: soft
glosskey: soil
glosskey: soiled
glosskey: soldier
glosskey: some
glosskey: someone
glosskey: something
glosskey: sometimes
glosskey: son
glosskey: soninlaw
glosskey: soon
glosskey: soothe
glosskey: sophomore
glosskey: sore
glosskey: sorry
glosskey: soso
glosskey: sound
glosskey: soup
glosskey: southcarolina
glosskey: southdakota
glosskey: spain
glosskey: spanish
glosskey: speak
glosskey: speaker
glosskey: special
glosskey: specialist
glosskey: specialize
glosskey: specific
glosskey: speech
glosskey: spider
glosskey: spit
glosskey: splash
glosskey: spoken
glosskey: spot
glosskey: spread
glosskey: spreadarmsout
glosskey: spreadfromperson
glosskey: spreadinbody
glosskey: springtime
glosskey: squeeze
glosskey: squirrel
glosskey: staff
glosskey: stairs
glosskey: stamp
glosskey: stand
glosskey: standard
glosskey: standardization
glosskey: standbeforegod
glosskey: star
glosskey: stare
glosskey: start
glosskey: state
glosskey: stay
glosskey: steady
glosskey: steal
glosskey: steponanimal
glosskey: stepsinprocess
glosskey: stick
glosskey: sticky
glosskey: still
glosskey: stink
glosskey: stir
glosskey: stockings
glosskey: stomp
glosskey: stop
glosskey: store
glosskey: story
glosskey: straight
glosskey: straw
glosskey: strawberry
glosskey: stray
glosskey: stress
glosskey: strict
glosskey: strike
glosskey: stripe
glosskey: stroke
glosskey: strong
glosskey: structure
glosskey: stubborn
glosskey: stuck
glosskey: student
glosskey: study
glosskey: style
glosskey: stylelex
glosskey: subject
glosskey: submit
glosskey: success
glosskey: such
glosskey: suddenly
glosskey: sugar
glosskey: suggest
glosskey: suitcase
glosskey: summarize
glosskey: summer
glosskey: summon
glosskey: sun
glosskey: sunday
glosskey: sunrise
glosskey: sunset
glosskey: superstitious
glosskey: supervise
glosskey: suppose
glosskey: suppress
glosskey: suprise
glosskey: sure
glosskey: surprise
glosskey: surrender
glosskey: suspend
glosskey: swallow
glosskey: sweat
glosskey: sweater
glosskey: sweden
glosskey: swedish
glosskey: sweet
glosskey: sweetheart
glosskey: sweets
glosskey: swerve
glosskey: swing
glosskey: swiss
glosskey: switzerland
glosskey: swml
glosskey: sword
glosskey: symbol
glosskey: symbolpalette
glosskey: syria
glosskey: syrup
glosskey: system
glosskey: t-o-l-o-w
glosskey: table
glosskey: tail
glosskey: taiwan
glosskey: taiwanese
glosskey: take
glosskey: takeadvantage
glosskey: takecare
glosskey: takeclass
glosskey: taketurns
glosskey: talent
glosskey: talk
glosskey: tallperson
glosskey: tapfoot
glosskey: taste
glosskey: tax
glosskey: tea
glosskey: teacher
glosskey: team
glosskey: telephone
glosskey: television
glosskey: tell
glosskey: temperature
glosskey: temple
glosskey: tempt
glosskey: tend
glosskey: tennessee
glosskey: tennis
glosskey: tent
glosskey: terrible
glosskey: test
glosskey: testament
glosskey: texas
glosskey: th
glosskey: than
glosskey: thanksgiving
glosskey: thankyou
glosskey: that
glosskey: the
glosskey: theater
glosskey: then
glosskey: theology
glosskey: theory
glosskey: there
glosskey: therefore
glosskey: these
glosskey: thick
glosskey: thief
glosskey: thin
glosskey: thing
glosskey: think
glosskey: this
glosskey: those
glosskey: thrill
glosskey: throne
glosskey: through
glosskey: throw
glosskey: thumbsup
glosskey: thursday
glosskey: ticket
glosskey: tickleear
glosskey: tie
glosskey: tieabow
glosskey: tiger
glosskey: time
glosskey: time1yearago
glosskey: time2yearsago
glosskey: time3yearsago
glosskey: time6weeks
glosskey: tincan
glosskey: tiny
glosskey: tired
glosskey: tissue
glosskey: title
glosskey: titlenone
glosskey: to
glosskey: toast
glosskey: tobe
glosskey: tobecontinued
glosskey: today
glosskey: together
glosskey: toilet
glosskey: tomato
glosskey: tomorrow
glosskey: tonight
glosskey: too
glosskey: toobad
glosskey: toolate
glosskey: toolbox
glosskey: tooth
glosskey: top
glosskey: total
glosskey: touch
glosskey: touchdown
glosskey: touchheart
glosskey: touchpalm
glosskey: tough
glosskey: towel
glosskey: tradition
glosskey: train
glosskey: training
glosskey: transfer
glosskey: transgender
glosskey: translation
glosskey: trap
glosskey: trash
glosskey: trashcan
glosskey: travel
glosskey: tree
glosskey: trinity
glosskey: trophy
glosskey: trouble
glosskey: truck
glosskey: trust
glosskey: truth
glosskey: try
glosskey: tuesday
glosskey: turkeycountry
glosskey: turkish
glosskey: turnfor1st
glosskey: turnfor2nd
glosskey: turtle
glosskey: twinkle
glosskey: twins
glosskey: twist
glosskey: type
glosskey: typesigns
glosskey: typewords
glosskey: ugh
glosskey: ugly
glosskey: umbrella
glosskey: uncle
glosskey: under
glosskey: underpants
glosskey: understand
glosskey: understandnot
glosskey: uneasy
glosskey: until
glosskey: up
glosskey: urgent
glosskey: use
glosskey: utah
glosskey: vacation
glosskey: vacuumcleaner
glosskey: vagina
glosskey: vanilla
glosskey: various
glosskey: vegetable
glosskey: verb
glosskey: vermont
glosskey: verse
glosskey: very
glosskey: vicepresident
glosskey: videophone
glosskey: videotape
glosskey: vietnam
glosskey: vietnamese
glosskey: vigilant
glosskey: visit
glosskey: visual
glosskey: vocabulary
glosskey: voice
glosskey: voicesinthehead
glosskey: vomit
glosskey: vote
glosskey: vrs
glosskey: waddle
glosskey: wait
glosskey: waiter
glosskey: waive
glosskey: wakeup
glosskey: wales
glosskey: walk
glosskey: wall
glosskey: wallet
glosskey: want
glosskey: war
glosskey: warm
glosskey: warn
glosskey: wash
glosskey: washington
glosskey: washingtondc
glosskey: water
glosskey: watermelon
glosskey: wave
glosskey: weak
glosskey: weather
glosskey: weatherman
glosskey: weave
glosskey: wednesday
glosskey: week
glosskey: weekend
glosskey: weekly
glosskey: weight
glosskey: weightlifting
glosskey: weird
glosskey: welcome
glosskey: well
glosskey: welsh
glosskey: west
glosskey: westvirginia
glosskey: wet
glosskey: whale
glosskey: what
glosskey: whatshappening
glosskey: wheel
glosskey: wheelchair
glosskey: when
glosskey: where
glosskey: which
glosskey: whip
glosskey: whisper
glosskey: white
glosskey: who
glosskey: whoever
glosskey: why
glosskey: wide
glosskey: widow
glosskey: wife
glosskey: win
glosskey: wind
glosskey: window
glosskey: wine
glosskey: winter
glosskey: wisconsin
glosskey: wise
glosskey: wish
glosskey: witch
glosskey: witness
glosskey: wobble
glosskey: wolf
glosskey: woman
glosskey: wonder
glosskey: wonderful
glosskey: wool
glosskey: word
glosskey: wordofgod
glosskey: work
glosskey: worker
glosskey: workshop
glosskey: worry
glosskey: worse
glosskey: worthless
glosskey: worthy
glosskey: wound
glosskey: wow
glosskey: wrestling
glosskey: write
glosskey: wrong
glosskey: wyoming
glosskey: xray
glosskey: year
glosskey: yell
glosskey: yellow
glosskey: yes
glosskey: yesterday
glosskey: yet
glosskey: yogurt
glosskey: young
glosskey: yourturn
glosskey: yugoslavia
glosskey: yugoslavian
glosskey: zebra
glosskey: zipper
glosskey: zoo
iconic: breathing creatures
lxsg: ase901
lxsg: ase999
lxsg: hds225
lxsg: isn999
lxsg: none999
otherglosses: 1
otherglosses: 1000000
otherglosses: 1661
otherglosses: 1989,nineteeneightynine
otherglosses: 1990,nineteen-ninety
otherglosses: 1991,nineteen ninety one
otherglosses: 1992,nineteenninety-two
otherglosses: 1993,nineteenninety-three
otherglosses: 1994,nineteenninety-four
otherglosses: 1995,nineteenninety-five
otherglosses: 1996,nineteenninety-six
otherglosses: 1997,nineteenninety-seven
otherglosses: 1998,nineteenninety-eight
otherglosses: 1999,nineteenninety-nine
otherglosses: 1st
otherglosses: 2 lane road
otherglosses: 200
otherglosses: 2000
otherglosses: 2000000
otherglosses: 2001
otherglosses: 2002
otherglosses: 2003
otherglosses: 2004
otherglosses: 2005
otherglosses: 2006
otherglosses: 2007
otherglosses: 2nd
otherglosses: 300
otherglosses: 3000
otherglosses: 3000000
otherglosses: 400
otherglosses: 4000
otherglosses: 4000000
otherglosses: 4th
otherglosses: 500
otherglosses: 5000
otherglosses: 5000000
otherglosses: 6000
otherglosses: 6000000
otherglosses: 7000
otherglosses: 7000000
otherglosses: 8 day celebration of the escape of the Jews from Egypt see Exodus 12
otherglosses: 8000
otherglosses: 80000
otherglosses: 8000000
otherglosses: 9000
otherglosses: 9000000
otherglosses: a brooch pinned on the chest
otherglosses: a cent
otherglosses: a few,several
otherglosses: a length of time
otherglosses: a pet
otherglosses: a road intersection,4 way
otherglosses: a thin pipelike object
otherglosses: aardvark,fly
otherglosses: abundance
otherglosses: accepting
otherglosses: accompany
otherglosses: ache
otherglosses: acquire,receive wealth
otherglosses: act of a play,a section of a theatrical play such as Act 1
otherglosses: act slowly
otherglosses: action,do
otherglosses: Activities
otherglosses: actonstage
otherglosses: Adam,Bibical Name Sign for Adam as in Adam and Eve
otherglosses: add onto
otherglosses: add up in a column,addup
otherglosses: address or location
otherglosses: adverb mm
otherglosses: adverb th
otherglosses: adverbs
otherglosses: again and again
otherglosses: age
otherglosses: age,older
otherglosses: age,oldest
otherglosses: age,seniorcitizens,senior citizens
otherglosses: age,veryold
otherglosses: age,youngest
otherglosses: agent
otherglosses: aid
otherglosses: alarm,alarm clock
otherglosses: all gone
otherglosses: all of you
otherglosses: all over
otherglosses: allow
otherglosses: alphabet
otherglosses: alter
otherglosses: alternate sign for grace
otherglosses: amazement
otherglosses: amazement,startled amazement
otherglosses: amazing
otherglosses: Amazing,surprising
otherglosses: American Sign Language
otherglosses: amusementpark,The Happiest Place On Earth
otherglosses: ancestors
otherglosses: ancient form of written documents
otherglosses: anger
otherglosses: animal hopping
otherglosses: animal moves forward
otherglosses: annointed king
otherglosses: another variation
otherglosses: ape
otherglosses: applauding in an audience
otherglosses: apply the brake pedal
otherglosses: appropriate
otherglosses: are
otherglosses: are you single
otherglosses: area
otherglosses: area at front
otherglosses: area on left
otherglosses: area on right
otherglosses: around and around
otherglosses: arrive continuously one after another
otherglosses: article in a magazine
otherglosses: as
otherglosses: as in the Bible
otherglosses: ask a question
otherglosses: asking how
otherglosses: asleep
otherglosses: asleep,asleepsoundly
otherglosses: assistance
otherglosses: at least
otherglosses: at minimum level
otherglosses: at that time
otherglosses: attempt
otherglosses: attendmanyplaces
otherglosses: auto
otherglosses: automobile
otherglosses: ave,hail
otherglosses: awakenslowly
otherglosses: awareness
otherglosses: back and forth
otherglosses: back direction
otherglosses: back of body
otherglosses: backtome,back to me
otherglosses: backtoyou,back to you
otherglosses: banner
otherglosses: baptist
otherglosses: baptize
otherglosses: baseball bat
otherglosses: baseball plate,tracing of pentagon shape
otherglosses: basically,foundation
otherglosses: basically,foundation,at bottom
otherglosses: battle,combat
otherglosses: be
otherglosses: bean
otherglosses: beans
otherglosses: beat
otherglosses: beat,win
otherglosses: beautiful
otherglosses: become seriously sick over and over again
otherglosses: bee buzz
otherglosses: beef
otherglosses: before,prior
otherglosses: beginning,start
otherglosses: behavior
otherglosses: belief
otherglosses: believethat,believe that
otherglosses: belong to God
otherglosses: beseech
otherglosses: better
otherglosses: better yesno,Is this or that better
otherglosses: beverage
otherglosses: big
otherglosses: birdcage
otherglosses: blamemyself,blame myself
otherglosses: bleed,bleeding
otherglosses: blessedness
otherglosses: blessing
otherglosses: blood flow
otherglosses: blood pressure
otherglosses: blouse
otherglosses: blow at,blow at something,blow away something
otherglosses: blow away something
otherglosses: blow away,to blow away something completely
otherglosses: board of directors
otherglosses: bondage,captive
otherglosses: book opening completely
otherglosses: book opening halfway
otherglosses: booklet,brochure,pamphlet
otherglosses: books
otherglosses: bookshelf
otherglosses: boots
otherglosses: bothofus
otherglosses: bottom
otherglosses: bow
otherglosses: bow and arrow
otherglosses: bow down
otherglosses: brains
otherglosses: break
otherglosses: breakfast food
otherglosses: breath
otherglosses: breathe hard
otherglosses: breathe in
otherglosses: breeze
otherglosses: brethren
otherglosses: bright
otherglosses: bright person
otherglosses: bright,bright light
otherglosses: bring on left
otherglosses: bring on right
otherglosses: bring-up,likebringuptoheaven
otherglosses: broad
otherglosses: brochure
otherglosses: brochure,pamphlet,booklet
otherglosses: broke
otherglosses: brooch
otherglosses: brother in law
otherglosses: buffalo
otherglosses: bull
otherglosses: bump on hand
otherglosses: bunny,hare
otherglosses: burning
otherglosses: bushes,shrub
otherglosses: butterfly landing
otherglosses: buttons
otherglosses: bye
otherglosses: calculate
otherglosses: call in
otherglosses: call on VP
otherglosses: call out
otherglosses: call to me
otherglosses: call upon God
otherglosses: called
otherglosses: can,container
otherglosses: cant
otherglosses: captions
otherglosses: card
otherglosses: cardplaying
otherglosses: care for self
otherglosses: carnival
otherglosses: catch up
otherglosses: categories
otherglosses: Cats Meow
otherglosses: caught in the act
otherglosses: celebration,festival,victory
otherglosses: central
otherglosses: chain together,link
otherglosses: challenge
otherglosses: champagne
otherglosses: change in status,amount,balance,etc of one side,decrease,change in status,amount,balance,etc of one side
otherglosses: changeinbalance
otherglosses: chat left
otherglosses: children
otherglosses: Christ 2
otherglosses: chubby
otherglosses: Cilicia
otherglosses: Cinderella
otherglosses: city
otherglosses: city,Capital city of the state of Georgia in USA
otherglosses: city,Chicago Illinois
otherglosses: city,City in the state of Maryland
otherglosses: city,City in the state of Massachusetts
otherglosses: city,Kansas City
otherglosses: city,los-angeles
otherglosses: city,New York City
otherglosses: city,San Diego
otherglosses: city,Washington DC
otherglosses: cl breast exam lump,for medical purpose
otherglosses: CL C POSSESSIVE,Used in the context of a group with hold of classifer and "its" pointing to the group.
otherglosses: CL CC tall vertical pole
otherglosses: cl draw blood arm
otherglosses: cl draw blood arm share
otherglosses: cl draw blood hand
otherglosses: cl going each person
otherglosses: cl growth,small piece from the body becomes big
otherglosses: cl insert hole middle,for medical signs related to digital rectal exam
otherglosses: cl insert to hole
otherglosses: cl list next
otherglosses: cl list throw
otherglosses: cl list throw four
otherglosses: cl modV left,left modified V hand moves to the left
otherglosses: cl move,like a mouse moving quickly
otherglosses: cl person move
otherglosses: cl picture breast,Medical sign for X Ray the breast
otherglosses: cl pipe flow
otherglosses: cl pipe slow flow
otherglosses: cl spread,spread in the body
otherglosses: cl thin,object
otherglosses: cl throw in mouth
otherglosses: cl tub
otherglosses: cl tube
otherglosses: cl wall on left,classifier
otherglosses: cl-1
otherglosses: cl-2
otherglosses: class
otherglosses: class,groupthatmeets
otherglosses: classes
otherglosses: clean over time
otherglosses: climb or climb a tree
otherglosses: close to you
otherglosses: closeeyes
otherglosses: closing your eyes,Movement Writing
otherglosses: cloth
otherglosses: clothes line
otherglosses: clothing
otherglosses: cloud,movingacrossthesky
otherglosses: clouds
otherglosses: cobra
otherglosses: Cody
otherglosses: coke
otherglosses: color
otherglosses: come down,come down (from heaven)
otherglosses: come here
otherglosses: come here boy
otherglosses: come,come on,bringiton,let'shaveit.
otherglosses: comfortable
otherglosses: coming
otherglosses: command
otherglosses: commandments
otherglosses: commercial
otherglosses: comparison,compare two items
otherglosses: compete
otherglosses: completed
otherglosses: compound word
otherglosses: comprehend,understand
otherglosses: confidence,feel sure,certain
otherglosses: conflict
otherglosses: confusion
otherglosses: connectedwith,connected with
otherglosses: container
otherglosses: container with twist cap
otherglosses: contented
otherglosses: continent
otherglosses: continent,Australia
otherglosses: continent,europe
otherglosses: continue indefinitely
otherglosses: continuous
otherglosses: cooking
otherglosses: cool and twisty
otherglosses: coordinated
otherglosses: cop
otherglosses: copy me
otherglosses: correct, exactly, accurate
otherglosses: couch
otherglosses: country
otherglosses: country,American Indian
otherglosses: country,Austria
otherglosses: country,Belgium
otherglosses: country,Bulgaria
otherglosses: country,canada
otherglosses: country,china
otherglosses: country,czechoslovakia
otherglosses: country,Denmark
otherglosses: country,egypt
otherglosses: country,england
otherglosses: country,france
otherglosses: country,Germany
otherglosses: country,greece
otherglosses: country,holland
otherglosses: country,hungary
otherglosses: country,Iceland
otherglosses: country,India
otherglosses: country,ireland
otherglosses: country,israel
otherglosses: country,italy
otherglosses: country,Japan
otherglosses: country,Korea
otherglosses: country,malaysia
otherglosses: country,malta
otherglosses: country,mexico
otherglosses: country,new zealand
otherglosses: country,norway
otherglosses: country,pakistan
otherglosses: country,poland
otherglosses: country,portugal
otherglosses: country,romania
otherglosses: country,russia
otherglosses: country,Saudi Arabia
otherglosses: country,scotland
otherglosses: country,slovakia
otherglosses: country,spain
otherglosses: country,sweden
otherglosses: country,switzerland
otherglosses: country,taiwan
otherglosses: country,Turkey
otherglosses: country,United States of America,USA
otherglosses: country,USA
otherglosses: country,Vietnam
otherglosses: country,Wales
otherglosses: country,Yugoslavia
otherglosses: courageous
otherglosses: courteous
otherglosses: cousin male
otherglosses: cousin-female
otherglosses: cover
otherglosses: coward
otherglosses: crackdrug
otherglosses: crawl in bed
otherglosses: credit card charge
otherglosses: crocodile
otherglosses: cross your heart,promise that you are telling the truth
otherglosses: crossroads; two roads crossing
otherglosses: crowd look at me
otherglosses: crucified
otherglosses: cruel,vicious
otherglosses: curtains
otherglosses: CV,resume for a job application
otherglosses: cycling
otherglosses: dad up left,child looking up saying dad's name
otherglosses: dad up right,child looking up saying dad's name
otherglosses: dance
otherglosses: dangit
otherglosses: dark
otherglosses: dating,go on a date
otherglosses: daughter in law
otherglosses: deaf power
otherglosses: deaf school
otherglosses: deceit
otherglosses: deceive
otherglosses: deceiver,falsifier
otherglosses: deception
otherglosses: dedicate to God
otherglosses: definite or specific "
otherglosses: definite or specific with topic marker
otherglosses: deflated esteem
otherglosses: department store
otherglosses: descendents
otherglosses: despised
otherglosses: dessert
otherglosses: destroyfast,destroy fast
otherglosses: determine a persons role
otherglosses: Dictionary Database for SignWriting
otherglosses: did
otherglosses: die
otherglosses: difficult
otherglosses: dime
otherglosses: dining room
otherglosses: diploma
otherglosses: direct in manner,straightforward
otherglosses: dirty
otherglosses: disciple
otherglosses: discouraged
otherglosses: disease
otherglosses: dish
otherglosses: dissapointed
otherglosses: distribute to
otherglosses: diurnal
otherglosses: diurnal,all day
otherglosses: diurnal,darknight
otherglosses: diurnal,day after tomorrow,timefuture
otherglosses: diurnal,day before yesterday,timepast
otherglosses: diurnal,early morning
otherglosses: diurnal,good night
otherglosses: diurnal,late at night
otherglosses: diurnal,late morning
otherglosses: diurnal,lightfromsunrise,light from sunrise
otherglosses: diurnal,lightfromsunset,light from sunset
otherglosses: diurnal,spell AM
otherglosses: diurnal,spell PM
otherglosses: diurnal,sun comes up from below horizon
otherglosses: diurnal,sunriseontheleft,sunrise on the left
otherglosses: diurnal,sunsetontheleft,sunset on the left
otherglosses: diurnal,timefuture
otherglosses: diurnal,timeofday
otherglosses: diurnal,timepast
otherglosses: divert,turn aside
otherglosses: divine help
otherglosses: do not
otherglosses: do not want,donotwant
otherglosses: dog bark
otherglosses: dollar,money
otherglosses: don't understand
otherglosses: donate
otherglosses: done,you'reoverwithit!
otherglosses: donotknow
otherglosses: dont care
otherglosses: dont like
otherglosses: dont mind
otherglosses: double handed catch
otherglosses: download from heaven
otherglosses: drapes
otherglosses: drawer
otherglosses: drawing water,drawing water from a well
otherglosses: dread
otherglosses: dreadful
otherglosses: drink
otherglosses: drive a vehicle
otherglosses: drive by,drive from right to left
otherglosses: drive mm
otherglosses: drive over time
otherglosses: drum (noun or verb)
otherglosses: dry area
otherglosses: dryer
otherglosses: dull
otherglosses: dwell on
otherglosses: each one
otherglosses: eachofthree
otherglosses: eat a lot
otherglosses: eat continuously
otherglosses: Edward
otherglosses: eight dollars,money
otherglosses: eight-of-us
otherglosses: eighteen
otherglosses: eighth
otherglosses: Eloy
otherglosses: embarrassed
otherglosses: embedded
otherglosses: emotion of deep respect and wonder
otherglosses: encouraging involvement from multiple sources
otherglosses: engine
otherglosses: English Sign
otherglosses: English sign
otherglosses: enjoy
otherglosses: enter,enterintoabuilding
otherglosses: er suffix,ending to some signs referring to a person
otherglosses: estimate,suppose
otherglosses: everywhere(left)
otherglosses: everywhere(right)
otherglosses: exclamation point
otherglosses: excuse me
otherglosses: expect to get answer
otherglosses: expect,expectation
otherglosses: experiences
otherglosses: export data
otherglosses: expressive version
otherglosses: eyebrows
otherglosses: eyebrows,eyebrows up
otherglosses: eyelid
otherglosses: eyes
otherglosses: face God
otherglosses: facial expression
otherglosses: faith-in-god
otherglosses: faithfulness,loyalty,devoted
otherglosses: fall down
otherglosses: fall flat
otherglosses: falling
otherglosses: false start,in football,illegal formation
otherglosses: false,phony
otherglosses: far out
otherglosses: farout,amazement,impressed
otherglosses: fascination
otherglosses: father in law
otherglosses: Fauntaye
otherglosses: fear holy
otherglosses: fed up
otherglosses: feeble-minded
otherglosses: feed
otherglosses: feeling
otherglosses: feelings,sensitive
otherglosses: feels people touching
otherglosses: feet
otherglosses: ferris wheel
otherglosses: fifth
otherglosses: fifth-in-a-list,fifth(whenrankingalistof2-5things)
otherglosses: fifthoffive
otherglosses: fifty
otherglosses: filthy
otherglosses: filthy,nasty
otherglosses: find me,ex; lost then found (person)
otherglosses: fingernail polish
otherglosses: FINISH in the sense of "... and then ..."
otherglosses: finish-test
otherglosses: finished
otherglosses: First Book of the Old Testment
otherglosses: firstoffive
otherglosses: firstofthree
otherglosses: firstwithemphasis
otherglosses: fishtail,car swerving
otherglosses: five of us
otherglosses: fivedollars,five dollars,money
otherglosses: flag wave
otherglosses: flavor,prefer
otherglosses: flesh
otherglosses: flirt,woo
otherglosses: flow right
otherglosses: fluff pillow
otherglosses: fly on and on,fly on and on (slowly traveling)
otherglosses: fly on and on,fly on and one (indeterminate duration)
otherglosses: fly up; generic
otherglosses: flyinairplane
otherglosses: food store
otherglosses: football
otherglosses: football player did not have control of the ball
otherglosses: for for,what for or reason
otherglosses: for yes and no answer
otherglosses: for Yes/No question
otherglosses: for-example
otherglosses: forearm
otherglosses: forgot
otherglosses: found from above,found from God
otherglosses: four of us
otherglosses: four to six
otherglosses: fourdollars,four dollars,money
otherglosses: fourth-in-a-list
otherglosses: fourthoffive
otherglosses: Frank
otherglosses: frenchfries
otherglosses: friends
otherglosses: from eyes not hear
otherglosses: from now on,starting now
otherglosses: from the past to now
otherglosses: from time to time; continously;
otherglosses: front
otherglosses: frozen
otherglosses: fruit
otherglosses: frustrated
otherglosses: fullness
otherglosses: fully
otherglosses: funny,laughing
otherglosses: future,not yet
otherglosses: future,timefuture
otherglosses: gain,sake
otherglosses: garage
otherglosses: garbage
otherglosses: garden; ground with plants in it.
otherglosses: general
otherglosses: generations
otherglosses: George
otherglosses: get in,to a vehicle
otherglosses: get out of vehicle,from vehicle
otherglosses: get up
otherglosses: give cup to
otherglosses: give cups to several people
otherglosses: give gift,directional
otherglosses: give give
otherglosses: give myself baby
otherglosses: give out
otherglosses: give to
otherglosses: give to me
otherglosses: give up
otherglosses: gives
otherglosses: glasses
otherglosses: globe
otherglosses: gloves
otherglosses: go ahead
otherglosses: go ahead,desire way to get it quickly
otherglosses: go away,goaway,go on,shoo
otherglosses: go down
otherglosses: go forward
otherglosses: go left
otherglosses: go r
otherglosses: go right
otherglosses: go to bed
otherglosses: go together left
otherglosses: go together right
otherglosses: go under table
otherglosses: God give to you
otherglosses: God himself
otherglosses: God looks down
otherglosses: God loves you much
otherglosses: goddess
otherglosses: godly
otherglosses: going out
otherglosses: Goldilocks
otherglosses: gone
otherglosses: good friend
otherglosses: good point
otherglosses: good,well
otherglosses: gossip
otherglosses: grade in class F
otherglosses: graduate
otherglosses: grave
otherglosses: gray
otherglosses: gray,dark grey
otherglosses: grease
otherglosses: great grandfather
otherglosses: great grandmother
otherglosses: great great grandfather
otherglosses: great great grandmother
otherglosses: great skill,assured competence
otherglosses: ground
otherglosses: group
otherglosses: group cl
otherglosses: group go towards
otherglosses: group levite
otherglosses: groups
otherglosses: grow up
otherglosses: grow up or raised
otherglosses: guide + person agent
otherglosses: guilty
otherglosses: gulp
otherglosses: gum
otherglosses: hair dryer
otherglosses: hallucinations
otherglosses: hands
otherglosses: hang up ,to hang up a sign or picture on a wall
otherglosses: happenings
otherglosses: happily
otherglosses: hard of hearing
otherglosses: hatred
otherglosses: have fun
otherglosses: have multiple items
otherglosses: have to
otherglosses: he
otherglosses: He above
otherglosses: he left
otherglosses: he or she asks me
otherglosses: he or she,eyegaze looks in the direction of pointing
otherglosses: He up right
otherglosses: he-down-right
otherglosses: he-left,personstandingtotheleft
otherglosses: he-right,persontotheright
otherglosses: he_god
otherglosses: head neg,shake head no
otherglosses: head up
otherglosses: headache
otherglosses: headnod slow
otherglosses: headnod smile
otherglosses: headturn R
otherglosses: hearing person
otherglosses: heart attack
otherglosses: heart beat
otherglosses: heartbreak,suffer,suffering
otherglosses: Heather
otherglosses: heavenly
otherglosses: Heavenly Father
otherglosses: help(2)youhelpme
otherglosses: help(2)youhelpmecontinually
otherglosses: help(v)tohelp
otherglosses: helping
otherglosses: hen
otherglosses: hers on right
otherglosses: hey,getting attention from someone standing in front of you
otherglosses: hey,getting attention of someone standing in front of you
otherglosses: hey,getting attention of someone standing to the right
otherglosses: hey,getting attention of someone standing to your left corner
otherglosses: hey,getting God's attention
otherglosses: hey,Used to get attention
otherglosses: heythere to personon left
otherglosses: heythere,getsomeone'sattention(totheright)
otherglosses: Hezekiah
otherglosses: hi
otherglosses: hierarchy (computer)
otherglosses: highest
otherglosses: highway,2 lanes each direction
otherglosses: highway,highway with 2 lanes,each direction
otherglosses: him left
otherglosses: himself
otherglosses: himself placed to the right
otherglosses: himself(left)
otherglosses: himself(right)
otherglosses: himself,God above
otherglosses: himself,placed to the left
otherglosses: his above
otherglosses: His Almighty
otherglosses: his on left
otherglosses: history
otherglosses: hit head
otherglosses: hit stone
otherglosses: hitchhiker
otherglosses: hog,swine
otherglosses: hold a grudge
otherglosses: hold up,postpone
otherglosses: hold with joy
otherglosses: holiday
otherglosses: holiday,Happy Birthday
otherglosses: holiday,holiday national
otherglosses: holiday,holiday religious
otherglosses: honor given to earl or baron
otherglosses: horizontal tube
otherglosses: hose
otherglosses: hotdog
otherglosses: hourrelated
otherglosses: hourrelated,a minute ticks by,minutetick
otherglosses: hourrelated,hour 5,five hours
otherglosses: hourrelated,nineo'clock
otherglosses: hourrelated,oneo'clock
otherglosses: hourrelated,sixo'clock
otherglosses: hourrelated,threeo'clock
otherglosses: hourrelated,timeofdayhour,eight o'clock
otherglosses: hourrelated,timeofdayhour,eleven o'clock
otherglosses: hourrelated,timeofdayhour,five o'clock
otherglosses: hourrelated,timeofdayhour,four o'clock
otherglosses: hourrelated,timeofdayhour,seven o'clock
otherglosses: hourrelated,timeofdayhour,ten o'clock
otherglosses: hourrelated,twelveo'clock
otherglosses: hourrelated,twoo'clock
otherglosses: how are you
otherglosses: how many
otherglosses: how much,what is the price how much does something cost
otherglosses: how often
otherglosses: how to deal
otherglosses: huh?
otherglosses: huh?,"wh"question-who,what,where,when,why,how
otherglosses: hula fish
otherglosses: human
otherglosses: humpty-dumpty
otherglosses: hundred,one hundred
otherglosses: hundreds,one hundred
otherglosses: hurt
otherglosses: hurts
otherglosses: hyphen
otherglosses: I ask you
otherglosses: I express
otherglosses: I give you
otherglosses: I help him or her,placed left diagonal.
otherglosses: I help you.
otherglosses: I love you,ILY
otherglosses: I see,understand
otherglosses: I tell you.
otherglosses: I understand
otherglosses: I understand well
otherglosses: I visit you
otherglosses: i,fingerspellingsymbol
otherglosses: ice cream
otherglosses: iceskating
otherglosses: ideas
otherglosses: if not
otherglosses: import data
otherglosses: impress
otherglosses: in
otherglosses: in a straight direction
otherglosses: in desire to get something
otherglosses: in football pass not completed or missed field goal or extra point or penalty refused
otherglosses: in slow way
otherglosses: in the air
otherglosses: individual
otherglosses: infant
otherglosses: infantile
otherglosses: inform all
otherglosses: inform me
otherglosses: inform on right
otherglosses: information used in life; taking what I learn and applying it.
otherglosses: injure
otherglosses: injured
otherglosses: injuries
otherglosses: insane,mad
otherglosses: insect
otherglosses: inside mind
otherglosses: instead
otherglosses: instruction
otherglosses: instructor
otherglosses: intentional grounding,in football,an intentionally incompleted pass usually to avoid a sack
otherglosses: interpret
otherglosses: interrogate
otherglosses: into
otherglosses: is
otherglosses: is,English sign
otherglosses: is,English sign for "is"
otherglosses: issues
otherglosses: isthattrue
otherglosses: it
otherglosses: it,English sign
otherglosses: its
otherglosses: jacket
otherglosses: jam,jelly,preserves
otherglosses: Jehovah,Name of God in Psalm 83-18
otherglosses: Jesus Christ
otherglosses: Jewish person
otherglosses: junior,subordinate
otherglosses: just a minute
otherglosses: just,recently
otherglosses: kid
otherglosses: kneeldown,kneel down
otherglosses: knock repeatedly
otherglosses: knock softly
otherglosses: knowthat,know that
otherglosses: LaDainian Tomlinson NFL MVP National Football League Most Valuable Player
otherglosses: lamb
otherglosses: lamp or sunlight
otherglosses: land
otherglosses: laptop
otherglosses: laptop computer
otherglosses: laptop,laptop portable computer
otherglosses: large African animal with one horn on its nose
otherglosses: large font
otherglosses: large piece of wood
otherglosses: last
otherglosses: law,basic truth
otherglosses: lay aside
otherglosses: lay down
otherglosses: lead downward,leading
otherglosses: lead upward,leading
otherglosses: leading
otherglosses: leap
otherglosses: leave
otherglosses: left,go left
otherglosses: less than
otherglosses: lesson,classifier
otherglosses: lessons
otherglosses: let it go
otherglosses: lexical sign for fun
otherglosses: lexical sign for job
otherglosses: liberty
otherglosses: lie,tell a lie, deceit
otherglosses: lift to face
otherglosses: lift up
otherglosses: lifting
otherglosses: light weight
otherglosses: lightcomeson,light comes on
otherglosses: lightgrey,light grey
otherglosses: lightpink,light pink
otherglosses: lightshiningdown,light shining down
otherglosses: line of people
otherglosses: lips
otherglosses: liquor
otherglosses: list things
otherglosses: listen from ears
otherglosses: listen from eyes looking straight ahead
otherglosses: literate
otherglosses: little bit
otherglosses: little bit,few
otherglosses: living room
otherglosses: living,alive
otherglosses: LLCN new,Laboratory
otherglosses: lonely
otherglosses: look above right
otherglosses: look at me
otherglosses: look at me from left
otherglosses: look at me from right
otherglosses: look at me you
otherglosses: look back
otherglosses: look for
otherglosses: look forward to,anticipate
otherglosses: look left
otherglosses: look over,to look over an object,e.g. a wall
otherglosses: look to the right
otherglosses: look up right palms
otherglosses: look up to
otherglosses: lookat personorobjectinfront
otherglosses: lookat personorobjectonleft
otherglosses: lookingatme
otherglosses: looks like
otherglosses: lords supper
otherglosses: lost
otherglosses: lost weight
otherglosses: love
otherglosses: love it
otherglosses: love something
otherglosses: love something, love of the nonhuggable sort
otherglosses: love something,to love,like an object or activity very much
otherglosses: Lucinda Batch,Name Sign
otherglosses: Lucinda O 'Grady Batch,Name sign for DAC founder
otherglosses: Lucy Dlugolecka,name sign
otherglosses: luggage
otherglosses: mad
otherglosses: mad,insane
otherglosses: mail
otherglosses: make a reservation
otherglosses: make sure
otherglosses: make with great energy
otherglosses: Margaret
otherglosses: Mari
otherglosses: marriage
otherglosses: mashed potatoes
otherglosses: McDonalds
otherglosses: McDonalds,my kind of place
otherglosses: me
otherglosses: me 2h,signing me with 2 hands
otherglosses: Me God
otherglosses: me,asking a question,me As a question
otherglosses: me,initializedenglishsign
otherglosses: me,me with eyebrows down
otherglosses: me,me with eyebrows up
otherglosses: me-help-you
otherglosses: me-helping-her
otherglosses: me-helping-him
otherglosses: me-helping-you
otherglosses: me-helps-her
otherglosses: me-helps-him
otherglosses: me-helps-you
otherglosses: mean,vicious
otherglosses: means,purpose,intent
otherglosses: measurement
otherglosses: medium font
otherglosses: meet many people
otherglosses: meet one to one,in other word live together
otherglosses: meet one to one,meet to right
otherglosses: meeting
otherglosses: meetings
otherglosses: memories
otherglosses: mental health
otherglosses: menus sign
otherglosses: menus sign word
otherglosses: menus word
otherglosses: mercy God
otherglosses: Merry Christmas
otherglosses: metal shield for front of torso
otherglosses: mice
otherglosses: mild contrastive,used to link ideas
otherglosses: mimics leg movement
otherglosses: mine
otherglosses: miss someone
otherglosses: missing or gone
otherglosses: mix up
otherglosses: mom
otherglosses: mom,child look up saying mom's name
otherglosses: money
otherglosses: monthrelated
otherglosses: monthrelated,monthly
otherglosses: monthrelated,monthname
otherglosses: more than
otherglosses: Moses
otherglosses: most of the time
otherglosses: mother in law
otherglosses: movement
otherglosses: Ms Anderson
otherglosses: Ms Dorsett
otherglosses: multiple crashing
otherglosses: multiple locations
otherglosses: my
otherglosses: My Almighty
otherglosses: my turn
otherglosses: myself
otherglosses: name sign A
otherglosses: name sign AB
otherglosses: name sign B
otherglosses: name sign C R
otherglosses: name sign CF
otherglosses: name sign CW
otherglosses: name sign D
otherglosses: name sign E
otherglosses: name sign F
otherglosses: name sign J
otherglosses: name sign K
otherglosses: name sign M
otherglosses: name sign P
otherglosses: name sign S
otherglosses: name sign T
otherglosses: name sign V
otherglosses: name sign W
otherglosses: name-sign-v,valeriesutton
otherglosses: named
otherglosses: neat,wow
otherglosses: necktie
otherglosses: negative,makesasignnegative
otherglosses: Nervous
otherglosses: never
otherglosses: next over a longer period of time; continuously
otherglosses: next to
otherglosses: next to me,by my side,next to eachother
otherglosses: next-door
otherglosses: NFL football team
otherglosses: nickel,five cents
otherglosses: Nicole,a girls name
otherglosses: nine
otherglosses: ninedollars
otherglosses: nineofus
otherglosses: nineteen
otherglosses: ninth
otherglosses: no clue
otherglosses: no emphatic
otherglosses: no good
otherglosses: no more
otherglosses: no no
otherglosses: no responsibility,not my responsibility
otherglosses: no with headshake
otherglosses: noble rank below duke and above baron same as count
otherglosses: Noble rank below prince and above earl
otherglosses: nod,agree,yes
otherglosses: nonsign1
otherglosses: nonsign2
otherglosses: not have,dont have
otherglosses: not often
otherglosses: not satisfied
otherglosses: nothing
otherglosses: nothing,it was easy
otherglosses: notice something on right
otherglosses: nouns
otherglosses: number range
otherglosses: numbers
otherglosses: nuts
otherglosses: oath
otherglosses: of
otherglosses: of course
otherglosses: oh i see,I understand
otherglosses: oh no,exclamatory
otherglosses: okay,OK,super,good,thumbsup,okay,OK,super,good,thumbs up
otherglosses: old-fashioned
otherglosses: once
otherglosses: one eighth
otherglosses: one fifth
otherglosses: one fourth
otherglosses: one half
otherglosses: one hundred
otherglosses: one ninth
otherglosses: one seventh
otherglosses: one sixth
otherglosses: one tenth
otherglosses: one third
otherglosses: one-to-three
otherglosses: onedollar
otherglosses: onemore
otherglosses: onepersonmeetstwo,one person meets two
otherglosses: onetoten
otherglosses: only one
otherglosses: only one,only one above
otherglosses: open eyes
otherglosses: oppressed
otherglosses: oppression
otherglosses: orange,orangecolor
otherglosses: our
otherglosses: our 2h,using 2 hands to sign our
otherglosses: our,ours
otherglosses: out of bounds,football term
otherglosses: over-there
otherglosses: overwhelming
otherglosses: ow
otherglosses: pamphlet,booklet,brochure,magazine
otherglosses: pamphlet,magazine,brochure
otherglosses: panties
otherglosses: park a car
otherglosses: parking space
otherglosses: parkvehicle
otherglosses: partying
otherglosses: partying like drugs sex etc
otherglosses: pass complete,in football,the ball is caught inbounds
otherglosses: pass-by
otherglosses: passing thru eye,Not understand and clear "over the head"
otherglosses: pasteurized milk
otherglosses: Pastor Ron
otherglosses: Pastor Ron,translator of SignBible
otherglosses: pasturized milk,joke sign "past your eyes"
otherglosses: pasturized milk,joke sign "past your eyes" milk
otherglosses: pasturized milk,joke sign "pst your eyes"
otherglosses: pasturized milk,joke that shows milk moving past your eyes
otherglosses: patch on arm
otherglosses: path cl4mod
otherglosses: Paul
otherglosses: pause
otherglosses: pay attention
otherglosses: pay attention,attentionabove
otherglosses: peas
otherglosses: Peggy
otherglosses: penny
otherglosses: people onehanded,people onehanded w cl1
otherglosses: pepper
otherglosses: pepsi
otherglosses: period
otherglosses: person left
otherglosses: person look
otherglosses: person twists
otherglosses: person who thinks language uses eye not ear
otherglosses: person word
otherglosses: person(2),endingtosomesignsreferringtoaperson
otherglosses: person(3),endingtosomesignsreferringtoaperson
otherglosses: person,endingtosomesignsreferringtoaperson.
otherglosses: Peter
otherglosses: petrol
otherglosses: Philip
otherglosses: phone
otherglosses: phone,mobile phone
otherglosses: phony,fake
otherglosses: photographer
otherglosses: pick from list,pick
otherglosses: Pick from me
otherglosses: pick nose
otherglosses: pick up
otherglosses: pick up larger objects or child
otherglosses: pick up to the left larger objects or child
otherglosses: pick up,pick up and carry to the right
otherglosses: pill
otherglosses: pisac2
otherglosses: pity me
otherglosses: place to care for babies and children
otherglosses: plane
otherglosses: planet
otherglosses: playgames,play games
otherglosses: playground slide
otherglosses: pledge,assimilated handshapes of promise
otherglosses: pocketbook
otherglosses: point feet down
otherglosses: point left
otherglosses: point r l,2 hands pointing,one to rt
otherglosses: point right
otherglosses: point straight
otherglosses: point up and out
otherglosses: pointing to two people left and right
otherglosses: ponder
otherglosses: pop
otherglosses: pop up
otherglosses: pop,carbonatedbeverages,coke,pepsi,sprite,etc,pop,carbonated beverages,coke,pepsi,sprite,etc
otherglosses: possibilities
otherglosses: possibility,multiple possibilities
otherglosses: post office
otherglosses: postpone or move forward in time
otherglosses: praise
otherglosses: praytoGod,pray to God
otherglosses: preach
otherglosses: precious
otherglosses: pretend that ...
otherglosses: prevent
otherglosses: primary score in football 6 points and 7 with extra point kicked after initial score
otherglosses: prison
otherglosses: problem in brain
otherglosses: pronoun
otherglosses: prophecy,To foretell,to foresee the future
otherglosses: prophesy+person
otherglosses: punch in face
otherglosses: punctuation mark
otherglosses: punctuation symbol
otherglosses: punctuation-pause,comma,shortpause
otherglosses: push aside,set aside
otherglosses: push away
otherglosses: push down
otherglosses: put down
otherglosses: put in me
otherglosses: put on shoes,shoes
otherglosses: puzzle
otherglosses: puzzle,jigsaw type
otherglosses: question
otherglosses: Question about the bathroom
otherglosses: questioning me
otherglosses: quiet,peaceful
otherglosses: quote title,topic facial expression before quoting a title
otherglosses: quotefrom,quote from
otherglosses: rage
otherglosses: rainheavily,rain heavily
otherglosses: raining
otherglosses: rainingdiagonal,raining diagonal
otherglosses: raise up
otherglosses: reading something nonsequentially or randomly
otherglosses: real,true
otherglosses: realize q,do you realize
otherglosses: rebellion against God see Genesis 3
otherglosses: received
otherglosses: refuse,withhold
otherglosses: register,registration
otherglosses: rejoice
otherglosses: relate upL
otherglosses: relay call
otherglosses: relieved
otherglosses: remaining in list
otherglosses: remove eye
otherglosses: remove eyes
otherglosses: repair garment with thread
otherglosses: repeat to
otherglosses: reply
otherglosses: representative,spokesperson,authorized delegate or agent
otherglosses: request
otherglosses: require
otherglosses: requirements
otherglosses: respec-2
otherglosses: restroom
otherglosses: Resurrection
otherglosses: review as in book review
otherglosses: revolt rebellion
otherglosses: ride in vehicle plural
otherglosses: rideahorse
otherglosses: ridiculous
otherglosses: right
otherglosses: right(direction),right (direction)
otherglosses: righteousness
otherglosses: rightsideofbody,right side of body
otherglosses: roleshift neutral,un roleshifting
otherglosses: roller skates
otherglosses: rollerskating
otherglosses: romantic
otherglosses: round
otherglosses: royal,having to do with kings and queens
otherglosses: rule of thumb
otherglosses: run a machine
otherglosses: running hard
otherglosses: rush
otherglosses: Ryan
otherglosses: sad
otherglosses: safety
otherglosses: safety in football 2 points scored by tackling an opposing player with possession of ball in their own end zone
otherglosses: salad dressing
otherglosses: same time
otherglosses: sameallover,same all over
otherglosses: sameexactly,same exactly
otherglosses: sameold,same old
otherglosses: Satan,enemy,adversary,Lucifer
otherglosses: satisfied or enough to eat
otherglosses: save,bank
otherglosses: save,store or keep for a long time
otherglosses: saved,Christian sign for saved or accepting Jesus
otherglosses: saved,rescued,delivered
otherglosses: saw
otherglosses: scared
otherglosses: scat,goaway
otherglosses: scissor
otherglosses: screw off
otherglosses: scroll rolled document used in ancient times,letter
otherglosses: search continuously
otherglosses: search over a longer period of time; continuously
otherglosses: season
otherglosses: season,fall
otherglosses: season,spring
otherglosses: secondly
otherglosses: secondoffive
otherglosses: secondofthree
otherglosses: see things around
otherglosses: seeing Him on me
otherglosses: select,select several at a time
otherglosses: self control
otherglosses: send down
otherglosses: send to me
otherglosses: senior
otherglosses: Sennacherib
otherglosses: separate
otherglosses: separate,separate (spiritual),apart from God
otherglosses: separate,separate from a person,far ahead of
otherglosses: service
otherglosses: settle down
otherglosses: seven-of-us
otherglosses: seven-up
otherglosses: sevendollars,seven dollars,money
otherglosses: seventeen
otherglosses: seventh
otherglosses: sew by hand
otherglosses: sewing machine,mechanical device with threaded needle
otherglosses: Shakespeare,English poet lived 1564 1616
otherglosses: she
otherglosses: she left
otherglosses: she to the left
otherglosses: sheriff,police
otherglosses: ship
otherglosses: shoes
otherglosses: shop,shopping
otherglosses: shopping
otherglosses: short
otherglosses: short-time
otherglosses: shoulders
otherglosses: show me
otherglosses: show me show all
otherglosses: show someone on the right
otherglosses: shows height of object
otherglosses: sick of it
otherglosses: sign
otherglosses: sign language
otherglosses: sign on left
otherglosses: sign on right
otherglosses: sign to me
otherglosses: sign,placard,poster,roadsign,etc,sign,placard,poster,road sign,etc
otherglosses: signing
otherglosses: SignWriting Markup Language
otherglosses: similar,like
otherglosses: sister in law
otherglosses: sisters
otherglosses: sit a long time
otherglosses: sit facing
otherglosses: sit in a circle
otherglosses: sit on right
otherglosses: sit on throne
otherglosses: sit right
otherglosses: sit together
otherglosses: sit_together
otherglosses: situations,circumstances
otherglosses: six-of-us
otherglosses: sixdollars
otherglosses: sixth
otherglosses: sixty
otherglosses: sixty-one
otherglosses: size,personsize
otherglosses: ski
otherglosses: skies,heavens
otherglosses: skilled
otherglosses: sleep together
otherglosses: Sleeping Beauty
otherglosses: small
otherglosses: small font
otherglosses: small mischievious north american mammal with a striped tale
otherglosses: small mischievious north american mammal with a striped tale,North American mammal with a masked face and striped tail
otherglosses: smash with the elbow
otherglosses: smells bad
otherglosses: smile
otherglosses: smiling
otherglosses: smokingcigarette,smoking cigarette
otherglosses: snap on clothing
otherglosses: SnowWhite,Snow White
otherglosses: so
otherglosses: so be it,yes
otherglosses: so so
otherglosses: so so,half good,half bad
otherglosses: socks
otherglosses: soda
otherglosses: Software dictionary database in SignWriting
otherglosses: someone inform you
otherglosses: someonewhosmokesaconsiderableamountofmarijuana
otherglosses: something collapsed coming up
otherglosses: son in law
otherglosses: soul
otherglosses: spaghetti
otherglosses: spanish
otherglosses: speaking
otherglosses: speckled
otherglosses: spirit
otherglosses: spoon food to eat it
otherglosses: spouse dead
otherglosses: spread arms out
otherglosses: spread from person
otherglosses: square
otherglosses: stain
otherglosses: stairway
otherglosses: stand before God,come into the presence of God
otherglosses: stand on bar
otherglosses: stand on head
otherglosses: State in the United States
otherglosses: State in the United States,new hampshire
otherglosses: State in the United States,new jersey
otherglosses: State in the United States,New Mexico
otherglosses: State in the United States,new york
otherglosses: State in the United States,north carolina
otherglosses: State in the United States,North Dakota
otherglosses: State in the United States,rhode island
otherglosses: State in the United States,south carolina
otherglosses: State in the United States,south dakota
otherglosses: step movement for beat
otherglosses: step on creature
otherglosses: steps
otherglosses: steps in process
otherglosses: stolen
otherglosses: stone
otherglosses: stop it,imperative / command
otherglosses: store in a bank or database
otherglosses: stream,stream
otherglosses: street
otherglosses: strength
otherglosses: strike palm
otherglosses: strike-match,strikeamatch
otherglosses: stripes
otherglosses: stripes wide
otherglosses: Stuart
otherglosses: stupid,idiotic
otherglosses: stupidlyfollow
otherglosses: style lex,lexical sign for style
otherglosses: submissive
otherglosses: suffer
otherglosses: summarize, abbreviate
otherglosses: summary
otherglosses: Sup
otherglosses: superior
otherglosses: support
otherglosses: suppressed
otherglosses: sweep
otherglosses: sweet
otherglosses: sweet (tender)
otherglosses: swim
otherglosses: swim hard
otherglosses: swing baseball bat
otherglosses: symbol not sign
otherglosses: Symbol Palette
otherglosses: symbols
otherglosses: t-shirt
otherglosses: take advantage
otherglosses: take care
otherglosses: take from under a place
otherglosses: take place
otherglosses: take turns
otherglosses: take turns,you and I alternate
otherglosses: tall
otherglosses: tall cup,glass
otherglosses: tan,color
otherglosses: tap foot
otherglosses: TBC,To be continued ...
otherglosses: teach
otherglosses: teach me
otherglosses: teach,teach to me
otherglosses: teacher_3,teach+agent
otherglosses: tease
otherglosses: teeth
otherglosses: tell him,possible variation
otherglosses: tell me
otherglosses: tell to me
otherglosses: telleveryone,tell everyone
otherglosses: tempt,entice,lure,seduce,decoy,attract
otherglosses: temptation
otherglosses: tense and slightly close the eye
otherglosses: test meaningless symbols
otherglosses: test-oclock,time where
otherglosses: thank you
otherglosses: thank you,express gratitude to
otherglosses: THANK YOU,expressive version
otherglosses: that eyegazeforward
otherglosses: that left
otherglosses: that one
otherglosses: that right
otherglosses: that specific,that specific concept or item
otherglosses: that which is left over
otherglosses: their
otherglosses: their from heaven
otherglosses: their-all,alloftheirs
otherglosses: their-left
otherglosses: their-own
otherglosses: theirs
otherglosses: them
otherglosses: them right
otherglosses: themselves
otherglosses: theories
otherglosses: there left
otherglosses: there right
otherglosses: there specific
otherglosses: there straight ahead
otherglosses: there there
otherglosses: there to the right,over there (literary,dramatic)
otherglosses: there under cl b
otherglosses: there up right
otherglosses: they help me
otherglosses: they send you
otherglosses: theydownthere,they down there
otherglosses: things
otherglosses: think to oneself,to begin a train of thought or self reflection
otherglosses: think to oneself,to finish a train of thought or self reflection
otherglosses: thinksame
otherglosses: third
otherglosses: third in a list,third when ranking a list of 2 to 5 things
otherglosses: thirdly
otherglosses: thirdoffive
otherglosses: thirdofthree
otherglosses: thirteen
otherglosses: thirty
otherglosses: thiscomparedtothis,this compared to this
otherglosses: thisone,this one
otherglosses: thisspecifically,this specifically
otherglosses: those 2 above
otherglosses: thosetwo,those two
otherglosses: thousand
otherglosses: Three in One Father Son Holy Spirit
otherglosses: threedollars
otherglosses: threeofus
otherglosses: threetravel
otherglosses: throw in an upward direction
otherglosses: throw in face
otherglosses: throw multiple things in middle
otherglosses: throw out
otherglosses: thumbs up,good,okay super
otherglosses: tickle ear
otherglosses: tie a bow
otherglosses: Tim Albert
otherglosses: time allocated for an event
otherglosses: timefuture
otherglosses: timepast
otherglosses: timepast,backintime
otherglosses: timepast,long before
otherglosses: timepast,past,prior,before
otherglosses: timepast,tense marker
otherglosses: timepresent,now
otherglosses: Tini,Name sign for Tini Pel ; )
otherglosses: tire
otherglosses: tired
otherglosses: title
otherglosses: Titus
otherglosses: to be
otherglosses: to be sick over a long period of time,really incapacitated
otherglosses: to be sick over time,to be continually sick
otherglosses: to be sick regularly or frequently
otherglosses: to call in
otherglosses: to call out
otherglosses: to color
otherglosses: to continually obsess
otherglosses: to crane one's neck while looking
otherglosses: to feel ill or sick
otherglosses: to finish things up
otherglosses: to fool
otherglosses: to prepare
otherglosses: to put together things that resemble one another
otherglosses: to reach out and take some item
otherglosses: to rest
otherglosses: to rest,resting
otherglosses: to run by foot
otherglosses: to slide or fall
otherglosses: to tell a story,to tell a narrative of something that happened.
otherglosses: to tell something to person on the right
otherglosses: to visit
otherglosses: toad
otherglosses: tolows
otherglosses: too bad,lexicalized sign
otherglosses: too late
otherglosses: tortoise
otherglosses: total amount
otherglosses: touch heart
otherglosses: touch heart 2
otherglosses: touch palm
otherglosses: trace rectangle,outline
otherglosses: tradition or habit
otherglosses: trample creature
otherglosses: translate
otherglosses: translate,on left with eyegaze
otherglosses: translator
otherglosses: travel road
otherglosses: tread on snake
otherglosses: Trey
otherglosses: troubles
otherglosses: truebiz,true biz
otherglosses: truly
otherglosses: trust (yes)
otherglosses: turn doorknob
otherglosses: turn for first
otherglosses: turn for second
otherglosses: tutor
otherglosses: TV
otherglosses: twenty
otherglosses: twenty-eight
otherglosses: twenty-five
otherglosses: twenty-four
otherglosses: twenty-nine
otherglosses: twenty-one
otherglosses: twenty-seven
otherglosses: twenty-three
otherglosses: twenty-two
otherglosses: twentyfivecents,uscurrency
otherglosses: two
otherglosses: two hands move forward on an overlapping movement path
otherglosses: two people move towards each other and meet
otherglosses: twodollars
otherglosses: twomore
otherglosses: twoofthem
otherglosses: twoofus
otherglosses: twoofyou
otherglosses: twopeopletogether
otherglosses: type by machine
otherglosses: type-signs
otherglosses: type-words
otherglosses: typing
otherglosses: typist
otherglosses: understand as a question
otherglosses: understand something written or printed
otherglosses: understandthat
otherglosses: underwear,sign used at the Georgia School for the Deaf
otherglosses: unity,join,cooperation
otherglosses: university
otherglosses: university for the deaf,Gallaudet University
otherglosses: untitled
otherglosses: upset
otherglosses: upthere,up there
otherglosses: us
otherglosses: vacant
otherglosses: vacuum
otherglosses: variant of pay
otherglosses: vehicle
otherglosses: vehicle with whirling wings
otherglosses: very hot
otherglosses: very many,lots and lots and lots
otherglosses: vice president
otherglosses: voices in the head
otherglosses: volunteer
otherglosses: vow
otherglosses: waitlongtime,wait long time
otherglosses: waitovertime,wait over time
otherglosses: walk up a hill together,Jack and Jill went up the hill (in a straight diagonal)
otherglosses: walk up to me,person on the left side walks up to me directly
otherglosses: walkintoawalltwice,walk into a wall twice
otherglosses: walklikeadrunkforward,walk like a drunk forward
otherglosses: wander off
otherglosses: was,English sign
otherglosses: wash
otherglosses: washface,wash face
otherglosses: washingmachine,washing machine
otherglosses: wastebasket
otherglosses: watch,personorobjectinfront
otherglosses: watch,personorobjectonleft
otherglosses: waterflow,water flow
otherglosses: watersurrounds,water surrounds
otherglosses: wave hello or goodbye
otherglosses: way
otherglosses: wayleft,way left
otherglosses: wayright,way right
otherglosses: ways
otherglosses: we
otherglosses: wealthy
otherglosses: weapon
otherglosses: weapon,cannons
otherglosses: weapon,explode
otherglosses: wedding
otherglosses: weekly,dayofweek
otherglosses: weekrelated
otherglosses: weekrelated,dayofweek
otherglosses: weekrelated,last week
otherglosses: weekrelated,nextweek,next week
otherglosses: weekrelated,sixweeks
otherglosses: weep,bawl,sob
otherglosses: weight lifting
otherglosses: weight on the shoulder
otherglosses: welcome(personleft)
otherglosses: welcome(personright)
otherglosses: went
otherglosses: were
otherglosses: what a person looks like
otherglosses: what for,for for,for-for
otherglosses: what'shappening?
otherglosses: whipping
otherglosses: whiskey
otherglosses: whore
otherglosses: will
otherglosses: willnot,will not
otherglosses: window finishes closed
otherglosses: window finishes open
otherglosses: winner
otherglosses: wisdom
otherglosses: with
otherglosses: with yes and no question
otherglosses: within
otherglosses: without
otherglosses: withsomeone,with someone
otherglosses: wood
otherglosses: world
otherglosses: worsen
otherglosses: worship
otherglosses: worthy,valuable
otherglosses: wrestle
otherglosses: writebackandforth
otherglosses: writedowneasily,write down easily
otherglosses: writehorizontally,write horizontally
otherglosses: writeverticalcolumns,write vertical columns
otherglosses: writevertically,write vertically
otherglosses: writewithaflourish,write with a flourish
otherglosses: writing
otherglosses: writingcontinuously,writing continuously
otherglosses: wrongcontinuously,wrong continuously
otherglosses: wrongsuddenly
otherglosses: xerox
otherglosses: yard
otherglosses: yearrelated
otherglosses: yearrelated,Nextyear,timefuture
otherglosses: yearrelated,nextyear,timefuture
otherglosses: yearrelated,oneyearago,timepast
otherglosses: yearrelated,threeyearsago,timepast
otherglosses: yearrelated,twoyearsago,timepast
otherglosses: yearrelated,yearly
otherglosses: yearrelated,years
otherglosses: yes I realize
otherglosses: yeshave,yes have
otherglosses: yesitistrue,yes it is true
otherglosses: you above,you respectfully
otherglosses: YOU ALL
otherglosses: you ask me
otherglosses: you formal,you respectfully
otherglosses: you give me
otherglosses: You help me.
otherglosses: you show me
otherglosses: you visit me
otherglosses: you(above),you (above)
otherglosses: you(infront),you (in front)
otherglosses: young woman
otherglosses: youplural(left)
otherglosses: youplural(right)
otherglosses: your on left
otherglosses: your on right
otherglosses: your(above),your (above)
otherglosses: your(infront),your (in front)
otherglosses: yourself on left
otherglosses: yourself(infront),yourself (in front)
otherglosses: yourselves on right
otherglosses: yourselves(rightandleft),yourselves (right and left)
otherglosses: yuck
otherglosses: zero
partofspeech: 0
partofspeech: adjectiveadverb
partofspeech: compoundnoun
partofspeech: eithernounorverb
partofspeech: existence
partofspeech: functionword
partofspeech: greetingspoliteness
partofspeech: interjection
partofspeech: n
partofspeech: negationaffirmation
partofspeech: noun
partofspeech: number
partofspeech: phrase
partofspeech: place
partofspeech: point
partofspeech: preposition
partofspeech: pronoun
partofspeech: punctuation
partofspeech: quantity
partofspeech: quantitytime
partofspeech: question
partofspeech: sentence
partofspeech: signwithonlynonmanual
partofspeech: suffix
partofspeech: time
partofspeech: unclear
partofspeech: verb
partofspeech: zznotasign
recordkey: 2LL0250000001
recordkey: 2LL0250000002
recordkey: 2LL0250000003
recordkey: 2LL0250000004
recordkey: 2LL0250000005
recordkey: 2LL0250000006
recordkey: 2LL0250000007
recordkey: 2LL0250000008
recordkey: 2LL0250000009
recordkey: 2LL0250000010
recordkey: 2LL0250000011
recordkey: 2LL0250000012
recordkey: 2LL0250000013
recordkey: 2LL0250000014
recordkey: 2LL0250000015
recordkey: 2LL0250000016
recordkey: 2LL0250000017
recordkey: 2LL0250000018
recordkey: 2LL0250000019
recordkey: 2LL0250000020
recordkey: 2LL0250000021
recordkey: 2LL0250000022
recordkey: 2LL0250000023
recordkey: 2LL0250000024
recordkey: 2LL0250000025
recordkey: 2LL0250000026
recordkey: 2LL0250000027
recordkey: 2LL0250000028
recordkey: 2LL0250000029
recordkey: 2LL0250000030
recordkey: 2LL0250000031
recordkey: 2LL0250000032
recordkey: 2LL0250000033
recordkey: 2LL0250000034
recordkey: 2LL0250000035
recordkey: 2LL0250000036
recordkey: 2LL0250000037
recordkey: 2LL0250000038
recordkey: 2LL0250000039
recordkey: 2LL0250000040
recordkey: 2LL0250000041
recordkey: 2LL0250000042
recordkey: 2LL0250000043
recordkey: 2LL0250000044
recordkey: 2LL0250000045
recordkey: 2LL0250000046
recordkey: 2LL0250000047
recordkey: 2LL0250000048
recordkey: 2LL0250000049
recordkey: 2LL0250000050
recordkey: 2LL0250000051
recordkey: 2LL0250000052
recordkey: 2LL0250000053
recordkey: 2LL0250000054
recordkey: 2LL0250000055
recordkey: 2LL0250000056
recordkey: 2LL0250000057
recordkey: 2LL0250000058
recordkey: 2LL0250000059
recordkey: 2LL0250000060
recordkey: 2LL0250000061
recordkey: 2LL0250000062
recordkey: 2LL0250000063
recordkey: 2LL0250000064
recordkey: 2LL0250000065
recordkey: 2LL0250000066
recordkey: 2LL0250000067
recordkey: 2LL0250000068
recordkey: 2LL0250000069
recordkey: 2LL0250000070
recordkey: 2LL0250000071
recordkey: 2LL0250000072
recordkey: 2LL0250000073
recordkey: 2LL0250000074
recordkey: 2LL0250000075
recordkey: 2LL0250000076
recordkey: 2LL0250000077
recordkey: 2LL0250000078
recordkey: 2LL0250000079
recordkey: 2LL0250000080
recordkey: 2LL0250000081
recordkey: 2LL0250000082
recordkey: 2LL0250000083
recordkey: 2LL0250000084
recordkey: 2LL0250000085
recordkey: 2LL0250000086
recordkey: 2LL0250000087
recordkey: 2LL0250000088
recordkey: 2LL0250000089
recordkey: 2LL0250000090
recordkey: 2LL0250000091
recordkey: 2LL0250000092
recordkey: 2LL0250000093
recordkey: 2LL0250000094
recordkey: 2LL0250000095
recordkey: 2LL0250000096
recordkey: 2LL0250000097
recordkey: 2LL0250000098
recordkey: 2LL0250000099
recordkey: 2LL0250000100
recordkey: 2LL0250000101
recordkey: 2LL0250000102
recordkey: 2LL0250000103
recordkey: 2LL0250000104
recordkey: 2LL0250000105
recordkey: 2LL0250000106
recordkey: 2LL0250000107
recordkey: 2LL0250000108
recordkey: 2LL0250000109
recordkey: 2LL0250000110
recordkey: 2LL0250000111
recordkey: 2LL0250000112
recordkey: 2LL0250000113
recordkey: 2LL0250000114
recordkey: 2LL0250000115
recordkey: 2LL0250000116
recordkey: 2LL0250000117
recordkey: 2LL0250000118
recordkey: 2LL0250000119
recordkey: 2LL0250000120
recordkey: 2LL0250000121
recordkey: 2LL0250000122
recordkey: 2LL0250000123
recordkey: 2LL0250000124
recordkey: 2LL0250000125
recordkey: 2LL0250000126
recordkey: 2LL0250000127
recordkey: 2LL0250000128
recordkey: 2LL0250000129
recordkey: 2LL0250000130
recordkey: 2LL0250000131
recordkey: 2LL0250000132
recordkey: 2LL0250000133
recordkey: 2LL0250000134
recordkey: 2LL0250000135
recordkey: 2LL0250000136
recordkey: 2LL0250000137
recordkey: 2LL0250000138
recordkey: 2LL0250000139
recordkey: 2LL0250000140
recordkey: 2LL0250000141
recordkey: 2LL0250000142
recordkey: 2LL0250000143
recordkey: 2LL0250000144
recordkey: 2LL0250000145
recordkey: 2LL0250000146
recordkey: 2LL0250000147
recordkey: 2LL0250000148
recordkey: 2LL0250000149
recordkey: 2LL0250000150
recordkey: 2LL0250000151
recordkey: 2LL0250000152
recordkey: 2LL0250000153
recordkey: 2LL0250000154
recordkey: 2LL0250000155
recordkey: 2LL0250000156
recordkey: 2LL0250000157
recordkey: 2LL0250000158
recordkey: 2LL0250000159
recordkey: 2LL0250000160
recordkey: 2LL0250000161
recordkey: 2LL0250000162
recordkey: 2LL0250000163
recordkey: 2LL0250000164
recordkey: 2LL0250000165
recordkey: 2LL0250000166
recordkey: 2LL0250000167
recordkey: 2LL0250000168
recordkey: 2LL0250000169
recordkey: 2LL0250000170
recordkey: 2LL0250000171
recordkey: 2LL0250000172
recordkey: 2LL0250000173
recordkey: 2LL0250000174
recordkey: 2LL0250000175
recordkey: 2LL0250000176
recordkey: 2LL0250000177
recordkey: 2LL0250000178
recordkey: 2LL0250000179
recordkey: 2LL0250000180
recordkey: 2LL0250000181
recordkey: 2LL0250000182
recordkey: 2LL0250000183
recordkey: 2LL0250000184
recordkey: 2LL0250000185
recordkey: 2LL0250000186
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recordkey: 2LL0250000188
recordkey: 2LL0250000189
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recordkey: 2LL0250000191
recordkey: 2LL0250000192
recordkey: 2LL0250000193
recordkey: 2LL0250000194
recordkey: 2LL0250000195
recordkey: 2LL0250000196
recordkey: 2LL0250000197
recordkey: 2LL0250000198
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recordkey: 2LL0250000200
recordkey: 2LL0250000201
recordkey: 2LL0250000202
recordkey: 2LL0250000203
recordkey: 2LL0250000204
recordkey: 2LL0250000205
recordkey: 2LL0250000206
recordkey: 2LL0250000207
recordkey: 2LL0250000208
recordkey: 2LL0250000209
recordkey: 2LL0250000210
recordkey: 2LL0250000211
recordkey: 2LL0250000212
recordkey: 2LL0250000213
recordkey: 2LL0250000214
recordkey: 2LL0250000215
recordkey: 2LL0250000216
recordkey: 2LL0250000217
recordkey: 2LL0250000218
recordkey: 2LL0250000219
recordkey: 2LL0250000220
recordkey: 2LL0250000221
recordkey: 2LL0250000222
recordkey: 2LL0250000223
recordkey: 2LL0250000224
recordkey: 2LL0250000225
recordkey: 2LL0250000226
recordkey: 2LL0250000227
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recordkey: 2LL0250000229
recordkey: 2LL0250000230
recordkey: 2LL0250000231
recordkey: 2LL0250000232
recordkey: 2LL0250000233
recordkey: 2LL0250000234
recordkey: 2LL0250000235
recordkey: 2LL0250000236
recordkey: 2LL0250000237
recordkey: 2LL0250000238
recordkey: 2LL0250000239
recordkey: 2LL0250000240
recordkey: 2LL0250000241
recordkey: 2LL0250000242
recordkey: 2LL0250000243
recordkey: 2LL0250000244
recordkey: 2LL0250000245
recordkey: 2LL0250000246
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recordkey: 2LL0250000260
recordkey: 2LL0250000261
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recordkey: 2LL0250000273
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recordkey: 2LL0250000279
recordkey: 2LL0250000280
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recordkey: 2LL0250000282
recordkey: 2LL0250000283
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recordkey: 2LL0250000285
recordkey: 2LL0250000286
recordkey: 2LL0250000287
recordkey: 2LL0250000288
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recordkey: 2LL0250000292
recordkey: 2LL0250000293
recordkey: 2LL0250000294
recordkey: 2LL0250000295
recordkey: 2LL0250000296
recordkey: 2LL0250000297
recordkey: 2LL0250000298
recordkey: 2LL0250000299
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recordkey: 2LL0250000307
recordkey: 2LL0250000308
recordkey: 2LL0250000309
recordkey: 2LL0250000310
recordkey: 2LL0250000311
recordkey: 2LL0250000312
recordkey: 2LL0250000313
recordkey: 2LL0250000314
recordkey: 2LL0250000315
recordkey: 2LL0250000316
recordkey: 2LL0250000317
recordkey: 2LL0250000318
recordkey: 2LL0250000319
recordkey: 2LL0250000320
recordkey: 2LL0250000321
recordkey: 2LL0250000322
recordkey: 2LL0250000323
recordkey: 2LL0250000324
recordkey: 2LL0250000325
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recordkey: 2LL0250000327
recordkey: 2LL0250000328
recordkey: 2LL0250000330
recordkey: 2LL0250000331
recordkey: 2LL0250000332
recordkey: 2LL0250000333
recordkey: 2LL0250000334
recordkey: 2LL0250000335
recordkey: 2LL0250000336
recordkey: 2LL0250000337
recordkey: 2LL0250000338
recordkey: 2LL0250000339
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recordkey: 2LL0250000341
recordkey: 2LL0250000342
recordkey: 2LL0250000343
recordkey: 2LL0250000344
recordkey: 2LL0250000345
recordkey: 2LL0250000346
recordkey: 2LL0250000348
recordkey: 2LL0250000349
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recordkey: 2LL0250000351
recordkey: 2LL0250000352
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recordkey: 2LL0250000358
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recordkey: 2LL0250000389
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recordkey: 2LL0250000398
recordkey: 2LL0250000399
recordkey: 2LL0250000400
recordkey: 2LL0250000401
recordkey: 2LL0250000402
recordkey: 2LL0250000403
recordkey: 2LL0250000404
recordkey: 2LL0250000405
recordkey: 2LL0250000406
recordkey: 2LL0250000407
recordkey: 2LL0250000408
recordkey: 2LL0250000409
recordkey: 2LL0250000410
recordkey: 2LL0250000411
recordkey: 2LL0250000412
recordkey: 2LL0250000413
recordkey: 2LL0250000414
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recordkey: 2LL0250000416
recordkey: 2LL0250000418
recordkey: 2LL0250000419
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recordkey: 2LL0250000422
recordkey: 2LL0250000423
recordkey: 2LL0250000424
recordkey: 2LL0250000425
recordkey: 2LL0250000426
recordkey: 2LL0250000427
recordkey: 2LL0250000428
recordkey: 2LL0250000429
recordkey: 2LL0250000430
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recordkey: 2LL0250000432
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recordkey: 2LL0250000435
recordkey: 2LL0250000437
recordkey: 2LL0250000438
recordkey: 2LL0250000439
recordkey: 2LL0250000440
recordkey: 2LL0250000441
recordkey: 2LL0250000442
recordkey: 2LL0250000443
recordkey: 2LL0250000444
recordkey: 2LL0250000445
recordkey: 2LL0250000446
recordkey: 2LL0250000447
recordkey: 2LL0250000448
recordkey: 2LL0250000449
recordkey: 2LL0250000450
recordkey: 2LL0250000451
recordkey: 2LL0250000452
recordkey: 2LL0250000453
recordkey: 2LL0250000454
recordkey: 2LL0250000455
recordkey: 2LL0250000456
recordkey: 2LL0250000457
recordkey: 2LL0250000458
recordkey: 2LL0250000459
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recordkey: 2LL0250000461
recordkey: 2LL0250000462
recordkey: 2LL0250000463
recordkey: 2LL0250000464
recordkey: 2LL0250000465
recordkey: 2LL0250000466
recordkey: 2LL0250000467
recordkey: 2LL0250000468
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recordkey: 2LL0250000474
recordkey: 2LL0250000475
recordkey: 2LL0250000478
recordkey: 2LL0250000479
recordkey: 2LL0250000480
recordkey: 2LL0250000481
recordkey: 2LL0250000483
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recordkey: 2LL0250000487
recordkey: 2LL0250000488
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recordkey: 2LL0250000502
recordkey: 2LL0250000504
recordkey: 2LL0250000505
recordkey: 2LL0250000506
recordkey: 2LL0250000507
recordkey: 2LL0250000508
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recordkey: 2LL0250000515
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recordkey: 2LL0250000519
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recordkey: 2LL0250000522
recordkey: 2LL0250000524
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recordkey: 2LL0250000527
recordkey: 2LL0250000528
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recordkey: 2LL0250000531
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recordkey: 2LL0250000536
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recordkey: 2LL0250000538
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recordkey: 2LL0250000541
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recordkey: 2LL0250000543
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recordkey: 2LL0250000548
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recordkey: 2LL0250000553
recordkey: 2LL0250000554
recordkey: 2LL0250000556
recordkey: 2LL0250000559
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recordkey: 2LL0250000569
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recordkey: 2LL0250000572
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recordkey: 2LL0250000578
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recordkey: 2LL0250000581
recordkey: 2LL0250000584
recordkey: 2LL0250000585
recordkey: 2LL0250000586
recordkey: 2LL0250000587
recordkey: 2LL0250000588
recordkey: 2LL0250000589
recordkey: 2LL0250000590
recordkey: 2LL0250000591
recordkey: 2LL0250000592
recordkey: 2LL0250000593
recordkey: 2LL0250000594
recordkey: 2LL0250000595
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recordkey: 2LL0250000598
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recordkey: 2LL0250000643
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recordkey: 2LL0250000647
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recordkey: 2LL0250000651
recordkey: 2LL0250000653
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recordkey: 2LL0250000656
recordkey: 2LL0250000657
recordkey: 2LL0250000658
recordkey: 2LL0250000659
recordkey: 2LL0250000660
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recordkey: 2LL0250000662
recordkey: 2LL0250000663
recordkey: 2LL0250000664
recordkey: 2LL0250000665
recordkey: 2LL0250000667
recordkey: 2LL0250000668
recordkey: 2LL0250000670
recordkey: 2LL0250000672
recordkey: 2LL0250000673
recordkey: 2LL0250000674
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recordkey: 2LL0250000677
recordkey: 2LL0250000678
recordkey: 2LL0250000680
recordkey: 2LL0250000681
recordkey: 2LL0250000683
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recordkey: 2LL0250000686
recordkey: 2LL0250000688
recordkey: 2LL0250000689
recordkey: 2LL0250000690
recordkey: 2LL0250000692
recordkey: 2LL0250000693
recordkey: 2LL0250000694
recordkey: 2LL0250000695
recordkey: 2LL0250000696
recordkey: 2LL0250000697
recordkey: 2LL0250000698
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recordkey: 2LL0250000701
recordkey: 2LL0250000702
recordkey: 2LL0250000704
recordkey: 2LL0250000705
recordkey: 2LL0250000707
recordkey: 2LL0250000708
recordkey: 2LL0250000709
recordkey: 2LL0250000711
recordkey: 2LL0250000712
recordkey: 2LL0250000714
recordkey: 2LL0250000715
recordkey: 2LL0250000716
recordkey: 2LL0250000717
recordkey: 2LL0250000718
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recordkey: 2LL0250000724
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recordkey: 2LL0250000731
recordkey: 2LL0250000733
recordkey: 2LL0250000734
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recordkey: 2LL0250000736
recordkey: 2LL0250000737
recordkey: 2LL0250000738
recordkey: 2LL0250000739
recordkey: 2LL0250000740
recordkey: 2LL0250000741
recordkey: 2LL0250000742
recordkey: 2LL0250000743
recordkey: 2LL0250000744
recordkey: 2LL0250000745
recordkey: 2LL0250000746
recordkey: 2LL0250000747
recordkey: 2LL0250000748
recordkey: 2LL0250000749
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recordkey: 2LL0250000752
recordkey: 2LL0250000754
recordkey: 2LL0250000755
recordkey: 2LL0250000756
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recordkey: 2LL0250000773
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recordkey: 2LL0250000776
recordkey: 2LL0250000777
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recordkey: 2LL0250000782
recordkey: 2LL0250000783
recordkey: 2LL0250000785
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recordkey: 2LL0250000787
recordkey: 2LL0250000788
recordkey: 2LL0250000789
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recordkey: 2LL0250000791
recordkey: 2LL0250000792
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recordkey: 2LL0250000794
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recordkey: 2LL0250000797
recordkey: 2LL0250000798
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recordkey: 2LL0250000801
recordkey: 2LL0250000802
recordkey: 2LL0250000803
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recordkey: 2LL0250000807
recordkey: 2LL0250000808
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recordkey: 2LL0250000826
recordkey: 2LL0250000829
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recordkey: 2LL0250000834
recordkey: 2LL0250000835
recordkey: 2LL0250000836
recordkey: 2LL0250000837
recordkey: 2LL0250000838
recordkey: 2LL0250000839
recordkey: 2LL0250000840
recordkey: 2LL0250000842
recordkey: 2LL0250000844
recordkey: 2LL0250000845
recordkey: 2LL0250000846
recordkey: 2LL0250000847
recordkey: 2LL0250000849
recordkey: 2LL0250000850
recordkey: 2LL0250000851
recordkey: 2LL0250000853
recordkey: 2LL0250000854
recordkey: 2LL0250000855
recordkey: 2LL0250000857
recordkey: 2LL0250000858
recordkey: 2LL0250000859
recordkey: 2LL0250000860
recordkey: 2LL0250000861
recordkey: 2LL0250000862
recordkey: 2LL0250000863
recordkey: 2LL0250000864
recordkey: 2LL0250000865
recordkey: 2LL0250000867
recordkey: 2LL0250000868
recordkey: 2LL0250000869
recordkey: 2LL0250000871
recordkey: 2LL0250000873
recordkey: 2LL0250000874
recordkey: 2LL0250000875
recordkey: 2LL0250000876
recordkey: 2LL0250000877
recordkey: 2LL0250000878
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recordkey: 2LL0250000883
recordkey: 2LL0250000884
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recordkey: 2LL0250000887
recordkey: 2LL0250000888
recordkey: 2LL0250000889
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recordkey: 2LL0250000892
recordkey: 2LL0250000893
recordkey: 2LL0250000894
recordkey: 2LL0250000895
recordkey: 2LL0250000896
recordkey: 2LL0250000898
recordkey: 2LL0250000899
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recordkey: 2LL0250000901
recordkey: 2LL0250000902
recordkey: 2LL0250000903
recordkey: 2LL0250000905
recordkey: 2LL0250000906
recordkey: 2LL0250000910
recordkey: 2LL0250000911
recordkey: 2LL0250000912
recordkey: 2LL0250000913
recordkey: 2LL0250000914
recordkey: 2LL0250000915
recordkey: 2LL0250000916
recordkey: 2LL0250000917
recordkey: 2LL0250000918
recordkey: 2LL0250000919
recordkey: 2LL0250000920
recordkey: 2LL0250000921
recordkey: 2LL0250000922
recordkey: 2LL0250000923
recordkey: 2LL0250000924
recordkey: 2LL0250000925
recordkey: 2LL0250000926
recordkey: 2LL0250000928
recordkey: 2LL0250000929
recordkey: 2LL0250000930
recordkey: 2LL0250000931
recordkey: 2LL0250000932
recordkey: 2LL0250000934
recordkey: 2LL0250000935
recordkey: 2LL0250000936
recordkey: 2LL0250000937
recordkey: 2LL0250000938
recordkey: 2LL0250000939
recordkey: 2LL0250000940
recordkey: 2LL0250000941
recordkey: 2LL0250000942
recordkey: 2LL0250000944
recordkey: 2LL0250000945
recordkey: 2LL0250000946
recordkey: 2LL0250000947
recordkey: 2LL0250000948
recordkey: 2LL0250000949
recordkey: 2LL0250000951
recordkey: 2LL0250000952
recordkey: 2LL0250000953
recordkey: 2LL0250000954
recordkey: 2LL0250000955
recordkey: 2LL0250000956
recordkey: 2LL0250000957
recordkey: 2LL0250000958
recordkey: 2LL0250000959
recordkey: 2LL0250000960
recordkey: 2LL0250000962
recordkey: 2LL0250000963
recordkey: 2LL0250000964
recordkey: 2LL0250000965
recordkey: 2LL0250000966
recordkey: 2LL0250000967
recordkey: 2LL0250000968
recordkey: 2LL0250000969
recordkey: 2LL0250000970
recordkey: 2LL0250000971
recordkey: 2LL0250000972
recordkey: 2LL0250000973
recordkey: 2LL0250000974
recordkey: 2LL0250000976
recordkey: 2LL0250000977
recordkey: 2LL0250000978
recordkey: 2LL0250000979
recordkey: 2LL0250000980
recordkey: 2LL0250000981
recordkey: 2LL0250000983
recordkey: 2LL0250000984
recordkey: 2LL0250000985
recordkey: 2LL0250000987
recordkey: 2LL0250000989
recordkey: 2LL0250000990
recordkey: 2LL0250000992
recordkey: 2LL0250000993
recordkey: 2LL0250000995
recordkey: 2LL0250000997
recordkey: 2LL0250000998
recordkey: 2LL0250000999
recordkey: 2LL0250001000
recordkey: 2LL0250001002
recordkey: 2LL0250001003
recordkey: 2LL0250001004
recordkey: 2LL0250001006
recordkey: 2LL0250001007
recordkey: 2LL0250001008
recordkey: 2LL0250001009
recordkey: 2LL0250001010
recordkey: 2LL0250001012
recordkey: 2LL0250001013
recordkey: 2LL0250001014
recordkey: 2LL0250001015
recordkey: 2LL0250001016
recordkey: 2LL0250001018
recordkey: 2LL0250001019
recordkey: 2LL0250001020
recordkey: 2LL0250001021
recordkey: 2LL0250001023
recordkey: 2LL0250001024
recordkey: 2LL0250001025
recordkey: 2LL0250001026
recordkey: 2LL0250001028
recordkey: 2LL0250001029
recordkey: 2LL0250001031
recordkey: 2LL0250001033
recordkey: 2LL0250001034
recordkey: 2LL0250001036
recordkey: 2LL0250001038
recordkey: 2LL0250001039
recordkey: 2LL0250001040
recordkey: 2LL0250001041
recordkey: 2LL0250001042
recordkey: 2LL0250001043
recordkey: 2LL0250001045
recordkey: 2LL0250001046
recordkey: 2LL0250001047
recordkey: 2LL0250001049
recordkey: 2LL0250001050
recordkey: 2LL0250001051
recordkey: 2LL0250001052
recordkey: 2LL0250001053
recordkey: 2LL0250001054
recordkey: 2LL0250001055
recordkey: 2LL0250001056
recordkey: 2LL0250001057
recordkey: 2LL0250001058
recordkey: 2LL0250001059
recordkey: 2LL0250001060
recordkey: 2LL0250001062
recordkey: 2LL0250001063
recordkey: 2LL0250001064
recordkey: 2LL0250001065
recordkey: 2LL0250001067
recordkey: 2LL0250001068
recordkey: 2LL0250001069
recordkey: 2LL0250001070
recordkey: 2LL0250001072
recordkey: 2LL0250001073
recordkey: 2LL0250001074
recordkey: 2LL0250001075
recordkey: 2LL0250001076
recordkey: 2LL0250001077
recordkey: 2LL0250001078
recordkey: 2LL0250001081
recordkey: 2LL0250001082
recordkey: 2LL0250001083
recordkey: 2LL0250001084
recordkey: 2LL0250001085
recordkey: 2LL0250001087
recordkey: 2LL0250001089
recordkey: 2LL0250001090
recordkey: 2LL0250001091
recordkey: 2LL0250001092
recordkey: 2LL0250001093
recordkey: 2LL0250001094
recordkey: 2LL0250001095
recordkey: 2LL0250001096
recordkey: 2LL0250001097
recordkey: 2LL0250001098
recordkey: 2LL0250001099
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recordkey: 2LL0250001102
recordkey: 2LL0250001103
recordkey: 2LL0250001104
recordkey: 2LL0250001105
recordkey: 2LL0250001106
recordkey: 2LL0250001108
recordkey: 2LL0250001111
recordkey: 2LL0250001112
recordkey: 2LL0250001113
recordkey: 2LL0250001114
recordkey: 2LL0250001115
recordkey: 2LL0250001117
recordkey: 2LL0250001118
recordkey: 2LL0250001119
recordkey: 2LL0250001121
recordkey: 2LL0250001123
recordkey: 2LL0250001124
recordkey: 2LL0250001125
recordkey: 2LL0250001126
recordkey: 2LL0250001128
recordkey: 2LL0250001129
recordkey: 2LL0250001130
recordkey: 2LL0250001132
recordkey: 2LL0250001133
recordkey: 2LL0250001134
recordkey: 2LL0250001136
recordkey: 2LL0250001137
recordkey: 2LL0250001139
recordkey: 2LL0250001141
recordkey: 2LL0250001142
recordkey: 2LL0250001143
recordkey: 2LL0250001145
recordkey: 2LL0250001147
recordkey: 2LL0250001148
recordkey: 2LL0250001149
recordkey: 2LL0250001150
recordkey: 2LL0250001151
recordkey: 2LL0250001152
recordkey: 2LL0250001153
recordkey: 2LL0250001154
recordkey: 2LL0250001155
recordkey: 2LL0250001157
recordkey: 2LL0250001158
recordkey: 2LL0250001159
recordkey: 2LL0250001160
recordkey: 2LL0250001161
recordkey: 2LL0250001162
recordkey: 2LL0250001163
recordkey: 2LL0250001165
recordkey: 2LL0250001166
recordkey: 2LL0250001168
recordkey: 2LL0250001169
recordkey: 2LL0250001170
recordkey: 2LL0250001171
recordkey: 2LL0250001172
recordkey: 2LL0250001174
recordkey: 2LL0250001176
recordkey: 2LL0250001177
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recordkey: 2LL0250001223
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recordkey: 2LL0250001230
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recordkey: 2LL0250001241
recordkey: 2LL0250001242
recordkey: 2LL0250001243
recordkey: 2LL0250001244
recordkey: 2LL0250001245
recordkey: 2LL0250001246
recordkey: 2LL0250001247
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recordkey: 2LL0250001268
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recordkey: 2LL0250001271
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recordkey: 2LL0250001274
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recordkey: 2LL0250001285
recordkey: 2LL0250001286
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recordkey: 2LL0250001307
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recordkey: 2LL0250001402
recordkey: 2LL0250001403
recordkey: 2LL0250001404
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recordkey: 2LL0250001407
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recordkey: 2LL0250001411
recordkey: 2LL0250001412
recordkey: 2LL0250001413
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recordkey: 2LL0250001417
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recordkey: 2LL0250001422
recordkey: 2LL0250001424
recordkey: 2LL0250001425
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recordkey: 2LL0250001427
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recordkey: 2LL0250001429
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recordkey: 2LL0250001438
recordkey: 2LL0250001439
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recordkey: 2LL0250001441
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recordkey: 2LL0250001463
recordkey: 2LL0250001464
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recordkey: 2LL0250001531
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recordkey: 2LL0250001538
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recordkey: 2LL0250001541
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recordkey: 2LL0250001543
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recordkey: 2LL0250001557
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recordkey: 2LL0250001569
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recordkey: 2LL0250001573
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recordkey: 2LL0250001575
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recordkey: 2LL0250001584
recordkey: 2LL0250001585
recordkey: 2LL0250001586
recordkey: 2LL0250001588
recordkey: 2LL0250001589
recordkey: 2LL0250001590
recordkey: 2LL0250001591
recordkey: 2LL0250001592
recordkey: 2LL0250001593
recordkey: 2LL0250001594
recordkey: 2LL0250001595
recordkey: 2LL0250001596
recordkey: 2LL0250001597
recordkey: 2LL0250001598
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recordkey: 2LL0250001613
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recordkey: 2LL0250001616
recordkey: 2LL0250001618
recordkey: 2LL0250001619
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recordkey: 2LL0250001627
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recordkey: 2LL0250001630
recordkey: 2LL0250001631
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recordkey: 2LL0250001633
recordkey: 2LL0250001634
recordkey: 2LL0250001635
recordkey: 2LL0250001636
recordkey: 2LL0250001638
recordkey: 2LL0250001639
recordkey: 2LL0250001640
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recordkey: 2LL0250001642
recordkey: 2LL0250001643
recordkey: 2LL0250001644
recordkey: 2LL0250001645
recordkey: 2LL0250001646
recordkey: 2LL0250001647
recordkey: 2LL0250001648
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recordkey: 2LL0250001651
recordkey: 2LL0250001652
recordkey: 2LL0250001653
recordkey: 2LL0250001655
recordkey: 2LL0250001656
recordkey: 2LL0250001658
recordkey: 2LL0250001659
recordkey: 2LL0250001660
recordkey: 2LL0250001664
recordkey: 2LL0250001665
recordkey: 2LL0250001667
recordkey: 2LL0250001668
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recordkey: 2LL0250001672
recordkey: 2LL0250001675
recordkey: 2LL0250001676
recordkey: 2LL0250001677
recordkey: 2LL0250001678
recordkey: 2LL0250001679
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recordkey: 2LL0250001682
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recordkey: 2LL0250001687
recordkey: 2LL0250001688
recordkey: 2LL0250001689
recordkey: 2LL0250001690
recordkey: 2LL0250001691
recordkey: 2LL0250001693
recordkey: 2LL0250001695
recordkey: 2LL0250001696
recordkey: 2LL0250001697
recordkey: 2LL0250001699
recordkey: 2LL0250001700
recordkey: 2LL0250001701
recordkey: 2LL0250001702
recordkey: 2LL0250001703
recordkey: 2LL0250001704
recordkey: 2LL0250001705
recordkey: 2LL0250001706
recordkey: 2LL0250001707
recordkey: 2LL0250001708
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recordkey: 2LL0250001712
recordkey: 2LL0250001713
recordkey: 2LL0250001714
recordkey: 2LL0250001715
recordkey: 2LL0250001716
recordkey: 2LL0250001717
recordkey: 2LL0250001718
recordkey: 2LL0250001719
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recordkey: 2LL0250001721
recordkey: 2LL0250001722
recordkey: 2LL0250001723
recordkey: 2LL0250001724
recordkey: 2LL0250001725
recordkey: 2LL0250001726
recordkey: 2LL0250001727
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recordkey: 2LL0250001731
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recordkey: 2LL0250001733
recordkey: 2LL0250001734
recordkey: 2LL0250001736
recordkey: 2LL0250001737
recordkey: 2LL0250001738
recordkey: 2LL0250001740
recordkey: 2LL0250001741
recordkey: 2LL0250001742
recordkey: 2LL0250001744
recordkey: 2LL0250001745
recordkey: 2LL0250001746
recordkey: 2LL0250001747
recordkey: 2LL0250001748
recordkey: 2LL0250001750
recordkey: 2LL0250001752
recordkey: 2LL0250001753
recordkey: 2LL0250001754
recordkey: 2LL0250001755
recordkey: 2LL0250001756
recordkey: 2LL0250001757
recordkey: 2LL0250001758
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recordkey: 2LL0250001762
recordkey: 2LL0250001764
recordkey: 2LL0250001765
recordkey: 2LL0250001766
recordkey: 2LL0250001767
recordkey: 2LL0250001768
recordkey: 2LL0250001771
recordkey: 2LL0250001772
recordkey: 2LL0250001773
recordkey: 2LL0250001774
recordkey: 2LL0250001776
recordkey: 2LL0250001777
recordkey: 2LL0250001778
recordkey: 2LL0250001779
recordkey: 2LL0250001780
recordkey: 2LL0250001781
recordkey: 2LL0250001782
recordkey: 2LL0250001784
recordkey: 2LL0250001785
recordkey: 2LL0250001786
recordkey: 2LL0250001787
recordkey: 2LL0250001788
recordkey: 2LL0250001789
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recordkey: 2LL0250001791
recordkey: 2LL0250001792
recordkey: 2LL0250001794
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recordkey: 2LL0250001797
recordkey: 2LL0250001798
recordkey: 2LL0250001799
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recordkey: 2LL0250001801
recordkey: 2LL0250001802
recordkey: 2LL0250001805
recordkey: 2LL0250001806
recordkey: 2LL0250001807
recordkey: 2LL0250001809
recordkey: 2LL0250001810
recordkey: 2LL0250001811
recordkey: 2LL0250001813
recordkey: 2LL0250001815
recordkey: 2LL0250001816
recordkey: 2LL0250001817
recordkey: 2LL0250001818
recordkey: 2LL0250001820
recordkey: 2LL0250001821
recordkey: 2LL0250001822
recordkey: 2LL0250001823
recordkey: 2LL0250001824
recordkey: 2LL0250001828
recordkey: 2LL0250001829
recordkey: 2LL0250001830
recordkey: 2LL0250001831
recordkey: 2LL0250001833
recordkey: 2LL0250001834
recordkey: 2LL0250001835
recordkey: 2LL0250001836
recordkey: 2LL0250001837
recordkey: 2LL0250001838
recordkey: 2LL0250001839
recordkey: 2LL0250001840
recordkey: 2LL0250001841
recordkey: 2LL0250001842
recordkey: 2LL0250001843
recordkey: 2LL0250001844
recordkey: 2LL0250001845
recordkey: 2LL0250001846
recordkey: 2LL0250001847
recordkey: 2LL0250001848
recordkey: 2LL0250001849
recordkey: 2LL0250001850
recordkey: 2LL0250001851
recordkey: 2LL0250001852
recordkey: 2LL0250001853
recordkey: 2LL0250001854
recordkey: 2LL0250001856
recordkey: 2LL0250001857
recordkey: 2LL0250001858
recordkey: 2LL0250001859
recordkey: 2LL0250001861
recordkey: 2LL0250001862
recordkey: 2LL0250001863
recordkey: 2LL0250001864
recordkey: 2LL0250001865
recordkey: 2LL0250001866
recordkey: 2LL0250001867
recordkey: 2LL0250001868
recordkey: 2LL0250001869
recordkey: 2LL0250001871
recordkey: 2LL0250001872
recordkey: 2LL0250001874
recordkey: 2LL0250001875
recordkey: 2LL0250001876
recordkey: 2LL0250001877
recordkey: 2LL0250001878
recordkey: 2LL0250001879
recordkey: 2LL0250001880
recordkey: 2LL0250001882
recordkey: 2LL0250001883
recordkey: 2LL0250001884
recordkey: 2LL0250001885
recordkey: 2LL0250001887
recordkey: 2LL0250001888
recordkey: 2LL0250001889
recordkey: 2LL0250001890
recordkey: 2LL0250001891
recordkey: 2LL0250001892
recordkey: 2LL0250001893
recordkey: 2LL0250001894
recordkey: 2LL0250001895
recordkey: 2LL0250001896
recordkey: 2LL0250001897
recordkey: 2LL0250001898
recordkey: 2LL0250001899
recordkey: 2LL0250001900
recordkey: 2LL0250001901
recordkey: 2LL0250001903
recordkey: 2LL0250001904
recordkey: 2LL0250001905
recordkey: 2LL0250001906
recordkey: 2LL0250001907
recordkey: 2LL0250001908
recordkey: 2LL0250001909
recordkey: 2LL0250001910
recordkey: 2LL0250001911
recordkey: 2LL0250001912
recordkey: 2LL0250001913
recordkey: 2LL0250001915
recordkey: 2LL0250001916
recordkey: 2LL0250001917
recordkey: 2LL0250001918
recordkey: 2LL0250001919
recordkey: 2LL0250001920
recordkey: 2LL0250001921
recordkey: 2LL0250001924
recordkey: 2LL0250001925
recordkey: 2LL0250001926
recordkey: 2LL0250001927
recordkey: 2LL0250001928
recordkey: 2LL0250001929
recordkey: 2LL0250001930
recordkey: 2LL0250001931
recordkey: 2LL0250001932
recordkey: 2LL0250001933
recordkey: 2LL0250001934
recordkey: 2LL0250001935
recordkey: 2LL0250001936
recordkey: 2LL0250001937
recordkey: 2LL0250001938
recordkey: 2LL0250001939
recordkey: 2LL0250001940
recordkey: 2LL0250001941
recordkey: 2LL0250001943
recordkey: 2LL0250001946
recordkey: 2LL0250001949
recordkey: 2LL0250001950
recordkey: 2LL0250001951
recordkey: 2LL0250001954
recordkey: 2LL0250001955
recordkey: 2LL0250001956
recordkey: 2LL0250001958
recordkey: 2LL0250001959
recordkey: 2LL0250001960
recordkey: 2LL0250001962
recordkey: 2LL0250001963
recordkey: 2LL0250001964
recordkey: 2LL0250001965
recordkey: 2LL0250001966
recordkey: 2LL0250001967
recordkey: 2LL0250001968
recordkey: 2LL0250001969
recordkey: 2LL0250001970
recordkey: 2LL0250001971
recordkey: 2LL0250001973
recordkey: 2LL0250001974
recordkey: 2LL0250001975
recordkey: 2LL0250001976
recordkey: 2LL0250001977
recordkey: 2LL0250001978
recordkey: 2LL0250001979
recordkey: 2LL0250001980
recordkey: 2LL0250001981
recordkey: 2LL0250001982
recordkey: 2LL0250001983
recordkey: 2LL0250001984
recordkey: 2LL0250001985
recordkey: 2LL0250001986
recordkey: 2LL0250001987
recordkey: 2LL0250001988
recordkey: 2LL0250001989
recordkey: 2LL0250001990
recordkey: 2LL0250001991
recordkey: 2LL0250001992
recordkey: 2LL0250001994
recordkey: 2LL0250001996
recordkey: 2LL0250001997
recordkey: 2LL0250001999
recordkey: 2LL0250002000
recordkey: 2LL0250002001
recordkey: 2LL0250002002
recordkey: 2LL0250002003
recordkey: 2LL0250002004
recordkey: 2LL0250002005
recordkey: 2LL0250002007
recordkey: 2LL0250002008
recordkey: 2LL0250002009
recordkey: 2LL0250002010
recordkey: 2LL0250002011
recordkey: 2LL0250002012
recordkey: 2LL0250002014
recordkey: 2LL0250002015
recordkey: 2LL0250002016
recordkey: 2LL0250002017
recordkey: 2LL0250002018
recordkey: 2LL0250002020
recordkey: 2LL0250002021
recordkey: 2LL0250002023
recordkey: 2LL0250002024
recordkey: 2LL0250002026
recordkey: 2LL0250002027
recordkey: 2LL0250002028
recordkey: 2LL0250002030
recordkey: 2LL0250002032
recordkey: 2LL0250002033
recordkey: 2LL0250002034
recordkey: 2LL0250002035
recordkey: 2LL0250002036
recordkey: 2LL0250002037
recordkey: 2LL0250002038
recordkey: 2LL0250002039
recordkey: 2LL0250002040
recordkey: 2LL0250002041
recordkey: 2LL0250002043
recordkey: 2LL0250002044
recordkey: 2LL0250002045
recordkey: 2LL0250002046
recordkey: 2LL0250002047
recordkey: 2LL0250002048
recordkey: 2LL0250002049
recordkey: 2LL0250002050
recordkey: 2LL0250002051
recordkey: 2LL0250002052
recordkey: 2LL0250002053
recordkey: 2LL0250002054
recordkey: 2LL0250002055
recordkey: 2LL0250002056
recordkey: 2LL0250002057
recordkey: 2LL0250002058
recordkey: 2LL0250002059
recordkey: 2LL0250002061
recordkey: 2LL0250002062
recordkey: 2LL0250002063
recordkey: 2LL0250002064
recordkey: 2LL0250002065
recordkey: 2LL0250002066
recordkey: 2LL0250002067
recordkey: 2LL0250002068
recordkey: 2LL0250002069
recordkey: 2LL0250002070
recordkey: 2LL0250002071
recordkey: 2LL0250002073
recordkey: 2LL0250002074
recordkey: 2LL0250002075
recordkey: 2LL0250002077
recordkey: 2LL0250002078
recordkey: 2LL0250002079
recordkey: 2LL0250002080
recordkey: 2LL0250002081
recordkey: 2LL0250002082
recordkey: 2LL0250002083
recordkey: 2LL0250002084
recordkey: 2LL0250002085
recordkey: 2LL0250002086
recordkey: 2LL0250002087
recordkey: 2LL0250002088
recordkey: 2LL0250002089
recordkey: 2LL0250002090
recordkey: 2LL0250002091
recordkey: 2LL0250002092
recordkey: 2LL0250002093
recordkey: 2LL0250002094
recordkey: 2LL0250002095
recordkey: 2LL0250002096
recordkey: 2LL0250002097
recordkey: 2LL0250002098
recordkey: 2LL0250002099
recordkey: 2LL0250002100
recordkey: 2LL0250002101
recordkey: 2LL0250002102
recordkey: 2LL0250002104
recordkey: 2LL0250002106
recordkey: 2LL0250002107
recordkey: 2LL0250002108
recordkey: 2LL0250002111
recordkey: 2LL0250002112
recordkey: 2LL0250002114
recordkey: 2LL0250002115
recordkey: 2LL0250002116
recordkey: 2LL0250002117
recordkey: 2LL0250002119
recordkey: 2LL0250002120
recordkey: 2LL0250002121
recordkey: 2LL0250002123
recordkey: 2LL0250002124
recordkey: 2LL0250002125
recordkey: 2LL0250002126
recordkey: 2LL0250002127
recordkey: 2LL0250002128
recordkey: 2LL0250002129
recordkey: 2LL0250002130
recordkey: 2LL0250002131
recordkey: 2LL0250002132
recordkey: 2LL0250002133
recordkey: 2LL0250002134
recordkey: 2LL0250002135
recordkey: 2LL0250002136
recordkey: 2LL0250002137
recordkey: 2LL0250002138
recordkey: 2LL0250002139
recordkey: 2LL0250002141
recordkey: 2LL0250002143
recordkey: 2LL0250002144
recordkey: 2LL0250002145
recordkey: 2LL0250002147
recordkey: 2LL0250002148
recordkey: 2LL0250002149
recordkey: 2LL0250002151
recordkey: 2LL0250002152
recordkey: 2LL0250002153
recordkey: 2LL0250002154
recordkey: 2LL0250002155
recordkey: 2LL0250002156
recordkey: 2LL0250002158
recordkey: 2LL0250002159
recordkey: 2LL0250002162
recordkey: 2LL0250002163
recordkey: 2LL0250002164
recordkey: 2LL0250002165
recordkey: 2LL0250002166
recordkey: 2LL0250002167
recordkey: 2LL0250002168
recordkey: 2LL0250002169
recordkey: 2LL0250002170
recordkey: 2LL0250002171
recordkey: 2LL0250002172
recordkey: 2LL0250002173
recordkey: 2LL0250002174
recordkey: 2LL0250002175
recordkey: 2LL0250002178
recordkey: 2LL0250002180
recordkey: 2LL0250002182
recordkey: 2LL0250002183
recordkey: 2LL0250002184
recordkey: 2LL0250002185
recordkey: 2LL0250002186
recordkey: 2LL0250002187
recordkey: 2LL0250002188
recordkey: 2LL0250002189
recordkey: 2LL0250002191
recordkey: 2LL0250002192
recordkey: 2LL0250002193
recordkey: 2LL0250002194
recordkey: 2LL0250002195
recordkey: 2LL0250002196
recordkey: 2LL0250002198
recordkey: 2LL0250002199
recordkey: 2LL0250002200
recordkey: 2LL0250002201
recordkey: 2LL0250002202
recordkey: 2LL0250002203
recordkey: 2LL0250002204
recordkey: 2LL0250002206
recordkey: 2LL0250002208
recordkey: 2LL0250002209
recordkey: 2LL0250002210
recordkey: 2LL0250002211
recordkey: 2LL0250002212
recordkey: 2LL0250002214
recordkey: 2LL0250002215
recordkey: 2LL0250002216
recordkey: 2LL0250002217
recordkey: 2LL0250002218
recordkey: 2LL0250002219
recordkey: 2LL0250002220
recordkey: 2LL0250002222
recordkey: 2LL0250002224
recordkey: 2LL0250002227
recordkey: 2LL0250002228
recordkey: 2LL0250002229
recordkey: 2LL0250002230
recordkey: 2LL0250002233
recordkey: 2LL0250002234
recordkey: 2LL0250002235
recordkey: 2LL0250002236
recordkey: 2LL0250002237
recordkey: 2LL0250002238
recordkey: 2LL0250002239
recordkey: 2LL0250002240
recordkey: 2LL0250002241
recordkey: 2LL0250002242
recordkey: 2LL0250002243
recordkey: 2LL0250002244
recordkey: 2LL0250002246
recordkey: 2LL0250002247
recordkey: 2LL0250002248
recordkey: 2LL0250002249
recordkey: 2LL0250002251
recordkey: 2LL0250002253
recordkey: 2LL0250002254
recordkey: 2LL0250002255
recordkey: 2LL0250002257
recordkey: 2LL0250002258
recordkey: 2LL0250002259
recordkey: 2LL0250002260
recordkey: 2LL0250002261
recordkey: 2LL0250002262
recordkey: 2LL0250002264
recordkey: 2LL0250002265
recordkey: 2LL0250002266
recordkey: 2LL0250002267
recordkey: 2LL0250002268
recordkey: 2LL0250002269
recordkey: 2LL0250002272
recordkey: 2LL0250002273
recordkey: 2LL0250002274
recordkey: 2LL0250002275
recordkey: 2LL0250002276
recordkey: 2LL0250002277
recordkey: 2LL0250002278
recordkey: 2LL0250002279
recordkey: 2LL0250002280
recordkey: 2LL0250002281
recordkey: 2LL0250002283
recordkey: 2LL0250002284
recordkey: 2LL0250002285
recordkey: 2LL0250002286
recordkey: 2LL0250002287
recordkey: 2LL0250002289
recordkey: 2LL0250002290
recordkey: 2LL0250002291
recordkey: 2LL0250002292
recordkey: 2LL0250002293
recordkey: 2LL0250002294
recordkey: 2LL0250002295
recordkey: 2LL0250002296
recordkey: 2LL0250002298
recordkey: 2LL0250002299
recordkey: 2LL0250002300
recordkey: 2LL0250002301
recordkey: 2LL0250002303
recordkey: 2LL0250002304
recordkey: 2LL0250002306
recordkey: 2LL0250002307
recordkey: 2LL0250002308
recordkey: 2LL0250002309
recordkey: 2LL0250002310
recordkey: 2LL0250002311
recordkey: 2LL0250002312
recordkey: 2LL0250002313
recordkey: 2LL0250002314
recordkey: 2LL0250002315
recordkey: 2LL0250002316
recordkey: 2LL0250002317
recordkey: 2LL0250002318
recordkey: 2LL0250002319
recordkey: 2LL0250002320
recordkey: 2LL0250002322
recordkey: 2LL0250002324
recordkey: 2LL0250002326
recordkey: 2LL0250002327
recordkey: 2LL0250002328
recordkey: 2LL0250002329
recordkey: 2LL0250002331
recordkey: 2LL0250002332
recordkey: 2LL0250002333
recordkey: 2LL0250002334
recordkey: 2LL0250002335
recordkey: 2LL0250002337
recordkey: 2LL0250002338
recordkey: 2LL0250002339
recordkey: 2LL0250002340
recordkey: 2LL0250002341
recordkey: 2LL0250002343
recordkey: 2LL0250002344
recordkey: 2LL0250002345
recordkey: 2LL0250002346
recordkey: 2LL0250002347
recordkey: 2LL0250002348
recordkey: 2LL0250002349
recordkey: 2LL0250002350
recordkey: 2LL0250002353
recordkey: 2LL0250002354
recordkey: 2LL0250002355
recordkey: 2LL0250002356
recordkey: 2LL0250002357
recordkey: 2LL0250002359
recordkey: 2LL0250002360
recordkey: 2LL0250002362
recordkey: 2LL0250002363
recordkey: 2LL0250002364
recordkey: 2LL0250002365
recordkey: 2LL0250002366
recordkey: 2LL0250002367
recordkey: 2LL0250002369
recordkey: 2LL0250002370
recordkey: 2LL0250002371
recordkey: 2LL0250002373
recordkey: 2LL0250002375
recordkey: 2LL0250002376
recordkey: 2LL0250002377
recordkey: 2LL0250002378
recordkey: 2LL0250002379
recordkey: 2LL0250002380
recordkey: 2LL0250002381
recordkey: 2LL0250002383
recordkey: 2LL0250002384
recordkey: 2LL0250002385
recordkey: 2LL0250002386
recordkey: 2LL0250002388
recordkey: 2LL0250002389
recordkey: 2LL0250002390
recordkey: 2LL0250002391
recordkey: 2LL0250002392
recordkey: 2LL0250002393
recordkey: 2LL0250002394
recordkey: 2LL0250002395
recordkey: 2LL0250002396
recordkey: 2LL0250002397
recordkey: 2LL0250002398
recordkey: 2LL0250002399
recordkey: 2LL0250002400
recordkey: 2LL0250002401
recordkey: 2LL0250002402
recordkey: 2LL0250002403
recordkey: 2LL0250002405
recordkey: 2LL0250002406
recordkey: 2LL0250002407
recordkey: 2LL0250002408
recordkey: 2LL0250002409
recordkey: 2LL0250002410
recordkey: 2LL0250002411
recordkey: 2LL0250002412
recordkey: 2LL0250002413
recordkey: 2LL0250002415
recordkey: 2LL0250002417
recordkey: 2LL0250002418
recordkey: 2LL0250002419
recordkey: 2LL0250002420
recordkey: 2LL0250002421
recordkey: 2LL0250002422
recordkey: 2LL0250002424
recordkey: 2LL0250002427
recordkey: 2LL0250002428
recordkey: 2LL0250002429
recordkey: 2LL0250002431
recordkey: 2LL0250002433
recordkey: 2LL0250002434
recordkey: 2LL0250002435
recordkey: 2LL0250002436
recordkey: 2LL0250002437
recordkey: 2LL0250002438
recordkey: 2LL0250002439
recordkey: 2LL0250002440
recordkey: 2LL0250002442
recordkey: 2LL0250002443
recordkey: 2LL0250002446
recordkey: 2LL0250002447
recordkey: 2LL0250002448
recordkey: 2LL0250002449
recordkey: 2LL0250002450
recordkey: 2LL0250002451
recordkey: 2LL0250002452
recordkey: 2LL0250002453
recordkey: 2LL0250002454
recordkey: 2LL0250002455
recordkey: 2LL0250002456
recordkey: 2LL0250002457
recordkey: 2LL0250002458
recordkey: 2LL0250002459
recordkey: 2LL0250002460
recordkey: 2LL0250002461
recordkey: 2LL0250002462
recordkey: 2LL0250002463
recordkey: 2LL0250002464
recordkey: 2LL0250002465
recordkey: 2LL0250002466
recordkey: 2LL0250002467
recordkey: 2LL0250002468
recordkey: 2LL0250002470
recordkey: 2LL0250002471
recordkey: 2LL0250002472
recordkey: 2LL0250002473
recordkey: 2LL0250002474
recordkey: 2LL0250002475
recordkey: 2LL0250002476
recordkey: 2LL0250002479
recordkey: 2LL0250002480
recordkey: 2LL0250002482
recordkey: 2LL0250002484
recordkey: 2LL0250002485
recordkey: 2LL0250002486
recordkey: 2LL0250002487
recordkey: 2LL0250002488
recordkey: 2LL0250002489
recordkey: 2LL0250002490
recordkey: 2LL0250002491
recordkey: 2LL0250002492
recordkey: 2LL0250002493
recordkey: 2LL0250002494
recordkey: 2LL0250002495
recordkey: 2LL0250002496
recordkey: 2LL0250002497
recordkey: 2LL0250002498
recordkey: 2LL0250002499
recordkey: 2LL0250002500
recordkey: 2LL0250002501
recordkey: 2LL0250002503
recordkey: 2LL0250002504
recordkey: 2LL0250002505
recordkey: 2LL0250002506
recordkey: 2LL0250002507
recordkey: 2LL0250002508
recordkey: 2LL0250002509
recordkey: 2LL0250002510
recordkey: 2LL0250002511
recordkey: 2LL0250002512
recordkey: 2LL0250002513
recordkey: 2LL0250002514
recordkey: 2LL0250002517
recordkey: 2LL0250002518
recordkey: 2LL0250002519
recordkey: 2LL0250002520
recordkey: 2LL0250002521
recordkey: 2LL0250002522
recordkey: 2LL0250002524
recordkey: 2LL0250002525
recordkey: 2LL0250002526
recordkey: 2LL0250002527
recordkey: 2LL0250002528
recordkey: 2LL0250002529
recordkey: 2LL0250002531
recordkey: 2LL0250002532
recordkey: 2LL0250002533
recordkey: 2LL0250002534
recordkey: 2LL0250002535
recordkey: 2LL0250002536
recordkey: 2LL0250002537
recordkey: 2LL0250002538
recordkey: 2LL0250002539
recordkey: 2LL0250002540
recordkey: 2LL0250002541
recordkey: 2LL0250002542
recordkey: 2LL0250002543
recordkey: 2LL0250002544
recordkey: 2LL0250002545
recordkey: 2LL0250002546
recordkey: 2LL0250002547
recordkey: 2LL0250002548
recordkey: 2LL0250002549
recordkey: 2LL0250002550
recordkey: 2LL0250002551
recordkey: 2LL0250002552
recordkey: 2LL0250002553
recordkey: 2LL0250002554
recordkey: 2LL0250002555
recordkey: 2LL0250002556
recordkey: 2LL0250002559
recordkey: 2LL0250002561
recordkey: 2LL0250002563
recordkey: 2LL0250002564
recordkey: 2LL0250002565
recordkey: 2LL0250002567
recordkey: 2LL0250002568
recordkey: 2LL0250002569
recordkey: 2LL0250002570
recordkey: 2LL0250002573
recordkey: 2LL0250002574
recordkey: 2LL0250002575
recordkey: 2LL0250002576
recordkey: 2LL0250002577
recordkey: 2LL0250002578
recordkey: 2LL0250002579
recordkey: 2LL0250002580
recordkey: 2LL0250002581
recordkey: 2LL0250002582
recordkey: 2LL0250002584
recordkey: 2LL0250002585
recordkey: 2LL0250002586
recordkey: 2LL0250002587
recordkey: 2LL0250002589
recordkey: 2LL0250002590
recordkey: 2LL0250002591
recordkey: 2LL0250002592
recordkey: 2LL0250002595
recordkey: 2LL0250002596
recordkey: 2LL0250002597
recordkey: 2LL0250002598
recordkey: 2LL0250002599
recordkey: 2LL0250002600
recordkey: 2LL0250002601
recordkey: 2LL0250002602
recordkey: 2LL0250002603
recordkey: 2LL0250002604
recordkey: 2LL0250002605
recordkey: 2LL0250002606
recordkey: 2LL0250002607
recordkey: 2LL0250002609
recordkey: 2LL0250002610
recordkey: 2LL0250002611
recordkey: 2LL0250002612
recordkey: 2LL0250002613
recordkey: 2LL0250002614
recordkey: 2LL0250002615
recordkey: 2LL0250002617
recordkey: 2LL0250002618
recordkey: 2LL0250002619
recordkey: 2LL0250002620
recordkey: 2LL0250002622
recordkey: 2LL0250002623
recordkey: 2LL0250002624
recordkey: 2LL0250002625
recordkey: 2LL0250002626
recordkey: 2LL0250002627
recordkey: 2LL0250002628
recordkey: 2LL0250002629
recordkey: 2LL0250002630
recordkey: 2LL0250002631
recordkey: 2LL0250002632
recordkey: 2LL0250002633
recordkey: 2LL0250002634
recordkey: 2LL0250002635
recordkey: 2LL0250002637
recordkey: 2LL0250002638
recordkey: 2LL0250002639
recordkey: 2LL0250002640
recordkey: 2LL0250002643
recordkey: 2LL0250002644
recordkey: 2LL0250002645
recordkey: 2LL0250002647
recordkey: 2LL0250002648
recordkey: 2LL0250002649
recordkey: 2LL0250002650
recordkey: 2LL0250002651
recordkey: 2LL0250002652
recordkey: 2LL0250002653
recordkey: 2LL0250002654
recordkey: 2LL0250002655
recordkey: 2LL0250002656
recordkey: 2LL0250002657
recordkey: 2LL0250002658
recordkey: 2LL0250002659
recordkey: 2LL0250002660
recordkey: 2LL0250002661
recordkey: 2LL0250002662
recordkey: 2LL0250002663
recordkey: 2LL0250002664
recordkey: 2LL0250002665
recordkey: 2LL0250002668
recordkey: 2LL0250002669
recordkey: 2LL0250002670
recordkey: 2LL0250002671
recordkey: 2LL0250002672
recordkey: 2LL0250002673
recordkey: 2LL0250002674
recordkey: 2LL0250002675
recordkey: 2LL0250002678
recordkey: 2LL0250002679
recordkey: 2LL0250002682
recordkey: 2LL0250002683
recordkey: 2LL0250002685
recordkey: 2LL0250002686
recordkey: 2LL0250002687
recordkey: 2LL0250002688
recordkey: 2LL0250002689
recordkey: 2LL0250002691
recordkey: 2LL0250002692
recordkey: 2LL0250002693
recordkey: 2LL0250002694
recordkey: 2LL0250002695
recordkey: 2LL0250002696
recordkey: 2LL0250002697
recordkey: 2LL0250002698
recordkey: 2LL0250002699
recordkey: 2LL0250002700
recordkey: 2LL0250002701
recordkey: 2LL0250002702
recordkey: 2LL0250002705
recordkey: 2LL0250002706
recordkey: 2LL0250002708
recordkey: 2LL0250002709
recordkey: 2LL0250002710
recordkey: 2LL0250002711
recordkey: 2LL0250002712
recordkey: 2LL0250002713
recordkey: 2LL0250002714
recordkey: 2LL0250002715
recordkey: 2LL0250002716
recordkey: 2LL0250002717
recordkey: 2LL0250002718
recordkey: 2LL0250002720
recordkey: 2LL0250002721
recordkey: 2LL0250002722
recordkey: 2LL0250002724
recordkey: 2LL0250002725
recordkey: 2LL0250002726
recordkey: 2LL0250002727
recordkey: 2LL0250002728
recordkey: 2LL0250002729
recordkey: 2LL0250002730
recordkey: 2LL0250002731
recordkey: 2LL0250002732
recordkey: 2LL0250002733
recordkey: 2LL0250002734
recordkey: 2LL0250002735
recordkey: 2LL0250002736
recordkey: 2LL0250002737
recordkey: 2LL0250002739
recordkey: 2LL0250002740
recordkey: 2LL0250002741
recordkey: 2LL0250002742
recordkey: 2LL0250002743
recordkey: 2LL0250002744
recordkey: 2LL0250002745
recordkey: 2LL0250002746
recordkey: 2LL0250002747
recordkey: 2LL0250002748
recordkey: 2LL0250002749
recordkey: 2LL0250002750
recordkey: 2LL0250002751
recordkey: 2LL0250002752
recordkey: 2LL0250002753
recordkey: 2LL0250002754
recordkey: 2LL0250002755
recordkey: 2LL0250002756
recordkey: 2LL0250002758
recordkey: 2LL0250002759
recordkey: 2LL0250002760
recordkey: 2LL0250002761
recordkey: 2LL0250002762
recordkey: 2LL0250002764
recordkey: 2LL0250002765
recordkey: 2LL0250002767
recordkey: 2LL0250002768
recordkey: 2LL0250002769
recordkey: 2LL0250002770
recordkey: 2LL0250002771
recordkey: 2LL0250002772
recordkey: 2LL0250002774
recordkey: 2LL0250002776
recordkey: 2LL0250002777
recordkey: 2LL0250002778
recordkey: 2LL0250002779
recordkey: 2LL0250002780
recordkey: 2LL0250002781
recordkey: 2LL0250002783
recordkey: 2LL0250002784
recordkey: 2LL0250002785
recordkey: 2LL0250002786
recordkey: 2LL0250002787
recordkey: 2LL0250002788
recordkey: 2LL0250002789
recordkey: 2LL0250002790
recordkey: 2LL0250002791
recordkey: 2LL0250002792
recordkey: 2LL0250002793
recordkey: 2LL0250002794
recordkey: 2LL0250002795
recordkey: 2LL0250002796
recordkey: 2LL0250002797
recordkey: 2LL0250002798
recordkey: 2LL0250002799
recordkey: 2LL0250002800
recordkey: 2LL0250002801
recordkey: 2LL0250002802
recordkey: 2LL0250002803
recordkey: 2LL0250002804
recordkey: 2LL0250002805
recordkey: 2LL0250002806
recordkey: 2LL0250002807
recordkey: 2LL0250002808
recordkey: 2LL0250002811
recordkey: 2LL0250002812
recordkey: 2LL0250002813
recordkey: 2LL0250002814
recordkey: 2LL0250002815
recordkey: 2LL0250002816
recordkey: 2LL0250002817
recordkey: 2LL0250002818
recordkey: 2LL0250002820
recordkey: 2LL0250002821
recordkey: 2LL0250002822
recordkey: 2LL0250002823
recordkey: 2LL0250002824
recordkey: 2LL0250002825
recordkey: 2LL0250002826
recordkey: 2LL0250002827
recordkey: 2LL0250002828
recordkey: 2LL0250002829
recordkey: 2LL0250002830
recordkey: 2LL0250002831
recordkey: 2LL0250002832
recordkey: 2LL0250002833
recordkey: 2LL0250002834
recordkey: 2LL0250002835
recordkey: 2LL0250002836
recordkey: 2LL0250002837
recordkey: 2LL0250002838
recordkey: 2LL0250002840
recordkey: 2LL0250002841
recordkey: 2LL0250002842
recordkey: 2LL0250002843
recordkey: 2LL0250002845
recordkey: 2LL0250002847
recordkey: 2LL0250002848
recordkey: 2LL0250002849
recordkey: 2LL0250002850
recordkey: 2LL0250002851
recordkey: 2LL0250002852
recordkey: 2LL0250002853
recordkey: 2LL0250002854
recordkey: 2LL0250002855
recordkey: 2LL0250002856
recordkey: 2LL0250002857
recordkey: 2LL0250002858
recordkey: 2LL0250002859
recordkey: 2LL0250002860
recordkey: 2LL0250002861
recordkey: 2LL0250002862
recordkey: 2LL0250002863
recordkey: 2LL0250002864
recordkey: 2LL0250002865
recordkey: 2LL0250002866
recordkey: 2LL0250002868
recordkey: 2LL0250002869
recordkey: 2LL0250002870
recordkey: 2LL0250002872
recordkey: 2LL0250002873
recordkey: 2LL0250002874
recordkey: 2LL0250002875
recordkey: 2LL0250002876
recordkey: 2LL0250002877
recordkey: 2LL0250002878
recordkey: 2LL0250002879
recordkey: 2LL0250002880
recordkey: 2LL0250002881
recordkey: 2LL0250002882
recordkey: 2LL0250002884
recordkey: 2LL0250002886
recordkey: 2LL0250002887
recordkey: 2LL0250002888
recordkey: 2LL0250002889
recordkey: 2LL0250002890
recordkey: 2LL0250002891
recordkey: 2LL0250002892
recordkey: 2LL0250002893
recordkey: 2LL0250002894
recordkey: 2LL0250002895
recordkey: 2LL0250002896
recordkey: 2LL0250002897
recordkey: 2LL0250002898
recordkey: 2LL0250002899
recordkey: 2LL0250002900
recordkey: 2LL0250002901
recordkey: 2LL0250002902
recordkey: 2LL0250002903
recordkey: 2LL0250002904
recordkey: 2LL0250002905
recordkey: 2LL0250002906
recordkey: 2LL0250002907
recordkey: 2LL0250002908
recordkey: 2LL0250002910
recordkey: 2LL0250002911
recordkey: 2LL0250002913
recordkey: 2LL0250002914
recordkey: 2LL0250002915
recordkey: 2LL0250002916
recordkey: 2LL0250002917
recordkey: 2LL0250002919
recordkey: 2LL0250002921
recordkey: 2LL0250002922
recordkey: 2LL0250002924
recordkey: 2LL0250002925
recordkey: 2LL0250002926
recordkey: 2LL0250002927
recordkey: 2LL0250002928
recordkey: 2LL0250002930
recordkey: 2LL0250002931
recordkey: 2LL0250002932
recordkey: 2LL0250002934
recordkey: 2LL0250002935
recordkey: 2LL0250002936
recordkey: 2LL0250002937
recordkey: 2LL0250002938
recordkey: 2LL0250002939
recordkey: 2LL0250002941
recordkey: 2LL0250002942
recordkey: 2LL0250002943
recordkey: 2LL0250002944
recordkey: 2LL0250002945
recordkey: 2LL0250002946
recordkey: 2LL0250002948
recordkey: 2LL0250002949
recordkey: 2LL0250002951
recordkey: 2LL0250002952
recordkey: 2LL0250002953
recordkey: 2LL0250002954
recordkey: 2LL0250002956
recordkey: 2LL0250002957
recordkey: 2LL0250002958
recordkey: 2LL0250002959
recordkey: 2LL0250002960
recordkey: 2LL0250002961
recordkey: 2LL0250002962
recordkey: 2LL0250002964
recordkey: 2LL0250002965
recordkey: 2LL0250002966
recordkey: 2LL0250002967
recordkey: 2LL0250002968
recordkey: 2LL0250002970
recordkey: 2LL0250002971
recordkey: 2LL0250002972
recordkey: 2LL0250002974
recordkey: 2LL0250002975
recordkey: 2LL0250002976
recordkey: 2LL0250002977
recordkey: 2LL0250002978
recordkey: 2LL0250002979
recordkey: 2LL0250002980
recordkey: 2LL0250002982
recordkey: 2LL0250002983
recordkey: 2LL0250002984
recordkey: 2LL0250002985
recordkey: 2LL0250002986
recordkey: 2LL0250002987
recordkey: 2LL0250002988
recordkey: 2LL0250002990
recordkey: 2LL0250002991
recordkey: 2LL0250002993
recordkey: 2LL0250002994
recordkey: 2LL0250002995
recordkey: 2LL0250002996
recordkey: 2LL0250002997
recordkey: 2LL0250002999
recordkey: 2LL0250003001
recordkey: 2LL0250003002
recordkey: 2LL0250003003
recordkey: 2LL0250003004
recordkey: 2LL0250003005
recordkey: 2LL0250003007
recordkey: 2LL0250003008
recordkey: 2LL0250003011
recordkey: 2LL0250003012
recordkey: 2LL0250003013
recordkey: 2LL0250003014
recordkey: 2LL0250003015
recordkey: 2LL0250003016
recordkey: 2LL0250003017
recordkey: 2LL0250003018
recordkey: 2LL0250003019
recordkey: 2LL0250003020
recordkey: 2LL0250003022
recordkey: 2LL0250003023
recordkey: 2LL0250003024
recordkey: 2LL0250003027
recordkey: 2LL0250003029
recordkey: 2LL0250003031
recordkey: 2LL0250003032
recordkey: 2LL0250003033
recordkey: 2LL0250003034
recordkey: 2LL0250003035
recordkey: 2LL0250003036
recordkey: 2LL0250003037
recordkey: 2LL0250003038
recordkey: 2LL0250003039
recordkey: 2LL0250003040
recordkey: 2LL0250003041
recordkey: 2LL0250003042
recordkey: 2LL0250003043
recordkey: 2LL0250003044
recordkey: 2LL0250003046
recordkey: 2LL0250003047
recordkey: 2LL0250003048
recordkey: 2LL0250003049
recordkey: 2LL0250003050
recordkey: 2LL0250003052
recordkey: 2LL0250003053
recordkey: 2LL0250003055
recordkey: 2LL0250003056
recordkey: 2LL0250003057
recordkey: 2LL0250003058
recordkey: 2LL0250003059
recordkey: 2LL0250003061
recordkey: 2LL0250003062
recordkey: 2LL0250003063
recordkey: 2LL0250003064
recordkey: 2LL0250003065
recordkey: 2LL0250003066
recordkey: 2LL0250003068
recordkey: 2LL0250003069
recordkey: 2LL0250003070
recordkey: 2LL0250003072
recordkey: 2LL0250003073
recordkey: 2LL0250003076
recordkey: 2LL0250003077
recordkey: 2LL0250003078
recordkey: 2LL0250003079
recordkey: 2LL0250003080
recordkey: 2LL0250003081
recordkey: 2LL0250003082
recordkey: 2LL0250003083
recordkey: 2LL0250003084
recordkey: 2LL0250003085
recordkey: 2LL0250003086
recordkey: 2LL0250003087
recordkey: 2LL0250003088
recordkey: 2LL0250003089
recordkey: 2LL0250003090
recordkey: 2LL0250003091
recordkey: 2LL0250003092
recordkey: 2LL0250003093
recordkey: 2LL0250003094
recordkey: 2LL0250003096
recordkey: 2LL0250003098
recordkey: 2LL0250003099
recordkey: 2LL0250003100
recordkey: 2LL0250003101
recordkey: 2LL0250003102
recordkey: 2LL0250003103
recordkey: 2LL0250003104
recordkey: 2LL0250003105
recordkey: 2LL0250003107
recordkey: 2LL0250003108
recordkey: 2LL0250003112
recordkey: 2LL0250003113
recordkey: 2LL0250003115
recordkey: 2LL0250003116
recordkey: 2LL0250003117
recordkey: 2LL0250003118
recordkey: 2LL0250003119
recordkey: 2LL0250003120
recordkey: 2LL0250003121
recordkey: 2LL0250003122
recordkey: 2LL0250003123
recordkey: 2LL0250003125
recordkey: 2LL0250003126
recordkey: 2LL0250003127
recordkey: 2LL0250003128
recordkey: 2LL0250003129
recordkey: 2LL0250003130
recordkey: 2LL0250003131
recordkey: 2LL0250003132
recordkey: 2LL0250003133
recordkey: 2LL0250003135
recordkey: 2LL0250003137
recordkey: 2LL0250003139
recordkey: 2LL0250003140
recordkey: 2LL0250003142
recordkey: 2LL0250003143
recordkey: 2LL0250003144
recordkey: 2LL0250003145
recordkey: 2LL0250003146
recordkey: 2LL0250003149
recordkey: 2LL0250003150
recordkey: 2LL0250003152
recordkey: 2LL0250003153
recordkey: 2LL0250003154
recordkey: 2LL0250003156
recordkey: 2LL0250003158
recordkey: 2LL0250003159
recordkey: 2LL0250003160
recordkey: 2LL0250003161
recordkey: 2LL0250003162
recordkey: 2LL0250003163
recordkey: 2LL0250003164
recordkey: 2LL0250003166
recordkey: 2LL0250003167
recordkey: 2LL0250003168
recordkey: 2LL0250003169
recordkey: 2LL0250003170
recordkey: 2LL0250003171
recordkey: 2LL0250003172
recordkey: 2LL0250003173
recordkey: 2LL0250003174
recordkey: 2LL0250003175
recordkey: 2LL0250003177
recordkey: 2LL0250003179
recordkey: 2LL0250003180
recordkey: 2LL0250003181
recordkey: 2LL0250003183
recordkey: 2LL0250003184
recordkey: 2LL0250003185
recordkey: 2LL0250003186
recordkey: 2LL0250003188
recordkey: 2LL0250003189
recordkey: 2LL0250003190
recordkey: 2LL0250003191
recordkey: 2LL0250003192
recordkey: 2LL0250003193
recordkey: 2LL0250003194
recordkey: 2LL0250003195
recordkey: 2LL0250003196
recordkey: 2LL0250003198
recordkey: 2LL0250003199
recordkey: 2LL0250003200
recordkey: 2LL0250003203
recordkey: 2LL0250003204
recordkey: 2LL0250003206
recordkey: 2LL0250003207
recordkey: 2LL0250003208
recordkey: 2LL0250003209
recordkey: 2LL0250003210
recordkey: 2LL0250003211
recordkey: 2LL0250003212
recordkey: 2LL0250003213
recordkey: 2LL0250003214
recordkey: 2LL0250003215
recordkey: 2LL0250003216
recordkey: 2LL0250003217
recordkey: 2LL0250003218
recordkey: 2LL0250003219
recordkey: 2LL0250003220
recordkey: 2LL0250003221
recordkey: 2LL0250003222
recordkey: 2LL0250003223
recordkey: 2LL0250003224
recordkey: 2LL0250003225
recordkey: 2LL0250003226
recordkey: 2LL0250003227
recordkey: 2LL0250003228
recordkey: 2LL0250003231
recordkey: 2LL0250003232
recordkey: 2LL0250003233
recordkey: 2LL0250003234
recordkey: 2LL0250003235
recordkey: 2LL0250003236
recordkey: 2LL0250003237
recordkey: 2LL0250003238
recordkey: 2LL0250003239
recordkey: 2LL0250003240
recordkey: 2LL0250003241
recordkey: 2LL0250003242
recordkey: 2LL0250003244
recordkey: 2LL0250003245
recordkey: 2LL0250003246
recordkey: 2LL0250003247
recordkey: 2LL0250003248
recordkey: 2LL0250003249
recordkey: 2LL0250003251
recordkey: 2LL0250003252
recordkey: 2LL0250003253
recordkey: 2LL0250003254
recordkey: 2LL0250003255
recordkey: 2LL0250003256
recordkey: 2LL0250003257
recordkey: 2LL0250003258
recordkey: 2LL0250003259
recordkey: 2LL0250003260
recordkey: 2LL0250003261
recordkey: 2LL0250003262
recordkey: 2LL0250003264
recordkey: 2LL0250003265
recordkey: 2LL0250003266
recordkey: 2LL0250003267
recordkey: 2LL0250003268
recordkey: 2LL0250003269
recordkey: 2LL0250003270
recordkey: 2LL0250003271
recordkey: 2LL0250003272
recordkey: 2LL0250003273
recordkey: 2LL0250003274
recordkey: 2LL0250003275
recordkey: 2LL0250003276
recordkey: 2LL0250003277
recordkey: 2LL0250003278
recordkey: 2LL0250003280
recordkey: 2LL0250003281
recordkey: 2LL0250003282
recordkey: 2LL0250003284
recordkey: 2LL0250003285
recordkey: 2LL0250003286
recordkey: 2LL0250003287
recordkey: 2LL0250003289
recordkey: 2LL0250003290
recordkey: 2LL0250003291
recordkey: 2LL0250003292
recordkey: 2LL0250003293
recordkey: 2LL0250003294
recordkey: 2LL0250003296
recordkey: 2LL0250003297
recordkey: 2LL0250003299
recordkey: 2LL0250003300
recordkey: 2LL0250003301
recordkey: 2LL0250003302
recordkey: 2LL0250003303
recordkey: 2LL0250003304
recordkey: 2LL0250003305
recordkey: 2LL0250003306
recordkey: 2LL0250003307
recordkey: 2LL0250003308
recordkey: 2LL0250003311
recordkey: 2LL0250003312
recordkey: 2LL0250003313
recordkey: 2LL0250003314
recordkey: 2LL0250003315
recordkey: 2LL0250003316
recordkey: 2LL0250003317
recordkey: 2LL0250003318
recordkey: 2LL0250003319
recordkey: 2LL0250003320
recordkey: 2LL0250003321
recordkey: 2LL0250003323
recordkey: 2LL0250003324
recordkey: 2LL0250003326
recordkey: 2LL0250003327
recordkey: 2LL0250003328
recordkey: 2LL0250003330
recordkey: 2LL0250003331
recordkey: 2LL0250003332
recordkey: 2LL0250003333
recordkey: 2LL0250003334
recordkey: 2LL0250003335
recordkey: 2LL0250003337
recordkey: 2LL0250003338
recordkey: 2LL0250003339
recordkey: 2LL0250003340
recordkey: 2LL0250003341
recordkey: 2LL0250003342
recordkey: 2LL0250003343
recordkey: 2LL0250003344
recordkey: 2LL0250003346
recordkey: 2LL0250003347
recordkey: 2LL0250003349
recordkey: 2LL0250003351
recordkey: 2LL0250003352
recordkey: 2LL0250003354
recordkey: 2LL0250003355
recordkey: 2LL0250003356
recordkey: 2LL0250003357
recordkey: 2LL0250003358
recordkey: 2LL0250003360
recordkey: 2LL0250003361
recordkey: 2LL0250003362
recordkey: 2LL0250003363
recordkey: 2LL0250003364
recordkey: 2LL0250003366
recordkey: 2LL0250003367
recordkey: 2LL0250003368
recordkey: 2LL0250003369
recordkey: 2LL0250003371
recordkey: 2LL0250003372
recordkey: 2LL0250003373
recordkey: 2LL0250003374
recordkey: 2LL0250003375
recordkey: 2LL0250003376
recordkey: 2LL0250003377
recordkey: 2LL0250003378
recordkey: 2LL0250003379
recordkey: 2LL0250003381
recordkey: 2LL0250003383
recordkey: 2LL0250003384
recordkey: 2LL0250003385
recordkey: 2LL0250003386
recordkey: 2LL0250003388
recordkey: 2LL0250003389
recordkey: 2LL0250003391
recordkey: 2LL0250003392
recordkey: 2LL0250003393
recordkey: 2LL0250003394
recordkey: 2LL0250003395
recordkey: 2LL0250003396
recordkey: 2LL0250003397
recordkey: 2LL0250003399
recordkey: 2LL0250003400
recordkey: 2LL0250003401
recordkey: 2LL0250003402
recordkey: 2LL0250003403
recordkey: 2LL0250003404
recordkey: 2LL0250003405
recordkey: 2LL0250003406
recordkey: 2LL0250003407
recordkey: 2LL0250003408
recordkey: 2LL0250003409
recordkey: 2LL0250003411
recordkey: 2LL0250003412
recordkey: 2LL0250003413
recordkey: 2LL0250003415
recordkey: 2LL0250003416
recordkey: 2LL0250003417
recordkey: 2LL0250003418
recordkey: 2LL0250003419
recordkey: 2LL0250003420
recordkey: 2LL0250003421
recordkey: 2LL0250003422
recordkey: 2LL0250003423
recordkey: 2LL0250003425
recordkey: 2LL0250003426
recordkey: 2LL0250003428
recordkey: 2LL0250003429
recordkey: 2LL0250003431
recordkey: 2LL0250003432
recordkey: 2LL0250003433
recordkey: 2LL0250003435
recordkey: 2LL0250003436
recordkey: 2LL0250003437
recordkey: 2LL0250003439
recordkey: 2LL0250003440
recordkey: 2LL0250003441
recordkey: 2LL0250003442
recordkey: 2LL0250003443
recordkey: 2LL0250003444
recordkey: 2LL0250003445
recordkey: 2LL0250003447
recordkey: 2LL0250003448
recordkey: 2LL0250003449
recordkey: 2LL0250003450
recordkey: 2LL0250003451
recordkey: 2LL0250003452
recordkey: 2LL0250003453
recordkey: 2LL0250003454
recordkey: 2LL0250003455
recordkey: 2LL0250003456
recordkey: 2LL0250003457
recordkey: 2LL0250003459
recordkey: 2LL0250003460
recordkey: 2LL0250003461
recordkey: 2LL0250003462
recordkey: 2LL0250003463
recordkey: 2LL0250003464
recordkey: 2LL0250003465
recordkey: 2LL0250003466
recordkey: 2LL0250003467
recordkey: 2LL0250003468
recordkey: 2LL0250003470
recordkey: 2LL0250003471
recordkey: 2LL0250003472
recordkey: 2LL0250003473
recordkey: 2LL0250003474
recordkey: 2LL0250003475
recordkey: 2LL0250003476
recordkey: 2LL0250003478
recordkey: 2LL0250003480
recordkey: 2LL0250003481
recordkey: 2LL0250003482
recordkey: 2LL0250003483
recordkey: 2LL0250003484
recordkey: 2LL0250003485
recordkey: 2LL0250003486
recordkey: 2LL0250003487
recordkey: 2LL0250003488
recordkey: 2LL0250003489
recordkey: 2LL0250003490
recordkey: 2LL0250003491
recordkey: 2LL0250003492
recordkey: 2LL0250003493
recordkey: 2LL0250003494
recordkey: 2LL0250003496
recordkey: 2LL0250003497
recordkey: 2LL0250003498
recordkey: 2LL0250003499
recordkey: 2LL0250003500
recordkey: 2LL0250003501
recordkey: 2LL0250003502
recordkey: 2LL0250003503
recordkey: 2LL0250003504
recordkey: 2LL0250003505
recordkey: 2LL0250003506
recordkey: 2LL0250003507
recordkey: 2LL0250003508
recordkey: 2LL0250003509
recordkey: 2LL0250003510
recordkey: 2LL0250003511
recordkey: 2LL0250003512
recordkey: 2LL0250003513
recordkey: 2LL0250003514
recordkey: 2LL0250003516
recordkey: 2LL0250003517
recordkey: 2LL0250003518
recordkey: 2LL0250003519
recordkey: 2LL0250003520
recordkey: 2LL0250003521
recordkey: 2LL0250003522
recordkey: 2LL0250003523
recordkey: 2LL0250003524
recordkey: 2LL0250003525
recordkey: 2LL0250003526
recordkey: 2LL0250003527
recordkey: 2LL0250003528
recordkey: 2LL0250003530
recordkey: 2LL0250003531
recordkey: 2LL0250003532
recordkey: 2LL0250003533
recordkey: 2LL0250003534
recordkey: 2LL0250003535
recordkey: 2LL0250003536
recordkey: 2LL0250003538
recordkey: 2LL0250003540
recordkey: 2LL0250003542
recordkey: 2LL0250003543
recordkey: 2LL0250003544
recordkey: 2LL0250003545
recordkey: 2LL0250003546
recordkey: 2LL0250003547
recordkey: 2LL0250003548
recordkey: 2LL0250003549
recordkey: 2LL0250003551
recordkey: 2LL0250003553
recordkey: 2LL0250003554
recordkey: 2LL0250003556
recordkey: 2LL0250003557
recordkey: 2LL0250003558
recordkey: 2LL0250003559
recordkey: 2LL0250003560
recordkey: 2LL0250003563
recordkey: 2LL0250003564
recordkey: 2LL0250003565
recordkey: 2LL0250003567
recordkey: 2LL0250003568
recordkey: 2LL0250003569
recordkey: 2LL0250003570
recordkey: 2LL0250003571
recordkey: 2LL0250003572
recordkey: 2LL0250003573
recordkey: 2LL0250003575
recordkey: 2LL0250003576
recordkey: 2LL0250003577
recordkey: 2LL0250003578
recordkey: 2LL0250003580
recordkey: 2LL0250003581
recordkey: 2LL0250003582
recordkey: 2LL0250003584
recordkey: 2LL0250003585
recordkey: 2LL0250003587
recordkey: 2LL0250003589
recordkey: 2LL0250003590
recordkey: 2LL0250003591
recordkey: 2LL0250003592
recordkey: 2LL0250003594
recordkey: 2LL0250003596
recordkey: 2LL0250003598
recordkey: 2LL0250003599
recordkey: 2LL0250003600
recordkey: 2LL0250003601
recordkey: 2LL0250003602
recordkey: 2LL0250003603
recordkey: 2LL0250003604
recordkey: 2LL0250003605
recordkey: 2LL0250003606
recordkey: 2LL0250003607
recordkey: 2LL0250003608
recordkey: 2LL0250003609
recordkey: 2LL0250003610
recordkey: 2LL0250003614
recordkey: 2LL0250003616
recordkey: 2LL0250003617
recordkey: 2LL0250003618
recordkey: 2LL0250003619
recordkey: 2LL0250003620
recordkey: 2LL0250003621
recordkey: 2LL0250003622
recordkey: 2LL0250003623
recordkey: 2LL0250003625
recordkey: 2LL0250003626
recordkey: 2LL0250003627
recordkey: 2LL0250003628
recordkey: 2LL0250003629
recordkey: 2LL0250003630
recordkey: 2LL0250003631
recordkey: 2LL0250003632
recordkey: 2LL0250003634
recordkey: 2LL0250003635
recordkey: 2LL0250003636
recordkey: 2LL0250003637
recordkey: 2LL0250003638
recordkey: 2LL0250003639
recordkey: 2LL0250003640
recordkey: 2LL0250003641
recordkey: 2LL0250003642
recordkey: 2LL0250003643
recordkey: 2LL0250003644
recordkey: 2LL0250003645
recordkey: 2LL0250003646
recordkey: 2LL0250003647
recordkey: 2LL0250003648
recordkey: 2LL0250003649
recordkey: 2LL0250003650
recordkey: 2LL0250003654
recordkey: 2LL0250003658
recordkey: 2LL0250003659
recordkey: 2LL0250003661
recordkey: 2LL0250003662
recordkey: 2LL0250003663
recordkey: 2LL0250003665
recordkey: 2LL0250003667
recordkey: 2LL0250003668
recordkey: 2LL0250003669
recordkey: 2LL0250003672
recordkey: 2LL0250003673
recordkey: 2LL0250003674
recordkey: 2LL0250003676
recordkey: 2LL0250003677
recordkey: 2LL0250003681
recordkey: 2LL0250003682
recordkey: 2LL0250003683
recordkey: 2LL0250003684
recordkey: 2LL0250003685
recordkey: 2LL0250003686
recordkey: 2LL0250003687
recordkey: 2LL0250003688
recordkey: 2LL0250003689
recordkey: 2LL0250003690
recordkey: 2LL0250003691
recordkey: 2LL0250003692
recordkey: 2LL0250003694
recordkey: 2LL0250003695
recordkey: 2LL0250003696
recordkey: 2LL0250003697
recordkey: 2LL0250003698
recordkey: 2LL0250003699
recordkey: 2LL0250003700
recordkey: 2LL0250003701
recordkey: 2LL0250003702
recordkey: 2LL0250003703
recordkey: 2LL0250003706
recordkey: 2LL0250003708
recordkey: 2LL0250003710
recordkey: 2LL0250003711
recordkey: 2LL0250003712
recordkey: 2LL0250003713
recordkey: 2LL0250003714
recordkey: 2LL0250003715
recordkey: 2LL0250003716
recordkey: 2LL0250003717
recordkey: 2LL0250003718
recordkey: 2LL0250003719
recordkey: 2LL0250003720
recordkey: 2LL0250003721
recordkey: 2LL0250003722
recordkey: 2LL0250003723
recordkey: 2LL0250003724
recordkey: 2LL0250003725
recordkey: 2LL0250003726
recordkey: 2LL0250003727
recordkey: 2LL0250003728
recordkey: 2LL0250003729
recordkey: 2LL0250003730
recordkey: 2LL0250003732
recordkey: 2LL0250003733
recordkey: 2LL0250003734
recordkey: 2LL0250003735
recordkey: 2LL0250003736
recordkey: 2LL0250003737
recordkey: 2LL0250003738
recordkey: 2LL0250003739
recordkey: 2LL0250003740
recordkey: 2LL0250003741
recordkey: 2LL0250003742
recordkey: 2LL0250003743
recordkey: 2LL0250003744
recordkey: 2LL0250003746
recordkey: 2LL0250003748
recordkey: 2LL0250003749
recordkey: 2LL0250003750
recordkey: 2LL0250003751
recordkey: 2LL0250003752
recordkey: 2LL0250003753
recordkey: 2LL0250003754
recordkey: 2LL0250003755
recordkey: 2LL0250003756
recordkey: 2LL0250003757
recordkey: 2LL0250003758
recordkey: 2LL0250003759
recordkey: 2LL0250003760
recordkey: 2LL0250003761
recordkey: 2LL0250003762
recordkey: 2LL0250003763
recordkey: 2LL0250003764
recordkey: 2LL0250003765
recordkey: 2LL0250003766
recordkey: 2LL0250003767
recordkey: 2LL0250003768
recordkey: 2LL0250003769
recordkey: 2LL0250003770
recordkey: 2LL0250003771
recordkey: 2LL0250003772
recordkey: 2LL0250003773
recordkey: 2LL0250003774
recordkey: 2LL0250003776
recordkey: 2LL0250003778
recordkey: 2LL0250003779
recordkey: 2LL0250003780
recordkey: 2LL0250003781
recordkey: 2LL0250003782
recordkey: 2LL0250003783
recordkey: 2LL0250003784
recordkey: 2LL0250003785
recordkey: 2LL0250003786
recordkey: 2LL0250003787
recordkey: 2LL0250003789
recordkey: 2LL0250003790
recordkey: 2LL0250003791
recordkey: 2LL0250003792
recordkey: 2LL0250003793
recordkey: 2LL0250003794
recordkey: 2LL0250003795
recordkey: 2LL0250003796
recordkey: 2LL0250003797
recordkey: 2LL0250003798
recordkey: 2LL0250003799
recordkey: 2LL0250003800
recordkey: 2LL0250003801
recordkey: 2LL0250003802
recordkey: 2LL0250003803
recordkey: 2LL0250003804
recordkey: 2LL0250003805
recordkey: 2LL0250003806
recordkey: 2LL0250003807
recordkey: 2LL0250003808
recordkey: 2LL0250003809
recordkey: 2LL0250003810
recordkey: 2LL0250003811
recordkey: 2LL0250003812
recordkey: 2LL0250003813
recordkey: 2LL0250003814
recordkey: 2LL0250003815
recordkey: 2LL0250003816
recordkey: 2LL0250003818
recordkey: 2LL0250003819
recordkey: 2LL0250003820
recordkey: 2LL0250003821
recordkey: 2LL0250003822
recordkey: 2LL0250003823
recordkey: 2LL0250003825
recordkey: 2LL0250003828
recordkey: 2LL0250003832
recordkey: 2LL0250003833
recordkey: 2LL0250003834
recordkey: 2LL0250003835
recordkey: 2LL0250003836
recordkey: 2LL0250003837
recordkey: 2LL0250003839
recordkey: 2LL0250003840
recordkey: 2LL0250003841
recordkey: 2LL0250003842
recordkey: 2LL0250003844
recordkey: 2LL0250003845
recordkey: 2LL0250003846
recordkey: 2LL0250003847
recordkey: 2LL0250003848
recordkey: 2LL0250003849
recordkey: 2LL0250003850
recordkey: 2LL0250003851
recordkey: 2LL0250003852
recordkey: 2LL0250003853
recordkey: 2LL0250003854
recordkey: 2LL0250003855
recordkey: 2LL0250003857
recordkey: 2LL0250003858
recordkey: 2LL0250003859
recordkey: 2LL0250003860
recordkey: 2LL0250003861
recordkey: 2LL0250003862
recordkey: 2LL0250003863
recordkey: 2LL0250003864
recordkey: 2LL0250003865
recordkey: 2LL0250003866
recordkey: 2LL0250003867
recordkey: 2LL0250003868
recordkey: 2LL0250003869
recordkey: 2LL0250003871
recordkey: 2LL0250003872
recordkey: 2LL0250003873
recordkey: 2LL0250003874
recordkey: 2LL0250003875
recordkey: 2LL0250003876
recordkey: 2LL0250003877
recordkey: 2LL0250003878
recordkey: 2LL0250003879
recordkey: 2LL0250003880
recordkey: 2LL0250003882
recordkey: 2LL0250003883
recordkey: 2LL0250003885
recordkey: 2LL0250003887
recordkey: 2LL0250003888
recordkey: 2LL0250003890
recordkey: 2LL0250003892
recordkey: 2LL0250003893
recordkey: 2LL0250003895
recordkey: 2LL0250003896
recordkey: 2LL0250003897
recordkey: 2LL0250003898
recordkey: 2LL0250003899
recordkey: 2LL0250003900
recordkey: 2LL0250003901
recordkey: 2LL0250003902
recordkey: 2LL0250003903
recordkey: 2LL0250003904
recordkey: 2LL0250003906
recordkey: 2LL0250003909
recordkey: 2LL0250003910
recordkey: 2LL0250003911
recordkey: 2LL0250003912
recordkey: 2LL0250003913
recordkey: 2LL0250003914
recordkey: 2LL0250003916
recordkey: 2LL0250003918
recordkey: 2LL0250003919
recordkey: 2LL0250003920
recordkey: 2LL0250003921
recordkey: 2LL0250003922
recordkey: 2LL0250003923
recordkey: 2LL0250003924
recordkey: 2LL0250003925
recordkey: 2LL0250003926
recordkey: 2LL0250003927
recordkey: 2LL0250003928
recordkey: 2LL0250003929
recordkey: 2LL0250003930
recordkey: 2LL0250003931
recordkey: 2LL0250003932
recordkey: 2LL0250003933
recordkey: 2LL0250003934
recordkey: 2LL0250003935
recordkey: 2LL0250003936
recordkey: 2LL0250003937
recordkey: 2LL0250003938
recordkey: 2LL0250003940
recordkey: 2LL0250003941
recordkey: 2LL0250003942
recordkey: 2LL0250003943
recordkey: 2LL0250003944
recordkey: 2LL0250003945
recordkey: 2LL0250003946
recordkey: 2LL0250003947
recordkey: 2LL0250003948
recordkey: 2LL0250003949
recordkey: 2LL0250003950
recordkey: 2LL0250003951
recordkey: 2LL0250003952
recordkey: 2LL0250003953
recordkey: 2LL0250003954
recordkey: 2LL0250003955
recordkey: 2LL0250003956
recordkey: 2LL0250003957
recordkey: 2LL0250003958
recordkey: 2LL0250003959
recordkey: 2LL0250003961
recordkey: 2LL0250003962
recordkey: 2LL0250003963
recordkey: 2LL0250003964
recordkey: 2LL0250003965
recordkey: 2LL0250003966
recordkey: 2LL0250003969
recordkey: 2LL0250003970
recordkey: 2LL0250003971
recordkey: 2LL0250003974
recordkey: 2LL0250003975
recordkey: 2LL0250003976
recordkey: 2LL0250003977
recordkey: 2LL0250003978
recordkey: 2LL0250003979