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comment1: 1 2 3 4 transcribed 5 6 7 not transcribed 1 2 3 with im 4 with index 5 with imr 6 7 with imrp
comment1: 1 2 3 transcribed
comment1: 1 2 3 transcribed 4 spread the sign turkish signer also references elbow 5 ASL sign SAME
comment1: 1 2 3 transcribed from total of about 8 gestures
comment1: 1 2 compound
comment1: 1 2 compound 1 2 repeated three times not transcribed
comment1: 1 2 compound 1 clockwise circle 2 wrist twist
comment1: 1 2 compound 2 no matching hs for I angle MRP extended
comment1: 1 2 compound 2 unusual twist at end does it mean twisting the beard to gather and compact it
comment1: 1 2 gestures are same except for hs
comment1: 1 2 repetition of gesture not transcribed, 1 beard starts very high on cheeks, and continues downward off chin with hands contacting each other
comment1: 1 2 transcribed 3 4 5 6 not transcribed, 3 4 and 5 6 repeat of 1 2, 2 hands touch belly twice and maintain contact with each other throughout
comment1: 1 2 transcribed 3 4 5 not transcribed
comment1: 1 2 transcribed 3 4 not transcribed repetitions of 1 and 2
comment1: 1 3 5 crawling with many legs 1 3 one handed 5 two handed 2 4 tiny object no action only a display
comment1: 1 3 grasp is midway between grasp and pinch 2 no exact match for hs where index is slightly more rounded than other fingers 3 no exact match for hs with im flexed and rp more flexed
comment1: 1 about 7 contacts
comment1: 1 about four pats
comment1: 1 action is minimal
comment1: 1 action is very slightly curved
comment1: 1 action is very small, no exact match for orientation palm facing viewer-down
comment1: 1 action plus unspread hs provides effect of flattened spheres similar to the spread flexed hs of other signers
comment1: 1 almost certainly error for belly button
comment1: 1 amharic or african 2 fingerspelling
comment1: 1 and 2 transcribed
comment1: 1 and 2 transcribed, 3 4 5 6 repeat 1 2
comment1: 1 animal 2 etc not transcribed
comment1: 1 arm is grasped
comment1: 1 back and forth motion not circular
comment1: 1 beard covers mouth area as though including a mustache
comment1: 1 body 2 naked based on STS versions 3 body, only 3 transcribed
comment1: 1 both cheeks puffed
comment1: 1 both hands act
comment1: 1 both hands all finger(s)
comment1: 1 both hands all finger(s) no action except display 2 fingerspelling
comment1: 1 both hands represent wings 2 left hand represents arm of bird, rh pats lh
comment1: 1 brush down from chest to belly
comment1: 1 brush down from chest to belly with multiple touches on the way down, mirror rh lh, no contact rh-lh
comment1: 1 brush down from chest to belly,no contact rh-lh, mirror rh lh
comment1: 1 brushing unclear may not be any actual contact
comment1: 1 chin is twisted as it is grasped
comment1: 1 circle entire edge of eyelid in one and a half circles
comment1: 1 circles a very wide area of chin up to lip and beyond sides of lip
comment1: 1 circles below horizontal ridge
comment1: 1 circles tip below horizontal ridge
comment1: 1 circular action with rh contacting left shoulder
comment1: 1 color 2 etc 3 color 3 not transcribed
comment1: 1 COLOR 2 etc only 1 transcribed
comment1: 1 comb hair downwards
comment1: 1 compound where action of rh in part 1 continues in part 2 as though she changed her mind and switched to a one handed circling
comment1: 1 contact above and below eye
comment1: 1 contact below eye
comment1: 1 contact below eye, second orientation is viewer-left-up but no symbol match
comment1: 1 contact both lips with same finger same time
comment1: 1 contact bottom lip only
comment1: 1 contact bottom side of nose, slightly prolonged contact
comment1: 1 contact breasts and belly
comment1: 1 contact nose ridge, rub continues through both actions
comment1: 1 contact nose sides 2 contact nostrils
comment1: 1 contact nose tip
comment1: 1 contact nose tip 2 contact nose ridge
comment1: 1 contact nose tip 2 fingerspell first and last letters of Russian Nose HOC pronounced like english nose
comment1: 1 contact nose tip then bottom side of nose
comment1: 1 contact on eye lid
comment1: 1 contact on eye lid 2 contact above and below eye 3 contact on eye lid
comment1: 1 contact top lip then bottom lip
comment1: 1 contact under eye
comment1: 1 contact under eye 2 contact above and below eye
comment1: 1 contact under eye, contact action seems to have a more deliberate motion toward writer than most contact actions so direction symbol was added
comment1: 1 contacts bottom teeth
comment1: 1 d-g-d-g fingerspelling
comment1: 1 DARK 2 BEHIND
comment1: 1 definition of arm includes hand, initial grasp of left arm followed by rh moving down left arm but not actually stroking arm followed by grasp of lh fingers, includes hand in proto-stroke, lh slightly flexed but no exact hs match
comment1: 1 delineates mid and top of eyelid
comment1: 1 direction 1 and 2 form a more acute angle than 90 degrees rotation is anticlockwise, order of rotations move up palm facing signer then turn palm to face down then turn palm to face signer again then move down with palm turning to end facing down-viewer-right
comment1: 1 display rh by waving it back and forth
comment1: 1 display rh no action
comment1: 1 display thumb by changing orientation from palm to signer to palm to viewer with thumb facing ceiling
comment1: 1 does not contact mouth
comment1: 1 does not contact mouth 2 VARIOUS not transcribed
comment1: 1 Dominant hand icon not exact match, thumb appears to be parallel with I finger and not wrapped around MRP.
comment1: 1 double contact each hand with thumb and index
comment1: 1 draw circle around top of head, no contact
comment1: 1 draw line with index showing forehead area
comment1: 1 draw shape of tongue with index and thumb showing sides of tongue, hand does not narrow to show end of tongue
comment1: 1 draw shape of tongue with index and thumb showing sides of tongue, narrows to show tip
comment1: 1 drawing is similar to rubbing
comment1: 1 eso and lls moved forward on cheek iq1 moves backward
comment1: 1 feet walk, no contact rh-lh 2 joint like wrist,no contact rh-lh
comment1: 1 fingers are slightly flexed
comment1: 1 Fingers are slightly spread
comment1: 1 Fingers are slightly spread, arm stiffly extended with palm side up
comment1: 1 fingers are very lightly flexed
comment1: 1 fingerspelling
comment1: 1 fingerspelling 2 blurry
comment1: 1 flat hands walk
comment1: 1 forearm twist with a simultaneous forward-downward action twice
comment1: 1 forearm twist with a simultaneous forward-downward action twice showing curved surface curving downward
comment1: 1 four repetions unusual number for this signer perhaps because small size of gesture
comment1: 1 frame long beard continuing down below chin 2 frame short beard near chin 3 frame long beard continuing down below chin
comment1: 1 framing action is sequential
comment1: 1 grasp back of lh, grasp is proto grasp
comment1: 1 grasp back of lh, similar to lls
comment1: 1 grasp cheek 2 brush neck 3 grasp cheek 4 brush neck 5 grasp cheek 6 brush neck 1 and 2 transcribed
comment1: 1 grasp cheek 2 rub back of lh with rh index
comment1: 1 grasp cheek, no exact match for thumb-index grasping hand with thumb next to not under index
comment1: 1 grasp cheeks
comment1: 1 grasp elbow with rotating action of hand
comment1: 1 grasp hair and pull away several times without letting go of hair
comment1: 1 grasp hair and pull away several times without letting go of hair, then pat hair down which may not be part of sign, bend head to right
comment1: 1 grasp left elbow, elbow raised 2 grasp right elbow, elbow raised
comment1: 1 grasp skin of cheek, another version grasps skin of forearm
comment1: 1 grasp skin on back of lh, no exact match for lax lh with each finger flexed different amounts
comment1: 1 grasp tip of chin
comment1: 1 grasp top of head
comment1: 1 grasp uses similar spread finger hs that he uses for a number of other body locations - does he use this hs for other sign types, finger tips trace horizontal chin indentation, hard to say if linear or curved motion
comment1: 1 grasp web between TI, left hand moves but it is because rh is shaking it so action is counted as right
comment1: 1 grasp web between TI, orientation at angle
comment1: 1 grasping proto-action without actual grasp repeated several times on hair in same place
comment1: 1 grasping proto-action without actual grasp repeated several times on hair in same place. Note direction toward head instead of away as in true grasp
comment1: 1 grasps with left hand
comment1: 1 hair not actually available due to headscarf
comment1: 1 hand closes completely before moving down possibly iconic indicating thinner beard
comment1: 1 hand does not narrow to show end of tongue
comment1: 1 hand substitutes for chest, contact at TI web bottom, hands are slightly spread
comment1: 1 hand substitutes for foot
comment1: 1 hand substitutes for foot, fingers are hyperflexed
comment1: 1 hand substitutes for foot, hand roles are reversed when signing ANKLE, rh touches lh index, lh displays, both hands act
comment1: 1 hand substitutes for foot, rh displays, lh acts
comment1: 1 hand substitutes for foot, showing circular alternating action of feet moving up and down
comment1: 1 hand substitutes for legs 2 hand substitutes for foot
comment1: 1 hands rub down sides of body in outlining gesture, no contact rh-lh, mirror rh lh
comment1: 1 handshape is guessed because video unclear 2 hand substitutes for foot
comment1: 1 Handshape is not exact, icon has thumb over MRI, but signer's thumb was under index and next to middle. 2 and after only coded first sign
comment1: 1 head bends down and appears to pull eyelids up
comment1: 1 head nod
comment1: 1 head tilts back
comment1: 1 hs and cheek both show puffed cheek
comment1: 1 hs is the grasping hs, final tap is held
comment1: 1 hs not exact bc thumb is over closed fingers
comment1: 1 hs not exact match M angle I extended 2 rh thumbside contacts back of lh
comment1: 1 hs not in set 2 shaking wo twisting action not in set
comment1: 1 hyperflexed fingers
comment1: 1 IMRP slightly spread
comment1: 1 Index flexed not hinge, thumb bent no exact match
comment1: 1 index is not fully extended but no hs match
comment1: 1 index very lightly flexed 2 fingerspelling
comment1: 1 initial handshape is angled index not hinged, no exact match
comment1: 1 initial rounded handshapes not transcribed - looks like it could be a sign or an error
comment1: 1 initialization for vento
comment1: 1 large circle around entire head/face
comment1: 1 laterally balanced semicircle, initial extension of fingers for expansion of crescent occurs before sign begins
comment1: 1 left hand sign with contact at forehead and chin
comment1: 1 lefthand action,one hand several finger(s), action difficult to see but appears to be several slightly curved contacts with several fingers
comment1: 1 LEG mirror sign but vertically located instead of laterally symmetrical 2 rh grasps lh wrist,no contact rh-lh
comment1: 1 lh acts
comment1: 1 lh acts 2 rh acts
comment1: 1 lh acts as legs, lh IM flexed no exact match rh palm up base 2 very short point to lh legs back of hand 3 rh acts on sides of lh legs, fingers act as legs, rh strokes-grasps index then middle
comment1: 1 lh acts on largest level of knuckles IMRP RMI, thumb is next to index but no exact hs match
comment1: 1 lh acts on rh, rh is displayed 2 no contact rh-lh, lh grasps rh wrist
comment1: 1 lh acts rh displays, no contact rh-lh, rh not transcribed but is lax unspread flexed hand
comment1: 1 lh articulator contacts r shoulder, fingers are slightly spread apart, no matching symbol for slight spreading
comment1: 1 lh contacts rh index, lh acts
comment1: 1 lh contacts rh index, lh acts, contact point on rh is actually tip neither palmside or back, first contact is prolonged
comment1: 1 lh contacts rh legs, rh middle shows leg moving back and forth 2 rh contacts lh wrist, no contact rh-lh, rh acts showing rounded joint of ankle
comment1: 1 lh contacts rh thumb, rh displays lh acts, 5 taps on thumb with slight variations in contact point
comment1: 1 lh contacts right elbow
comment1: 1 lh contacts right elbow, elbow is closest to viewer, lh thumb is bent, possible initial fast pat of elbow not transcribed
comment1: 1 lh contacts right elbow, elbow is raised only 1 2 transcribed 3 4 and 5 6 are repeats
comment1: 1 lh contacts right elbow, lh moves down right forearm past elbow then briefly back across elbow then up to forearm and down to cradle elbow
comment1: 1 lh displays, rh acts, rh contacts lh thumb
comment1: 1 lh grasps inside of right knee three times, body cross using lh on right knee
comment1: 1 lh grasps pinky of rh
comment1: 1 lh grasps rh fingertips, rh displays IMRP 2 and 3 are almost exact repetitions and not transcribed, lh MRP are flexed instead of closed but are distinct from index so i-mrp hs chosen instead of imrp
comment1: 1 lh grasps rh thumb, first grasp of thumb is repeated five times with minor variations of handshapes and orientations, rh displays thumb, lh acts 2 lh remains in place but is not transcribed 3 to 7 not transcribed very similar to 1 and 2 except that 6 is a point-touch
comment1: 1 lh grasps rh wrist, no contact rh-lh 2 alternating symmetrical, no contact rh-lh 3 lh grasps rh wrist, no contact rh-lh1 to 3 hand substitutes for foot 1 and 3 lh acts, rh displays
comment1: 1 lh grasps rh wrist, no contact rh-lh, 2 rh slips into lh or lh grasps rh from underneath, lh appears to be sole of shoe holding rh foot, 1 and 2 transcribed
comment1: 1 lh legs walk on rh palm-base 2 flex lh joint 3 rh grasp lh joint 4 rh rub back of lh knuckles
comment1: 1 lh motion is a small reflection of significant rh motion
comment1: 1 lh moves, stroke includes part of hand, thumb position unclear 2 rh moves, stroke includes part of hand, thumb position unclear
comment1: 1 lh only
comment1: 1 lh only 2 rh acts outlining IMRP order
comment1: 1 lh only acts as legs 2 rh touches lh fingers, fingers act as legs, touch IMIM
comment1: 1 lh outlines rh largest knuckles PRMI IMR RMI 2 rh acts
comment1: 1 lh palm down acts as a foot 2 LEGS point down alternately, no contact rh-lh 3 pat lh joint thumbside, no contact rh-lh
comment1: 1 lh pats back on right side 2 rh moves up 3 both hands 4 rh pats back 5 both hands 6 rh pats back, 2 uncertain whether actual sign or just transition
comment1: 1 lh pats left knee
comment1: 1 lh pats right shoulder twice holding on second pat
comment1: 1 lh rh mirror, no contact rh-lh 2 lh grasps rh wrist joint l, no contact rh-lh 3 lh draws on right wrist, no contact rh-lh
comment1: 1 lh slaps left thigh 2 rh contacts lh wrist to show joint like knee, no contact rh-lh
comment1: 1 lh substitutes for head
comment1: 1 location is on upper cheek but hand covers eye
comment1: 1 may be fingerspelling looks like english f-t
comment1: 1 may be fingerspelling, rh only 2 no contact rh-lh, rh grasps lh wrist
comment1: 1 minimal stroke of upper arm grasping with thumb is clear, definition of arm appears to include hand
comment1: 1 mirror rh lh no contact 2 lh displays as foot rh grasps lh fingers MMR
comment1: 1 motion of pulling is very small
comment1: 1 mrp are flexed not extended but no exact handshape match
comment1: 1 mrp in loose circle no exact hs match
comment1: 1 mrp not closed but strongly flexed
comment1: 1 no action
comment1: 1 no contact
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh rh holds left wrist while left hand flexes up and down
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, actual location is on left arm, note v2 shows action on belly
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, display rh 2 no contact rh-lh, display lh 3 no contact rh-lh, display both hands with no action
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, lh contacts right armpit with right arm raised and contacting right shoulder, raising of right arm not transcribed
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, lh contacts right armpit with right arm raised, lifting of right arm not transcribed
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, lh contacts right armpit with right arm raised, raising of right arm not transcribed
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, lh contacts right armpit with right arm slightly raised and out, raising of right arm not transcribed
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, lh grasps rh wrist, right wrist is example lh acts
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, lh grasps rh wrist,2 no contact rh-lh, lh pats rh wrist,right wrist is example lh acts, only 1 and 2 transcribed, 3 to 5 are similar with slight handshape differences
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, lh grasps rh wrist,right wrist is example lh acts
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, lh grasps rh wrist,right wrist is example lh acts, thumb and index both touch on top of wrist so more of an outline of wrist area than a grasp
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, lh grasps rh wrist. right wrist is example lh acts, only last gesture transcribed as gesture 1 but full record is 1 stroke wrist 2 grasp wrist 3 WRONG 4 grasp wrist
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, lh present before required for second gesture 2 rh contacts lh,1-2 compound HAIR-SMOOTH
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, loc on arm, lh sign, lh only moves, thumb does not grasp but handshape is a slight grasp, fingers slightly spread no exact match, repetition of sign after slight pause not transcribed, rh not transcribed but is lax unspread flexed hand
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, rh contacts in front of left armpit without raising or moving left arm rhs only slightly spread
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, rh contacts left armpit with left arm low and and to side
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, rh contacts left armpit with left arm raised and touching left shoulder Lh fingers slightly spread apart, raising of left arm not transcribed
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, rh contacts left armpit with left arm raised, lh not visible, raising of left arm not transcribed
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, rh contacts left armpit with left arm raised, raising of left arm not transcribed
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, rh grasps lh wrist
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, rh grasps lh wrist,2 no contact rh-lh, lh grasps rh wrist, grasp is protograsp with grasping hand but does not actually grasp, arms stretched out to almost full length perhaps to show wrists as close as possible
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, rh grasps lh wrist,wrist is grasped from beneath
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, rh grasps pats lh wrist,lh rises and curls before rh moves up
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, rh pats lh wrist
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, rh pats lh wrist,lh thumb is tucked in, rh thumb is out
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh, thumb far from fingers, lh moves down and away from center and only the rh pats
comment1: 1 no contact rh-lh,lh points at rh thumb without contact
comment1: 1 no contact with eye
comment1: 1 no contact with mouth
comment1: 1 no exact hs symbol for part 1 with I angled MRP extended, note assimilation between parts 1 and 2 I selected not M or IMRP because I assimilates to I of part 2
comment1: 1 no exact match for thumb in contact with index bent out to represent nipple
comment1: 1 no finger extension, nearly laterally balanced semicircle
comment1: 1 no full match for I angle MRP flexed thumb next to palm
comment1: 1 nonmanual action only
comment1: 1 note more complex lh shape used to show back and legs, hand represents body, back of hand represents back or torso, fingers represent legs 2 hand touching back hard to see
comment1: 1 note question face for gesture 1 no contact rh-lh, very brief 2 no contact rh-lh, rh traces circles on left wrist
comment1: 1 one and a half circles
comment1: 1 one hand each finger is rubbed out to tip then down to base starting with index without lifting the right index from the lh
comment1: 1 one hand four finger(s), grasp is actual grasp, order is PRMI, thumb is barely visible but appears to be grasping
comment1: 1 one hand one finger(s)
comment1: 1 one hand one finger(s) 2 1 one hand one finger(s) 3 one hand one finger(s) 4 both hands all finger(s)
comment1: 1 one hand one finger(s) lh only
comment1: 1 one hand one finger(s) lh only 2 rh strokes or grasps left finger
comment1: 1 one hand three finger(s), grasp is protograsp, starts at index
comment1: 1 one hand two finger(s), touches middle several times then index several times, order MI, rh formation very loose with mrp more flexed than closed
comment1: 1 one hands all finger(s) with fingers more strongly bent than other signer who wiggle fingers
comment1: 1 orientation of spoon hand is fixed through sign, no contact with bowl hand, in another version the second iteration contacts the bowl hand
comment1: 1 orientation on right and left are not symmetrical with only right side having a forearm twist, actions are also not completely symmetrical
comment1: 1 orientations not exact match see version 1 for leg pat
comment1: 1 outline lips
comment1: 1 P finger is slightly separate from R (don't have an icon to display that exactly)
comment1: 1 palmside lh substitutes for chest
comment1: 1 pat head two handed
comment1: 1 pat is at waist slightly high
comment1: 1 patting is at high waist
comment1: 1 patting is with tips of fingers not flat hand
comment1: 1 pour into container 2 water 3 pour out of container back and forth on ground
comment1: 1 probably fixed sign with hands representing bones of legs
comment1: 1 prolonged contact
comment1: 1 reaches behind glasses to touch lid
comment1: 1 rh acts
comment1: 1 rh acts 2 lh acts
comment1: 1 rh acts and displays, thumb used to contact each fingernail, finger contact order is IRPRI, middle omitted, no left hand involvement
comment1: 1 rh acts as legs 2 rh acts may imply leg cylinder or displaced leg location on arm
comment1: 1 rh acts may not actually contact leg 2 rh fingerspells n-o-ge-a
comment1: 1 rh acts on 2 levels of knuckles first large IMRP then mid IMRP
comment1: 1 rh acts on 2 levels of knuckles largest imrp mid imrp
comment1: 1 rh acts on back of lh, final orientation of rh is thumbside facing down, very unusual and symbol cannot distinguish between this unusual orientation and the more common one with thumbside facing up
comment1: 1 rh acts on each of largest knuckles IMRP
comment1: 1 rh acts on large and mid knuckles of middle finger only
comment1: 1 rh acts on largest level of knuckles IMRP-RMI-MRP-RMI, thumb rh is bent in same plane as index but no matching hs
comment1: 1 rh acts on largest level of knuckles imrp-rmi-mrp-RMI-mrp, thumb rh is in same plane as index but no matching hs
comment1: 1 rh acts on largest level of knuckles three times IMR IMR IMR
comment1: 1 rh acts on lh fingernails, expression shows some uncertainty, lh fingers contacted in imp order, 2 is repeat of 1 and not transcribed, skips ring finger in both gestures, brief period where rh IM contacts lh nails
comment1: 1 rh acts on lh largest knuckles PRMI
comment1: 1 rh acts on two levels of knuckles, largest knuckles IMRPRMI then mid knuckles PRMI
comment1: 1 rh acts, all fingers are slightly spread
comment1: 1 rh acts, pat thigh or knee 2 rh lh form cylinder 3 pat knee 4 rh lh form cylinder 5 pat knee
comment1: 1 rh acts, rh grasps knee
comment1: 1 rh acts, same sign for leg as seen in other lithuanian signer in spread the sign
comment1: 1 rh contact I and M of lh, no exact match for 2nd lh with middle flexed and irp more flexed
comment1: 1 rh contact lh thumb
comment1: 1 rh contacts back of lh wrist, no contact rh-lh
comment1: 1 rh contacts left elbow
comment1: 1 rh contacts left elbow 2 fingerspelling
comment1: 1 rh contacts left elbow, elbow raised
comment1: 1 rh contacts left elbow, left arm raised
comment1: 1 rh contacts left shoulder
comment1: 1 rh contacts lh index, index is bent to show knee bent, middle is straight, point is to index
comment1: 1 rh contacts lh index, lh displays, index only, about 5 contacts
comment1: 1 rh contacts lh index, rh acts
comment1: 1 rh contacts lh knuckles, rh contacts IM note unusual rh shape instead of pointing index, may indicate something about knee joint which seems to be generally thought of as round
comment1: 1 rh contacts lh legs,rh is actually IMP extended but no hs shows M more extended than I with P also extended 2 rh only, if iconic interpretation of wiggling toes is correct rh has non-iconic upward orientation
comment1: 1 rh contacts lh thumb, lh displays, only thumb contacted, sign seems to show tip of nail being grasped and pulled off
comment1: 1 rh contacts lh thumb, lh thumb is tilted, not straight up and down
comment1: 1 rh contacts lh, one hand all finger(s) and thumb PRMIT
comment1: 1 rh contacts tip of lh index, lh displays index only, prolonged hold
comment1: 1 rh displays as foot 2 rh displays as foot lh points down, no contact rh-lh 3 rh displays as foot, lh touches nails as toes touching rh nails IMR
comment1: 1 rh displays foot, no action, rh only 2 rh displays foot lh points down as separate signs no contact rh-lh, no action rh 3 rh displays foot lh grasps wrist rh MRP flexed no exact match,no contact rh-lh
comment1: 1 rh displays foot-hand, lh palmside grasps backside of rh which is common feature for this signer when representing ankle - foot - toes but this sign has the grasp clearly on the hand not the wrist
comment1: 1 rh displays, lh acts, lh contacts rh wrist is bent inward, 2 no contact rh-lh, rh thumb bends, lh supports rh arm
comment1: 1 rh displays, lh strokes all rh fingernails in a single action 2 lh displays rh touches each lh fingernail separately, the lh changes shape after the contact on the index
comment1: 1 rh grasp left ankle, note similarity of hs with rsl and other signers
comment1: 1 rh grasps lh index, lh displays index only
comment1: 1 rh grasps lh, grasp lh in order IMR, pinky and thumb grasp omitted
comment1: 1 rh hand substitutes for foot, lh palm rubs palmside of rh, lh displays, rh acts
comment1: 1 rh is example, lh acts
comment1: 1 rh moves then lh moves
comment1: 1 rh moves up higher than lh then lh moves up to same height 2 only thumbs move
comment1: 1 rh moves up to forehead then lh moves to chin and grasps or strokes it
comment1: 1 rh only 2 lh acts on rh base wing-arm
comment1: 1 rh only acts, thumb next to IM but no exact hs match 2 lh acts on rh, fingers act as legs, thumb next to IM but no exact hs match
comment1: 1 rh palmside slaps lh pinkyside, note complex lh base and simple rh acting
comment1: 1 rh pat lh 2 lh pat rh
comment1: 1 rh pats right knee gently three times
comment1: 1 rh pats right knee twice, knee is raised, pat is vigorous
comment1: 1 rh point to lh palm with rh index 2 lh point to rh palm with lh index, pointing hand has all digits extended and does not distinguish between extension of selected or contacting finger and unselected fingers, a sequential mirror sign
comment1: 1 rh points to lh knuckle knees or lh largest knuckle 2 repeated contact on mid knuckle possibly first contact is a slip of the hand hard to say
comment1: 1 rh points to lh thumb 2 no contact rh-lh, purpose of finger wiggling unclear
comment1: 1 rh represents camel head, lh unclear but possibly just a horizon line against which the head bobs up and down
comment1: 1 rh rubs back of lh, lh copies rh, no exact match for rh hs, thumb is next to index for rh and apparently holding index up for lh, so they are imperfect mirrors
comment1: 1 rh shows legs 2 lh touches rh fingers to show legs lh points at joints
comment1: 1 rh slightly higher and closer to face than lh
comment1: 1 rh strokes lh M fingernail, lh displays IMRP, but rh index acts on lh middle only, note lack of selected - unselected distinction, transcription cannot show that the index contacts the middle and the handshapes do not suggest this contact pattern
comment1: 1 right thumb is held up prior to contact and after contact
comment1: 1 rightward and leftward action are simultaneous, initial handshape unclear
comment1: 1 rub back of lh, lh slightly spread and slightly flexed
comment1: 1 rub skin of forearm
comment1: 1 rub torso in circular path
comment1: 1 rub with index starts on right side fh and moves to left unusual expected left to right. also note that contact rub is throughout sign
comment1: 1 rub with index starts with very small motion to left then large motion to right side, contact rub is throughout sign
comment1: 1 same as dsl FOOT except for mouthing
comment1: 1 same as eso
comment1: 1 sequential contact under eyes
comment1: 1 several signers place forehead at center of forehead
comment1: 1 should palm or thumbside face writer - turned head makes it hard to decide
comment1: 1 side of face framing 2 whole face no contact rh-lh,1 to 5 lh maintained as a kind of base for all gestures but without contact when circling face, repetition of gestures 1 and 2 not transcribed 1-2-1-2-1
comment1: 1 sign for HAIR 2 no contact rh-lh, lh contacts right armpit with right arm only slightly raised, rh begins to rise early during HAIR gesture 3 4 repeat 1 and 2, only 1 2 transcribed, raising of right arm not transcribed
comment1: 1 signer turns around to present back to camera and uses lh to contact lower back
comment1: 1 signer turns sideways to present back to camera and uses rh to contact lower back
comment1: 1 similar to eso
comment1: 1 simultaneous contact under eyes
comment1: 1 slight movements between pats to other places on belly, IMRP only slightly spread
comment1: 1 stroke backside of fingers alternately 2 wiggle fingers of both hands 1 2 repeated three times very similar except that second and third repetition are slightly higher perhaps assimilating to second part with hands display wiggle
comment1: 1 stroke belly downwards several times
comment1: 1 stroke fingers both hands alternately starting with rh action, very similar to ASL BUILDING
comment1: 1 stroke hair downward and then outward indicating long hair
comment1: 1 stroke lh 2 stroke rh 3 display both hands no action
comment1: 1 stroke with index only
comment1: 1 suprising that it looks more rectangular than round
comment1: 1 tap lips 2 rub lips with very small motions
comment1: 1 taps different teeth sequentially
comment1: 1 tear apart both hands 2 pour in using left hand 3 stir w right hand 4 drink w left hand
comment1: 1 the final motion viewer-down might be transitional but seems to indicate the growth of the beard downward and outward
comment1: 1 the stroking of back of hand adds information that it is the whole of the back that is meant
comment1: 1 this may not be sign for knuckles
comment1: 1 thumb closes to fingers, pat is at high waist
comment1: 1 thumb faces viewer 2 thumb faces writer same symbol for both facings
comment1: 1 thumb may be next to index or slightly away but in same plane, definition of arm focuses on forearm
comment1: 1 thumb next to flexed index but no hs for this posture
comment1: 1 thumbside faces viewer - unusual posture
comment1: 1 to 3 sandwich sign 1 rub neck forward 2 rub side of neck with index 3 same as 1 not transcribed
comment1: 1 to 3 transcribed
comment1: 1 to 5 rh display lh acts 1 touch IMRP mid knuckles then IMRP large knuckles 2 flex knuckles 3 touch mid knuckle(s) IMRP 5 touch large knuckle(s) PRMI, only 1 2 transcribed
comment1: 1 to 7 are variants of finger choices for tapping shoulders with some repeated 2 M is flexed or angled not extended no exact match
comment1: 1 to 7 hand substitutes for foot, only 1-2 transcribed
comment1: 1 top of foot at toes is contacted
comment1: 1 touch chin tip, action somewhat prolonged
comment1: 1 touches edge of mouth not teeth, does not bare teeth
comment1: 1 transcribed
comment1: 1 transcribed remaining not transcribed
comment1: 1 transcription assumes contact with tongue which may not actually occur but certainly very close
comment1: 1 true orientation is palm faces writer-up and extended index is viewer-up
comment1: 1 two handed
comment1: 1 two slightly different locations on head, unusual handshape for grasping hair, head bowed, transcription problem for direction because of head position could be either up or toward viewer
comment1: 1 unclear if hand is spread or unspread, but fingers are at least slightly spread
comment1: 1 unusual because only one finger
comment1: 1 unusual choice to flick lh middle finger only with thumb, no contact except internal contact within hand, no right hand involvement
comment1: 1 unusual form with all action focussed on arms or elbows not hands
comment1: 1 unusual one handed version
comment1: 1 unusual sequence of LRL, hard to decide between contact and grasp
comment1: 1 unusual triple contact with nose mouth and left hand simultaneously or nearly so
comment1: 1 unusually no actual chest contact
comment1: 1 uses lh
comment1: 1 very similar to brazil except hand closes at chin
comment1: 1 very similar to her sign for eyelash except that she closes eye and fingerpad stroked eyelid instead of fingertip delineating edge
comment1: 1 very slight movement of fingers similar to asl color
comment1: 1 very small quick point 2 rh is higher and stays in place longer than left
comment1: 1 whole face no contact
comment1: 1 whole face no contact, action is mostly from wrist but slight movement of arm so included both symbols
comment1: 1 whole face no contact, one and one half circles
comment1: 1 whole face no contact, same gesture as FACE but with different mouthing and circle is slightly larger
comment1: 1 whole face with brushing contact from right temple across forehead
comment1: 1 whole face with brushing contact from right temple across forehead, 1.5 circles
comment1: 1 whole face with final contact at temple, index varies from straight to bent around circle as is true for most or all of signers circling face
comment1: 1 wiggle fingers both hands 2 display hands no action
comment1: 1 wiggle rh thumb
comment1: 1. Handshape is not exact match. Icon fingers are bend, but in actuality the signer's fingers remain straight (for second sign). 2. Final handshape in second sign the signer's fingers are flatter and closer together (combination of angle & oval). *I'd also like to add that I only coded the first 2 signs
comment1: 123 transcribed only
comment1: 1no contact rh-lh, rh contacts left armpit with left arm out from body lh not visible, slight raising of left arm not transcribed
comment1: 1no contact rh-lh, rh contacts left armpit with left arm raised
comment1: 1no contact rh-lh, rh contacts left armpit with left arm raised, raising of left arm not transcribed
comment1: 1no contact rh-lh, rh contacts left armpit with left arm slightly raised and out rh thumb closes in and lh fist tightens. No exact match for 2nd rh where thumb is next to palm not over closed fingers. Double contact and hs change appears tentative as though adjusting to correct initial posture, raising of left arm not transcribed
comment1: 1no contact rh-lh, rh grasps lh wrist, left fingers have complex and varying shapes probably due to unusual rotation of left arm only
comment1: 1rh articulator contacts l shoulder, fingers are slightly spread apart, no matching symbol for slight spreading
comment1: 2 almost certainly means etc, unusual lh shape more complex than rh
comment1: 2 COLD assimilates to final position of MOUNTAIN-PEAK
comment1: 2 grasp IMRP 4 grasp TIMR
comment1: 2 hand substitutes for foot
comment1: 2 hand substitutes for foot, note action reversal in second version of sign 1 wiggle finger then point down or 2 point down then wiggle fingers
comment1: 2 hand substitutes for foot, note reversal in final version of sign 1 foot then point down 2 point down then foot, also begins by using rh to act on lh, switches to lh acting on rh then switches back to rh acts on lh
comment1: 2 hands move only because torso moves no arm joints involved
comment1: 2 initial motion unclear
comment1: 2 interesting example of iconic form being fixed to mean bird not beak
comment1: 2 lh displays rh acts, rh touches nails PMIT, rh no exact match thumb next to index.
comment1: 2 no action
comment1: 2 no actual contact except at forehead
comment1: 2 no movement
comment1: 2 not transcribed appears to be metacomment meaning this is probably the sign
comment1: 2 not transcribed ETC
comment1: 2 one sided cheek puff
comment1: 2 only nonmanual action, tongue licks hand used same symbol twice to show location and nonmanual
comment1: 2 pat leg off screen but trajectory and elbow angle suggests knee area, note shrug at end
comment1: 2 pat leg off screen but trajectory suggests outerside of thigh
comment1: 2 puffed cheek
comment1: 2 rh touches lh nails PRMI
comment1: 2 rub across back of PRMI fingers but only touching I nail
comment1: 2 rub nails PRMI
comment1: 2 second orientation palm faces viewer-down points viewer-up
comment1: 2 several signers move left then right
comment1: 2 sign for HORSE is not the same as her recorded sign for HORSE
comment1: 2 unusual highly asymetric gesture w difficult lh orientation thumb faces down
comment1: 2 whole face no contact
comment1: 3 can't see pat on buttocks but inferred note that second and third iteration omit gesture 2 covering mouth 1 to 3 transcribed, no exact match for location on buttocks
comment1: 3 dominance reversal
comment1: 3 no action
comment1: 3 parts omitted first sign seemed more like BEARD
comment1: 3 twists clockwise
comment1: 4 and 5 not transcribed
comment1: 5 gestures, first 3 written
comment1: 8 different examples of spots
comment1: about 6 circles
comment1: action is all transitional or nonmanual with pouted lips, puffed cheeks, sad facial expression
comment1: action of cutting then grabbing stalks repeated three times
comment1: actions are center left right on top of head
comment1: actual contact on cheeks is not certain
comment1: actual orientation is between palm faces writer and thumbside faces writer
comment1: add location
comment1: add locations
comment1: add locations and place on hand
comment1: add locations change action from floor to front plane hopping
comment1: add second right handshape change handshape add locations
comment1: added face location
comment1: added location on back of left hand
comment1: added mannikins
comment1: animal by adam frost
comment1: anticipatory 6 hand on left changing to base hand for right
comment1: anticlockwise forearm twist
comment1: apparent error lh strikes beside instead of on rh on first strike
comment1: appears to be describing tiger horse pig and squirrel tail as in prompts only 1 transcribed
comment1: appears to be grasping R or RP then RM then space between MI then I
comment1: are arrows correct
comment1: articulator spelling for contact should be right hand only
comment1: asymmetric and diagonal face striping across whole face
comment1: BEAK seems to come from nose more often than BIRD
comment1: below eye
comment1: BIRD by adam frost
comment1: Bird-ArmAsWing-FeatherShape
comment1: both the chinese and rwandan show unspread handshapes for several numbers
comment1: brightness seems to face signer
comment1: cat by adam frost
comment1: changed action to wall plane arrows
comment1: changed direction to wall plane at angle leftup
comment1: changed final directions to up
comment1: changed flat path to diagonal upward outward path in part 2
comment1: changed handshapes actions added location there are three rotations of the hand
comment1: changed hs added puffed cheeks and changed neck symbol
comment1: changed location part 1 added location part 2
comment1: changed rotation to three separate actions instead of 1 alternating and one not also added location
comment1: changed spelling to one gesture
comment1: check spelling, need chin location
comment1: clockwise forearm twist
comment1: clockwise rotation on right-left axis
comment1: closing of fingers is extrapolated but not actually visible in video
comment1: compare with croatian R5 L3
comment1: complex sign with both hands acting semi-independently to show both ocean and whale. no easy way to show that left hand maintains posture for all three gestures
comment1: compound 1 head stripe 2 stinky 3 unclear note location continues down back of head
comment1: compound box shape, open box, jewelry, drop jewelry in box
comment1: contact near right mouth corner
comment1: cross is reduced to back and forth
comment1: CSL shows the whiskers other lxs show the stroked outline of a whisker
comment1: default
comment1: definition of arm emphasizes upper arm 1 stroke whole arm 2 stroke whole arm 3 pat upper arm 4 stroke arm 5 pat upper arm 6 stroke arm 1 left arm acts on rh display, initial arm position similar to hds with thumbside forearm up but after first stroke rest are on backside of forearm 4 5 6 not transcribed
comment1: definition of arm focuses on upper arm
comment1: diagonal downward movement part 1
comment1: different nonmanuals for each stripe type 4 examples of stripes also last example uses wrist flexing instead of whole arm to produce very rapid striping
comment1: divide gesture 1 into 2 gestures left hand plus spatial locations are location for gesture 2 gesture 3 seems very close to straight motion not arcs perhaps forearm twists would work
comment1: dominance reversal
comment1: dominance reversal in gesture 2
comment1: dominance reversal rh functions as mirror
comment1: dominance reversal within sign
comment1: dominance reversal within sign because of classifier hs on right hand
comment1: dominance reversal within sign gesture 2 or 3
comment1: Double check action, I exported into the Excel spreadsheet, still unclear if this is the best option.
comment1: downward facing right hand actually faces viewer-down but no symbol for this
comment1: entire body moves up by unbending knees
comment1: eyes close in aversion
comment1: fingers are pointed up but symbol shows them upside down but i believe these are the correct rotations
comment1: fingers contact matching fingers
comment1: fingers slightly spread. not clear why he unspreads his fingers
comment1: fingerspelled e and o look similar
comment1: fingerspelled l-ye-de, large circle followed by small circle somewhat spirally not sure of transcription
comment1: fingerspelled partial SNOW + F-L-A-K-E
comment1: fingerspelling
comment1: fingerspelling BOX + s-q-u-a-r-e
comment1: fingerspelling in version 2 signs no sign for that then pats leg
comment1: fingerspelling then no-sign-for-that then classifier construction
comment1: fingerspelling third and fourth fingerspelling handshapes are attempt to show combined c-i hs
comment1: fingerspelling truncated
comment1: fingerspelling, hand drops down between k and y
comment1: fingerspelling, hand drops down between o and g
comment1: fingerspells caverns with emphasis on s and r apparently not crossed
comment1: first and third handshapes have the same symbol but the thumbside faces up in 1 and down in 3
comment1: first three signs transcribed
comment1: first version only
comment1: fix this
comment1: focus is at mouth but actually touches cheeks
comment1: for beak he grasps nose and bottom of chin
comment1: for double numbers the second number usually faces more down than the first number
comment1: forehead contact then whole face circle
comment1: four signs
comment1: four twists
comment1: fourth final contact is held longer
comment1: gesture 1 and 2 meaning unclear
comment1: gesture 1 and 3 DIFFERENT not transcribed
comment1: gesture 1 fingerspelling gesture 2 note horse sign center not ipsilateral
comment1: gesture 1 fingerspelling gesture 2 shark long flat nose
comment1: gesture 2 ETC not transcribed
comment1: gesture 2 needs spatial locations and action showing movement to center and out
comment1: gesture 2 needs spatial mannikins
comment1: gesture 2 repeats 1 and not transcribed
comment1: gesture 2 VARIOUS not transcribed
comment1: gesture 3 DIFFERENT not transcribed
comment1: gesture 3 repeats 1 not transcribed
comment1: gesture1 from nose area alligator opens mouth and grabs prey
comment1: hand is between right chin right corner of mouth
comment1: hand maintains contact throughout sign
comment1: hand may not actually brush nose
comment1: hand moves in circle 1 palm to viewer 2 thumbside to writer 3 palm to writer 4 thumbside to to viewer. only way to show this would be to use left hand symbols for right hand
comment1: hand moves slightly viewer-down for both hs
comment1: hands are very close to face
comment1: hands slant down so thumbs are lower than heels
comment1: hard to decide if middle is really further flexed than others
comment1: hard to decide if this is one or two gestures. note orientation change on chin
comment1: he begins the camels hump at the top of the hump
comment1: head turn to look at sun
comment1: hs hard to see pinky looks slightly protruded
comment1: hs looks more slanted to Up-Left not Up, rotation is once not repeated
comment1: hs symbol not exact thumb is curlicued
comment1: hs1 faces between viewer and left hs2 is fist thumb out on basis of other 6 based hs from same signer
comment1: I believe she is signing HOME at the end
comment1: I didn't include the second sign. I think he is signing HORSE or ANIMAL.
comment1: I only coded the first 2 parts of what he signs.
comment1: I only coded the first 2 signs.
comment1: I wanted to make note that the signer's thumb is to the side of the index finger, not over the IMR, but I think that's due to the transition from the previous letter (equivalent to ASL "y" handshape
comment1: I'm not sure if the movement is correct, when I tried to double check it in the Excel spreadsheet the movement explanation didn't come up.
comment1: in part2 first repetition hs is different from second repetition hs
comment1: in part2 right hand moves out then rotates clockwise and moves down left hand rotates anticlockwise
comment1: in third sign the signers I finger is over T, but in the icon there tip of pointer and thumb are aligned.
comment1: initial fist is very loose
comment1: initial hs appears to be fist but second and third squeeze seem to show a less tightly fisted hs
comment1: initial hs posture unusual with thumbs facing viewer. at least 4 wing flaps
comment1: initial hs should be imrp hinge or angle location chin gesture 2 needs spatial location or change to final part of gesture 1
comment1: initial left hand assimilation to right hand 6
comment1: initial syllables describing dirt ignored
comment1: interesting distinction between N-0 and N-N digits
comment1: is there a symbol for thumb moving along fingers
comment1: left hand 4 acts
comment1: left hand action
comment1: left hand contacts right elbow. note odd location setup and unusual left hs
comment1: left hand is closer to viewer even though the right hand demonstrates the tail itself
comment1: left hand is more strongly flexed than shown in handshape but there is no hand symbol for this
comment1: left hand is only slightly slanted compared to 7
comment1: left hand more active than right hand
comment1: left hand moves
comment1: left hand placed behind head noticeably before right hand
comment1: left hand sort of acts like a base but not completely
comment1: left hs mrp is claw -possible slip of hand q. note fingers crossing at beginning of sign
comment1: lh moves not rh
comment1: lh orientation actually slanted on sidewall
comment1: lh unusual shape and different from rh and no contact
comment1: like ASL rock
comment1: like csl shows whiskers not stroking outline
comment1: like csl shows whiskers not stroking outline of one whisker
comment1: list powder-face apply lipstick as two examples of makeup
comment1: list/show various body parts bleeding
comment1: listing shirt types
comment1: location could be either mouth or nose or both in second part
comment1: location under chin
comment1: looks like asl black
comment1: looks like ASL dry
comment1: looks like cheek location and not sure need rub symbol - contact very quick
comment1: looks like reinitialized asl BROWN
comment1: may not actually touch mouth
comment1: middle finger prominent in first part of sign
comment1: most likely a sign indicating various body parts or the stomach, not the brain
comment1: most of the numbersigns that move out to viewer also move slightly down so that it is a diagonal path
comment1: motion to right very small motion forward very small downward motion more pronounced
comment1: multigesture lists various animals first 2 gestures and 6 7 not transcribed appear to be I SEE then list of animals 1 unknown perhaps lion - 2 fish or snake - 3 bird 4 horse 5 bird 6 anything more peers at prompt not 7 enough
comment1: need a forehead location plus eye location in gesture 2 plus contact brushing down
comment1: need chin location gesture 2, check spelling should be 2 gestures not 3
comment1: need depth and height spatial locations
comment1: need final handshape
comment1: need location for gesture 2
comment1: need locations
comment1: need locations final action is curve
comment1: need locations, need 2nd right handshape to show orientation change clearly
comment1: need spatial location and also crossed hand symbol
comment1: need spatial locations
comment1: need spatial locations for both gestures
comment1: need spatial locations for both gestures i think action of first should be bending or extending (the little arrowhead) and show inital and final handshape to show it doesnt close all the way
comment1: need spatial mannikins
comment1: need to reclip - sign for animal included in video but not transcribed
comment1: need top of head location
comment1: need underchin location
comment1: needs beginning handshapes and chin location
comment1: needs locations and action
comment1: needs spatial locations. do you think circles are going the right directions? they look backwards to me
comment1: night and day are reverse direction signs
comment1: no action
comment1: no actual contact with left hand location
comment1: no body contact
comment1: no contact with eye region
comment1: no exact match im flexed T closed under IM
comment1: no handshape change nonmanual action of mouth and head only
comment1: no handshape symbols available for unusual handshapes in gesture
comment1: no handshape symbols available for unusual handshapes in gesture 2
comment1: no hs match thumb in same plane as palm
comment1: no hs symbol to show TP spread, left hand is less spread than right
comment1: no hs symbol with thumb next to index
comment1: no motion except thumb closing
comment1: no movement between digits
comment1: no single symbol for angular motion down then viewer
comment1: no symbol for TI circle MRP extended not spread
comment1: no symbol for viewer-down orientation
comment1: noniconic concept choice and asymmetric horizontal striping across whole face
comment1: nonmanual action and handshape display only
comment1: nonmanual action only of head tilt
comment1: nonmanual running in place with legs
comment1: nonsymetrical action across midface
comment1: not all symbols on white board
comment1: Not an exact match, signer's IR fingers are touching infant of the M finger, in the icon IMR are next to each other.
comment1: not clear if final upward pointing hands are part of sign also orientation very variable and not all orientations had exact symbols because left hand esp pointed viewer down palm face down-right
comment1: Not sure if this is the correct action. When I looked it up in the excel spreadsheet it says, "Direction
comment1: not sure second action is correct.
comment1: not transcribed because same as ASL
comment1: note 2 and a half rotation
comment1: note 26-29 shows 10s on left and 2 plus 6 7 8 or 9 on right.
comment1: note absence of brushing action
comment1: note appearance of curled left hand before handshape change on right hand
comment1: note asymetry in height for wing handshapes part 2 because part 1 at mouth also some asymetry in hs with one more hinged than the other
comment1: note care taken with rectangular turns as compared to randomwalk video
comment1: note complete phonological disconnect between right and left and absence of mvmt in lh
comment1: note dominance reversal in part 2 also right hand drops but assimilates to left handshape
comment1: note head and surface glyph are one symbol
comment1: note lax handshape with thumb visible and MRP in close to hinge positions
comment1: note location is chin as notated *not* expected under chin
comment1: note mouth and tongue focus
comment1: note orientation change for each bandage variation
comment1: note spread 4 hands for stripes black white not transcribed
comment1: note stripe hs right and thumb extended hs left
comment1: note symbols for part 2 do not iconically represent the actual curves of the left hand
comment1: Note that the thumb does not go over the index, middle and ring fingers but rests on the side. I could not find a handshape like that, this was the closest.
comment1: note unusual thumb down posture which cant be distinguished from thumb up posture unless you used right hand symbol for left and vice versa
comment1: note unusual viewer facing index down orientation of left hand
comment1: note use of 4 hand even though phonetically easier to use 5 hand
comment1: number 2 and 3 are both barely spread
comment1: ok
comment1: old sign used in her school
comment1: one and a half circles
comment1: one gesture unusual handshape
comment1: only 1-2 transcribed,right hand acts as base, similar to psr wing
comment1: only 2-3 transcribed
comment1: only action is nonmanual rocking at waist
comment1: only action is thumbs circling left hand is location the two hands form a whole with two thumb-fins
comment1: Only coded first 2 gestures, gesture 1 appears to mean BLOOD, gesture 2 specific body part bleeding
comment1: only first gesture transcribed
comment1: only first three gestures coded
comment1: only the middle finger moves down repeatedly
comment1: orientation seems very consistent thruout sign with changes only in the vertical dimension is this an indication of a true vs adhoc sign compare to the zigzag and random walks
comment1: orientation variable
comment1: part2 has location on leg
comment1: pause at temple almost as though two gestures
comment1: possibly two signs
comment1: probably should have just the circles or just wrist circles
comment1: prolonged contact. sign lasts 3 sec instead of usual 1 sec
comment1: proto grasp several times at same hair location with initital twist of hand
comment1: r hand grasps l hand rotates dominance unclear
comment1: rec - changed orientation and handshape
comment1: rec -changed action to forearm shaking and reversed handshapes
comment1: reversed hss changed action and set to right hand only fixed lateral locations to right and left in spelling and adjusted sequences
comment1: rh under left represents worm wriggling underground, lh represents surface of ground
comment1: right arm is higher than left arm and both arms rotate clockwise
comment1: right clockwise left anticlockwise
comment1: right hand point right left hand points left need to reverse directions , need spatial locations for both gestures
comment1: right hand remains in place while left hand contacts right side of neck also both orientations are unusual with thumb facing down so that they dont match the graphic symbol
comment1: right rotates clockwise left rotates anticlockwise
comment1: right rotation on viewerleft writer right axis first and last actions are clockwise for both hands
comment1: round handshape is between palm to viewer and thumbside faces writer
comment1: RP not fully closed
comment1: same as GRASS except different mouthing
comment1: sandwich construction a-b-a
comment1: second downward motion much smaller than first
comment1: second example shows piano playing from one of the prompts
comment1: second gesture is nonmanual only gesture for spitting
comment1: Second handshape is not exact to icon. Signer's thumb is next to index finger and not across IMR like in icon.
comment1: second part probably needs a diagonal arrow action
comment1: Second sign handshape is not an exact match. The coded sign have RP touching and IM touch. But the signer's fingers are all separated. For the third sign the dominant handshape the signer's thumb is next to I finger, in icon the thumb is across palm.
comment1: second version
comment1: second version labelled as version 3 because of already existing second video
comment1: sheep by adam frost
comment1: sign is slightly offcentered to left
comment1: signer brushes 7 times his pointer on top of the non-dom hand, may not be required part of sign
comment1: signer includes descriptions of striped fish white fish fish with whiskers etc not transcribed
comment1: signer perspective object moves further away from signer in relation to base hand
comment1: signer says King and Queen are the same sign
comment1: signer says picture shows two hats Lithuanian has two signs One is hat with a visor and another is hat like a bonnet
comment1: signer says that lake and island are manually the same but mouth differentiates
comment1: signer says that lake and island are manually the same but mouth differentiates but note island has no repeated circling and has a larger circling motion
comment1: signer uses pocket as part of sign
comment1: Signer's hand position is slightly tilted between wall and floor plane.
comment1: Signer's I finger is bent, not an exact match to icon
comment1: Signer's IMR fingers hang over thumb, not an exact match to icon
comment1: Signer's MRP fingers are flat on palm, icon image has MRP top knuckles bent into palm.
comment1: Signer's RP fingers are top knuckle is not bent, but in the icon image it has the RP top knuckle bent into palm.
comment1: Signer's thumb does not cross over palm as much as icon represents.
comment1: Signer's thumb is bent over palm, not an exact match to icon (in icon thumb is next to index finger).
comment1: Signer's thumb is pushed forward more than the icon.
comment1: Signer's thumb is slightly forward, that is not represented in the icon.
comment1: Signers thumb is bent and IM fingers are hanging over thumb, not an exact match to icon.
comment1: signwriting not complete
comment1: similar to ASL NOW
comment1: similar to ASL sign, no exact match final orientation palm to writer fingerpoint writer-up
comment1: similar to dsl version but with reversed direction
comment1: sister and brother seem to be the same sign although mouthing may be different
comment1: sk -do the handshapes need to be reversed rec yes also changed action to forearm shaking
comment1: slight back and forth wave in curve to viewer. Unusual handshape much more flattened than normal circle handshape
comment1: smooth downward semicircular action writer-up to viewer-down no symbol for this as one action
comment1: specific location is high cheek under eye
comment1: specify mouth location add loc for part 2
comment1: spiral starts small and gets larger
comment1: spots on cheetahs body
comment1: switched right and left symbols for buckle thumbside faces viewer
comment1: that third handshape looks more like Y not C to me (pinky extended) need spatial locations
comment1: The handshakes don't exactly match for the third sign.
comment1: The icon doesn't match the signer's handshape exactly. The thumb is touching index finger.
comment1: the prolonged touch of the left index with the right palm does not have a good symbol to show this
comment1: The signer finger spells iguana at the end, I did not code that.
comment1: The signer places his thumb to the side of his ring finger, the symbol has the thumb touches the underside of the ring finger.
comment1: The signer's I finger and thumb don't match the icon, there was no exact match.
comment1: The signer's IMR fingers are touching, there was not an exact match.
comment1: The signer's IMRP are not completely tucked as it is depicted in the icon.
comment1: The signer's ring and pinky are down, in this icon pinky, ring, middle are touching and straight out.
comment1: The signer's RP fingers are down, in the icon they are out straight (there wasn't an exact match)
comment1: The signer's thumb appears to be straight as opposed to the icon where the thumb is bend over RP fingers
comment1: The signer's thumb is extended straight under the I finger and not to the side like the icon.
comment1: The signer's thumb is over palm (under the fingers) but in the icon the thumb is next to the fingers.
comment1: The signer's thumb is over the index finger, this does not match the icon.
comment1: the spread between thumb and index is greater for initial action
comment1: The symbol used is not an exact match, the icon has index and middle next to each other, but in the actual sign the index is on top of the middle finger.
comment1: the twisting in syllable 1 may be a transition movement to syllable 2 with syllable 1 only a display
comment1: the upward S curve has multiple S and goes far up above the head
comment1: there is a better video that should replace this transcription omits etc
comment1: there may be a better way to show the right hand that is snapping.
comment1: There was no exact match. The thumb is not touching any fingers and the RP fingers are straight out.
comment1: There wasn't an exact match for the handshape. The signer's middle finger is on top of the index finger, while the sign has IM next to each other. contact is with thumb and fingers on top and bottom of mouth
comment1: There wasn't an exact match, the signer's thumb is touching the side of the index finger.
comment1: these twisting motions seem to occur more often for nsp signer than others
comment1: third part has extra action that cant be seen on page not all symbols fit on whiteboard
comment1: This is not the exact handshape, but the closest I could find. The actual handshape is ring and pinky up, however the icon is middle and ring.
comment1: this might mean DUNE or SANDY-AREA
comment1: This signer slightly turns her hand and does a slight wrist movement. I'm not sure if that is part of the sign, or did that so the viewer could see. Thoughts?
comment1: three closings of thumb index
comment1: thumb and index both contact the base hand to show that both ends of the battery are in contact
comment1: thumb closes three times
comment1: thumb is actually against palm no exact match
comment1: thumb is either under index or next to index but no sw symbol for this
comment1: thumb is to the side of the middle finger, as opposed to underneath it.
comment1: thumb rubs against fingers repeatedly
comment1: thumb seems to make a small open shape with fingers not shown in symbol
comment1: thumbside faces viewer
comment1: tiger plus spots on arm
comment1: tongue flicking
comment1: transcription incomplete
comment1: two separate signs need to separate them
comment1: two signs
comment1: two signs already split and shown as v1 and v2
comment1: two signs only first one transcribed
comment1: two signs only first one written
comment1: two signs sign1 not transcribed
comment1: two versions of sign but so closely pronounced that they appear to be one sign perhaps a compound with many repetitions 1 has 4 repeats 2 has 5 repeats pulling down begins alone then overlaps briefly with squeezing
comment1: U handshape has very loosely closed ring pinky
comment1: unclear if one or two gestures
comment1: unclear if this is body or naked body
comment1: unusual final return to chin without repeating viewer-down curve
comment1: unusual hand orientation
comment1: unusual lax hs IP hinged MR almost closed T closed no exact symbol match
comment1: unusual left handshapes
comment1: unusual location for water
comment1: unusual location from mid forehead down nose
comment1: unusual sign other russian signer produces only second part
comment1: unusual version of moon w round shape instead of crescent
comment1: unusual wrist lateral flexing to show camel head
comment1: upward motion is transition only real action is head turn
comment1: used nonmanual for mouth to indicate mouth corner
comment1: varieties of beaks
comment1: version 2
comment1: version 2 omits final fist closure
comment1: very short initial motion with right hand maybe holding a walking stick or what q
comment1: When I double checked the motion in the Excel spreadsheet this movement doesn't appear. I'm not sure if this is the correct choice.
comment1: whole face
comment1: whole face and two signs
comment1: whole face no contact
comment1: woman - dress-short sleeves - dress final dress not written
comment1: women getting dressed up
comment1: wrist location is actually all 4 sides
comment1:no exact match for hs because thumb is under hinged fingers not creating an angle with index
comment2: 2 new location only for 2nd location, first location same as end of gesture 1
comment2: 2 second version varies in more centralized wings with hands oriented toward viewer-side instead of side
comment2: 3 circles
comment2: 6 gestures 4 written
comment2: edit 20191126
comment2: gesture 1 sign2 has digit flicking, both signs need spatial locations for hands clasped
comment2: hand changes from bunched fingers to spread before beginning part 2
comment2: left hand remains in place while right hand fingerspells
comment2: looks like an assimilated compound nonmanual to show sucked in thin cheeks
comment2: multiple signs
comment2: not all gestures written
comment2: note apparent numeration on pinky and ring
comment2: note use of sign for horse even though it does not fit iconically since zebras are not ridden clear example of non-iconic concept choice
comment2: ok
comment2: only 3 gestures written
comment2: only coded first 2 signs.
comment2: only first example of stripes written
comment2: only first example written
comment2: partial edit 20190825
comment2: rh orientation is viewer-up-left
comment2: right hand spread but thumb next to index no exact symbol
comment2: rotation for paws is approximation for pointing viewer-up
comment2: rt hand probably condenses at end but cant be seen clearly
comment2: SNOW held on left hand while fingerspelling
comment2: thumb rubs against fingers
comment2: version 2 accidentally transcribed
comment2: zero uses IM only
glosskeynum: AARDVARK150225
glosskeynum: ABOVE906035
glosskeynum: ACCIDENT308000
glosskeynum: ACNE308050
glosskeynum: ACTOR701260
glosskeynum: ACTRESS701270
glosskeynum: AFRAID704095
glosskeynum: AIRPLANE609162
glosskeynum: AIRPORT609170
glosskeynum: ALLIGATOR151690
glosskeynum: ALONE704350
glosskeynum: ALPHABETLETTER706040
glosskeynum: AMBULANCE608545
glosskeynum: AMONG906092
glosskeynum: ANGEL151775
glosskeynum: ANGRY704005
glosskeynum: ANIMAL151820
glosskeynum: ANKLE205350
glosskeynum: ANT151545
glosskeynum: ANTEATER150230
glosskeynum: ANTENNA151735
glosskeynum: APARTMENT601320
glosskeynum: APPLE401080
glosskeynum: APRICOT401100
glosskeynum: APRON301435
glosskeynum: ARCHERY801510
glosskeynum: ARM205240
glosskeynum: ARMADILLO150235
glosskeynum: ARMPIT205250
glosskeynum: ARMWRESTLING801520
glosskeynum: AROUND906091
glosskeynum: ART801060
glosskeynum: ARTGALLERY801050
glosskeynum: ARTIST701280
glosskeynum: ARTISTBRUSH801080
glosskeynum: ASH201200
glosskeynum: ATHLETE701290
glosskeynum: AUDIENCE801040
glosskeynum: AUTUMN907089
glosskeynum: BABY701500
glosskeynum: BACK205200
glosskeynum: BACKPACK303075
glosskeynum: BACON408850
glosskeynum: BADGER150350
glosskeynum: BAG501430
glosskeynum: BAKER701160
glosskeynum: BALD205170
glosskeynum: BALL801390
glosskeynum: BALLET801115
glosskeynum: BALLOON801250
glosskeynum: BALLOONING801530
glosskeynum: BANANA401130
glosskeynum: BANDAGE308120
glosskeynum: BARBER701390
glosskeynum: BARK201410
glosskeynum: BARREL501440
glosskeynum: BASEBALL801535
glosskeynum: BASKET501450
glosskeynum: BASKETBALL801540
glosskeynum: BAT151395
glosskeynum: BATHINGSUIT301465
glosskeynum: BATHROOM604260
glosskeynum: BATHTUB501180
glosskeynum: BATTERY501660
glosskeynum: BEACH905440
glosskeynum: BEAK151740
glosskeynum: BEAR150210
glosskeynum: BEARD205180
glosskeynum: BEAUTICIAN701400
glosskeynum: BEAVER150355
glosskeynum: BED606572
glosskeynum: BEDROOM604270
glosskeynum: BEE151550
glosskeynum: BEER407810
glosskeynum: BEHIND906060
glosskeynum: BELLY205210
glosskeynum: BELLYDANCE801119
glosskeynum: BELOW906050
glosskeynum: BELT304160
glosskeynum: BENCH605553
glosskeynum: BERRY201440
glosskeynum: BETWEEN906090
glosskeynum: BICYCLE608409
glosskeynum: BILLIARDS801550
glosskeynum: BINOCULARS900105
glosskeynum: BIRD151540
glosskeynum: BISON150310
glosskeynum: BLACK901017
glosskeynum: BLACKPEPPER404570
glosskeynum: BLANKET606577
glosskeynum: BLIND308272
glosskeynum: BLOCKS801260
glosskeynum: BLOOD205430
glosskeynum: BLOODPRESSURECUFF308130
glosskeynum: BLUE901030
glosskeynum: BLURRY901120
glosskeynum: BOAT608405
glosskeynum: BOCCE801560
glosskeynum: BODY205490
glosskeynum: BOMB609710
glosskeynum: BONE205440
glosskeynum: BOOK706010
glosskeynum: BOOKCASE605557
glosskeynum: BOOT302335
glosskeynum: BOTTLE501460
glosskeynum: BOWLDISH507830
glosskeynum: BOWLING801570
glosskeynum: BOX501470
glosskeynum: BOY701520
glosskeynum: BOYFRIEND703100
glosskeynum: BRA301470
glosskeynum: BRACELET305502
glosskeynum: BRAID303117
glosskeynum: BRAIN205450
glosskeynum: BREAD401500
glosskeynum: BREAST205380
glosskeynum: BRIDGE609370
glosskeynum: BROKEN704310
glosskeynum: BROOM501190
glosskeynum: BROTHER703080
glosskeynum: BROWN901087
glosskeynum: BRUISE308010
glosskeynum: BUBBLE201167
glosskeynum: BUBBLEBLOWING801270
glosskeynum: BUCKET501480
glosskeynum: BUCKLE304170
glosskeynum: BUG151615
glosskeynum: BUILDING601310
glosskeynum: BULLFIGHTING801580
glosskeynum: BUREAU605558
glosskeynum: BUS608480
glosskeynum: BUTTER405710
glosskeynum: BUTTERFLY151555
glosskeynum: BUTTOCKS205390
glosskeynum: BUTTON304210
glosskeynum: CABBAGE401310
glosskeynum: CACTUS201330
glosskeynum: CAKE406710
glosskeynum: CALENDAR907005
glosskeynum: CAMEL150120
glosskeynum: CAMERA801100
glosskeynum: CANDLE501610
glosskeynum: CANDY406740
glosskeynum: CANE308285
glosskeynum: CANOEING801590
glosskeynum: CANTALOUPE401220
glosskeynum: CAR608490
glosskeynum: CARACCIDENT308005
glosskeynum: CARMECHANIC701030
glosskeynum: CARPENTER701040
glosskeynum: CARRACING801600
glosskeynum: CARROT401320
glosskeynum: CASH609550
glosskeynum: CASHIER701200
glosskeynum: CAT150100
glosskeynum: CATERPILLAR151560
glosskeynum: CATTLE150135
glosskeynum: CAVE905472
glosskeynum: CEILING603050
glosskeynum: CEMETERY308080
glosskeynum: CENTRAL960207
glosskeynum: CEREAL401510
glosskeynum: CHAIN501340
glosskeynum: CHAIR605520
glosskeynum: CHECK609547
glosskeynum: CHECKERS801130
glosskeynum: CHEEK205100
glosskeynum: CHEESE405720
glosskeynum: CHEESEGRATER507765
glosskeynum: CHEETAH150190
glosskeynum: CHERRY401140
glosskeynum: CHESS801121
glosskeynum: CHEST205220
glosskeynum: CHESTNUT401620
glosskeynum: CHEWINGGUM409910
glosskeynum: CHICKEN150155
glosskeynum: CHICKPEA401605
glosskeynum: CHILD701510
glosskeynum: CHIN205110
glosskeynum: CHINESECHARACTER706045
glosskeynum: CHOCOLATE406750
glosskeynum: CHOPSTICK507780
glosskeynum: CIGAR409920
glosskeynum: CIGARETTE409915
glosskeynum: CIRCLE905120
glosskeynum: CIRCUS801420
glosskeynum: CITY905480
glosskeynum: CLASSROOM705007
glosskeynum: CLAW151745
glosskeynum: CLAY201270
glosskeynum: CLEANDISHES507898
glosskeynum: CLEAR901130
glosskeynum: CLOCK907000
glosskeynum: CLOTHES301000
glosskeynum: CLOTHESDRYER605110
glosskeynum: CLOTHESWASHER605105
glosskeynum: CLOUD201050
glosskeynum: CLOWN701255
glosskeynum: COAL201220
glosskeynum: COAT301380
glosskeynum: COCHLEARIMPLANT308150
glosskeynum: COCKATOO151440
glosskeynum: COCKROACH151565
glosskeynum: COCONUT401150
glosskeynum: COFFEE407040
glosskeynum: COIN609570
glosskeynum: COLANDER507762
glosskeynum: COLLEGE705010
glosskeynum: COLOR901000
glosskeynum: COMBFORHAIR303120
glosskeynum: COMBINATIONLOCK501402
glosskeynum: COMPUTER705020
glosskeynum: CONIFER201370
glosskeynum: CONSTRUCTIONWORKER701010
glosskeynum: COOK701170
glosskeynum: COOKINGOIL404510
glosskeynum: COPPER201230
glosskeynum: CORN401520
glosskeynum: CORNER905245
glosskeynum: COTTON304250
glosskeynum: CRAB151645
glosskeynum: CRACKER401530
glosskeynum: CREDITCARD609545
glosskeynum: CRICKET801610
glosskeynum: CROQUET801620
glosskeynum: CROSSWORD801190
glosskeynum: CROW151445
glosskeynum: CROWN305010
glosskeynum: CRUTCH308160
glosskeynum: CRY704110
glosskeynum: CUBE905214
glosskeynum: CUCUMBER401330
glosskeynum: CUP507834
glosskeynum: CURTAIN605560
glosskeynum: CURVE905123
glosskeynum: DANCING801430
glosskeynum: DARKCOLORED901100
glosskeynum: DARTS801630
glosskeynum: DATEFRUIT401160
glosskeynum: DAUGHTER703060
glosskeynum: DAY907055
glosskeynum: DEAD308090
glosskeynum: DEAF705050
glosskeynum: DEAFBLIND705090
glosskeynum: DECIDUOUSTREE201380
glosskeynum: DECKOFCARDS801200
glosskeynum: DEER150320
glosskeynum: DENTIST701110
glosskeynum: DESK605530
glosskeynum: DIAMOND905237
glosskeynum: DIAPER301480
glosskeynum: DICE801210
glosskeynum: DININGROOM604280
glosskeynum: DINOSAUR151695
glosskeynum: DIRTYDISHES507896
glosskeynum: DISHES507835
glosskeynum: DOCTOR701120
glosskeynum: DOG150105
glosskeynum: DOGRACING801640
glosskeynum: DOLL801280
glosskeynum: DOLLHOUSE801290
glosskeynum: DOLPHIN151620
glosskeynum: DOMINOS801220
glosskeynum: DONKEY150115
glosskeynum: DOOR603060
glosskeynum: DOORKNOB603064
glosskeynum: DOUGHNUT406720
glosskeynum: DOVE151450
glosskeynum: DRAGON151780
glosskeynum: DRAGONFLY151570
glosskeynum: DRESS301390
glosskeynum: DRIEDBEANS401600
glosskeynum: DRINKINGGLASS507860
glosskeynum: DRINKINGSTRAW507776
glosskeynum: DRINKS401010
glosskeynum: DRIVER701440
glosskeynum: DUCK150165
glosskeynum: EAGLE151455
glosskeynum: EAR205020
glosskeynum: EARRING305015
glosskeynum: EARTH201010
glosskeynum: EEL151655
glosskeynum: EGG408800
glosskeynum: EGGPLANT401340
glosskeynum: ELBOW205260
glosskeynum: ELECTRICIAN701050
glosskeynum: ELECTRICWIRE501372
glosskeynum: ELEPHANT150125
glosskeynum: ELEVATOR603070
glosskeynum: ENGINEMOTOR501670
glosskeynum: ENVELOPE706080
glosskeynum: ESCALATOR603080
glosskeynum: EYE205000
glosskeynum: EYEBROW205070
glosskeynum: EYEGLASSES308170
glosskeynum: EYELASH205080
glosskeynum: EYELID205090
glosskeynum: EYESHADOW305530
glosskeynum: FABRIC304225
glosskeynum: FACE205040
glosskeynum: FACTORYWORKER701060
glosskeynum: FAIRY151785
glosskeynum: FALCON151460
glosskeynum: FAMILY703000
glosskeynum: FAN501588
glosskeynum: FARMER701070
glosskeynum: FARMHOUSE601315
glosskeynum: FAT905330
glosskeynum: FATHER703007
glosskeynum: FEATHER151750
glosskeynum: FECES205400
glosskeynum: FENCE609390
glosskeynum: FERN201340
glosskeynum: FIELD905470
glosskeynum: FIELDHOCKEY801650
glosskeynum: FIG401170
glosskeynum: FINGER205290
glosskeynum: FINGERNAIL205310
glosskeynum: FINGERNAILPOLISH305540
glosskeynum: FINGERSPELLING705070
glosskeynum: FIRE201185
glosskeynum: FIREENGINE608500
glosskeynum: FIREPLACE501590
glosskeynum: FIREWORKS801440
glosskeynum: FISH151660
glosskeynum: FLAG609700
glosskeynum: FLAMENCO801117
glosskeynum: FLAMINGO151465
glosskeynum: FLOOD201103
glosskeynum: FLOOR603055
glosskeynum: FLOWER201450
glosskeynum: FLOWERPOT501062
glosskeynum: FOG201060
glosskeynum: FOOD401000
glosskeynum: FOOT205360
glosskeynum: FOOTBALLGAME801660
glosskeynum: FOREHEAD205060
glosskeynum: FOREST201405
glosskeynum: FORK507800
glosskeynum: FOX150195
glosskeynum: FRIEND703140
glosskeynum: FROG151665
glosskeynum: FRUITJUICE407010
glosskeynum: FRUITMIXED401070
glosskeynum: FRYINGPAN507740
glosskeynum: FUR151755
glosskeynum: FURNACE501600
glosskeynum: FUTURE908030
glosskeynum: GAMBLING801450
glosskeynum: GAME801120
glosskeynum: GAMEOFGO801140
glosskeynum: GARBAGETRUCK608555
glosskeynum: GARDENHOSE501064
glosskeynum: GATE609400
glosskeynum: GAZELLE150325
glosskeynum: GHOST151790
glosskeynum: GIANT151795
glosskeynum: GINGER404590
glosskeynum: GIRAFFE150300
glosskeynum: GIRL701530
glosskeynum: GIRLFRIEND703095
glosskeynum: GLOVE303095
glosskeynum: GOAT150140
glosskeynum: GOLD201240
glosskeynum: GOLF801670
glosskeynum: GOOSE150170
glosskeynum: GORILLA150245
glosskeynum: GRADUATION705012
glosskeynum: GRANDFATHER703010
glosskeynum: GRANDMOTHER703008
glosskeynum: GRAPES401180
glosskeynum: GRASS201350
glosskeynum: GRASSHOPPER151575
glosskeynum: GRAVY404515
glosskeynum: GREEN901040
glosskeynum: GREENBEANS401350
glosskeynum: GREY901019
glosskeynum: GROUNDMEAT408830
glosskeynum: GUINEAPIG151400
glosskeynum: GUN609720
glosskeynum: GYMNASTICS801680
glosskeynum: HAIR205160
glosskeynum: HAIRBRUSH303130
glosskeynum: HAMBURGER408820
glosskeynum: HAMMER501070
glosskeynum: HAMSTER151405
glosskeynum: HAND205280
glosskeynum: HANGER501500
glosskeynum: HAPPY704090
glosskeynum: HARDLIQUOR407820
glosskeynum: HAT303100
glosskeynum: HEAD205050
glosskeynum: HEADSCARF303110
glosskeynum: HEARINGAID308151
glosskeynum: HEART205460
glosskeynum: HEDGEHOG151436
glosskeynum: HELICOPTER609005
glosskeynum: HIKING801690
glosskeynum: HIKINGBOOT302337
glosskeynum: HIPPOPOTAMUS150340
glosskeynum: HOLE905475
glosskeynum: HONEY404610
glosskeynum: HOOK501510
glosskeynum: HORSE150110
glosskeynum: HORSEPOLO801700
glosskeynum: HORSERACING801710
glosskeynum: HORSESHOES801720
glosskeynum: HOSPITAL308300
glosskeynum: HOTPEPPER404520
glosskeynum: HOUR907010
glosskeynum: HOUSE601350
glosskeynum: HOUSEFLY151580
glosskeynum: HUMMINGBIRD151470
glosskeynum: HUNTING801730
glosskeynum: HUSBAND703120
glosskeynum: HYENA150200
glosskeynum: HYPODERMIC308200
glosskeynum: ICE201162
glosskeynum: ICECREAM405730
glosskeynum: ICEHOCKEY801740
glosskeynum: ICESKATE801750
glosskeynum: IGUANA151700
glosskeynum: IMAM701340
glosskeynum: INFRONTOF906065
glosskeynum: INSIDE906070
glosskeynum: INTERPRETER705080
glosskeynum: IRON201250
glosskeynum: ISLAND905450
glosskeynum: JAIL601360
glosskeynum: JAMJELLY404630
glosskeynum: JANITOR701410
glosskeynum: JEANS301457
glosskeynum: JELLYFISH151670
glosskeynum: JEWELRY305510
glosskeynum: JEWELRYBOX305515
glosskeynum: JIGSAW801300
glosskeynum: JUDGE701210
glosskeynum: KALEIDESCOPE801310
glosskeynum: KANGAROO150255
glosskeynum: KARATE801760
glosskeynum: KEY501390
glosskeynum: KIMONO301410
glosskeynum: KING701240
glosskeynum: KITCHEN604290
glosskeynum: KITE801320
glosskeynum: KNEE205340
glosskeynum: KNIFE507810
glosskeynum: KNUCKLE205320
glosskeynum: KOALA150215
glosskeynum: LACROSSE801770
glosskeynum: LADDER501102
glosskeynum: LAKE905412
glosskeynum: LAMP501620
glosskeynum: LAUNDRY605107
glosskeynum: LEAF201460
glosskeynum: LEG205330
glosskeynum: LEMON401190
glosskeynum: LETTERA112010
glosskeynum: LETTERAE112328
glosskeynum: LETTERAMHARICC01V1HA117100
glosskeynum: LETTERAMHARICC01V2HU117102
glosskeynum: LETTERAMHARICC01V3HI117103
glosskeynum: LETTERAMHARICC01V4HAA117104
glosskeynum: LETTERAMHARICC01V5HAE117105
glosskeynum: LETTERAMHARICC01V6HEH117106
glosskeynum: LETTERAMHARICC01V7HO117107
glosskeynum: LETTERAMHARICC02V1LE117108
glosskeynum: LETTERAMHARICC02V2LU117110
glosskeynum: LETTERAMHARICC02V3LI117111
glosskeynum: LETTERAMHARICC02V4LA117112
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICAIN116317
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICALIF116300
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICBEH116301
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICDAD116314
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICDAL116307
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICDHA116316
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICFEH116319
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICGHAIN116318
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICHA116305
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICHAMZAH116326
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICHEH116325
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICJIM116304
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICKAF116321
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICKHA116306
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICLAM116322
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICMIM116323
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICNUN116324
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICQAF116320
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICSAD116313
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICSHIN116312
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICTA116315
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICTEH116302
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICTHEH116303
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICWAW116327
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICYEH116328
glosskeynum: LETTERARABICZIN116310
glosskeynum: LETTERAWITHOGONEK112292
glosskeynum: LETTERB112474
glosskeynum: LETTERC112522
glosskeynum: LETTERCH112614
glosskeynum: LETTERCWITHCARON112554
glosskeynum: LETTERCWITHCEDILLA112570
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICA116200
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICBE116202
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICCH116248
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICDE116208
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICE116260
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICEE116218
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICF116242
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICGE116206
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICIH116256
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICK116222
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICKHA116244
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICL116224
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICM116226
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICN116228
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICO116230
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICOO116240
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICP116232
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICS116236
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICSH116250
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICSHCH116252
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICT116238
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICTS116246
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICVE116204
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICYA116264
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICYE116210
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICYO116212
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICYOO116262
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICZE116216
glosskeynum: LETTERCYRILLICZHE116214
glosskeynum: LETTERD112632
glosskeynum: LETTERE112722
glosskeynum: LETTEREWITHDOTABOVE113074
glosskeynum: LETTEREWITHOGONEK113172
glosskeynum: LETTERF113274
glosskeynum: LETTERG113328
glosskeynum: LETTERGWITHBREVE113354
glosskeynum: LETTERH113434
glosskeynum: LETTERI113506
glosskeynum: LETTERITURKISH113523
glosskeynum: LETTERIWITHOGONEK113788
glosskeynum: LETTERJ113820
glosskeynum: LETTERK113870
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH01ALIF117001
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH02HAMZA117002
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH03BE117003
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH04TE117004
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH05PE117005
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH06JE117006
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH07CHE117007
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH08HE117008
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH09KHE117009
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH10DAL117010
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH11RE117011
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH12REYQELEW117012
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH13ZE117013
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH14ZHE117014
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH15SIN117015
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH16SHIN117016
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH17EYN117017
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH18GHEYN117018
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH19FE117019
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH20QAF117020
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH21VE117021
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH22KAF117022
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH23GAF117023
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH24LAM117024
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH26MIM117026
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH27NUN117027
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH28HE117028
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH29BZWEN117029
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH30WAW117030
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH33YI117033
glosskeynum: LETTERKURDISH34YE117034
glosskeynum: LETTERL113942
glosskeynum: LETTERM114094
glosskeynum: LETTERN114196
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALA116536
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALAA116537
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALACOLON116548
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALAI116544
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALAM116547
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALAU116546
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALBH116521
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALBHA116522
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALCHA116505
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALCHHA116506
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALDA1116511
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALDA2116516
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALDHA1116512
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALDHA116551
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALE116543
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALGA116502
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALGHA116503
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALHA116531
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALI116538
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALII116539
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALJHA116507
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALKA116500
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALKHA116501
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALKSHA116532
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALLA116526
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALNGA116504
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALO116545
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALPA116519
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALPHA116520
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALRA116525
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALRI116542
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALSA116530
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALSHA1116528
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALSHA2116529
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALSHRA116535
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALTA1116509
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALTA2116514
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALTHA1116510
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALTHA2116515
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALTRA116533
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALU116540
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALUCOLON116541
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALWA116527
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALYA116524
glosskeynum: LETTERNEPALYNA116508
glosskeynum: LETTERNG114325
glosskeynum: LETTERO114328
glosskeynum: LETTEROWITHSTROKE114822
glosskeynum: LETTEROWITHTILDE114830
glosskeynum: LETTERP114892
glosskeynum: LETTERQ114956
glosskeynum: LETTERR114998
glosskeynum: LETTERS115130
glosskeynum: LETTERSH115251
glosskeynum: LETTERSWITHCARON115168
glosskeynum: LETTERT115272
glosskeynum: LETTERU115388
glosskeynum: LETTERUWITHMACRON115666
glosskeynum: LETTERUWITHOGONEK115680
glosskeynum: LETTERV115712
glosskeynum: LETTERW115886
glosskeynum: LETTERX115930
glosskeynum: LETTERY115970
glosskeynum: LETTERZ116044
glosskeynum: LETTERZH116111
glosskeynum: LETTERZWITHCARON116066
glosskeynum: LIBRARY705015
glosskeynum: LIGHTBULB501630
glosskeynum: LIGHTCOLORED901110
glosskeynum: LIGHTNING201080
glosskeynum: LINE905125
glosskeynum: LION150180
glosskeynum: LIP205120
glosskeynum: LIPSTICK305516
glosskeynum: LIVINGROOM604300
glosskeynum: LIZARD151705
glosskeynum: LLAMA150130
glosskeynum: LOBSTER151650
glosskeynum: LOCK501400
glosskeynum: LOCUST151585
glosskeynum: LOINCLOTH301472
glosskeynum: LOSER801970
glosskeynum: LUMBER201425
glosskeynum: MAGAZINE706030
glosskeynum: MAGNIFYINGGLASS900140
glosskeynum: MAHJONG801150
glosskeynum: MAKEUP305560
glosskeynum: MAN701550
glosskeynum: MANGO401210
glosskeynum: MAP609440
glosskeynum: MARBLES801305
glosskeynum: MASK303115
glosskeynum: MATCH501640
glosskeynum: MATTRESS606573
glosskeynum: MEASLES308060
glosskeynum: MEAT408810
glosskeynum: MEDICINE308220
glosskeynum: MELON401230
glosskeynum: MERMAID151800
glosskeynum: METAL201260
glosskeynum: MICROSCOPE900150
glosskeynum: MILK405700
glosskeynum: MINER701015
glosskeynum: MINT404585
glosskeynum: MIRROR501612
glosskeynum: MIXER507772
glosskeynum: MOLE151415
glosskeynum: MONGOOSE150360
glosskeynum: MONK701320
glosskeynum: MONKBUDDHIST701325
glosskeynum: MONKEY150250
glosskeynum: MONOPOLY801160
glosskeynum: MONSTER151805
glosskeynum: MONTH907092
glosskeynum: MOON201015
glosskeynum: MOOSE150330
glosskeynum: MOPTOOL501210
glosskeynum: MOSQUITO151590
glosskeynum: MOSQUITONETTING606576
glosskeynum: MOTHER703005
glosskeynum: MOTORCYCLE608411
glosskeynum: MOUNTAIN905471
glosskeynum: MOUSE151425
glosskeynum: MOUTH205030
glosskeynum: MOVIE801010
glosskeynum: MUD201280
glosskeynum: MUSHROOM401360
glosskeynum: MUSTACHE205190
glosskeynum: NAIL501080
glosskeynum: NAKED301010
glosskeynum: NAPKIN507894
glosskeynum: NECK205150
glosskeynum: NECKLACE305020
glosskeynum: NECKSCARF303114
glosskeynum: NEIGHBOR703150
glosskeynum: NEST151720
glosskeynum: NEWSPAPER706035
glosskeynum: NIGHT907060
glosskeynum: NOODLE401540
glosskeynum: NOSE205010
glosskeynum: NUMBER0101210
glosskeynum: NUMBER1000101200
glosskeynum: NUMBER100101100
glosskeynum: NUMBER101000
glosskeynum: NUMBER10101010
glosskeynum: NUMBER1101001
glosskeynum: NUMBER11101011
glosskeynum: NUMBER12101012
glosskeynum: NUMBER13101013
glosskeynum: NUMBER14101014
glosskeynum: NUMBER15101015
glosskeynum: NUMBER16101016
glosskeynum: NUMBER17101017
glosskeynum: NUMBER18101018
glosskeynum: NUMBER19101019
glosskeynum: NUMBER20101020
glosskeynum: NUMBER2101002
glosskeynum: NUMBER21101021
glosskeynum: NUMBER22101022
glosskeynum: NUMBER23101023
glosskeynum: NUMBER24101024
glosskeynum: NUMBER25101025
glosskeynum: NUMBER26101026
glosskeynum: NUMBER27101027
glosskeynum: NUMBER28101028
glosskeynum: NUMBER29101029
glosskeynum: NUMBER30101030
glosskeynum: NUMBER3101003
glosskeynum: NUMBER31101031
glosskeynum: NUMBER32101032
glosskeynum: NUMBER33101033
glosskeynum: NUMBER34101034
glosskeynum: NUMBER35101035
glosskeynum: NUMBER36101036
glosskeynum: NUMBER37101037
glosskeynum: NUMBER38101038
glosskeynum: NUMBER39101039
glosskeynum: NUMBER40101040
glosskeynum: NUMBER4101004
glosskeynum: NUMBER41101041
glosskeynum: NUMBER42101042
glosskeynum: NUMBER43101043
glosskeynum: NUMBER44101044
glosskeynum: NUMBER45101045
glosskeynum: NUMBER46101046
glosskeynum: NUMBER47101047
glosskeynum: NUMBER48101048
glosskeynum: NUMBER49101049
glosskeynum: NUMBER50101050
glosskeynum: NUMBER5101005
glosskeynum: NUMBER51101051
glosskeynum: NUMBER52101052
glosskeynum: NUMBER53101053
glosskeynum: NUMBER54101054
glosskeynum: NUMBER55101055
glosskeynum: NUMBER56101056
glosskeynum: NUMBER57101057
glosskeynum: NUMBER58101058
glosskeynum: NUMBER59101059
glosskeynum: NUMBER60101060
glosskeynum: NUMBER6101006
glosskeynum: NUMBER61101061
glosskeynum: NUMBER62101062
glosskeynum: NUMBER63101063
glosskeynum: NUMBER64101064
glosskeynum: NUMBER65101065
glosskeynum: NUMBER66101066
glosskeynum: NUMBER67101067
glosskeynum: NUMBER68101068
glosskeynum: NUMBER69101069
glosskeynum: NUMBER70101070
glosskeynum: NUMBER7101007
glosskeynum: NUMBER71101071
glosskeynum: NUMBER72101072
glosskeynum: NUMBER73101073
glosskeynum: NUMBER74101074
glosskeynum: NUMBER75101075
glosskeynum: NUMBER76101076
glosskeynum: NUMBER77101077
glosskeynum: NUMBER78101078
glosskeynum: NUMBER79101079
glosskeynum: NUMBER80101080
glosskeynum: NUMBER8101008
glosskeynum: NUMBER81101081
glosskeynum: NUMBER82101082
glosskeynum: NUMBER83101083
glosskeynum: NUMBER84101084
glosskeynum: NUMBER85101085
glosskeynum: NUMBER86101086
glosskeynum: NUMBER87101087
glosskeynum: NUMBER88101088
glosskeynum: NUMBER89101089
glosskeynum: NUMBER90101090
glosskeynum: NUMBER9101009
glosskeynum: NUMBER91101091
glosskeynum: NUMBER92101092
glosskeynum: NUMBER93101093
glosskeynum: NUMBER94101094
glosskeynum: NUMBER95101095
glosskeynum: NUMBER96101096
glosskeynum: NUMBER97101097
glosskeynum: NUMBER98101098
glosskeynum: NUMBER99101099
glosskeynum: NUN701295
glosskeynum: NUNBUDDHIST701297
glosskeynum: NURSE701125
glosskeynum: NUT401615
glosskeynum: OBI304190
glosskeynum: OCEAN905405
glosskeynum: OCTOPUS151675
glosskeynum: OLD907008
glosskeynum: ON906030
glosskeynum: ONION401370
glosskeynum: ORANGECOLOR901060
glosskeynum: ORANGEFRUIT401200
glosskeynum: OSTRICH151475
glosskeynum: OTTER150365
glosskeynum: OVAL905122
glosskeynum: OWL151480
glosskeynum: PACHISI801170
glosskeynum: PAIN308030
glosskeynum: PAINT501127
glosskeynum: PAINTBRUSH501122
glosskeynum: PAINTCAN501125
glosskeynum: PAINTINGDRAWING801070
glosskeynum: PALMTREE201355
glosskeynum: PANDA150220
glosskeynum: PANGOLIN150240
glosskeynum: PANTS301455
glosskeynum: PAPER706075
glosskeynum: PAPERCLIP501520
glosskeynum: PARKINGGARAGE609180
glosskeynum: PARROT151485
glosskeynum: PARTY801460
glosskeynum: PAST908010
glosskeynum: PATH609380
glosskeynum: PAW151760
glosskeynum: PEA401610
glosskeynum: PEACH401090
glosskeynum: PEACOCK151490
glosskeynum: PEANUT401617
glosskeynum: PEAR401110
glosskeynum: PELICAN151495
glosskeynum: PEN706060
glosskeynum: PENCIL706070
glosskeynum: PENGUIN151500
glosskeynum: PEOPLE701470
glosskeynum: PERSIMMON401250
glosskeynum: PHOTOGRAPH801110
glosskeynum: PIG150145
glosskeynum: PILLOW606579
glosskeynum: PILOT701450
glosskeynum: PINEAPPLE401260
glosskeynum: PINECONE201420
glosskeynum: PINK901080
glosskeynum: PIPE409940
glosskeynum: PISTACHIO401650
glosskeynum: PITCHER507880
glosskeynum: PITCHFORK501000
glosskeynum: PIZZA401550
glosskeynum: PLAID905285
glosskeynum: PLANT201320
glosskeynum: PLATE507833
glosskeynum: PLATYPUS150370
glosskeynum: PLOW501010
glosskeynum: PLUM401120
glosskeynum: PLUMBER701055
glosskeynum: POCKET304200
glosskeynum: POLICE701140
glosskeynum: POLICECAR608496
glosskeynum: POMEGRANATE401270
glosskeynum: POPCORN401560
glosskeynum: PORCUPINE150375
glosskeynum: POTATO401580
glosskeynum: POTPAN507750
glosskeynum: PRAYINGMANTIS151595
glosskeynum: PREGNANT308100
glosskeynum: PRESENT908020
glosskeynum: PRESIDENT701230
glosskeynum: PRIEST701350
glosskeynum: PRINTER701090
glosskeynum: PUFFIN151505
glosskeynum: PUJARI701380
glosskeynum: PUMP501680
glosskeynum: PUMPKIN401380
glosskeynum: PURPLE901085
glosskeynum: PURSE303060
glosskeynum: QILIN151786
glosskeynum: QUEEN701250
glosskeynum: RABBI701360
glosskeynum: RABBIT151420
glosskeynum: RACCOON150380
glosskeynum: RACESWIMMING801790
glosskeynum: RACING801820
glosskeynum: RAIN201102
glosskeynum: RAINBOW201107
glosskeynum: RAKE501020
glosskeynum: RANDOMWALK905392
glosskeynum: RAT151430
glosskeynum: RAZOR303140
glosskeynum: RECTANGLE905203
glosskeynum: RED901020
glosskeynum: REFLECTION201180
glosskeynum: REFRIGERATOR605130
glosskeynum: REINDEER150335
glosskeynum: RESTAURANT801470
glosskeynum: RHINOCEROS150345
glosskeynum: RICE401570
glosskeynum: RIFLE609740
glosskeynum: RING305505
glosskeynum: RIVER905410
glosskeynum: ROAD609376
glosskeynum: ROADRUNNER151510
glosskeynum: ROBE301420
glosskeynum: ROBOT501150
glosskeynum: ROCK201290
glosskeynum: ROLLERSKATE801800
glosskeynum: ROOF603040
glosskeynum: ROOM604110
glosskeynum: ROOSTER150160
glosskeynum: ROOT201470
glosskeynum: ROPE501350
glosskeynum: RUG605559
glosskeynum: RUGBY801810
glosskeynum: RULER501104
glosskeynum: SADNESS704097
glosskeynum: SAILOR701460
glosskeynum: SALESPERSON701420
glosskeynum: SALT404575
glosskeynum: SAND201300
glosskeynum: SANDAL302355
glosskeynum: SANDWICH401030
glosskeynum: SANITARYNAPKIN301492
glosskeynum: SARI301430
glosskeynum: SASH304185
glosskeynum: SAUSAGE408840
glosskeynum: SCHOOL705005
glosskeynum: SCIENCE705040
glosskeynum: SCISSORS501290
glosskeynum: SCORE801950
glosskeynum: SCORPION151600
glosskeynum: SCREW501090
glosskeynum: SCREWDRIVER501085
glosskeynum: SCULPTURE801065
glosskeynum: SCYTHE501030
glosskeynum: SEAHORSE151680
glosskeynum: SEAL151625
glosskeynum: SEED201430
glosskeynum: SEEINGEYEDOG308275
glosskeynum: SEPARATED704370
glosskeynum: SEWINGMACHINE501300
glosskeynum: SEWINGNEEDLE501310
glosskeynum: SHADOW201170
glosskeynum: SHARK151685
glosskeynum: SHEEP150150
glosskeynum: SHEET606590
glosskeynum: SHELL151725
glosskeynum: SHIRT301440
glosskeynum: SHOE302350
glosskeynum: SHORTPERSON905310
glosskeynum: SHORTS301460
glosskeynum: SHOULDER205230
glosskeynum: SHOVEL501040
glosskeynum: SICK308045
glosskeynum: SICKLE501035
glosskeynum: SIDEWALK609385
glosskeynum: SIEVE507760
glosskeynum: SIGNLANGUAGE705055
glosskeynum: SILK304230
glosskeynum: SINK501182
glosskeynum: SISTER703075
glosskeynum: SKATEBOARDING801830
glosskeynum: SKELETON205470
glosskeynum: SKIING801840
glosskeynum: SKIN205420
glosskeynum: SKIRT301450
glosskeynum: SKUNK150385
glosskeynum: SKY201055
glosskeynum: SKYDIVING801780
glosskeynum: SLAVE701480
glosskeynum: SLED801360
glosskeynum: SLIDE801362
glosskeynum: SLIPPER302360
glosskeynum: SLOTH150390
glosskeynum: SMOKE201195
glosskeynum: SNAKE151710
glosskeynum: SNOW201100
glosskeynum: SNOWFLAKE201101
glosskeynum: SOAP501185
glosskeynum: SOCCERGAME801850
glosskeynum: SOCK302330
glosskeynum: SODAPOP407020
glosskeynum: SOFA605552
glosskeynum: SOIL201310
glosskeynum: SOLDIER701150
glosskeynum: SON703070
glosskeynum: SOUP401020
glosskeynum: SPHERE905213
glosskeynum: SPIDER151605
glosskeynum: SPIDERWEB151730
glosskeynum: SPINACH401400
glosskeynum: SPIRAL905240
glosskeynum: SPONGE501260
glosskeynum: SPOON507820
glosskeynum: SPORT801500
glosskeynum: SPOT905277
glosskeynum: SPRINGTIME907087
glosskeynum: SQUARE905201
glosskeynum: SQUASH401390
glosskeynum: SQUIRREL151435
glosskeynum: STAGE801020
glosskeynum: STAIRS603065
glosskeynum: STAMP706085
glosskeynum: STAPLER501371
glosskeynum: STAR201017
glosskeynum: STETHOSCOPE308240
glosskeynum: STITCHES308250
glosskeynum: STOMACH205480
glosskeynum: STORE609540
glosskeynum: STORK151515
glosskeynum: STOVE605150
glosskeynum: STRAIGHT905391
glosskeynum: STRAW201490
glosskeynum: STRAWBERRY401280
glosskeynum: STRING501360
glosskeynum: STRIPE905280
glosskeynum: STUDENT701000
glosskeynum: STUFFEDANIMAL801278
glosskeynum: SUGAR404580
glosskeynum: SUITCASE303070
glosskeynum: SULKY704125
glosskeynum: SUMMER907088
glosskeynum: SUN201000
glosskeynum: SUNRISE907070
glosskeynum: SUNSET907080
glosskeynum: SURFING801870
glosskeynum: SWAN151520
glosskeynum: SWEATER301437
glosskeynum: SWEETPOTATO401590
glosskeynum: SWEETS401040
glosskeynum: SWING801364
glosskeynum: SWORD609750
glosskeynum: SYRUP404620
glosskeynum: TABLE605550
glosskeynum: TAIL151765
glosskeynum: TAILORSEAMSTRESS701430
glosskeynum: TALLPERSON905300
glosskeynum: TAPE501370
glosskeynum: TARANTULA151610
glosskeynum: TEA407030
glosskeynum: TEACHER701002
glosskeynum: TEAR704120
glosskeynum: TEENAGER701545
glosskeynum: TELEPHONE501586
glosskeynum: TELESCOPE900130
glosskeynum: TELEVISION801000
glosskeynum: TENNIS801880
glosskeynum: THEATER801030
glosskeynum: THERMOMETER308260
glosskeynum: THIN905340
glosskeynum: THORN201500
glosskeynum: THREAD501320
glosskeynum: THUMB205300
glosskeynum: TICTACTOE801180
glosskeynum: TIGER150185
glosskeynum: TINCAN501490
glosskeynum: TOE205370
glosskeynum: TOGETHER704360
glosskeynum: TOILET501160
glosskeynum: TOILETPAPER501165
glosskeynum: TOMATO401410
glosskeynum: TONGS507770
glosskeynum: TONGUE205130
glosskeynum: TOOL501145
glosskeynum: TOOTH205140
glosskeynum: TOOTHBRUSH303150
glosskeynum: TOOTHPASTE303170
glosskeynum: TOUCAN151525
glosskeynum: TOWEL501187
glosskeynum: TOY801245
glosskeynum: TOYCAR801295
glosskeynum: TOYSOLDIER801293
glosskeynum: TOYTRAIN801297
glosskeynum: TRACTORBACKHOE608557
glosskeynum: TRAFFIC609420
glosskeynum: TRAFFICLIGHT609430
glosskeynum: TRAIN608550
glosskeynum: TRASH501270
glosskeynum: TRASHCAN501280
glosskeynum: TREE201400
glosskeynum: TRIANGLE905235
glosskeynum: TRUCK608552
glosskeynum: TUGOFWAR801890
glosskeynum: TUNNEL609375
glosskeynum: TURKEY150175
glosskeynum: TURTLE151630
glosskeynum: TWINS701490
glosskeynum: UMBRELLA303040
glosskeynum: UNDER906040
glosskeynum: UNDERPANTS301475
glosskeynum: URINE205410
glosskeynum: VACUUMCLEANER501155
glosskeynum: VAULTING801900
glosskeynum: VEGETABLE401300
glosskeynum: VENETIANBLINDS605570
glosskeynum: VIDEOGAME801240
glosskeynum: VOLCANO201210
glosskeynum: VULTURE151530
glosskeynum: WAITER701180
glosskeynum: WAITRESS701190
glosskeynum: WALL603066
glosskeynum: WALLET303080
glosskeynum: WALNUT401660
glosskeynum: WALRUS151635
glosskeynum: WATCH303050
glosskeynum: WATER201120
glosskeynum: WATERFALL201160
glosskeynum: WATERFOUNTAIN507774
glosskeynum: WATERINGCAN501066
glosskeynum: WATERMELON401240
glosskeynum: WEATHER201110
glosskeynum: WEEK907094
glosskeynum: WEIGHTLIFTING801910
glosskeynum: WELDER701100
glosskeynum: WHALE151640
glosskeynum: WHEEL608493
glosskeynum: WHEELBARROW501060
glosskeynum: WHEELCHAIR308270
glosskeynum: WHITE901015
glosskeynum: WHITECANE308280
glosskeynum: WIFE703115
glosskeynum: WIND201105
glosskeynum: WINDMILL501685
glosskeynum: WINDOW603057
glosskeynum: WINDTURBINE501690
glosskeynum: WINE407830
glosskeynum: WING151770
glosskeynum: WINNER801960
glosskeynum: WINTER907085
glosskeynum: WIRE501374
glosskeynum: WITCH151815
glosskeynum: WOLF150205
glosskeynum: WOMAN701560
glosskeynum: WOODPECKER151535
glosskeynum: WOOL304227
glosskeynum: WORM151715
glosskeynum: WOUND308020
glosskeynum: WRESTLING801920
glosskeynum: WRIST205270
glosskeynum: XRAY308290
glosskeynum: YAK150315
glosskeynum: YARN501330
glosskeynum: YEAR907091
glosskeynum: YELLOW901045
glosskeynum: YOGURT405790
glosskeynum: YOUNG907006
glosskeynum: YOYO801410
glosskeynum: ZEBRA150305
glosskeynum: ZIGZAG905275
glosskeynum: ZIGZAGWALK905393
glosskeynum: ZIPPER304220
glossnumkey: 101000number
glossnumkey: 101001number1
glossnumkey: 101002number2
glossnumkey: 101003number3
glossnumkey: 101004number4
glossnumkey: 101005number5
glossnumkey: 101006number6
glossnumkey: 101007number7
glossnumkey: 101008number8
glossnumkey: 101009number9
glossnumkey: 101010number10
glossnumkey: 101011number11
glossnumkey: 101012number12
glossnumkey: 101013number13
glossnumkey: 101014number14
glossnumkey: 101015number15
glossnumkey: 101016number16
glossnumkey: 101017number17
glossnumkey: 101018number18
glossnumkey: 101019number19
glossnumkey: 101020number20
glossnumkey: 101021number21
glossnumkey: 101022number22
glossnumkey: 101023number23
glossnumkey: 101024number24
glossnumkey: 101025number25
glossnumkey: 101026number26
glossnumkey: 101027number27
glossnumkey: 101028number28
glossnumkey: 101029number29
glossnumkey: 101030number30
glossnumkey: 101031number31
glossnumkey: 101032number32
glossnumkey: 101033number33
glossnumkey: 101034number34
glossnumkey: 101035number35
glossnumkey: 101036number36
glossnumkey: 101037number37
glossnumkey: 101038number38
glossnumkey: 101039number39
glossnumkey: 101040number40
glossnumkey: 101041number41
glossnumkey: 101042number42
glossnumkey: 101043number43
glossnumkey: 101044number44
glossnumkey: 101045number45
glossnumkey: 101046number46
glossnumkey: 101047number47
glossnumkey: 101048number48
glossnumkey: 101049number49
glossnumkey: 101050number50
glossnumkey: 101051number51
glossnumkey: 101052number52
glossnumkey: 101053number53
glossnumkey: 101054number54
glossnumkey: 101055number55
glossnumkey: 101056number56
glossnumkey: 101057number57
glossnumkey: 101058number58
glossnumkey: 101059number59
glossnumkey: 101060number60
glossnumkey: 101061number61
glossnumkey: 101062number62
glossnumkey: 101063number63
glossnumkey: 101064number64
glossnumkey: 101065number65
glossnumkey: 101066number66
glossnumkey: 101067number67
glossnumkey: 101068number68
glossnumkey: 101069number69
glossnumkey: 101070number70
glossnumkey: 101071number71
glossnumkey: 101072number72
glossnumkey: 101073number73
glossnumkey: 101074number74
glossnumkey: 101075number75
glossnumkey: 101076number76
glossnumkey: 101077number77
glossnumkey: 101078number78
glossnumkey: 101079number79
glossnumkey: 101080number80
glossnumkey: 101081number81
glossnumkey: 101082number82
glossnumkey: 101083number83
glossnumkey: 101084number84
glossnumkey: 101085number85
glossnumkey: 101086number86
glossnumkey: 101087number87
glossnumkey: 101088number88
glossnumkey: 101089number89
glossnumkey: 101090number90
glossnumkey: 101091number91
glossnumkey: 101092number92
glossnumkey: 101093number93
glossnumkey: 101094number94
glossnumkey: 101095number95
glossnumkey: 101096number96
glossnumkey: 101097number97
glossnumkey: 101098number98
glossnumkey: 101099number99
glossnumkey: 101100number100
glossnumkey: 101200number1000
glossnumkey: 101210number0
glossnumkey: 112010lettera
glossnumkey: 112174letterawithdiaeresis
glossnumkey: 112292letterawithogonek
glossnumkey: 112300letterawithringabove
glossnumkey: 112328letterae
glossnumkey: 112474letterb
glossnumkey: 112522letterc
glossnumkey: 112554lettercwithcaron
glossnumkey: 112570lettercwithcedilla
glossnumkey: 112614letterch
glossnumkey: 112632letterd
glossnumkey: 112722lettere
glossnumkey: 113074letterewithdotabove
glossnumkey: 113172letterewithogonek
glossnumkey: 113274letterf
glossnumkey: 113328letterg
glossnumkey: 113354lettergwithbreve
glossnumkey: 113434letterh
glossnumkey: 113506letteri
glossnumkey: 113509letteridotlessturkish
glossnumkey: 113523letteriturkish
glossnumkey: 113788letteriwithogonek
glossnumkey: 113820letterj
glossnumkey: 113870letterk
glossnumkey: 113942letterl
glossnumkey: 114094letterm
glossnumkey: 114196lettern
glossnumkey: 114325letterng
glossnumkey: 114328lettero
glossnumkey: 114660letterowithdiaeresis
glossnumkey: 114822letterowithstroke
glossnumkey: 114830letterowithtilde
glossnumkey: 114892letterp
glossnumkey: 114956letterq
glossnumkey: 114998letterr
glossnumkey: 115130letters
glossnumkey: 115168letterswithcaron
glossnumkey: 115251lettersh
glossnumkey: 115272lettert
glossnumkey: 115388letteru
glossnumkey: 115568letteruwithdiaeresis
glossnumkey: 115666letteruwithmacron
glossnumkey: 115680letteruwithogonek
glossnumkey: 115712letterv
glossnumkey: 115886letterw
glossnumkey: 115930letterx
glossnumkey: 115970lettery
glossnumkey: 116044letterz
glossnumkey: 116066letterzwithcaron
glossnumkey: 116111letterzh
glossnumkey: 116200lettercyrillica
glossnumkey: 116202lettercyrillicbe
glossnumkey: 116204lettercyrillicve
glossnumkey: 116206lettercyrillicge
glossnumkey: 116208lettercyrillicde
glossnumkey: 116210lettercyrillicye
glossnumkey: 116212lettercyrillicyo
glossnumkey: 116214lettercyrilliczhe
glossnumkey: 116216lettercyrillicze
glossnumkey: 116218lettercyrillicee
glossnumkey: 116220lettercyrilliceekratkoye
glossnumkey: 116222lettercyrillick
glossnumkey: 116224lettercyrillicl
glossnumkey: 116226lettercyrillicm
glossnumkey: 116228lettercyrillicn
glossnumkey: 116230lettercyrillico
glossnumkey: 116232lettercyrillicp
glossnumkey: 116234lettercyrillicrolledr
glossnumkey: 116236lettercyrillics
glossnumkey: 116238lettercyrillict
glossnumkey: 116240lettercyrillicoo
glossnumkey: 116242lettercyrillicf
glossnumkey: 116244lettercyrillickha
glossnumkey: 116246lettercyrillicts
glossnumkey: 116248lettercyrillicch
glossnumkey: 116250lettercyrillicsh
glossnumkey: 116252lettercyrillicshch
glossnumkey: 116254lettercyrillichardsign
glossnumkey: 116256lettercyrillicih
glossnumkey: 116258lettercyrillicsoftsign
glossnumkey: 116260lettercyrillice
glossnumkey: 116262lettercyrillicyoo
glossnumkey: 116264lettercyrillicya
glossnumkey: 116300letterarabicalif
glossnumkey: 116301letterarabicbeh
glossnumkey: 116302letterarabicteh
glossnumkey: 116303letterarabictheh
glossnumkey: 116304letterarabicjim
glossnumkey: 116305letterarabicha
glossnumkey: 116306letterarabickha
glossnumkey: 116307letterarabicdal
glossnumkey: 116310letterarabiczin
glossnumkey: 116312letterarabicshin
glossnumkey: 116313letterarabicsad
glossnumkey: 116314letterarabicdad
glossnumkey: 116315letterarabicta
glossnumkey: 116316letterarabicdha
glossnumkey: 116317letterarabicain
glossnumkey: 116318letterarabicghain
glossnumkey: 116319letterarabicfeh
glossnumkey: 116320letterarabicqaf
glossnumkey: 116321letterarabickaf
glossnumkey: 116322letterarabiclam
glossnumkey: 116323letterarabicmim
glossnumkey: 116324letterarabicnun
glossnumkey: 116325letterarabicheh
glossnumkey: 116326letterarabichamzah
glossnumkey: 116327letterarabicwaw
glossnumkey: 116328letterarabicyeh
glossnumkey: 116400letterarabicalifmouthing
glossnumkey: 116401letterarabicbehmouthing
glossnumkey: 116402letterarabictehmouthing
glossnumkey: 116403letterarabicthehmouthing
glossnumkey: 116404letterarabicjimmouthing
glossnumkey: 116405letterarabichamouthing
glossnumkey: 116406letterarabickhamouthing
glossnumkey: 116407letterarabicdalmouthing
glossnumkey: 116408letterarabicdhalmouthing
glossnumkey: 116409letterarabicramouthing
glossnumkey: 116410letterarabiczinmouthing
glossnumkey: 116411letterarabicsinmouthing
glossnumkey: 116412letterarabicshinmouthing
glossnumkey: 116415letterarabictamouthing
glossnumkey: 116416letterarabicdhamouthing
glossnumkey: 116417letterarabicainmouthing
glossnumkey: 116418letterarabicghainmouthing
glossnumkey: 116419letterarabicfehmouthing
glossnumkey: 116420letterarabicqafmouthing
glossnumkey: 116421letterarabickafmouthing
glossnumkey: 116422letterarabiclammouthing
glossnumkey: 116423letterarabicmimmouthing
glossnumkey: 116424letterarabicnunmouthing
glossnumkey: 116425letterarabichehmouthing
glossnumkey: 116427letterarabicwawmouthing
glossnumkey: 116428letterarabicyehmouthing
glossnumkey: 116500letternepalka
glossnumkey: 116501letternepalkha
glossnumkey: 116502letternepalga
glossnumkey: 116503letternepalgha
glossnumkey: 116504letternepalnga
glossnumkey: 116505letternepalcha
glossnumkey: 116506letternepalchha
glossnumkey: 116507letternepaljha
glossnumkey: 116508letternepalyna
glossnumkey: 116509letternepalta1
glossnumkey: 116510letternepaltha1
glossnumkey: 116511letternepalda1
glossnumkey: 116512letternepaldha1
glossnumkey: 116513letternepalnawithcedilla1
glossnumkey: 116514letternepalta2
glossnumkey: 116515letternepaltha2
glossnumkey: 116516letternepalda2
glossnumkey: 116519letternepalpa
glossnumkey: 116520letternepalpha
glossnumkey: 116521letternepalbh
glossnumkey: 116522letternepalbha
glossnumkey: 116523letternepalmawithcedilla
glossnumkey: 116524letternepalya
glossnumkey: 116525letternepalra
glossnumkey: 116526letternepalla
glossnumkey: 116527letternepalwa
glossnumkey: 116528letternepalsha1
glossnumkey: 116529letternepalsha2
glossnumkey: 116530letternepalsa
glossnumkey: 116531letternepalha
glossnumkey: 116532letternepalksha
glossnumkey: 116533letternepaltra
glossnumkey: 116534letternepalgyawithcedilla
glossnumkey: 116535letternepalshra
glossnumkey: 116536letternepala
glossnumkey: 116537letternepalaa
glossnumkey: 116538letternepali
glossnumkey: 116539letternepalii
glossnumkey: 116540letternepalu
glossnumkey: 116541letternepalucolon
glossnumkey: 116542letternepalri
glossnumkey: 116543letternepale
glossnumkey: 116544letternepalai
glossnumkey: 116545letternepalo
glossnumkey: 116546letternepalau
glossnumkey: 116547letternepalam
glossnumkey: 116548letternepalacolon
glossnumkey: 116550letternepalnawithcedilla
glossnumkey: 116551letternepaldha
glossnumkey: 117001letterkurdish01alif
glossnumkey: 117002letterkurdish02hamza
glossnumkey: 117003letterkurdish03be
glossnumkey: 117004letterkurdish04te
glossnumkey: 117005letterkurdish05pe
glossnumkey: 117006letterkurdish06je
glossnumkey: 117007letterkurdish07che
glossnumkey: 117008letterkurdish08he
glossnumkey: 117009letterkurdish09khe
glossnumkey: 117010letterkurdish10dal
glossnumkey: 117011letterkurdish11re
glossnumkey: 117012letterkurdish12reyqelew
glossnumkey: 117013letterkurdish13ze
glossnumkey: 117014letterkurdish14zhe
glossnumkey: 117015letterkurdish15sin
glossnumkey: 117016letterkurdish16shin
glossnumkey: 117017letterkurdish17eyn
glossnumkey: 117018letterkurdish18gheyn
glossnumkey: 117019letterkurdish19fe
glossnumkey: 117020letterkurdish20qaf
glossnumkey: 117021letterkurdish21ve
glossnumkey: 117022letterkurdish22kaf
glossnumkey: 117023letterkurdish23gaf
glossnumkey: 117024letterkurdish24lam
glossnumkey: 117025letterkurdish25lamiqelew
glossnumkey: 117026letterkurdish26mim
glossnumkey: 117027letterkurdish27nun
glossnumkey: 117028letterkurdish28he
glossnumkey: 117029letterkurdish29bzwen
glossnumkey: 117030letterkurdish30waw
glossnumkey: 117033letterkurdish33yi
glossnumkey: 117034letterkurdish34ye
glossnumkey: 117100letteramharicc01v1ha
glossnumkey: 117102letteramharicc01v2hu
glossnumkey: 117103letteramharicc01v3hi
glossnumkey: 117104letteramharicc01v4haa
glossnumkey: 117105letteramharicc01v5hae
glossnumkey: 117106letteramharicc01v6heh
glossnumkey: 117107letteramharicc01v7ho
glossnumkey: 117108letteramharicc02v1le
glossnumkey: 117110letteramharicc02v2lu
glossnumkey: 117111letteramharicc02v3li
glossnumkey: 117112letteramharicc02v4la
glossnumkey: 150100cat
glossnumkey: 150105dog
glossnumkey: 150110horse
glossnumkey: 150115donkey
glossnumkey: 150120camel
glossnumkey: 150125elephant
glossnumkey: 150130llama
glossnumkey: 150135cattle
glossnumkey: 150140goat
glossnumkey: 150145pig
glossnumkey: 150150sheep
glossnumkey: 150155chicken
glossnumkey: 150160rooster
glossnumkey: 150165duck
glossnumkey: 150170goose
glossnumkey: 150175turkey
glossnumkey: 150180lion
glossnumkey: 150185tiger
glossnumkey: 150190cheetah
glossnumkey: 150195fox
glossnumkey: 150200hyena
glossnumkey: 150205wolf
glossnumkey: 150210bear
glossnumkey: 150215koala
glossnumkey: 150220panda
glossnumkey: 150225aardvark
glossnumkey: 150230anteater
glossnumkey: 150235armadillo
glossnumkey: 150240pangolin
glossnumkey: 150245gorilla
glossnumkey: 150250monkey
glossnumkey: 150255kangaroo
glossnumkey: 150300giraffe
glossnumkey: 150305zebra
glossnumkey: 150310bison
glossnumkey: 150315yak
glossnumkey: 150320deer
glossnumkey: 150325gazelle
glossnumkey: 150330moose
glossnumkey: 150335reindeer
glossnumkey: 150340hippopotamus
glossnumkey: 150345rhinoceros
glossnumkey: 150350badger
glossnumkey: 150355beaver
glossnumkey: 150360mongoose
glossnumkey: 150365otter
glossnumkey: 150370platypus
glossnumkey: 150375porcupine
glossnumkey: 150380raccoon
glossnumkey: 150385skunk
glossnumkey: 150390sloth
glossnumkey: 151395bat
glossnumkey: 151400guineapig
glossnumkey: 151405hamster
glossnumkey: 151415mole
glossnumkey: 151420rabbit
glossnumkey: 151425mouse
glossnumkey: 151430rat
glossnumkey: 151435squirrel
glossnumkey: 151436hedgehog
glossnumkey: 151440cockatoo
glossnumkey: 151445crow
glossnumkey: 151450dove
glossnumkey: 151455eagle
glossnumkey: 151460falcon
glossnumkey: 151465flamingo
glossnumkey: 151470hummingbird
glossnumkey: 151475ostrich
glossnumkey: 151480owl
glossnumkey: 151485parrot
glossnumkey: 151490peacock
glossnumkey: 151495pelican
glossnumkey: 151500penguin
glossnumkey: 151505puffin
glossnumkey: 151510roadrunner
glossnumkey: 151515stork
glossnumkey: 151520swan
glossnumkey: 151525toucan
glossnumkey: 151530vulture
glossnumkey: 151535woodpecker
glossnumkey: 151540bird
glossnumkey: 151545ant
glossnumkey: 151550bee
glossnumkey: 151555butterfly
glossnumkey: 151560caterpillar
glossnumkey: 151565cockroach
glossnumkey: 151570dragonfly
glossnumkey: 151575grasshopper
glossnumkey: 151580housefly
glossnumkey: 151585locust
glossnumkey: 151590mosquito
glossnumkey: 151595prayingmantis
glossnumkey: 151600scorpion
glossnumkey: 151605spider
glossnumkey: 151610tarantula
glossnumkey: 151615bug
glossnumkey: 151620dolphin
glossnumkey: 151625seal
glossnumkey: 151630turtle
glossnumkey: 151635walrus
glossnumkey: 151640whale
glossnumkey: 151645crab
glossnumkey: 151650lobster
glossnumkey: 151655eel
glossnumkey: 151660fish
glossnumkey: 151665frog
glossnumkey: 151670jellyfish
glossnumkey: 151675octopus
glossnumkey: 151680seahorse
glossnumkey: 151685shark
glossnumkey: 151690alligator
glossnumkey: 151695dinosaur
glossnumkey: 151700iguana
glossnumkey: 151705lizard
glossnumkey: 151710snake
glossnumkey: 151715worm
glossnumkey: 151720nest
glossnumkey: 151725shell
glossnumkey: 151730spiderweb
glossnumkey: 151735antenna
glossnumkey: 151740beak
glossnumkey: 151745claw
glossnumkey: 151750feather
glossnumkey: 151755fur
glossnumkey: 151760paw
glossnumkey: 151765tail
glossnumkey: 151770wing
glossnumkey: 151775angel
glossnumkey: 151780dragon
glossnumkey: 151785fairy
glossnumkey: 151786qilin
glossnumkey: 151790ghost
glossnumkey: 151795giant
glossnumkey: 151800mermaid
glossnumkey: 151805monster
glossnumkey: 151815witch
glossnumkey: 151820animal
glossnumkey: 201000sun
glossnumkey: 201010earth
glossnumkey: 201015moon
glossnumkey: 201017star
glossnumkey: 201050cloud
glossnumkey: 201055sky
glossnumkey: 201060fog
glossnumkey: 201080lightning
glossnumkey: 201100snow
glossnumkey: 201101snowflake
glossnumkey: 201102rain
glossnumkey: 201103flood
glossnumkey: 201105wind
glossnumkey: 201107rainbow
glossnumkey: 201110weather
glossnumkey: 201120water
glossnumkey: 201160waterfall
glossnumkey: 201162ice
glossnumkey: 201167bubble
glossnumkey: 201170shadow
glossnumkey: 201180reflection
glossnumkey: 201185fire
glossnumkey: 201195smoke
glossnumkey: 201200ash
glossnumkey: 201210volcano
glossnumkey: 201220coal
glossnumkey: 201230copper
glossnumkey: 201240gold
glossnumkey: 201250iron
glossnumkey: 201260metal
glossnumkey: 201270clay
glossnumkey: 201280mud
glossnumkey: 201290rock
glossnumkey: 201300sand
glossnumkey: 201310soil
glossnumkey: 201320plant
glossnumkey: 201330cactus
glossnumkey: 201340fern
glossnumkey: 201350grass
glossnumkey: 201355palmtree
glossnumkey: 201370conifer
glossnumkey: 201380deciduoustree
glossnumkey: 201400tree
glossnumkey: 201405forest
glossnumkey: 201410bark
glossnumkey: 201420pinecone
glossnumkey: 201425lumber
glossnumkey: 201430seed
glossnumkey: 201440berry
glossnumkey: 201450flower
glossnumkey: 201460leaf
glossnumkey: 201470root
glossnumkey: 201490straw
glossnumkey: 201500thorn
glossnumkey: 205000eye
glossnumkey: 205010nose
glossnumkey: 205020ear
glossnumkey: 205030mouth
glossnumkey: 205040face
glossnumkey: 205050head
glossnumkey: 205060forehead
glossnumkey: 205070eyebrow
glossnumkey: 205080eyelash
glossnumkey: 205090eyelid
glossnumkey: 205100cheek
glossnumkey: 205110chin
glossnumkey: 205120lip
glossnumkey: 205130tongue
glossnumkey: 205140tooth
glossnumkey: 205150neck
glossnumkey: 205160hair
glossnumkey: 205170bald
glossnumkey: 205180beard
glossnumkey: 205190mustache
glossnumkey: 205200back
glossnumkey: 205210belly
glossnumkey: 205220chest
glossnumkey: 205230shoulder
glossnumkey: 205240arm
glossnumkey: 205250armpit
glossnumkey: 205260elbow
glossnumkey: 205270wrist
glossnumkey: 205280hand
glossnumkey: 205290finger
glossnumkey: 205300thumb
glossnumkey: 205310fingernail
glossnumkey: 205320knuckle
glossnumkey: 205330leg
glossnumkey: 205340knee
glossnumkey: 205350ankle
glossnumkey: 205360foot
glossnumkey: 205370toe
glossnumkey: 205380breast
glossnumkey: 205390buttocks
glossnumkey: 205400feces
glossnumkey: 205410urine
glossnumkey: 205420skin
glossnumkey: 205430blood
glossnumkey: 205440bone
glossnumkey: 205450brain
glossnumkey: 205460heart
glossnumkey: 205470skeleton
glossnumkey: 205480stomach
glossnumkey: 205490body
glossnumkey: 301000clothes
glossnumkey: 301010naked
glossnumkey: 301380coat
glossnumkey: 301390dress
glossnumkey: 301410kimono
glossnumkey: 301420robe
glossnumkey: 301430sari
glossnumkey: 301435apron
glossnumkey: 301437sweater
glossnumkey: 301440shirt
glossnumkey: 301450skirt
glossnumkey: 301455pants
glossnumkey: 301457jeans
glossnumkey: 301460shorts
glossnumkey: 301465bathingsuit
glossnumkey: 301470bra
glossnumkey: 301472loincloth
glossnumkey: 301475underpants
glossnumkey: 301480diaper
glossnumkey: 301492sanitarynapkin
glossnumkey: 302330sock
glossnumkey: 302335boot
glossnumkey: 302337hikingboot
glossnumkey: 302350shoe
glossnumkey: 302355sandal
glossnumkey: 302360slipper
glossnumkey: 303040umbrella
glossnumkey: 303050watch
glossnumkey: 303060purse
glossnumkey: 303070suitcase
glossnumkey: 303075backpack
glossnumkey: 303080wallet
glossnumkey: 303095glove
glossnumkey: 303100hat
glossnumkey: 303110headscarf
glossnumkey: 303114neckscarf
glossnumkey: 303115mask
glossnumkey: 303117braid
glossnumkey: 303120combforhair
glossnumkey: 303130hairbrush
glossnumkey: 303140razor
glossnumkey: 303150toothbrush
glossnumkey: 303170toothpaste
glossnumkey: 304160belt
glossnumkey: 304170buckle
glossnumkey: 304185sash
glossnumkey: 304190obi
glossnumkey: 304200pocket
glossnumkey: 304210button
glossnumkey: 304220zipper
glossnumkey: 304225fabric
glossnumkey: 304227wool
glossnumkey: 304230silk
glossnumkey: 304250cotton
glossnumkey: 305010crown
glossnumkey: 305015earring
glossnumkey: 305020necklace
glossnumkey: 305502bracelet
glossnumkey: 305505ring
glossnumkey: 305510jewelry
glossnumkey: 305515jewelrybox
glossnumkey: 305516lipstick
glossnumkey: 305530eyeshadow
glossnumkey: 305540fingernailpolish
glossnumkey: 305560makeup
glossnumkey: 308000accident
glossnumkey: 308005caraccident
glossnumkey: 308010bruise
glossnumkey: 308020wound
glossnumkey: 308030pain
glossnumkey: 308045sick
glossnumkey: 308050acne
glossnumkey: 308060measles
glossnumkey: 308080cemetery
glossnumkey: 308090dead
glossnumkey: 308100pregnant
glossnumkey: 308120bandage
glossnumkey: 308130bloodpressurecuff
glossnumkey: 308150cochlearimplant
glossnumkey: 308151hearingaid
glossnumkey: 308160crutch
glossnumkey: 308170eyeglasses
glossnumkey: 308200hypodermic
glossnumkey: 308220medicine
glossnumkey: 308240stethoscope
glossnumkey: 308250stitches
glossnumkey: 308260thermometer
glossnumkey: 308270wheelchair
glossnumkey: 308272blind
glossnumkey: 308275seeingeyedog
glossnumkey: 308280whitecane
glossnumkey: 308285cane
glossnumkey: 308290xray
glossnumkey: 308300hospital
glossnumkey: 401000food
glossnumkey: 401010drinks
glossnumkey: 401020soup
glossnumkey: 401030sandwich
glossnumkey: 401040sweets
glossnumkey: 401070fruitmixed
glossnumkey: 401080apple
glossnumkey: 401090peach
glossnumkey: 401100apricot
glossnumkey: 401110pear
glossnumkey: 401120plum
glossnumkey: 401130banana
glossnumkey: 401140cherry
glossnumkey: 401150coconut
glossnumkey: 401160datefruit
glossnumkey: 401170fig
glossnumkey: 401180grapes
glossnumkey: 401190lemon
glossnumkey: 401200orangefruit
glossnumkey: 401210mango
glossnumkey: 401220cantaloupe
glossnumkey: 401230melon
glossnumkey: 401240watermelon
glossnumkey: 401250persimmon
glossnumkey: 401260pineapple
glossnumkey: 401270pomegranate
glossnumkey: 401280strawberry
glossnumkey: 401300vegetable
glossnumkey: 401310cabbage
glossnumkey: 401320carrot
glossnumkey: 401330cucumber
glossnumkey: 401340eggplant
glossnumkey: 401350greenbeans
glossnumkey: 401360mushroom
glossnumkey: 401370onion
glossnumkey: 401380pumpkin
glossnumkey: 401390squash
glossnumkey: 401400spinach
glossnumkey: 401410tomato
glossnumkey: 401500bread
glossnumkey: 401510cereal
glossnumkey: 401520corn
glossnumkey: 401530cracker
glossnumkey: 401540noodle
glossnumkey: 401550pizza
glossnumkey: 401560popcorn
glossnumkey: 401570rice
glossnumkey: 401580potato
glossnumkey: 401590sweetpotato
glossnumkey: 401600driedbeans
glossnumkey: 401605chickpea
glossnumkey: 401610pea
glossnumkey: 401615nut
glossnumkey: 401617peanut
glossnumkey: 401620chestnut
glossnumkey: 401650pistachio
glossnumkey: 401660walnut
glossnumkey: 404510cookingoil
glossnumkey: 404515gravy
glossnumkey: 404520hotpepper
glossnumkey: 404570blackpepper
glossnumkey: 404575salt
glossnumkey: 404580sugar
glossnumkey: 404585mint
glossnumkey: 404590ginger
glossnumkey: 404610honey
glossnumkey: 404620syrup
glossnumkey: 404630jamjelly
glossnumkey: 405700milk
glossnumkey: 405710butter
glossnumkey: 405720cheese
glossnumkey: 405730icecream
glossnumkey: 405790yogurt
glossnumkey: 406710cake
glossnumkey: 406720doughnut
glossnumkey: 406740candy
glossnumkey: 406750chocolate
glossnumkey: 407010fruitjuice
glossnumkey: 407020sodapop
glossnumkey: 407030tea
glossnumkey: 407040coffee
glossnumkey: 407810beer
glossnumkey: 407820hardliquor
glossnumkey: 407830wine
glossnumkey: 408800egg
glossnumkey: 408810meat
glossnumkey: 408820hamburger
glossnumkey: 408830groundmeat
glossnumkey: 408840sausage
glossnumkey: 408850bacon
glossnumkey: 409910chewinggum
glossnumkey: 409915cigarette
glossnumkey: 409920cigar
glossnumkey: 409940pipe
glossnumkey: 501000pitchfork
glossnumkey: 501010plow
glossnumkey: 501020rake
glossnumkey: 501030scythe
glossnumkey: 501035sickle
glossnumkey: 501040shovel
glossnumkey: 501060wheelbarrow
glossnumkey: 501062flowerpot
glossnumkey: 501064gardenhose
glossnumkey: 501066wateringcan
glossnumkey: 501070hammer
glossnumkey: 501080nail
glossnumkey: 501085screwdriver
glossnumkey: 501090screw
glossnumkey: 501102ladder
glossnumkey: 501104ruler
glossnumkey: 501122paintbrush
glossnumkey: 501125paintcan
glossnumkey: 501127paint
glossnumkey: 501145tool
glossnumkey: 501150robot
glossnumkey: 501155vacuumcleaner
glossnumkey: 501160toilet
glossnumkey: 501165toiletpaper
glossnumkey: 501180bathtub
glossnumkey: 501182sink
glossnumkey: 501185soap
glossnumkey: 501187towel
glossnumkey: 501190broom
glossnumkey: 501210moptool
glossnumkey: 501260sponge
glossnumkey: 501270trash
glossnumkey: 501280trashcan
glossnumkey: 501290scissors
glossnumkey: 501300sewingmachine
glossnumkey: 501310sewingneedle
glossnumkey: 501320thread
glossnumkey: 501330yarn
glossnumkey: 501340chain
glossnumkey: 501350rope
glossnumkey: 501360string
glossnumkey: 501370tape
glossnumkey: 501371stapler
glossnumkey: 501372electricwire
glossnumkey: 501374wire
glossnumkey: 501390key
glossnumkey: 501400lock
glossnumkey: 501402combinationlock
glossnumkey: 501430bag
glossnumkey: 501440barrel
glossnumkey: 501450basket
glossnumkey: 501460bottle
glossnumkey: 501470box
glossnumkey: 501480bucket
glossnumkey: 501490tincan
glossnumkey: 501500hanger
glossnumkey: 501510hook
glossnumkey: 501520paperclip
glossnumkey: 501586telephone
glossnumkey: 501588fan
glossnumkey: 501590fireplace
glossnumkey: 501600furnace
glossnumkey: 501610candle
glossnumkey: 501612mirror
glossnumkey: 501620lamp
glossnumkey: 501630lightbulb
glossnumkey: 501640match
glossnumkey: 501660battery
glossnumkey: 501670enginemotor
glossnumkey: 501680pump
glossnumkey: 501685windmill
glossnumkey: 501690windturbine
glossnumkey: 507740fryingpan
glossnumkey: 507750potpan
glossnumkey: 507760sieve
glossnumkey: 507762colander
glossnumkey: 507765cheesegrater
glossnumkey: 507770tongs
glossnumkey: 507772mixer
glossnumkey: 507774waterfountain
glossnumkey: 507776drinkingstraw
glossnumkey: 507780chopstick
glossnumkey: 507800fork
glossnumkey: 507810knife
glossnumkey: 507820spoon
glossnumkey: 507830bowldish
glossnumkey: 507833plate
glossnumkey: 507834cup
glossnumkey: 507835dishes
glossnumkey: 507860drinkingglass
glossnumkey: 507880pitcher
glossnumkey: 507894napkin
glossnumkey: 507896dirtydishes
glossnumkey: 507898cleandishes
glossnumkey: 601310building
glossnumkey: 601315farmhouse
glossnumkey: 601320apartment
glossnumkey: 601350house
glossnumkey: 601360jail
glossnumkey: 603040roof
glossnumkey: 603050ceiling
glossnumkey: 603055floor
glossnumkey: 603057window
glossnumkey: 603060door
glossnumkey: 603064doorknob
glossnumkey: 603065stairs
glossnumkey: 603066wall
glossnumkey: 603070elevator
glossnumkey: 603080escalator
glossnumkey: 604110room
glossnumkey: 604260bathroom
glossnumkey: 604270bedroom
glossnumkey: 604280diningroom
glossnumkey: 604290kitchen
glossnumkey: 604300livingroom
glossnumkey: 605105clotheswasher
glossnumkey: 605107laundry
glossnumkey: 605110clothesdryer
glossnumkey: 605130refrigerator
glossnumkey: 605150stove
glossnumkey: 605520chair
glossnumkey: 605530desk
glossnumkey: 605550table
glossnumkey: 605552sofa
glossnumkey: 605553bench
glossnumkey: 605557bookcase
glossnumkey: 605558bureau
glossnumkey: 605559rug
glossnumkey: 605560curtain
glossnumkey: 605570venetianblinds
glossnumkey: 606572bed
glossnumkey: 606573mattress
glossnumkey: 606576mosquitonetting
glossnumkey: 606577blanket
glossnumkey: 606579pillow
glossnumkey: 606590sheet
glossnumkey: 608405boat
glossnumkey: 608409bicycle
glossnumkey: 608411motorcycle
glossnumkey: 608480bus
glossnumkey: 608490car
glossnumkey: 608493wheel
glossnumkey: 608496policecar
glossnumkey: 608500fireengine
glossnumkey: 608545ambulance
glossnumkey: 608550train
glossnumkey: 608552truck
glossnumkey: 608555garbagetruck
glossnumkey: 608557tractorbackhoe
glossnumkey: 609005helicopter
glossnumkey: 609162airplane
glossnumkey: 609170airport
glossnumkey: 609180parkinggarage
glossnumkey: 609370bridge
glossnumkey: 609375tunnel
glossnumkey: 609376road
glossnumkey: 609380path
glossnumkey: 609385sidewalk
glossnumkey: 609390fence
glossnumkey: 609400gate
glossnumkey: 609420traffic
glossnumkey: 609430trafficlight
glossnumkey: 609440map
glossnumkey: 609540store
glossnumkey: 609545creditcard
glossnumkey: 609547check
glossnumkey: 609550cash
glossnumkey: 609570coin
glossnumkey: 609700flag
glossnumkey: 609710bomb
glossnumkey: 609720gun
glossnumkey: 609740rifle
glossnumkey: 609750sword
glossnumkey: 701000student
glossnumkey: 701002teacher
glossnumkey: 701010constructionworker
glossnumkey: 701015miner
glossnumkey: 701030carmechanic
glossnumkey: 701040carpenter
glossnumkey: 701050electrician
glossnumkey: 701055plumber
glossnumkey: 701060factoryworker
glossnumkey: 701070farmer
glossnumkey: 701090printer
glossnumkey: 701100welder
glossnumkey: 701110dentist
glossnumkey: 701120doctor
glossnumkey: 701125nurse
glossnumkey: 701130patientmedicalclient
glossnumkey: 701140police
glossnumkey: 701150soldier
glossnumkey: 701160baker
glossnumkey: 701170cook
glossnumkey: 701180waiter
glossnumkey: 701190waitress
glossnumkey: 701200cashier
glossnumkey: 701210judge
glossnumkey: 701230president
glossnumkey: 701240king
glossnumkey: 701250queen
glossnumkey: 701255clown
glossnumkey: 701260actor
glossnumkey: 701270actress
glossnumkey: 701280artist
glossnumkey: 701290athlete
glossnumkey: 701295nun
glossnumkey: 701297nunbuddhist
glossnumkey: 701320monk
glossnumkey: 701325monkbuddhist
glossnumkey: 701340imam
glossnumkey: 701350priest
glossnumkey: 701360rabbi
glossnumkey: 701370easternorthodoxpriest
glossnumkey: 701380pujari
glossnumkey: 701385preacherministerpastor
glossnumkey: 701390barber
glossnumkey: 701400beautician
glossnumkey: 701410janitor
glossnumkey: 701420salesperson
glossnumkey: 701430tailorseamstress
glossnumkey: 701440driver
glossnumkey: 701450pilot
glossnumkey: 701460sailor
glossnumkey: 701470people
glossnumkey: 701480slave
glossnumkey: 701490twins
glossnumkey: 701500baby
glossnumkey: 701510child
glossnumkey: 701520boy
glossnumkey: 701530girl
glossnumkey: 701545teenager
glossnumkey: 701550man
glossnumkey: 701560woman
glossnumkey: 703000family
glossnumkey: 703005mother
glossnumkey: 703007father
glossnumkey: 703008grandmother
glossnumkey: 703010grandfather
glossnumkey: 703060daughter
glossnumkey: 703070son
glossnumkey: 703075sister
glossnumkey: 703080brother
glossnumkey: 703095girlfriend
glossnumkey: 703100boyfriend
glossnumkey: 703115wife
glossnumkey: 703120husband
glossnumkey: 703140friend
glossnumkey: 703150neighbor
glossnumkey: 704005angry
glossnumkey: 704090happy
glossnumkey: 704095afraid
glossnumkey: 704097sadness
glossnumkey: 704110cry
glossnumkey: 704120tear
glossnumkey: 704125sulky
glossnumkey: 704310broken
glossnumkey: 704350alone
glossnumkey: 704360together
glossnumkey: 704370separated
glossnumkey: 705005school
glossnumkey: 705007classroom
glossnumkey: 705010college
glossnumkey: 705012graduation
glossnumkey: 705015library
glossnumkey: 705020computer
glossnumkey: 705040science
glossnumkey: 705050deaf
glossnumkey: 705055signlanguage
glossnumkey: 705070fingerspelling
glossnumkey: 705080interpreter
glossnumkey: 705090deafblind
glossnumkey: 706010book
glossnumkey: 706030magazine
glossnumkey: 706035newspaper
glossnumkey: 706040alphabetletter
glossnumkey: 706045chinesecharacter
glossnumkey: 706060pen
glossnumkey: 706070pencil
glossnumkey: 706075paper
glossnumkey: 706080envelope
glossnumkey: 706085stamp
glossnumkey: 801000television
glossnumkey: 801010movie
glossnumkey: 801020stage
glossnumkey: 801030theater
glossnumkey: 801040audience
glossnumkey: 801050artgallery
glossnumkey: 801060art
glossnumkey: 801065sculpture
glossnumkey: 801070paintingdrawing
glossnumkey: 801080artistbrush
glossnumkey: 801100camera
glossnumkey: 801110photograph
glossnumkey: 801115ballet
glossnumkey: 801117flamenco
glossnumkey: 801119bellydance
glossnumkey: 801120game
glossnumkey: 801121chess
glossnumkey: 801130checkers
glossnumkey: 801140gameofgo
glossnumkey: 801150mahjong
glossnumkey: 801160monopoly
glossnumkey: 801170pachisi
glossnumkey: 801180tictactoe
glossnumkey: 801190crossword
glossnumkey: 801200deckofcards
glossnumkey: 801210dice
glossnumkey: 801220dominos
glossnumkey: 801240videogame
glossnumkey: 801245toy
glossnumkey: 801250balloon
glossnumkey: 801260blocks
glossnumkey: 801270bubbleblowing
glossnumkey: 801278stuffedanimal
glossnumkey: 801280doll
glossnumkey: 801290dollhouse
glossnumkey: 801293toysoldier
glossnumkey: 801295toycar
glossnumkey: 801297toytrain
glossnumkey: 801300jigsaw
glossnumkey: 801305marbles
glossnumkey: 801310kaleidescope
glossnumkey: 801320kite
glossnumkey: 801360sled
glossnumkey: 801362slide
glossnumkey: 801364swing
glossnumkey: 801390ball
glossnumkey: 801410yoyo
glossnumkey: 801420circus
glossnumkey: 801430dancing
glossnumkey: 801440fireworks
glossnumkey: 801450gambling
glossnumkey: 801460party
glossnumkey: 801470restaurant
glossnumkey: 801500sport
glossnumkey: 801510archery
glossnumkey: 801520armwrestling
glossnumkey: 801530ballooning
glossnumkey: 801535baseball
glossnumkey: 801540basketball
glossnumkey: 801550billiards
glossnumkey: 801560bocce
glossnumkey: 801570bowling
glossnumkey: 801580bullfighting
glossnumkey: 801590canoeing
glossnumkey: 801600carracing
glossnumkey: 801610cricket
glossnumkey: 801620croquet
glossnumkey: 801630darts
glossnumkey: 801640dogracing
glossnumkey: 801650fieldhockey
glossnumkey: 801660footballgame
glossnumkey: 801670golf
glossnumkey: 801680gymnastics
glossnumkey: 801690hiking
glossnumkey: 801700horsepolo
glossnumkey: 801710horseracing
glossnumkey: 801720horseshoes
glossnumkey: 801730hunting
glossnumkey: 801740icehockey
glossnumkey: 801750iceskate
glossnumkey: 801760karate
glossnumkey: 801770lacrosse
glossnumkey: 801780skydiving
glossnumkey: 801790raceswimming
glossnumkey: 801800rollerskate
glossnumkey: 801810rugby
glossnumkey: 801820racing
glossnumkey: 801830skateboarding
glossnumkey: 801840skiing
glossnumkey: 801850soccergame
glossnumkey: 801870surfing
glossnumkey: 801880tennis
glossnumkey: 801890tugofwar
glossnumkey: 801900vaulting
glossnumkey: 801910weightlifting
glossnumkey: 801920wrestling
glossnumkey: 801950score
glossnumkey: 801960winner
glossnumkey: 801970loser
glossnumkey: 900105binoculars
glossnumkey: 900130telescope
glossnumkey: 900140magnifyingglass
glossnumkey: 900150microscope
glossnumkey: 901000color
glossnumkey: 901015white
glossnumkey: 901017black
glossnumkey: 901019grey
glossnumkey: 901020red
glossnumkey: 901030blue
glossnumkey: 901040green
glossnumkey: 901045yellow
glossnumkey: 901060orangecolor
glossnumkey: 901080pink
glossnumkey: 901085purple
glossnumkey: 901087brown
glossnumkey: 901100darkcolored
glossnumkey: 901110lightcolored
glossnumkey: 901120blurry
glossnumkey: 901130clear
glossnumkey: 905120circle
glossnumkey: 905122oval
glossnumkey: 905123curve
glossnumkey: 905125line
glossnumkey: 905201square
glossnumkey: 905203rectangle
glossnumkey: 905213sphere
glossnumkey: 905214cube
glossnumkey: 905235triangle
glossnumkey: 905237diamond
glossnumkey: 905240spiral
glossnumkey: 905245corner
glossnumkey: 905275zigzag
glossnumkey: 905277spot
glossnumkey: 905280stripe
glossnumkey: 905285plaid
glossnumkey: 905300tallperson
glossnumkey: 905310shortperson
glossnumkey: 905330fat
glossnumkey: 905340thin
glossnumkey: 905391straight
glossnumkey: 905392randomwalk
glossnumkey: 905393zigzagwalk
glossnumkey: 905405ocean
glossnumkey: 905410river
glossnumkey: 905412lake
glossnumkey: 905440beach
glossnumkey: 905450island
glossnumkey: 905470field
glossnumkey: 905471mountain
glossnumkey: 905472cave
glossnumkey: 905475hole
glossnumkey: 905480city
glossnumkey: 906030on
glossnumkey: 906035above
glossnumkey: 906040under
glossnumkey: 906050below
glossnumkey: 906060behind
glossnumkey: 906065infrontof
glossnumkey: 906070inside
glossnumkey: 906090between
glossnumkey: 906091around
glossnumkey: 906092among
glossnumkey: 907000clock
glossnumkey: 907005calendar
glossnumkey: 907006young
glossnumkey: 907008old
glossnumkey: 907010hour
glossnumkey: 907055day
glossnumkey: 907060night
glossnumkey: 907070sunrise
glossnumkey: 907080sunset
glossnumkey: 907085winter
glossnumkey: 907087springtime
glossnumkey: 907088summer
glossnumkey: 907089autumn
glossnumkey: 907091year
glossnumkey: 907092month
glossnumkey: 907094week
glossnumkey: 908010past
glossnumkey: 908020present
glossnumkey: 908030future
glossnumkey: 960207central
iconic: 1 and 2 sign for christian or christ 3 wings 4 wings high
iconic: 1 animal claws or breathes 2
iconic: 1 antenna 2 small creature crawl horizontally on base
iconic: 1 antennas move back and forth quickly near mouth 2 crawl quickly
iconic: 1 apply paste 2 brush teeth
iconic: 1 at the back 2 two squeezable large spheres
iconic: 1 beak
iconic: 1 beak 2 fanned out tail around head
iconic: 1 beak 2 fly or wing
iconic: 1 beak 2 fly or wing 3 black
iconic: 1 beak large long 2 variety
iconic: 1 beak pecks 2 wattles droop down
iconic: 1 belly area 2 within belly 3 belly area
iconic: 1 belly expands outward
iconic: 1 bird 2 beak
iconic: 1 bird beak
iconic: 1 black 2 fly or wing
iconic: 1 black 2 fly or wing 3 think 4 good superior 5 hooked beak maybe 6 think 7 one 8 hooked beak 9 fly or wing 10 black 11 fly or wing
iconic: 1 black 2 object between sun and shadow
iconic: 1 bones move against each other
iconic: 1 bracelet around wrist possibly wrist rotation to make bracelets jingle
iconic: 1 breathing or attacking 2 various
iconic: 1 brush down body 2 naked 3 brush down body
iconic: 1 brush teeth 2 apply paste
iconic: 1 buttocks are divided
iconic: 1 cheeks fat 2 obese person walking 3 cheeks fat
iconic: 1 circle around wrist
iconic: 1 circle chin
iconic: 1 circle in on belly button
iconic: 1 circles around eyes 2 climbing with claws
iconic: 1 circlet on head 2 rest arms on arms of chair in regal pose
iconic: 1 circular outline of puffed cheek area
iconic: 1 circular rub of cheek area
iconic: 1 close curved surface downward
iconic: 1 close eyelid
iconic: 1 comb hair
iconic: 1 comb rakes hair center 2 comb rakes hair left 3 comb rakes hair right
iconic: 1 crescent high
iconic: 1 crossing back and forth
iconic: 1 crown on head
iconic: 1 cup at mouth 2 etc
iconic: 1 curling at eye
iconic: 1 curved object on chin
iconic: 1 curving peaks and valleys of mountains
iconic: 1 deaf 2 eyes are shut or closed down
iconic: 1 delineate edge of eye
iconic: 1 depict tongue shape in front of mouth
iconic: 1 display finger(s) 2 fingerspelling
iconic: 1 display hand
iconic: 1 display hand grasp wrist 2 display hand grasp wrist 3 display hand no action
iconic: 1 display thumb 2 touch or point to thumb 3 display thumb
iconic: 1 display thumb(s)
iconic: 1 display thumb(s) 2 display thumb(s)
iconic: 1 down 2 wiggle toes
iconic: 1 draw crescent with right side higher than left
iconic: 1 draw downward drooping mustache
iconic: 1 draw lines of eyebrow or eyebrows
iconic: 1 draw upward rising mustache
iconic: 1 drive a car 2 long narrow horizontal surface oriented viewer-writer
iconic: 1 drive a car 2 mirror 3 do something with mirror not clear
iconic: 1 ear 2 mouth
iconic: 1 eyelid 2 delineate top edge of eyelid
iconic: 1 feet walk 2 joint like wrist
iconic: 1 feet walk 2 joint like wrist 3outline wrist
iconic: 1 fingerspell
iconic: 1 fingerspell 2 pat leg
iconic: 1 fingerspelling 2 creature walks or crawls
iconic: 1 fire 2 small sandy object rubbed off fingers
iconic: 1 fish swims up and down 2 something held at or in mouth 3 water spout from near top of head
iconic: 1 flakes flutter down 2 unclear
iconic: 1 flex hand 2 outline knuckles
iconic: 1 flick fingernail
iconic: 1 fly or wing
iconic: 1 fly or wing 2 feather protrudes from arm-wing 3 feathers spread out from arm-wing
iconic: 1 foot 2 LEGS 3 joint like wrist
iconic: 1 foot 2 point down 3 joint like wrist
iconic: 1 foot 2 touch nails
iconic: 1 foot 3 foot and down 3 touch nails
iconic: 1 foot with joint like wrist
iconic: 1 frame eyes 2 wing fly
iconic: 1 frame face
iconic: 1 frame face 2 outline face 3 frame face 4 outline face 5 frame face
iconic: 1 frame forehead
iconic: 1 frame forehead 2 3 4 5 frame forehead
iconic: 1 frame head
iconic: 1 frame head 2 pat head 3 frame head 4 pat head 5 frame head
iconic: 1 frame object hanging from chin
iconic: 1 frog jumps 2 puffed throat
iconic: 1 gesture 2 talk
iconic: 1 grasp and flex wrist
iconic: 1 grasp and flex wrist 2 grasp wrist
iconic: 1 grasp and flex-rotate wrist
iconic: 1 grasp and pat wrist
iconic: 1 grasp and pull skin
iconic: 1 grasp and rotate wrist
iconic: 1 grasp ankle
iconic: 1 grasp cheek
iconic: 1 grasp chin
iconic: 1 grasp chin 2 grasp chin
iconic: 1 grasp chin 2 grasp chin 3 grasp chin 4 outline chin 5 grasp chin 6 tap chin 7 grasp chin
iconic: 1 grasp elbow
iconic: 1 grasp elbow and show that it is pointed
iconic: 1 grasp eyebrows
iconic: 1 grasp eyelash
iconic: 1 grasp eyelash both eyes
iconic: 1 grasp eyelid
iconic: 1 grasp finger(s)
iconic: 1 grasp finger(s) 2 wiggle finger(s) 3 grasp finger(s) 4 wiggle finger(s)
iconic: 1 grasp fingertip
iconic: 1 grasp foot
iconic: 1 grasp foot 2 walk with feet 3 wiggle toes
iconic: 1 grasp foot 2 wiggle toes 3 grasp toes 4 grasp foot
iconic: 1 grasp forehead
iconic: 1 grasp hair and pull
iconic: 1 grasp hair and pull 2 grasp hair and pull 3 grasp hair and pull
iconic: 1 grasp head 2 smooth surface of head
iconic: 1 grasp knee
iconic: 1 grasp leg
iconic: 1 grasp neck
iconic: 1 grasp nose
iconic: 1 grasp skin
iconic: 1 grasp skin 2 rub skin
iconic: 1 grasp skin 2 rub skin 3 grasp skin 4 rub skin 3 grasp skin 4 rub skin
iconic: 1 grasp stroke shoulder
iconic: 1 grasp thumb
iconic: 1 grasp thumb 2 display thumb 3 grasp thumb 4 display thumb 5 grasp thumb 6 touch or point to thumb 7 grasp thumb
iconic: 1 grasp tooth
iconic: 1 grasp wrist
iconic: 1 grasp-pinch cheek 2 frame cheek 3 pinch cheek
iconic: 1 hair growing from armpit
iconic: 1 hair on head HAIR 2 many hair grow down from armpit 3 hair on head HAIR 4 many hairs grow down from armpit 5 grasp armpit hair 6 pull armpit hair down 7 many armpit hairs grow down
iconic: 1 head 2 hair shaved off head
iconic: 1 high area
iconic: 1 horns 2 milk cow
iconic: 1 horns extend forward from temples. horns are round and with some thickness
iconic: 1 horse 2 stripes on chest or body 3 black 4 white
iconic: 1 horse 2 stripes on face
iconic: 1 jaws bite down 2 unclear maybe fish flicks tail
iconic: 1 joint like wrist
iconic: 1 joint like wrist 2 foot 3 joint like wrist 4 foot 5 joint like wrist
iconic: 1 large eyes open and head moves side to side 2 eyes close
iconic: 1 left hand points at rh wing flying
iconic: 1 LEG 2 bones move against each other
iconic: 1 LEG 2 joint like wrist
iconic: 1 LEG 2 point to joint
iconic: 1 LEG 2 rounded joint like wrist
iconic: 1 LEGS 2 touch nails
iconic: 1 LEGS 2 walk with feet
iconic: 1 LEGS 2 wiggle toes
iconic: 1 legs are below and possibly long thin, alternating action may indicate alternating action of legs
iconic: 1 legs walk 2 flex joint 3 grasp joint 4 point to joint
iconic: 1 legs walking 2 point to joint
iconic: 1 legs walking 2 point to legs 3 grasp stroke legs
iconic: 1 legs walking 2 stroke legs
iconic: 1 legs walking 2 touch legs
iconic: 1 legs walking 2 unclear
iconic: 1 letters of alphabet 2 movement of fingers when fingerspelling
iconic: 1 lick finger 2 turn page of book
iconic: 1 lick finger 2 turn page of book 3 books lined up
iconic: 1 lift up a cup
iconic: 1 linear vertical thin object with some width top to bottom
iconic: 1 lines or stripes on forehead 2 unclear
iconic: 1 lions mane 2 lion clawing
iconic: 1 lions mane 2 lions mane extending out over shoulders 3 lion clawing or walking on clawed feet
iconic: 1 long neck moving up and down 2 beak
iconic: 1 long nose 2 search for prey 3 scales on head
iconic: 1 long object on chin and below
iconic: 1 long thick beak 2 beak
iconic: 1 long thin item attached below waist and wagging 2 riding a horse 3 same as 1 4 pig 5 curly pig tail 6 cat type animal clawing 7 long thin tail 8 unidentifed animal walking possibly squirrel 9 plume like tail upright and wagging
iconic: 1 long thin object located and attached at waist height wags back and forth
iconic: 1 looking thru blur 2 sign for cant see well
iconic: 1 male 2 hand grasping hand
iconic: 1 MALE iconic 2 chest or nipples
iconic: 1 many legged creature crawls horizontally
iconic: 1 many legged creature crawls horizontally 2
iconic: 1 mountain peak 2 cold
iconic: 1 mountain peak 2 upward explosion
iconic: 1 multiple flutter at eye
iconic: 1 multiple flutter at eyes
iconic: 1 multiple individual flutter at eye
iconic: 1 multiple TREE 2 variety of trees
iconic: 1 multiple upward curling at eye
iconic: 1 multiple upward curling at eye 2 multiple upward curling at eyes 3 multiple flutter at eyes 4 multiple upward curling at eyes 5 grasp eyelash both eyes 6 multiple upward curling at eyes 7 multiple flutter at eyes
iconic: 1 mustache on lips then twirled end
iconic: 1 mustache on lips then twirled end 2 small mustache with downward ends
iconic: 1 NAKED 2 top of head
iconic: 1 nibble 2 bushy tail held in semicircle
iconic: 1 object hanging from chin
iconic: 1 object hanging from chin 2 frame object hanging from chin
iconic: 1 object that may have tendrils or tendrilly edges floats or dances upward
iconic: 1 object with antenna or tendrils moves tendrils back and forth and moves up in a dancing manner
iconic: 1 object with slightly curved sheet above floats downward-away 2 object has sheet above 3 water
iconic: 1 outline cheek 2 pat cheek
iconic: 1 outline eye
iconic: 1 outline eyebrow
iconic: 1 outline eyebrow 2 draw lines of eyebrow or eyebrows 3 draw lines of eyebrow or eyebrows
iconic: 1 outline face
iconic: 1 outline face 2 frame face
iconic: 1 outline finger(s)
iconic: 1 outline head
iconic: 1 outline knuckles 2 punch
iconic: 1 outline lips
iconic: 1 outline lips 2 outline lips
iconic: 1 outline lips with two fingers simultaneously using IM
iconic: 1 outline neck column 2 outline neck center 3 outline neck center 4 outline neck 5 point to neck both sides 6 outline neck center 7 point to neck both sides 8 outline neck center
iconic: 1 outline nose
iconic: 1 outline nose 2 grasp nose
iconic: 1 outline object hanging from chin
iconic: 1 outline pectoral area
iconic: 1 pat armpit
iconic: 1 pat back
iconic: 1 pat back 2 stroke back of hand representating back
iconic: 1 pat back 2 unclear 3 unclear possibly body or whole chest or back 4 pat back 5 repeat of 3 6 pat back
iconic: 1 pat belly
iconic: 1 pat belly 2 outline round shape of belly with both hands 3 pat belly 4 outline round shape of belly with both hands 5 pat belly 6 outline round shape of belly with both hands
iconic: 1 pat cheek
iconic: 1 pat chest
iconic: 1 pat chest 2 stroke chest
iconic: 1 pat chin
iconic: 1 pat elbow
iconic: 1 pat elbow 2 fingerspelling
iconic: 1 pat elbow 2 outline elbow area 3 pat elbow 4 outline elbow area 5 pat elbow 6 outline elbow area
iconic: 1 pat forehead
iconic: 1 pat forehead 2 stroke across forehead
iconic: 1 pat hand
iconic: 1 pat hand 2 pat hand
iconic: 1 pat head
iconic: 1 pat knee
iconic: 1 pat leg
iconic: 1 pat leg 2 cylinder of leg
iconic: 1 pat leg 2 fingerspelling
iconic: 1 pat shoulder
iconic: 1 pat side of leg as standin for buttock
iconic: 1 pat wrist
iconic: 1 pats palm then wrist of rh
iconic: 1 petting a cat
iconic: 1 pincers grasp
iconic: 1 pinch cheek
iconic: 1 pluck eyelash
iconic: 1 pluck feather
iconic: 1 point at eye 2 close curved surface downward
iconic: 1 point down 2 touch foot
iconic: 1 point to armpit
iconic: 1 point to back
iconic: 1 point to back of hand representating back 2 touch back
iconic: 1 point to chin
iconic: 1 point to elbow
iconic: 1 point to eye
iconic: 1 point to eye 2 outline eye
iconic: 1 point to eye 2 outline eye 3 point to eye
iconic: 1 point to hand 2 point to hand
iconic: 1 point to joint
iconic: 1 point to neck
iconic: 1 point to nose
iconic: 1 point to nose 2 noniconic fingerspelling
iconic: 1 point to nose 2 outline nose
iconic: 1 point to or touch finger(s)
iconic: 1 point to shoulder
iconic: 1 point to sun 2 rays of sun, head turns away from brightness or heat
iconic: 1 possibly water or sand unclear 2 swimming or waves
iconic: 1 pour together stuff from beakers
iconic: 1 probably breathing or whiskers 2 various 3 and 4 all included
iconic: 1 probably camel 2 similar 3 triangular pricked ears 4 long neck 5 short fur on neck or body
iconic: 1 probably handkerchief or nosewipe 2 square of cloth
iconic: 1 pull down on teat 2 squeeze teat
iconic: 1 pull eyelids 2 touch eyelids
iconic: 1 pumping fists while running
iconic: 1 rain 2 wriggly small thing
iconic: 1 rain falling 2 water 3 rain pattering on ground 4 raindrops hitting ground 5 unclear 6 rain flowing on ground 7 rain pattering on raised surface such as table 8 rain drops running down window 9 rain dotting windowpane
iconic: 1 random small round objects
iconic: 1 roof of building 2 teacher clapping perhaps unclear
iconic: 1 rotate wrist 2 pat wrist 3 rotate wrist 4 pat wrist 5 rotate wrist
iconic: 1 round high
iconic: 1 round maybe snowball 2 grow 3 white 4 round 5 grow
iconic: 1 rounded high 2 round high circle sends out rays spreading out and down
iconic: 1 rounded horizontally delineated area
iconic: 1 rounded object at back of body
iconic: 1 rounded object or objects
iconic: 1 rounded objects move up and down
iconic: 1 rub bottom of foot
iconic: 1 rub edge of eyelid
iconic: 1 rub edge of eyelid 2 tap eyelid
iconic: 1 rub neck column
iconic: 1 rub skin
iconic: 1 rub teeth
iconic: 1 see 2 related objects with one creating a barrier to the sun
iconic: 1 shape of feather or wing at shoulder 2
iconic: 1 show bottom of heavy object hanging down to chest
iconic: 1 show bottom of object hanging down to chest
iconic: 1 show joints of fingers
iconic: 1 SKIN 2 touch head and torso
iconic: 1 slapping buttocks
iconic: 1 slide finger over knuckle(s)
iconic: 1 slipping and falling on a hard surface possibly
iconic: 1 small circular area
iconic: 1 small mustache 2 twirl ends of mustache
iconic: 1 smelly 2 flattened object crawls off close to ground
iconic: 1 smelly 2 hold your breath because it smells 3 pat buttocks 4 smelly 5 pat buttocks 6 smelly 7 pat buttocks
iconic: 1 smooth or hair shaved off head 2 top of head
iconic: 1 smooth surface
iconic: 1 snout of bear
iconic: 1 soft 2 put head on object and lie back
iconic: 1 soil clay sticky 2 globe
iconic: 1 spoon soup from bowl into mouth
iconic: 1 squeezable object on chest
iconic: 1 stick out tongue
iconic: 1 stick out tongue 2 touch chin
iconic: 1 stripes 2 attack with claw
iconic: 1 stripes 2 attack with claw 3 spots on body or legs
iconic: 1 stripes crossing each other
iconic: 1 stroke across forehead
iconic: 1 stroke arm
iconic: 1 stroke arm 2 display hand
iconic: 1 stroke arm 2 stroke arm
iconic: 1 stroke arm 2 stroke arm 3 pat arm 4 stroke arm 5 pat arm 6 stroke arm
iconic: 1 stroke armpit
iconic: 1 stroke belly
iconic: 1 stroke cheek
iconic: 1 stroke chest
iconic: 1 stroke elbow
iconic: 1 stroke finger(s)
iconic: 1 stroke fingernails
iconic: 1 stroke fingernails 2 touch fingernails
iconic: 1 stroke hair
iconic: 1 stroke hand
iconic: 1 stroke hand 2 bend fingers grasp wrist
iconic: 1 stroke hand 2 stroke hand 3 display hand
iconic: 1 stroke hand 2 wiggle fingers
iconic: 1 stroke head downward and then outward indicating long hair
iconic: 1 stroke leg
iconic: 1 stroke right then left side of small mustache
iconic: 1 stroke shoulder
iconic: 1 sun passes around or through obstruction and casts shadow
iconic: 1 sun rays 2 change or switch or move around from front to back 3 outline of person
iconic: 1 tall thing 2 3 spikes 4 ouch 5 spikes 6 ouch
iconic: 1 tap arm
iconic: 1 tap chin
iconic: 1 tap forehead 2 fingerspelling
iconic: 1 tap lips
iconic: 1 tap lips 2 rub lips
iconic: 1 tap shoulder
iconic: 1 tap shoulder 2 tap shoulder 3 tap shoulder 4 tap shoulder 5 tap shoulder 6 tap shoulder 7 tap shoulder 3 to 7 not transcribed
iconic: 1 tap teeth
iconic: 1 there are horns at temples 2 the horns face backwards
iconic: 1 thumb represents head or person or male person
iconic: 1 top of head
iconic: 1 top of head 2 smooth surface
iconic: 1 top of head delineated 2 unclear possibly pulling out or removing hair
iconic: 1 top of head is smooth
iconic: 1 touch and flex wrist
iconic: 1 touch armpit
iconic: 1 touch breast
iconic: 1 touch fingernail
iconic: 1 touch foot
iconic: 1 touch head and torso
iconic: 1 touch knee 2 frame knee 3 touch knee 4 touch elbow 5 SAME 6 touch knee 7 touch elbow 8 frame knee 9 bones move against each other
iconic: 1 touch knuckle(s)
iconic: 1 touch knuckles 2 flex knuckles 3 touch knuckles
iconic: 1 touch or point to thumb
iconic: 1 touch or point to thumb 2 display thumb(s)
iconic: 1 touch or point to thumb 2 wiggle fingers
iconic: 1 touch pectorals 2 outline pectorals 3 outline pectorals 4 grasp shirt 5 outline pectorals 6 touch right pectoral 7 outline pectorals 8 fists in front of chest
iconic: 1 touch tongue
iconic: 1 touch tongue 2 hand shows tongue flapping
iconic: 1 touch torso
iconic: 1 tree 2 ranks of trees
iconic: 1 trunk 2 ears
iconic: 1 twinkling
iconic: 1 twist ends of mustache
iconic: 1 twist pectorals
iconic: 1 two flattened spheres jiggling on chest 2 unclear
iconic: 1 two flattened spheres on chest
iconic: 1 two objects all other attributes unclear
iconic: 1 two objects on chest
iconic: 1 two protruding objects on chest with further protrusion at each center (nipples)
iconic: 1 two rounded objects
iconic: 1 two rounded objects 2 objects move up and down
iconic: 1 two rounded objects are squeezed
iconic: 1 two squeezable jiggling large spheres
iconic: 1 unclear
iconic: 1 unclear - stripes at mouth 2 unclear - feathers or black 3 beak with typical raptor tight curve
iconic: 1 unclear 2 beak
iconic: 1 unclear 2 copy 3 camera flash goes off
iconic: 1 unclear 2 days months arranged in grid
iconic: 1 unclear 2 foot with joint like wrist
iconic: 1 unclear 2 joint like wrist
iconic: 1 unclear 2 something on the back of the body
iconic: 1 unclear 2 tall objects
iconic: 1 unclear 2 top of head
iconic: 1 unclear action on chest
iconic: 1 unclear but probable reference to water
iconic: 1 unclear but probable reference to water and perhaps hard or metal
iconic: 1 unclear could be cutting meat off 2 beak
iconic: 1 unclear eye closes 2 eyes look up down r l in circle
iconic: 1 unclear possibly pig or dirty
iconic: 1 upright object moves toward viewer in random path 2 object with depth moves toward viewer in random path
iconic: 1 upward curled mustache
iconic: 1 upward curled mustache 2 small down pointing mustache 3 upward curled mustache 4 small down pointing mustache 5 upward curled mustache
iconic: 1 upward curling at eye
iconic: 1 upward rising mustache 2 small mustache
iconic: 1 very small something 2 small creature crawls horizontally on base
iconic: 1 WALK
iconic: 1 walk quickly 2 beak
iconic: 1 walk with feet
iconic: 1 water 2 cold
iconic: 1 water 2 cold 3 freeze
iconic: 1 water 2 delineate round area on floor
iconic: 1 water 2 horse 3 object moves to side with jerky motion of its head
iconic: 1 water 2 move in spiral forward
iconic: 1 water 2 probably waves breaking
iconic: 1 water 2 rain falling
iconic: 1 water 2 winding path of object with significant width therefore two hands
iconic: 1 waving horizontal 2: swimming 3 waving sinuously horizontal 4 very long thin 5 unclear 6 open and close mouth or gape
iconic: 1 wet 2 drink from cup
iconic: 1 white 2 crescent high
iconic: 1 white 2 flutter gently down
iconic: 1 WHITE 2 hard to see through
iconic: 1 white 2 jagged outline
iconic: 1 white 2 sand 3 white
iconic: 1 white 2 snow falling
iconic: 1 wiggle finger(s)
iconic: 1 wiggle fingers
iconic: 1 wiggle fingers 2 display hand
iconic: 1 wiggle toes
iconic: 1 wiggle toes 2 down
iconic: 1 wiggle toes 2 foot in shoe 3-4 5-6 repeat 1-2 7 repeat 1
iconic: 1 wiggle toes 2 grasp nails
iconic: 1 wind bandage around hand 2 wind bandage around head 3 wind bandage around arm
iconic: 1 wind blowing in gusts up-down right-left randomly strongly
iconic: 1 wind moved in out strongly repeatedly 2 wind pushes strongly to left and up
iconic: 1 window moves side to side repeatedly
iconic: 1 wing fly 2 outline shape of wing 3 4 repeat of 1-2 5 feathers fanning out along wing surface 6 7 repeat 1-2
iconic: 1 wipe chin
iconic: 1 wipe honey off mouth
iconic: 1: antenna at jaw diagonal out with wiggle 2 rounded antenna from mouth 3 rounded antenna from temples 4 antenna from mouth no wiggle 5 antenna are feathered
iconic: 1: black 2: beak
iconic: 1: black 2: beak 3: fly with wings
iconic: 1flat object on top of head
iconic: 1lines downward thrice 2 sets of stripes downward twice 3 short stripes widely spaced thrice 4 very narrow stripes closely spaced downward five times
iconic: all 4 gestures unclear
iconic: animal muzzle & ears
iconic: animal muzzle & ears mouth opens shuts
iconic: apply eyeshadow just below eyebrow
iconic: apply paste
iconic: arm is flagpole hand shows flag waving in breeze
iconic: back and forth
iconic: breathing creatures
iconic: brush teeth 2. apply paste
iconic: camel head bobs up and down
iconic: cat scratching
iconic: cat whiskers
iconic: cats paw cleaning face
iconic: clawing, distorted face
iconic: crescent high thin
iconic: cut solid object into several parts
iconic: cylinder on base
iconic: describes tree and flowers separately but shows thorns or spines and ouch reaction
iconic: draw spiral motion
iconic: elephant trunk rotating
iconic: expanding waist
iconic: eyes mouth clawed hand show anger
iconic: fiddlehead opening
iconic: graphic representation of Y including straight line base
iconic: grinding coffee
iconic: hands tied together
iconic: heart opens and closes or beats fast in fear
iconic: hug friend
iconic: large beak at mouth perhaps
iconic: lions mane
iconic: long curving cylinder/round tail protrudes out from side/back of body in long graceful waving curve
iconic: long ears
iconic: long thin things spread along a horizontal surface ie grass in a field
iconic: move hands
iconic: multiple objects circle around center point
iconic: object above base moves some distance below it
iconic: object in front of base
iconic: object is under a base
iconic: outline diamond shape using 2 fingers and 2 hands to draw outline
iconic: outline of peak and sides of mountain
iconic: outline sides and peak of mountain
iconic: part1 shows large rectangle part2 hold handle lift upanddown
iconic: police salute, nonmanual strict or severe
iconic: probably cat whiskers
iconic: probably peeling an orange
iconic: pull down hat brim across upper face
iconic: purple bags under eyes
iconic: rays of light appear
iconic: reduced iconicity from original cross
iconic: round high moving toward self
iconic: round high object rotates
iconic: rubbing cheese back and forth over rough surface
iconic: sandy substance rubbed off fingers
iconic: shearing wool
iconic: snakes head vibrating side to side
iconic: something changes its appearance
iconic: spine on head or back, claws grip
iconic: stirring coffee or tea in cup
iconic: striped smelly plus unclear
iconic: stripes 2: horse
iconic: tail curves out away from back of body tail is not clearly cylindrical but has approximate size and shape of cylinder
iconic: train moves along tracks
iconic: upright object moves toward viewer in angular path
iconic: watch on wrist
iconic: wing - beak
iconic: wings or fly
iconic:1 open laptop 2 type
lxsg: ase185
lxsg: ase210
lxsg: ase215
lxsg: ase235
lxsg: ase901
lxsg: bzs125
lxsg: csl205
lxsg: csq130
lxsg: dsl150
lxsg: esl245
lxsg: eso255
lxsg: eth190
lxsg: fsl175
lxsg: gsg120
lxsg: hds145
lxsg: hds225
lxsg: ht1165
lxsg: iq1220
lxsg: ise155
lxsg: lls140
lxsg: ncs200
lxsg: nsp110
lxsg: psp195
lxsg: psr100
lxsg: rsl105
lxsg: rsl240
lxsg: rw1170
lxsg: sqs250
lxsg: tsm180
lxsg: ugn135
lxsg: vsl115
recordkey: YT--Vx5VQrIYw
recordkey: YT-06HGAFq_BU
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recordkey: YT-e3-MTo3ji8
recordkey: YT-EEqmEUFhlc
recordkey: YT-eG2DERk5fI
recordkey: YT-eif3GwIboY
recordkey: YT-eVJPiIiNnM
recordkey: YT-Ex7Htc3lrA
recordkey: YT-FAqMYa7UJo
recordkey: YT-Fg28IUUGUE
recordkey: YT-fJRov1TA7c
recordkey: YT-FljJKVpgB8
recordkey: YT-Fn017LIS4M
recordkey: YT-FZhvDiOmRg
recordkey: YT-G6XgQQKf_4
recordkey: YT-G_onWvvaZM
recordkey: YT-GhJjZpu-8Y
recordkey: YT-gi0QQ-ysBA
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recordkey: YT-GyHr5iAAQ8
recordkey: YT-H9pzDbMZbY
recordkey: YT-H_pnPCPuUE
recordkey: YT-HA09YZV5rg
recordkey: YT-HEsiol_4dg
recordkey: YT-HnvxGyXjfs
recordkey: YT-HSfBRWkAuw
recordkey: YT-HtkfIshf8g
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recordkey: YT-MrNZIIMe0E
recordkey: YT-Nb5DaLUD9g
recordkey: YT-o0AScwEfvo
recordkey: YT-O2BzDixfwI
recordkey: YT-oFdgKmkfTc
recordkey: YT-oG3CVpk2KU
recordkey: YT-Ox1bYPviBg
recordkey: YT-P2texsyuDk
recordkey: YT-PEGcEsnaeY
recordkey: YT-PuRBlkR9QE
recordkey: YT-q1wPSu7Hkc
recordkey: YT-q5aibvrO1s
recordkey: YT-qNyfo92z0s
recordkey: YT-qoQN4PH_E8
recordkey: YT-QzhXKF8wy0
recordkey: YT-r_eRirMhYY
recordkey: YT-rCJ-4Fmxig
recordkey: YT-RreWh0nZxg
recordkey: YT-RW6ugV4hRk
recordkey: YT-rxqpSZggrM
recordkey: YT-s5AMoJMxEo
recordkey: YT-S7S53MFVEw
recordkey: YT-SmQVQCNT8s
recordkey: YT-SNBbtYpfzc
recordkey: YT-T2AhEJqMdE
recordkey: YT-TcRKTFlEdg
recordkey: YT-tLZJID1s3c
recordkey: YT-to1_lLzDmI
recordkey: YT-TUKlzxHr2o
recordkey: YT-u1keUWwSRo
recordkey: YT-U5OiSzdOY4
recordkey: YT-Ub7JwjOqwE
recordkey: YT-uTT8IkALeg
recordkey: YT-uxrmPz85E0
recordkey: YT-VE2K0dKaBM
recordkey: YT-vJfpiGIB5k
recordkey: YT-VMxVf-zQGQ
recordkey: YT-vzTc2FuNsk
recordkey: YT-WicNV0TzOw
recordkey: YT-wL6mEqCmps
recordkey: YT-WmxXeSpAKc
recordkey: YT-WPLxK-5Rz8
recordkey: YT-WYJqemaVww
recordkey: YT-XjwzlAKaME
recordkey: YT-xms1IrKAMM
recordkey: YT-XV51V7CIyU
recordkey: YT-Y55wxBo2rY
recordkey: YT-Yfr89c0OoE
recordkey: YT-yg2us4rigY
recordkey: YT-YqOh6qk0BY
recordkey: YT-YudWdWEJ5g
recordkey: YT-yxJygaqXms
recordkey: YT-Z31a5z1Vns
recordkey: YT-Z5t_IfyOmI
recordkey: YT-zCGwC3EyEk
recordkey: YT-Ze82KiTjDM
recordkey: YT-zH0bH4sOu4
recordkey: YT-ZLomDhL0JY
recordkey: YT-ZMISsBggJ0
recordkey: YT-ZOyLs6dLpM
recordkey: YT-ZxhH-95zic
recordkey: YT0-MreIUAqj4
recordkey: YT0-waqWIa09I
recordkey: YT0-yjLPNehvo
recordkey: YT003TaXquQl0
recordkey: YT00E2EEXT6Tg
recordkey: YT00LFCbeckNc
recordkey: YT00n0wQLWGHk
recordkey: YT00RRav8S4NY
recordkey: YT00xkZ828zNg
recordkey: YT0174fOlTpAY
recordkey: YT01Gze2q67Lc
recordkey: YT01Y0_VyzlIs
recordkey: YT01Y3qCIoA-M
recordkey: YT03_0G6aP60Y
recordkey: YT03mRyKJ4Z78
recordkey: YT03s5tRZO0mY
recordkey: YT04WYX-Bsldc
recordkey: YT051IaMcTb8A
recordkey: YT05lz1vHwnFI
recordkey: YT062ivyQ3M1w
recordkey: YT066tJsh9YJs
recordkey: YT06XKW_nrh1E
recordkey: YT07ZBr7XWbY8
recordkey: YT07ZL226zgXM
recordkey: YT08EI2b8LhDQ
recordkey: YT09M1arhUhkU
recordkey: YT09maBBLWb2o
recordkey: YT0_arQhRLUZg
recordkey: YT0_D-FOCQbFU
recordkey: YT0_KmCBoTmgw
recordkey: YT0_uNYwS0Bgg
recordkey: YT0A97ixgTk2g
recordkey: YT0AbJpxK3I5c
recordkey: YT0aoWCULbVmw
recordkey: YT0aqOs1Swbus
recordkey: YT0B6DIUL6Aec
recordkey: YT0BAClLkIdEw
recordkey: YT0Brsar0fVQ0
recordkey: YT0c01iVzEi8E
recordkey: YT0c2H_435x24
recordkey: YT0c8Hk5bMeps
recordkey: YT0c_HhVXkXV4
recordkey: YT0Ch0Y2Gms7Q
recordkey: YT0cRCT-SUl7Q
recordkey: YT0cWwvXhx2f4
recordkey: YT0d_OrOinT_0
recordkey: YT0Di-0STW6TY
recordkey: YT0DPGHMTJtNQ
recordkey: YT0ELj8OJZtIk
recordkey: YT0Em56eOpZXs
recordkey: YT0eSA64Tg5Xs
recordkey: YT0EXZu2sYGjM
recordkey: YT0f-O-VBSOpc
recordkey: YT0f1swuqnbFg
recordkey: YT0fFQAZv3E3A
recordkey: YT0Fh5hDoT0zA
recordkey: YT0fSAt4T60Z8
recordkey: YT0ft0XZPKspc
recordkey: YT0g2ENGtT_q4
recordkey: YT0gDb1G9H5V4
recordkey: YT0GGU8EDTMxg
recordkey: YT0HKZjLi-QKo
recordkey: YT0hnGIarr0tQ
recordkey: YT0hxfGuYVNDY
recordkey: YT0HZMKl5j-FI
recordkey: YT0IFWlfJ-jZs
recordkey: YT0IhzbCFBEHU
recordkey: YT0IxF3LW1Sgo
recordkey: YT0jN3osraN6k
recordkey: YT0Jqeul8ZLgk
recordkey: YT0jXYqFj-_xE
recordkey: YT0kKyGaZE7YQ
recordkey: YT0kLKAT60fCw
recordkey: YT0kOodY22oKY
recordkey: YT0KRK5QjBQ-s
recordkey: YT0kTHh5JaucY
recordkey: YT0KVXEG_ypbo
recordkey: YT0KZ37brqX_s
recordkey: YT0L6OIm8lsl8
recordkey: YT0lDNDs37kIc
recordkey: YT0lH31MkI1uE
recordkey: YT0Lm5q1B3ifU
recordkey: YT0lx5qiB3pcY
recordkey: YT0MDV53XVa1c
recordkey: YT0MFOZRecjLU
recordkey: YT0Mh0aAnAmy8
recordkey: YT0Mj2m1-VVio
recordkey: YT0N1bqKPh4mQ
recordkey: YT0NJKRCm8uQQ
recordkey: YT0NnCYKhvoJc
recordkey: YT0NNfirUTVEU
recordkey: YT0OFci-F-Oxg
recordkey: YT0OQyoTsUkIU
recordkey: YT0oYhw0Ayb3k
recordkey: YT0p9QUOJYpNk
recordkey: YT0PLQ9_ckAhk
recordkey: YT0pMmHDYkWoA
recordkey: YT0POE5V7o6UY
recordkey: YT0PTDcJ5_jUQ
recordkey: YT0PxTPPoe5wo
recordkey: YT0Q3C7g3Q9O8
recordkey: YT0Q6lo91BpZU
recordkey: YT0Qq7N4Ip8z8
recordkey: YT0QVRav4S4BY
recordkey: YT0QWIYlRLahU
recordkey: YT0RhQmaZQgnc
recordkey: YT0rNEL35Ltn0
recordkey: YT0sHpcvv0Qbw
recordkey: YT0SmNmJo2whc
recordkey: YT0sRbh0E6p2M
recordkey: YT0sVLkVcGuFg
recordkey: YT0t1vN8d6Urs
recordkey: YT0TBElV-63qk
recordkey: YT0TbHo5l9q-U
recordkey: YT0TJnoCXfBDM
recordkey: YT0tMMww93Nkc
recordkey: YT0tX7P2gBE4M
recordkey: YT0UUaZx2I_pQ
recordkey: YT0UuVInd5pxw
recordkey: YT0Vb7DlLOmGs
recordkey: YT0vtBelTpEVY
recordkey: YT0VxtM7d8O8w
recordkey: YT0WbZg6qJaZo
recordkey: YT0wgnq7dL1xs
recordkey: YT0WIkTh0oEGg
recordkey: YT0wjNixepIZE
recordkey: YT0x5EKP_YLm0
recordkey: YT0x8hEXHD-5c
recordkey: YT0xI-yFRXFdU
recordkey: YT0xMENSt-pdE
recordkey: YT0XzgWJcTPqc
recordkey: YT0y71UH0k-FY
recordkey: YT0yfd7w3Jypo
recordkey: YT0yLpfAmnggE
recordkey: YT0yrjMBvyq00
recordkey: YT0yWN3WxDN-c
recordkey: YT0ZvMMKVMI9Y
recordkey: YT0zwbOe4t5AU
recordkey: YT0ZWPZ48JlNE
recordkey: YT1-0Qlue3j4c
recordkey: YT1-5NyfpgR7A
recordkey: YT1-Jz3VgF_9w
recordkey: YT1-W2O7G4HMA
recordkey: YT10cK-kNI9uI
recordkey: YT10dG7qPxnFk
recordkey: YT10HNz8FJUik
recordkey: YT10mvqQUb9HM
recordkey: YT10Xe1iAF3Jo
recordkey: YT11b7wora_d0
recordkey: YT11JlDNe9tlE
recordkey: YT12AeAvY54tk
recordkey: YT13VUdmv5EEg
recordkey: YT1444hHXuLz4
recordkey: YT14VCfJPNHXU
recordkey: YT151UV9X0-h8
recordkey: YT15c84VnAywM
recordkey: YT15DCvQ_dD18
recordkey: YT16OTT23ZZdk
recordkey: YT17psZ8byxkY
recordkey: YT18mrvU0zftY
recordkey: YT18msT30Ax6k
recordkey: YT18OCX34sixQ
recordkey: YT19iCKg1NV9o
recordkey: YT19L9ZcrmWKk
recordkey: YT19WFH-86b6k
recordkey: YT1_bFQM-r67g
recordkey: YT1_V7_bn_8rM
recordkey: YT1_VFxi3mvWs
recordkey: YT1_X8EbAYcQs
recordkey: YT1A1ygdPSBj8
recordkey: YT1AdGl_YXGqM
recordkey: YT1Aewf9p3mt8
recordkey: YT1AHxN22Pd5A
recordkey: YT1AId7_RU7GY
recordkey: YT1as2hXPN1TM
recordkey: YT1B0xARCNcL4
recordkey: YT1b0YmPDd3_o
recordkey: YT1b60FmvMTwo
recordkey: YT1B7yFuXj4Dg
recordkey: YT1bKqPtEKpEQ
recordkey: YT1BRiJHZYMHs
recordkey: YT1BtVjyAfL5w
recordkey: YT1cicwI0FwQ8
recordkey: YT1EAca13r_Bs
recordkey: YT1eiK4BEXQD4
recordkey: YT1EoFsVbNQGs
recordkey: YT1ePsk6iJzFA
recordkey: YT1epwxNlfFW4
recordkey: YT1Ex9fksTruk
recordkey: YT1EYnVgZP3wY
recordkey: YT1eZyZ3mwv7g
recordkey: YT1FL6WoxbhdA
recordkey: YT1fNMLWYBPvw
recordkey: YT1fnpoNzwPgc
recordkey: YT1fWhHHSiA6I
recordkey: YT1Gb7-mgfDmQ
recordkey: YT1GG1Y9bCkGs
recordkey: YT1ggGGi3EkZw
recordkey: YT1gsFL3Zg1SQ
recordkey: YT1GXCezfH86U
recordkey: YT1GzavI3o1kw
recordkey: YT1H0IL1Uupiw
recordkey: YT1H2OoHCpIZA
recordkey: YT1iAkH41irS8
recordkey: YT1ig6OEB1DfU
recordkey: YT1ipgoX3_5c0
recordkey: YT1IV1rqaYoCY
recordkey: YT1IyqkoN857c
recordkey: YT1J2EEmLytGk
recordkey: YT1JEE_7PlCtk
recordkey: YT1jpn_LsMn0o
recordkey: YT1JqIRhDxXWc
recordkey: YT1jZlyMxH0NI
recordkey: YT1L4SUOrlu_M
recordkey: YT1lDVpltFnIQ
recordkey: YT1MUVSR7svCU
recordkey: YT1MyBmhHzpFc
recordkey: YT1nMMiIw-QK8
recordkey: YT1nXcyDnD6X8
recordkey: YT1OTQu5HmVkg
recordkey: YT1OTxqj3sIhU
recordkey: YT1OUBcfSA1Wk
recordkey: YT1P6CL7PjMu0
recordkey: YT1Pec4VDgDUw
recordkey: YT1pFyGGJSi_g
recordkey: YT1pG6ILM-C_c
recordkey: YT1PRzOJscw4w
recordkey: YT1qpxGPwKvrc
recordkey: YT1qQ3FEofAFs
recordkey: YT1qyJl7gA1Pk
recordkey: YT1qypvHJOl38
recordkey: YT1rOblpkbZqU
recordkey: YT1RtyuSFHzok
recordkey: YT1s3ocSvVGY8
recordkey: YT1S4XgYrU-fI
recordkey: YT1SCZSYVpEOA
recordkey: YT1sfaoV8kaIQ
recordkey: YT1sfHGZL0c54
recordkey: YT1Sj49gC0mtA
recordkey: YT1sLXlFMOsQo
recordkey: YT1sq099G2N20
recordkey: YT1SwxxD9ddKg
recordkey: YT1t3EDz9WI9w
recordkey: YT1u5see4Iwt4
recordkey: YT1ULVU8DAXnk
recordkey: YT1UVLTZeMdbA
recordkey: YT1VBnYFyVXJk
recordkey: YT1VbR-b261cQ
recordkey: YT1viSQ5zJ3Y0
recordkey: YT1Vl8t9v1ZOc
recordkey: YT1vO7UZVVJ3s
recordkey: YT1vOMC6E3DI4
recordkey: YT1vsC3vOxK9I
recordkey: YT1W9TPEzzl58
recordkey: YT1wI5c6haB0A
recordkey: YT1wMhpwuP45s
recordkey: YT1wNB2_xA5jw
recordkey: YT1Wrh4RS2Pjg
recordkey: YT1x6M8yvhrKY
recordkey: YT1xKGIH4QqnQ
recordkey: YT1xtiUZgqgoI
recordkey: YT1Xy-5TArrs4
recordkey: YT1YWmtxdkh6I
recordkey: YT1yX-5ofAFlQ
recordkey: YT1zHcCglNLac
recordkey: YT1Zs-ZsBaX5U
recordkey: YT2-DM2x_9Jvo
recordkey: YT2-PFvvK9Wiw
recordkey: YT2-sYssZNwMU
recordkey: YT20d-l8TogNU
recordkey: YT20PccCniM2U
recordkey: YT215UoyswECg
recordkey: YT21CkX5YFlYs
recordkey: YT21I6Lra13-Y
recordkey: YT21rlC8i84Wo
recordkey: YT21YF91mPN9E
recordkey: YT22c--hel_I8
recordkey: YT22RMsXCm5Ag
recordkey: YT2394X-ILwZE
recordkey: YT23g847TXHcE
recordkey: YT23uyEVyIBkU
recordkey: YT242HQ36nHaA
recordkey: YT24o6jeY3Xuk
recordkey: YT24UKO0urtS4
recordkey: YT24V_M1URNbE
recordkey: YT24Vb7m594sk
recordkey: YT25j9iwLv6u4
recordkey: YT25kZEVZ6k1k
recordkey: YT25R0lSQsMJ8
recordkey: YT25u5uJP31fk
recordkey: YT25VAt9Ph78s
recordkey: YT279QeBgGOmA
recordkey: YT27PDDfryiMQ
recordkey: YT27zROR01ExA
recordkey: YT28gcbS_KXNo
recordkey: YT28KfVuAbHxM
recordkey: YT28z3wQBwGzg
recordkey: YT2_1OoIWOJGc
recordkey: YT2_AEy_dm-Nc
recordkey: YT2_mVbwCqkMs
recordkey: YT2_wgEDjq3fY
recordkey: YT2a4EM4YN_7E
recordkey: YT2a731rIlBiY
recordkey: YT2aHdHh8arX4
recordkey: YT2ajZdN2v98w
recordkey: YT2aK7WQ3tUF0
recordkey: YT2asdd7vCJXA
recordkey: YT2ATWTBcwZ1E
recordkey: YT2b1KqlPDFdU
recordkey: YT2BfR3WQK8hA
recordkey: YT2bgZFcQIEVs
recordkey: YT2BhSuVwO7s0
recordkey: YT2BqaUDxbmVc
recordkey: YT2bQjR2sG3x0
recordkey: YT2BTvKB8RrBA
recordkey: YT2bUDx2AAQ_c
recordkey: YT2bxgjYgJsgM
recordkey: YT2BywiUDLfTo
recordkey: YT2cB4sYNSWHU
recordkey: YT2Cho4JBJ7mQ
recordkey: YT2dI5vJKUixQ
recordkey: YT2DkjG1MugAY
recordkey: YT2droKuqUSBM
recordkey: YT2DSXiEPN9X4
recordkey: YT2eAYLKN2aY4
recordkey: YT2eCPgZ_8XWA
recordkey: YT2Ed517i6cI4
recordkey: YT2ef3xs9JuVc
recordkey: YT2ekZ2b-c_2g
recordkey: YT2elNBqioous
recordkey: YT2eYG9VSoMPk
recordkey: YT2f4Tpde2F90
recordkey: YT2F5122tIO18
recordkey: YT2FVsQCHQP-o
recordkey: YT2G94hVBVC2M
recordkey: YT2gSzv2NIx3w
recordkey: YT2gX73RxuK94
recordkey: YT2gXPw2-BCws
recordkey: YT2hIkFhvtcPI
recordkey: YT2HKnBaEN_Zk
recordkey: YT2HRJaYoMlyI
recordkey: YT2Hxz9bjaFLw
recordkey: YT2I2Zg_bmFtI
recordkey: YT2i4jCLhocUs
recordkey: YT2ibv-me7SR0
recordkey: YT2icarykXCiU
recordkey: YT2INkT8V51mA
recordkey: YT2jMdgGbeE7E
recordkey: YT2jPmHXBTZ1o
recordkey: YT2k625m-ZMas
recordkey: YT2kDBGAAxXGs
recordkey: YT2Kf_15e5VnM
recordkey: YT2kGDI_nMUcw
recordkey: YT2kUfxcq2i3Y
recordkey: YT2l-JfndFtcw
recordkey: YT2LJTd6OqfYY
recordkey: YT2lP-dVXAfPc
recordkey: YT2LS7_z-5UbY
recordkey: YT2m1VVidhGA4
recordkey: YT2M1xEL2M1QI
recordkey: YT2m2PN_vQxlA
recordkey: YT2M4gget5Zao
recordkey: YT2Mo7iccCC-8
recordkey: YT2MQVA2tihOk
recordkey: YT2my1oDuYGA4
recordkey: YT2naW2Zr1d7k
recordkey: YT2NembNyvk_k
recordkey: YT2nFkt6BuRA8
recordkey: YT2nOlKOOPuO0
recordkey: YT2NsKVE8z64w
recordkey: YT2nUPkLI47T0
recordkey: YT2NuX247kEDM
recordkey: YT2NvTZipb7FE
recordkey: YT2ODfurWUP6Y
recordkey: YT2oEwxmSnOfo
recordkey: YT2Oi5WKu3k7U
recordkey: YT2OjuvQ4pNQA
recordkey: YT2OmROg42-rA
recordkey: YT2ooYDo6gObw
recordkey: YT2OvjXCqzfLM
recordkey: YT2OZSr6-ZzU8
recordkey: YT2p7tDKd7h9U
recordkey: YT2p_-mIKGo_w
recordkey: YT2PARRUVFRx0
recordkey: YT2piM-FBlhCs
recordkey: YT2PoNmpaQ2tg
recordkey: YT2PPtCmQOkNI
recordkey: YT2pT8Vr5oGqE
recordkey: YT2pTnd3sAiis
recordkey: YT2PynyTEBDnU
recordkey: YT2qs7T495sZU
recordkey: YT2r79Rk-yWG0
recordkey: YT2raAalsxsfk
recordkey: YT2rli_k2WRgI
recordkey: YT2RoslG6YIuE
recordkey: YT2s6MuULCYZc
recordkey: YT2SBRMaPkLig
recordkey: YT2sDqnmqP_YY
recordkey: YT2sM_oo3hGIM
recordkey: YT2sUyyzDRncQ
recordkey: YT2TBliLbj-Qo
recordkey: YT2tci65pJmqI
recordkey: YT2tG0zuAS2CU
recordkey: YT2To0R_KgMuI
recordkey: YT2tpIvQlqL-s
recordkey: YT2TqLOaA0DHA
recordkey: YT2TSB5m-UCr0
recordkey: YT2TsW-PydoOw
recordkey: YT2twV4bHctNM
recordkey: YT2U8Ak7apDm0
recordkey: YT2UIIPo_RrRo
recordkey: YT2UIvIX5r_kA
recordkey: YT2vEVV17mfoY
recordkey: YT2VfPW6w2r-E
recordkey: YT2VLz4Fm-63w
recordkey: YT2vtTd9STo6I
recordkey: YT2wX_hLYtAl0
recordkey: YT2WY0pkPy9dU
recordkey: YT2WY3-f0_cVo
recordkey: YT2XbqYQym9t8
recordkey: YT2Xfa_udrJoY
recordkey: YT2xHQja4W6HU
recordkey: YT2XZivQUyRrc
recordkey: YT2YaTx6FgHp8
recordkey: YT2yIvvm4rGRM
recordkey: YT2yPLAbwutZQ
recordkey: YT2Z8UmQ3KBNc
recordkey: YT2zc2gviFlvo
recordkey: YT2ZGYEpVksxk
recordkey: YT2ZhB6LQMFQQ
recordkey: YT2ZU4aB-atnY
recordkey: YT3-TI3RAo8LM
recordkey: YT31eoKiLOqEY
recordkey: YT31jvEJ__BeU
recordkey: YT31MzFFTtSxc
recordkey: YT31o1k2YtpAM
recordkey: YT325lAkRpXAE
recordkey: YT32_fdscGzhQ
recordkey: YT32gzt7wkS1s
recordkey: YT32MjToNsy38
recordkey: YT32xSCq0pBjI
recordkey: YT32ZTeuhQFhM
recordkey: YT336gvFJzFX4
recordkey: YT33AZ6ZvK9m0
recordkey: YT33BXe_9AtRM
recordkey: YT33dBEIJc4mI
recordkey: YT341L37AhBag
recordkey: YT34Gn92ZOmkE
recordkey: YT34ks_DTO6Tk
recordkey: YT34yIrnP8k0k
recordkey: YT358kDW0MLlo
recordkey: YT35Jt0B572QM
recordkey: YT360110I7SO8
recordkey: YT36pmSbr6v0k
recordkey: YT36WegILn_9M
recordkey: YT37-ec_yrQHY
recordkey: YT37EfQGpoNHQ
recordkey: YT37fGxAJdLgs
recordkey: YT37z6bf6LFY8
recordkey: YT38EiE7xvxBw
recordkey: YT38QPF7pASA0
recordkey: YT38YKFK-lGgY
recordkey: YT39pi0Lg75zE
recordkey: YT3__kApm7jFc
recordkey: YT3_amE6f0klQ
recordkey: YT3_Ok8PpNn6c
recordkey: YT3a8smrjD8j0
recordkey: YT3ABaw76BriY
recordkey: YT3AhzlN__Dew
recordkey: YT3AKinNnyCYY
recordkey: YT3ApOkMEQIEc
recordkey: YT3asnZE8I0-o
recordkey: YT3ay2ZizQsTk
recordkey: YT3Ba6cK48S9c
recordkey: YT3bFB8onH100
recordkey: YT3Bit53G9vzk
recordkey: YT3Bj7-DMEKVU
recordkey: YT3bLrbXC9CPg
recordkey: YT3bQaOL7f91A
recordkey: YT3Bw5hQdiRwY
recordkey: YT3BwG5k_tMJg
recordkey: YT3Bzk_n8GVg4
recordkey: YT3c9W7QU69f0
recordkey: YT3CDqPpuJlSE
recordkey: YT3CQmNO-Rgcg
recordkey: YT3cr2Gck0Jrs
recordkey: YT3CyxU1DgWxQ
recordkey: YT3D8TJImaYb8
recordkey: YT3DgTfUYiYpE
recordkey: YT3EoyzJJYGys
recordkey: YT3Er0tmeRz6g
recordkey: YT3eSYmeL7OfM
recordkey: YT3etu_rFZLjI
recordkey: YT3F3tna5cKPw
recordkey: YT3FePK8tt3A4
recordkey: YT3FJtQ_grxVg
recordkey: YT3FQWAy-f7oE
recordkey: YT3g3uyVqkwlU
recordkey: YT3GAUrQVj7qg
recordkey: YT3gNTdjPZ654
recordkey: YT3h0oZlEX5Pc
recordkey: YT3hIjvVpYBOM
recordkey: YT3HKxYM9vcDA
recordkey: YT3hLrWxlZLhw
recordkey: YT3HNpeHwd2ic
recordkey: YT3hsZ1lqB2M0
recordkey: YT3hWyFiu6oJQ
recordkey: YT3i2wR_Ggq8U
recordkey: YT3iebQu74zIE
recordkey: YT3IfF-GKnueo
recordkey: YT3Ijj91XHDws
recordkey: YT3iJUwcczcAc
recordkey: YT3is_yFTKuSU
recordkey: YT3IU6VZvxBoY
recordkey: YT3jga9g0Ps-4
recordkey: YT3jMeu0MTmwQ
recordkey: YT3KAAn9QqKVs
recordkey: YT3KEj8kB9m0k
recordkey: YT3KNrKodIbPA
recordkey: YT3koStNsiXdc
recordkey: YT3kPy0mkBvT0
recordkey: YT3kwjHzYuHuE
recordkey: YT3kzRgm3GS2w
recordkey: YT3lc8UdqcxxM
recordkey: YT3LUHyua4T-U
recordkey: YT3lY87HW8nyI
recordkey: YT3Lz6tqaPlbY
recordkey: YT3Mc_G2WqZmo
recordkey: YT3MRMXhxvyNA
recordkey: YT3MwtLW8MHoA
recordkey: YT3MzJew-u3T8
recordkey: YT3N1hc2A4q_Y
recordkey: YT3N84d2RmSxE
recordkey: YT3NsfeJaBDpk
recordkey: YT3oBoXJcpKzc
recordkey: YT3Ofju7dkfEc
recordkey: YT3okZnnWzjC8
recordkey: YT3oLkgefeMGI
recordkey: YT3OsS8WItzkw
recordkey: YT3otT8lFXNe8
recordkey: YT3p0i_HvLQv0
recordkey: YT3Pd6GaKMqVE
recordkey: YT3pqkv0dSwIA
recordkey: YT3q2AV2vY1kM
recordkey: YT3qz7XICyKAs
recordkey: YT3RBs-kGfvzA
recordkey: YT3Rc24cMcVmY
recordkey: YT3rnLYlK9WqI
recordkey: YT3S7q9NQ3bCk
recordkey: YT3S9OTLJse0I
recordkey: YT3sErUV_p1Wg
recordkey: YT3SF1UvP0HC8
recordkey: YT3SKGSUA5KlI
recordkey: YT3sqDUq9ZZRg
recordkey: YT3sXhPPIXH84
recordkey: YT3TdgS9nV0CA
recordkey: YT3TL8S_eqOho
recordkey: YT3tNzcWwNOuA
recordkey: YT3todUyOgjbY
recordkey: YT3tV11U5oGes
recordkey: YT3TY7fPZUfGI
recordkey: YT3u1nn3DXnos
recordkey: YT3uBJjettk5s
recordkey: YT3ujEaotqxpM
recordkey: YT3uslUcr2PTw
recordkey: YT3UZIMthvngg
recordkey: YT3v1iZZUmOhc
recordkey: YT3vduTqoeF-4
recordkey: YT3vGFfzSZ4cU
recordkey: YT3VJBfkna6zI
recordkey: YT3vS5Bss-0Lo
recordkey: YT3Vwtmk3aYhI
recordkey: YT3vxCRCd3koQ
recordkey: YT3wXkCo5NX6w
recordkey: YT3X7lPUDCcj8
recordkey: YT3x8TEarxvBc
recordkey: YT3XaqJgVU0EI
recordkey: YT3xiMiqClH3s
recordkey: YT3XjHI9CsqEE
recordkey: YT3xljBhPvGbQ
recordkey: YT3XoN10r6rSs
recordkey: YT3XXtcA6GOs4
recordkey: YT3xZbsAwjsAM
recordkey: YT3xZwdjJer0g
recordkey: YT3yBjDYYXYHo
recordkey: YT3yjM1S1nZTQ
recordkey: YT3YyxAx8cLqY
recordkey: YT3Z39S4L_fIo
recordkey: YT3ZGtBW3Qf3s
recordkey: YT3ZNDpx-Mg0E
recordkey: YT3ZQQL_mMXSU
recordkey: YT4-mpThiHwko
recordkey: YT4-PLWhbmY48
recordkey: YT4-V0gVfJIYw
recordkey: YT4-YoLq_Voa0
recordkey: YT41NzovxLJN4
recordkey: YT42UyrbUMbp0
recordkey: YT43l7fsWu3fg
recordkey: YT44400ITjISs
recordkey: YT445CdgMlmU4
recordkey: YT44Qggp260-Q
recordkey: YT454EPceyHeM
recordkey: YT45cMTD7eKGg
recordkey: YT45Rk5vqJ8zg
recordkey: YT46-26yCDwH4
recordkey: YT46K5Z-pKwtw
recordkey: YT46L8I0CYEdE
recordkey: YT46rac14SfFk
recordkey: YT47rS563kDEI
recordkey: YT47w7TZLvac8
recordkey: YT489YnABw5Z4
recordkey: YT48gFm2Cdjyc
recordkey: YT48SCit45ZFY
recordkey: YT49e9-0x4VbA
recordkey: YT49QKQnaBU24
recordkey: YT49WqzPHnpOo
recordkey: YT49yLBC8LXyA
recordkey: YT4_NHfQ6jlaE
recordkey: YT4a3dMrxhNaI
recordkey: YT4ABh24z1J6A
recordkey: YT4AdZAy8vwmM
recordkey: YT4ahu5u-dpOM
recordkey: YT4aO6qE9Ulxs
recordkey: YT4Are5SYROiM
recordkey: YT4AVoN9IXwlc
recordkey: YT4B-mYssdHsU
recordkey: YT4B0U0CFG4fM
recordkey: YT4BFGJ9peIB0
recordkey: YT4BLRQxXo4lc
recordkey: YT4Bx4YPck-gg
recordkey: YT4BY38WNwMPU
recordkey: YT4c3_iSQmCxU
recordkey: YT4ChvOxdNIp8
recordkey: YT4cJJeNxyqYQ
recordkey: YT4ckOPysHEuI
recordkey: YT4cttN0IQuLA
recordkey: YT4cW_tx2fSOs
recordkey: YT4dbv7F6AxAM
recordkey: YT4dc4Pn412gw
recordkey: YT4DHn-hODhMk
recordkey: YT4DPr6JsLVk8
recordkey: YT4dSGsXbkFAo
recordkey: YT4dvmTHHIvwg
recordkey: YT4dXO7qICMCQ
recordkey: YT4e0gOQyWMV8
recordkey: YT4E0Y57Sg_qY
recordkey: YT4E6x6te3VSo
recordkey: YT4Ea_SRT6JoE
recordkey: YT4eZJVlKEWfA
recordkey: YT4FU-Jx2f8Go
recordkey: YT4fzpGPvBGK4
recordkey: YT4g6JYwmjfrU
recordkey: YT4gc846rYBP0
recordkey: YT4gE_uJEQ4fI
recordkey: YT4gj7GJQgiJc
recordkey: YT4hEn5HmKfU4
recordkey: YT4Hr1L0VAaho
recordkey: YT4i9UEIlmLug
recordkey: YT4iLqutGFgwo
recordkey: YT4IYCtqE3lOs
recordkey: YT4IyTuXKlAyA
recordkey: YT4j0fylNKOU4
recordkey: YT4J0NOXgC7IA
recordkey: YT4j2JmQ3fiWA
recordkey: YT4jbFcCZ7phI
recordkey: YT4JhFWph3yow
recordkey: YT4JIOu2wXJ6I
recordkey: YT4JuiHxJwyJg
recordkey: YT4jYF3rRDbwA
recordkey: YT4K3EexVx1W4
recordkey: YT4K5cXHX5ZGE
recordkey: YT4kIttNWRAQc
recordkey: YT4kSSdDfJASg
recordkey: YT4la2z_L1SdE
recordkey: YT4LEc7-lQwlk
recordkey: YT4LlaASTIBU0
recordkey: YT4LpthpZ0zkE
recordkey: YT4LSMg6LByxM
recordkey: YT4Lumop90aV0
recordkey: YT4lUrTLT0ois
recordkey: YT4lZqio5jcZA
recordkey: YT4MD3MlrWMPA
recordkey: YT4mDTJb70xHI
recordkey: YT4MGFFIbwads
recordkey: YT4MgLHB4YBzI
recordkey: YT4mNDmoLc9Y8
recordkey: YT4MNU0xarkgE
recordkey: YT4n5PTgFcIvI
recordkey: YT4N70Fkv1Jso
recordkey: YT4N8lhdxogU4
recordkey: YT4ncbOXtbqyw
recordkey: YT4nx9ilA55SQ
recordkey: YT4nxnuq-wQ0E
recordkey: YT4O915uEhUO0
recordkey: YT4o9VPkTQSno
recordkey: YT4OcT-VLGKvA
recordkey: YT4OdwDKRsy24
recordkey: YT4oevO-MxM0I
recordkey: YT4OFYor-dTCg
recordkey: YT4oO6fI1T-WM
recordkey: YT4oS2oZPCPGI
recordkey: YT4OslJbUD53o
recordkey: YT4ousjujbvVw
recordkey: YT4oXhAehPdzA
recordkey: YT4PWAsNqx-8s
recordkey: YT4QAVIqvHaC8
recordkey: YT4Qgem1fqo7I
recordkey: YT4QQw3X5V2jo
recordkey: YT4qx6cTOA9Uk
recordkey: YT4r4LLXi8Zlo
recordkey: YT4Ri4JT7Calw
recordkey: YT4rmvQ7gg4xA
recordkey: YT4RU41VjmcuY
recordkey: YT4rv3M87nCAQ
recordkey: YT4rX2kb0Hugo
recordkey: YT4s1Iq2DqQgo
recordkey: YT4SOi_eFt9FI
recordkey: YT4SZB4K6vCIc
recordkey: YT4tAhqbm-urk
recordkey: YT4tH7vDffMbY
recordkey: YT4tmXdAA-XSM
recordkey: YT4tttUMS9diM
recordkey: YT4u3Ghc3B7zE
recordkey: YT4UB1fSLGAr8
recordkey: YT4ujdcpLPHac
recordkey: YT4um3VggxJOw
recordkey: YT4UMl6ATK6mE
recordkey: YT4uTcMszkTAE
recordkey: YT4UWCwvi71pg
recordkey: YT4UXywg62fpM
recordkey: YT4uyga3WjHXY
recordkey: YT4vpoGLHtdTA
recordkey: YT4vuMOC3utY8
recordkey: YT4w2GHVDQGdE
recordkey: YT4WyV-fIIKe0
recordkey: YT4wZH7krnSUQ
recordkey: YT4X7k-e8xbe0
recordkey: YT4xcNNlnq4Zc
recordkey: YT4xpq3d84LsQ
recordkey: YT4xsdkgkEYHY
recordkey: YT4xSOCbooYkg
recordkey: YT4XWf0KbWV0w
recordkey: YT4y0YmkHdhIY
recordkey: YT4y5EETGSomU
recordkey: YT4yjMUjglim0
recordkey: YT4ZgLmwFXlbw
recordkey: YT4zLPTresDLU
recordkey: YT4zSwsaIVpME
recordkey: YT5-AteJvTmUI
recordkey: YT5-GsjRVdquc
recordkey: YT5-oBHFIIpGc
recordkey: YT507c1v6ZeSw
recordkey: YT50Iyq6iRlEI
recordkey: YT50uq8-Numiw
recordkey: YT54BywJ9HqLA
recordkey: YT54Eu7wYiCtk
recordkey: YT54p2po1dgEA
recordkey: YT55dwwkWcD4U
recordkey: YT55g5iD8ySk4
recordkey: YT55gDi1GeTRw
recordkey: YT563iDMeclsQ
recordkey: YT56JdFyZzoQw
recordkey: YT56QEHYbZ9vc
recordkey: YT57i8rk7OVd4
recordkey: YT58PRWjGDsHo
recordkey: YT59aM14lvZHI
recordkey: YT59rpFsEps00
recordkey: YT59WJd7XnOH8
recordkey: YT5_0dN6IcOvQ
recordkey: YT5aduXN30gHY
recordkey: YT5ADZx1Bhqug
recordkey: YT5AGEK3KWl4U
recordkey: YT5AJTmypwtdo
recordkey: YT5ATev9FHOTI
recordkey: YT5av6YOeeG1g
recordkey: YT5bo9EVJyWOM
recordkey: YT5c01UfaVA8g
recordkey: YT5c8cBcThsE0
recordkey: YT5caCNOh2qus
recordkey: YT5Cd69WrJ8Sc
recordkey: YT5cGNsRsXftk
recordkey: YT5cHiPFr6M3k
recordkey: YT5cMrZO7fkgQ
recordkey: YT5cppQFqU3-g
recordkey: YT5cX4p1Ox3RU
recordkey: YT5CyqgsW0AEQ
recordkey: YT5DPLaBMpN2E
recordkey: YT5DRe-Q6ontg
recordkey: YT5dVD6VmdtQw
recordkey: YT5dwYFpu5XVk
recordkey: YT5EhHI8RAI10
recordkey: YT5eLZRaZsROk
recordkey: YT5Eq2pRqW5QU
recordkey: YT5ETLc4CKByI
recordkey: YT5f_33WVFEkc
recordkey: YT5FaYAcdz5Jc
recordkey: YT5FsUnFppFdE
recordkey: YT5fY20aDvUdc
recordkey: YT5G2jlGuK27I
recordkey: YT5H-HO6l_F28
recordkey: YT5HH50hUID6w
recordkey: YT5HLW070bd2g
recordkey: YT5hpFRqSaqag
recordkey: YT5hxaXdHRPzg
recordkey: YT5I11JXZZS94
recordkey: YT5iADNiuxh1E
recordkey: YT5iCCSdXrg74
recordkey: YT5iLjZcYvERY
recordkey: YT5ima7TRI8Sc
recordkey: YT5j-PSbqDdd4
recordkey: YT5j0_RMO-388
recordkey: YT5J57-dS77z0
recordkey: YT5j9lXVv8RN4
recordkey: YT5Jdh0kZbDw8
recordkey: YT5JDNFiNqxzs
recordkey: YT5JKqD0MgUfc
recordkey: YT5jKRJA2bzIs
recordkey: YT5JrmVO9roiI
recordkey: YT5JzfqINo_z4
recordkey: YT5K-mRCVDr2s
recordkey: YT5K6SzcGxKWs
recordkey: YT5k79B3cafaQ
recordkey: YT5K_OeqvlCao
recordkey: YT5knv-S3u4BI
recordkey: YT5KS2Mo5TWJY
recordkey: YT5L33pEQRI18
recordkey: YT5lbYM9w9ofk
recordkey: YT5LE8c6YuJHg
recordkey: YT5LGeP2i1BTw
recordkey: YT5LlKV9f0HMg
recordkey: YT5lyqcSK5NNo
recordkey: YT5LZgfO095eE
recordkey: YT5M_x0ZpGkoE
recordkey: YT5Mh_8RgwpO0
recordkey: YT5mLuCp74VHc
recordkey: YT5mLW5R4LDUg
recordkey: YT5MS9VL3uct0
recordkey: YT5mXgpa3t9v0
recordkey: YT5N3u_68ivpM
recordkey: YT5n9mbq7qhtc
recordkey: YT5nDTRYx5oN0
recordkey: YT5NnFvYZbGGU
recordkey: YT5o_Azqb17B8
recordkey: YT5ocW4gmyuGY
recordkey: YT5oidwk9ZVnY
recordkey: YT5ot6QuGrLoo
recordkey: YT5oZT0LKChpc
recordkey: YT5pcz-82LW7M
recordkey: YT5PEJvGFCi9w
recordkey: YT5PG0jpSunVI
recordkey: YT5PiXwzaFVFk
recordkey: YT5pj84nI8mfo
recordkey: YT5PXuEiwrgOY
recordkey: YT5py4dWoZ81A
recordkey: YT5qbEyG6ecc8
recordkey: YT5QHPh_UdSGM
recordkey: YT5qogSkzf4sk
recordkey: YT5RqaVYWdcDc
recordkey: YT5RYFlKOlOeg
recordkey: YT5SbJLfXnqFc
recordkey: YT5SCY8Z3y7FQ
recordkey: YT5sHpBtUz8qg
recordkey: YT5sJ38huuMW8
recordkey: YT5ssCFNIM7dE
recordkey: YT5SuGq2BSwjc
recordkey: YT5svPXM5CJyI
recordkey: YT5sw_ryIdmd8
recordkey: YT5SWq4FcERUs
recordkey: YT5thTFQajzaA
recordkey: YT5TkOQ7lJ85U
recordkey: YT5TlCBPwDJvc
recordkey: YT5TqageEPq1g
recordkey: YT5TZe9pT1Pr4
recordkey: YT5Tzi-NCQrK0
recordkey: YT5U5XxraX4xI
recordkey: YT5u8orj0fi8s
recordkey: YT5USQrcowbps
recordkey: YT5Uwnn8vsW_Q
recordkey: YT5V4dxUIwM8E
recordkey: YT5Va5NluDbeY
recordkey: YT5vcaH2Gro5I
recordkey: YT5vFj-gMcPvU
recordkey: YT5VisG2k4MyA
recordkey: YT5vJP26Y7UH0
recordkey: YT5vll-z020XM
recordkey: YT5VTU3ARxD78
recordkey: YT5VyE_QAu_R0
recordkey: YT5Wt5-FA11VU
recordkey: YT5WTo33QB8Cs
recordkey: YT5WuGA-eJtzU
recordkey: YT5x2nhuwsbDQ
recordkey: YT5Xb-KgihWRM
recordkey: YT5y18r_jK-mc
recordkey: YT5y7FmLHUBY4
recordkey: YT5yqGep0Shfg
recordkey: YT5Yy9bFCeTfI
recordkey: YT5zEsz9ZX-8U
recordkey: YT5ZIeCgms-dU
recordkey: YT5ZK9bjudicY
recordkey: YT5Zv6fjkRoUo
recordkey: YT5zWsSUK1e-I
recordkey: YT6-hD7yeoJM0
recordkey: YT6-iHga9PkrI
recordkey: YT6-qCbZafmAk
recordkey: YT602AA_h0xCM
recordkey: YT60Tzru7NUyA
recordkey: YT60vSLZW54UY
recordkey: YT60X9tRurf9k
recordkey: YT623OC3P-VPk
recordkey: YT62QaGWSf1vw
recordkey: YT63CdB2fIY8Q
recordkey: YT63epu0QNzY0
recordkey: YT643eZ6YWG0M
recordkey: YT64AoELDgsMw
recordkey: YT65IkWZWEXm4
recordkey: YT65RBsEpzJbo
recordkey: YT65tlCruQnbs
recordkey: YT66_iJCBIwjk
recordkey: YT66Bw5SnKfwg
recordkey: YT67vXsTvmEe8
recordkey: YT67ybb8jC_9E
recordkey: YT68_UrsAcY98
recordkey: YT68HkvjBXmE4
recordkey: YT68hNjVT_Npk
recordkey: YT68UE3xpYItw
recordkey: YT69KmI4HJmU4
recordkey: YT6_6FT7ctgOA
recordkey: YT6a7tW2mId1E
recordkey: YT6AhHBKxGHko
recordkey: YT6AXdRjTiz4U
recordkey: YT6B5ekX5DeRg
recordkey: YT6Bg9TjqqPN4
recordkey: YT6Bps_NCW-7o
recordkey: YT6bRVrFCIBzE
recordkey: YT6bVMJ0NN2_U
recordkey: YT6BwgqRhb01w
recordkey: YT6bWps7nxgeg
recordkey: YT6ceOYgSdZwA
recordkey: YT6CNF9RYmfSY
recordkey: YT6cNlQk62GC8
recordkey: YT6cRW9f3lBxg
recordkey: YT6cXk4xIU8yU
recordkey: YT6cY7WTt4Bls
recordkey: YT6d4Nkknbztg
recordkey: YT6D9JcexlU0Y
recordkey: YT6dal0e_iDHU
recordkey: YT6doA0fTtYfU
recordkey: YT6dURnaMheyM
recordkey: YT6dwcj_RYa8c
recordkey: YT6Dx9sVcF8FE
recordkey: YT6eMnu6WJLWI
recordkey: YT6EtptDsMA0A
recordkey: YT6Ev62qvmz3Q
recordkey: YT6ExoMChigwo
recordkey: YT6eymxZcZ-jA
recordkey: YT6Fj8ix_h3V4
recordkey: YT6FKlUtZU3VQ
recordkey: YT6FMqb5a8mhs
recordkey: YT6Fni1xjJFYM
recordkey: YT6fVQdBgNooY
recordkey: YT6GB-qtCi798
recordkey: YT6gHOoU1k14E
recordkey: YT6gshkzfgFtg
recordkey: YT6gSi3R4bMA4
recordkey: YT6GvfEwm9mZE
recordkey: YT6hEDp89g7jE
recordkey: YT6HJH_I2ilZw
recordkey: YT6hSFpxLIEds
recordkey: YT6hXOuzudpyk
recordkey: YT6ibKjlEDuK4
recordkey: YT6iGWxCJlTUE
recordkey: YT6iHldmhydKA
recordkey: YT6iRkNJ5lFB8
recordkey: YT6iuWcsBoErY
recordkey: YT6IxipGoKty0
recordkey: YT6J6g1eJEQqs
recordkey: YT6JIKW95mUsA
recordkey: YT6Jqq3jWGXLc
recordkey: YT6JRi3bVETJg
recordkey: YT6kESXTB0-Lo
recordkey: YT6kiQJYksg9g
recordkey: YT6kJKGh5VkzY
recordkey: YT6L-jxET-23A
recordkey: YT6L87FRxpfhs
recordkey: YT6lEf7LHF804
recordkey: YT6LWWcZa09CM
recordkey: YT6LZDsxYSOSE
recordkey: YT6mfDyDG-gXY
recordkey: YT6MflfhgKVzQ
recordkey: YT6MJSSx996uw
recordkey: YT6MSodAWBwHk
recordkey: YT6mybU3xWBVc
recordkey: YT6ngDZxb29Bk
recordkey: YT6nnI6tT-BzU
recordkey: YT6NOdf1tHcXw
recordkey: YT6NYpROk1igo
recordkey: YT6OFmcbaSZPs
recordkey: YT6OISFkX7uSo
recordkey: YT6opQgx082cw
recordkey: YT6OqBXTZyzaM
recordkey: YT6Ots9yHkjqQ
recordkey: YT6P3QQyNqND0
recordkey: YT6pKf1RhyG-0
recordkey: YT6PVVrca8CkU
recordkey: YT6PZshiEmtq0
recordkey: YT6QdWYeb2-iE
recordkey: YT6qfuANttYMo
recordkey: YT6QizyVhoxA8
recordkey: YT6QkmiXNqbe4
recordkey: YT6QPhV8EhC4w
recordkey: YT6qsYZLASixU
recordkey: YT6rA9BjqetDw
recordkey: YT6rG4-VJL0OY
recordkey: YT6S79n_Z00oc
recordkey: YT6Sa45UHUCrk
recordkey: YT6sfHxoMiaUY
recordkey: YT6T0DfNoG-tA
recordkey: YT6T46_DyluOw
recordkey: YT6t4TVmxL8xA
recordkey: YT6tamH2KiJwY
recordkey: YT6tBrZ68uaic
recordkey: YT6TOBK5N1rhs
recordkey: YT6TRiGbJJ_MU
recordkey: YT6TUfhnAKJ0A
recordkey: YT6TWKjJ5OLy8
recordkey: YT6U2T-XLRDzw
recordkey: YT6ucGi5LLzyI
recordkey: YT6UN8QwXQW30
recordkey: YT6UpAvr-pDos
recordkey: YT6UwW2q-9DRs
recordkey: YT6uzH9uXgbS0
recordkey: YT6uzj04PeVbs
recordkey: YT6VN2APEj8-c
recordkey: YT6VYjlB7rNJw
recordkey: YT6WLbjdAv-G4
recordkey: YT6wp6SqZWCTU
recordkey: YT6WQhyDKQDwk
recordkey: YT6XrfPq3r698
recordkey: YT6xZtfo9oyfU
recordkey: YT6z5baGiv3J8
recordkey: YT6Z8jPSoxx-k
recordkey: YT6Zcm51E5SbU
recordkey: YT6zLImRvkptY
recordkey: YT6zmqPZngzww
recordkey: YT6zoFmGJ7ovI
recordkey: YT6zrpmsM6o-c
recordkey: YT6ZT3enSN2fA
recordkey: YT7-4rFrIPtN8
recordkey: YT7-IQAK5aGz0
recordkey: YT7-Tt4wftbrc
recordkey: YT70GIL5jV9qE
recordkey: YT70lwGKfCF4Y
recordkey: YT71eemz85tYw
recordkey: YT727KsGLuDdY
recordkey: YT72MLK5hLN24
recordkey: YT72zUjxXiIik
recordkey: YT73-0sevMspo
recordkey: YT73JExqj1ZXs
recordkey: YT73Ozg_6kyGU
recordkey: YT740Hi0EWg8c
recordkey: YT74pazKuCumo
recordkey: YT75KAdKlh6h0
recordkey: YT75Ky_KSL2YQ
recordkey: YT75w8KWIRCns
recordkey: YT75YJo2B0W1k
recordkey: YT76e4NlmcYsw
recordkey: YT77In-qeqgxo
recordkey: YT78vsrbZVoS4
recordkey: YT79eiOeSKzto
recordkey: YT79Iyt_odiQ8
recordkey: YT79p0b6cRhBE
recordkey: YT79uGrM6Flpk
recordkey: YT7AkSMscKjtc
recordkey: YT7bhqBmyjFag
recordkey: YT7BkZ-sBRqv4
recordkey: YT7Bw19KYXxX4
recordkey: YT7C8Lys0nXSs
recordkey: YT7CaKxKCSpwE
recordkey: YT7cCpTauFv6M
recordkey: YT7cgVODS1KOs
recordkey: YT7cjiLr6MBG4
recordkey: YT7cJP4hIsa2Y
recordkey: YT7ddq514mBMI
recordkey: YT7DIeG1TlKCE
recordkey: YT7Dlv3XKOHN8
recordkey: YT7ebNGk0rmSg
recordkey: YT7EFK90E698g
recordkey: YT7emf_mwuKpc
recordkey: YT7fDlPPWyH58
recordkey: YT7FDt6fInz_A
recordkey: YT7fPh9DqJMn8
recordkey: YT7FrbQosFW7o
recordkey: YT7fVADs8D394
recordkey: YT7g-_N71P-_8
recordkey: YT7g10P5iC0Xs
recordkey: YT7GHDcVOXNtk
recordkey: YT7GqgR7Qt7HU
recordkey: YT7GyyIff61Pk
recordkey: YT7h1WYS94BTw
recordkey: YT7hbV-eQ9WSQ
recordkey: YT7HE1xrFZY3M
recordkey: YT7HJ9oqBZq5w
recordkey: YT7hWk2U0qg5A
recordkey: YT7HWm0v78sLU
recordkey: YT7IdAd0-eboE
recordkey: YT7IHNHxhdj44
recordkey: YT7IsK8uVLn1M
recordkey: YT7izKVjYFnLA
recordkey: YT7J1O5G9d3x8
recordkey: YT7JGBGMeiNFQ
recordkey: YT7jL_bgOVPm0
recordkey: YT7Jomfh9oye8
recordkey: YT7JrbVGTkb8w
recordkey: YT7jSSgpoMinU
recordkey: YT7Ju6cCgPH7M
recordkey: YT7lGEOr5tM7E
recordkey: YT7Lict14nTaw
recordkey: YT7m0xavtJ46o
recordkey: YT7mh4yfRI09s
recordkey: YT7mhIThGlPnU
recordkey: YT7mlux2LtmMM
recordkey: YT7mSGlk4hjiY
recordkey: YT7mUFiKQbk9I
recordkey: YT7mzbaa4sbyQ
recordkey: YT7nBHtTSiQTE
recordkey: YT7nGokzqIf5U
recordkey: YT7o-GIB1Tsio
recordkey: YT7o2aRdo6udI
recordkey: YT7ot3mghArtc
recordkey: YT7OwpzO5lI_Y
recordkey: YT7p2ilCSakPM
recordkey: YT7p3TXgXA7EQ
recordkey: YT7p4VvsmWunA
recordkey: YT7p6KQdu6qLc
recordkey: YT7paUT8R2LKI
recordkey: YT7PE91htNx9Y
recordkey: YT7PeZK1nrkSw
recordkey: YT7q-QInFVStk
recordkey: YT7qsiI0Y8BRw
recordkey: YT7quZUGuDBpc
recordkey: YT7QYkS3zfvQs
recordkey: YT7qyyMeLgfqA
recordkey: YT7rAhWOaRcbo
recordkey: YT7RkytMtsrnM
recordkey: YT7ScZXi-9YyI
recordkey: YT7sdeyU3hFN8
recordkey: YT7shYsXQr49I
recordkey: YT7sonTCqK-Wg
recordkey: YT7Sw0bfOkZM4
recordkey: YT7Tk4kYASXeY
recordkey: YT7TnnCTQs9L8
recordkey: YT7TxbBNqYkqY
recordkey: YT7u5e3PR00GQ
recordkey: YT7U_F1xsmnQk
recordkey: YT7ue7oDzI86U
recordkey: YT7uJbN7IxV_E
recordkey: YT7VAp6ohRBuQ
recordkey: YT7vDmhgkJ11M
recordkey: YT7veWaIO6gaU
recordkey: YT7vYAWpaK62k
recordkey: YT7W5In7vsEiQ
recordkey: YT7w7HJnTxUI0
recordkey: YT7wsMd-rTE78
recordkey: YT7xkZDvspRcg
recordkey: YT7xpSoYEHvXQ
recordkey: YT7xQ40onqybc
recordkey: YT7XqyGMNHCPk
recordkey: YT7xXHxcLQVGU
recordkey: YT7yIsg6LBM3M
recordkey: YT7ylKb6i90d0
recordkey: YT7YWvcTpsaiA
recordkey: YT7YYAfKSsI8s
recordkey: YT7ZA_lM-qwuQ
recordkey: YT7zGO7blHShY
recordkey: YT7ZhvojUs618
recordkey: YT7zu9oAMj67M
recordkey: YT7zv1X3fxmSg
recordkey: YT7zwd9s75m10
recordkey: YT7zYuPPE24JY
recordkey: YT8-KU-Yl4byE
recordkey: YT8-puRWPAYyw
recordkey: YT8-r7yyR9PWU
recordkey: YT80aSavCHoCU
recordkey: YT80Dj3TZafSo
recordkey: YT80KNsxiLvko
recordkey: YT81J6ZoZkDqY
recordkey: YT81OGXOa5n24
recordkey: YT81XLd8tLHb8
recordkey: YT820XsILCTp0
recordkey: YT82417N7BX-U
recordkey: YT826aQRTEZwY
recordkey: YT82cMOS_tSOE
recordkey: YT82mJgRaSg7E
recordkey: YT835l1EYMZ7M
recordkey: YT83MhCH38ITM
recordkey: YT84Owhsz6aDE
recordkey: YT855_aDV7K9Q
recordkey: YT85GjTnrEQLE
recordkey: YT85vBXx5eIyQ
recordkey: YT866nu989KtA
recordkey: YT868iFVc6oTU
recordkey: YT86AnnvRSbQQ
recordkey: YT86Vz-GO2x6o
recordkey: YT87AMwXe8XZg
recordkey: YT88yNnv0jqUE
recordkey: YT8_sLVgg31Sk
recordkey: YT8_XbfYpVggQ
recordkey: YT8AF5FnJOi10
recordkey: YT8AVZjEbjmk4
recordkey: YT8B6TSr3GgVQ
recordkey: YT8bf1djDWUMw
recordkey: YT8c0q7ttCWHg
recordkey: YT8C1ft9OHkfA
recordkey: YT8CEdkajYHlk
recordkey: YT8CgjgbV54xA
recordkey: YT8csObGYX7Oo
recordkey: YT8CTzJf-ITwE
recordkey: YT8dhOk8zh_sU
recordkey: YT8Dr2QPcJEFE
recordkey: YT8dR_WKhsluk
recordkey: YT8E4pte-yjRo
recordkey: YT8e8HyIWus94
recordkey: YT8eefC35yPAI
recordkey: YT8eR2ZFzMSis
recordkey: YT8ErbZiC3JGc
recordkey: YT8ET-zSrNjEg
recordkey: YT8EU__UvvUQA
recordkey: YT8Ezh1mQswzg
recordkey: YT8f4d6_KN1pU
recordkey: YT8ffoeLxpezc
recordkey: YT8fH3F91KT8w
recordkey: YT8FVOKzTJkn4
recordkey: YT8gAiJku5oKk
recordkey: YT8gCFzXOxrYs
recordkey: YT8GEmVlEd_bs
recordkey: YT8gkPjxG_nQA
recordkey: YT8glqrMwMGOk
recordkey: YT8gr0bsHioTQ
recordkey: YT8h09s5Nff4U
recordkey: YT8hifQ7stUz0
recordkey: YT8hjqqa19Dfo
recordkey: YT8i-YErgafAU
recordkey: YT8I5UBleJN5k
recordkey: YT8I60GsAg66A
recordkey: YT8iJmr3Ctn_4
recordkey: YT8IPhyHOEA-k
recordkey: YT8iuhV8lgSHg
recordkey: YT8IVDEX8xwgk
recordkey: YT8jGQtSKn2mY
recordkey: YT8juhU-5RAXA
recordkey: YT8jV0SP3QUWY
recordkey: YT8k-oTMy3FpY
recordkey: YT8K1yjiqN9Sw
recordkey: YT8KBTjmxPBmY
recordkey: YT8KHaf9QEn5E
recordkey: YT8Knsh1_fnIw
recordkey: YT8LDKdvGE8x0
recordkey: YT8lE-eOhivzE
recordkey: YT8LFy9sIEMv8
recordkey: YT8LGRij2Muyo
recordkey: YT8LHapEJ1Kp8
recordkey: YT8liCoOOtv0g
recordkey: YT8LkZDn80Ci4
recordkey: YT8LOF6Oc3GHI
recordkey: YT8LsUOAmP_wU
recordkey: YT8ly-l1yHOIc
recordkey: YT8MFEI90WqTU
recordkey: YT8mTU5U5xyJ8
recordkey: YT8mxGwpkzd8A
recordkey: YT8mZk44K-Ktg
recordkey: YT8N0I_cK1Ah4
recordkey: YT8N2JGFxbaTk
recordkey: YT8N_osQXl7hM
recordkey: YT8NgXIPb489E
recordkey: YT8nKzTgjSxNw
recordkey: YT8nNRhp_G4Ds
recordkey: YT8nsYSZ49Tm0
recordkey: YT8ntwXzLAvnc
recordkey: YT8nVva8ODpLc
recordkey: YT8nzVNhgghsc
recordkey: YT8oc0cEJh5vE
recordkey: YT8OdC-2KJKY4
recordkey: YT8oyEVTcSPbQ
recordkey: YT8P-nKrXOGY4
recordkey: YT8p_3AAEjZME
recordkey: YT8P_Zayu30Do
recordkey: YT8pbu3Z7GZ-I
recordkey: YT8pLYs2S81-A
recordkey: YT8PS3niW5bTw
recordkey: YT8Q-_UM69_gI
recordkey: YT8Q3_gt95lmA
recordkey: YT8qBju8Pgq3U
recordkey: YT8QIGv1WFNAE
recordkey: YT8QvOQXQOVJg
recordkey: YT8qYZP7Mqe8I
recordkey: YT8R_COznTZAI
recordkey: YT8RbLFwLGx0w
recordkey: YT8rk3v450PpE
recordkey: YT8RNL2Y-BZ18
recordkey: YT8rspgh84oBE
recordkey: YT8RU_VsG8v4s
recordkey: YT8rXednjGHxU
recordkey: YT8SP0UUnaHY4
recordkey: YT8sXwzMTRZ1U
recordkey: YT8T6oH-kHNvo
recordkey: YT8T8fOmm5ThU
recordkey: YT8TaVez1DDDc
recordkey: YT8tHQJ83dngk
recordkey: YT8Tt5lALAeXA
recordkey: YT8TvVIsfQsfI
recordkey: YT8u-wE08_iHU
recordkey: YT8u9XRab8nqM
recordkey: YT8uhWT3EE2TE
recordkey: YT8uThBBslxeI
recordkey: YT8VnrPXgXSyo
recordkey: YT8WSZuaicz_k
recordkey: YT8WWpIQfbzZM
recordkey: YT8WYGoenGsw8
recordkey: YT8wzJPnjV7CI
recordkey: YT8xaEBCszj1I
recordkey: YT8XhBGCQYmoI
recordkey: YT8yH_0D0fGdw
recordkey: YT8Yr52SL0UjI
recordkey: YT8yr8f2Apalo
recordkey: YT8YxKmT5tqwY
recordkey: YT8ZaQF0f_I18
recordkey: YT8ZDwPV3E0wQ
recordkey: YT8zJxNUIujJY
recordkey: YT8zKncs7Hx5I
recordkey: YT8zRfhQEgy6s
recordkey: YT8zuqxOXIXR4
recordkey: YT8ZWoaO8R9uc
recordkey: YT8zx_66eNYGQ
recordkey: YT9-K19wMJvXA
recordkey: YT900VF5s0S3E
recordkey: YT90dUO9gryMI
recordkey: YT911h6FWpuO8
recordkey: YT9164OH8fJPw
recordkey: YT92rCZvxpFYM
recordkey: YT93cUEjEqbKA
recordkey: YT93D3m7MeoX8
recordkey: YT94AyFwS7HNQ
recordkey: YT95FfhZ1hz6c
recordkey: YT95gF8V1Qfbs
recordkey: YT95nSKwfx9_c
recordkey: YT95ONP2ZbyIs
recordkey: YT95uUrFWn8oI
recordkey: YT96KterqdaI4
recordkey: YT96LVTWf-Is4
recordkey: YT96wKo6TkOxg
recordkey: YT97L1RMkXIgE
recordkey: YT97lt4pQ2dao
recordkey: YT97vNL2nCOoY
recordkey: YT98RtySTnui0
recordkey: YT98uTww3hH54
recordkey: YT98uvU9FgGZc
recordkey: YT99o-XsPrLII
recordkey: YT9_qV_oIn7OM
recordkey: YT9a-IY7RtnYE
recordkey: YT9acqxDFx50A
recordkey: YT9AQI19i-zQY
recordkey: YT9av4TgHIL08
recordkey: YT9BOV4-ZAQw0
recordkey: YT9bSVRxwvVvs
recordkey: YT9btznl4fvVM
recordkey: YT9cBRymVqrYU
recordkey: YT9DhsOrpG3dc
recordkey: YT9dm6WOkgWek
recordkey: YT9DmnvK3BVuM
recordkey: YT9dNrg8VxUWs
recordkey: YT9e2BSGkJbf4
recordkey: YT9eEZ4fZtCHk
recordkey: YT9EjnjJr2DJw
recordkey: YT9EOg3iLk_jI
recordkey: YT9EX2U__398c
recordkey: YT9exCYl4J2GQ
recordkey: YT9fA4R7opsN4
recordkey: YT9FH6UVg1P5E
recordkey: YT9fqUWEDQW0Q
recordkey: YT9g_9QfW1qZc
recordkey: YT9gDtOQmSHZE
recordkey: YT9H30qUT75EA
recordkey: YT9hy9BdMFohs
recordkey: YT9i-hhEaiTdU
recordkey: YT9I3YymM7wxs
recordkey: YT9IDpDiTIh_g
recordkey: YT9IF4O9yvNF4
recordkey: YT9iirkEPhIb4
recordkey: YT9Il4fweOAS4
recordkey: YT9ioa89_sw3U
recordkey: YT9iqwe5_rfSk
recordkey: YT9JBjh8wTrnk
recordkey: YT9jDg4IBQZTE
recordkey: YT9jGlusLZmzQ
recordkey: YT9jjABqlIQGA
recordkey: YT9JqWuadrnXg
recordkey: YT9jwjdEHGGMA
recordkey: YT9kRy3qEd_uI
recordkey: YT9LOTBcMVtV8
recordkey: YT9lTVQLh64Ww
recordkey: YT9m5UoLr3t7M
recordkey: YT9M8dxzpiTNc
recordkey: YT9mk-QS6erpc
recordkey: YT9mMN9bs3oQs
recordkey: YT9nHf7kGBRXs
recordkey: YT9nHju3Ph1iI
recordkey: YT9NhRz7eZeF4
recordkey: YT9nrvxMlL-JQ
recordkey: YT9Nt9bFx_8Wg
recordkey: YT9nxiOrx9q0U
recordkey: YT9OiEzLa7DZU
recordkey: YT9ON1v1EHXh0
recordkey: YT9pAeVd9f8vM
recordkey: YT9PByGZvQLxs
recordkey: YT9pieNwaJwFs
recordkey: YT9Ps4AFfV9PY
recordkey: YT9qM3Cxzb73M
recordkey: YT9Qoa_TcMs4k
recordkey: YT9qqLB6528So
recordkey: YT9QSxVgAkRG0
recordkey: YT9Qy56HZGe2A
recordkey: YT9Rbt47B8reM
recordkey: YT9Rwkvr61-zw
recordkey: YT9S9rRR6auTY
recordkey: YT9sAGneLBXUk
recordkey: YT9sAQIOHTxXs
recordkey: YT9skDd-ql6oU
recordkey: YT9sssRhqgHWI
recordkey: YT9sYbRx-UZvI
recordkey: YT9T4MgTHx9bo
recordkey: YT9Tb_s7tNySw
recordkey: YT9Tedxx6ox7w
recordkey: YT9TfiRwGW5Tg
recordkey: YT9ThaJAgr55c
recordkey: YT9tNgiLfRC1A
recordkey: YT9tRQLMq6riA
recordkey: YT9TZOdytP-ro
recordkey: YT9u7MGHGWpTA
recordkey: YT9UEa2c6uc2I
recordkey: YT9uMC_QW7YLA
recordkey: YT9UVVQsO_N1o
recordkey: YT9uWfyvGp3ps
recordkey: YT9vBGWFKoeXw
recordkey: YT9VCpDSc6_1o
recordkey: YT9vOtDHu8Wco
recordkey: YT9vqpvFuRWyQ
recordkey: YT9vvWY15nPZs
recordkey: YT9w-w06ieFfI
recordkey: YT9Wd7yO6KjUE
recordkey: YT9WgdjMmw7mg
recordkey: YT9wsjVEj3-qs
recordkey: YT9wu9UOFHp8c
recordkey: YT9WyGhZ0GNvQ
recordkey: YT9X6Mb_4qPfY
recordkey: YT9XJgF8VFdps
recordkey: YT9XKwiZKQOK8
recordkey: YT9Xld2-vmsWo
recordkey: YT9xqIhTTN6PQ
recordkey: YT9xTQ2MBOjgQ
recordkey: YT9y2uORUCMKQ
recordkey: YT9yetl2GKgX8
recordkey: YT9yPIU7SHwRg
recordkey: YT9Yu4UtFcnc8
recordkey: YT9Yu8S1Gm8io
recordkey: YT9yuelLO3g5w
recordkey: YT9ywio7KrBSQ
recordkey: YT9Z-PYhWV2wY
recordkey: YT9Z50Gmjfy-0
recordkey: YT9Z9TfYh8Nds
recordkey: YT9ZCqBGTBJSQ
recordkey: YT9zeYTig6ABw
recordkey: YT9ZJIwTfi5qU
recordkey: YT9Ztor0by-C0
recordkey: YT9zWdrVus-vU
recordkey: YT_-CH5siNYNs
recordkey: YT_-t9kVFNUFI
recordkey: YT_-U4_5d0DBA
recordkey: YT_-vKfG73ct0
recordkey: YT_0fDIOy0PAE
recordkey: YT_2p0uq-BZ30
recordkey: YT_32nBHf2qw4
recordkey: YT_34z3EfraNs
recordkey: YT_3rY_uAF0Aw
recordkey: YT_3xmUYy8774
recordkey: YT_4GKWveUaDM
recordkey: YT_4qLxLmbaqs
recordkey: YT_5eBPAeZbPU
recordkey: YT_5FTOLrAKqo
recordkey: YT_684w_GBjKY
recordkey: YT_6HqVbObCV0
recordkey: YT_6nXMH88jsE
recordkey: YT_7HYyCby0xI
recordkey: YT_88-_ob8KeA
recordkey: YT_8GAryVcVG8
recordkey: YT_8ZG0MieeP0
recordkey: YT_97bqZa-h7E
recordkey: YT_97Jc6Nel0k
recordkey: YT_9MbBmwGEtY
recordkey: YT__-d2s_9tZU
recordkey: YT__eIgZYj1HU
recordkey: YT__MakcsdH2c
recordkey: YT_aemz2AfXL8
recordkey: YT_aK6QNvRlQc
recordkey: YT_aNWYOq5qE8
recordkey: YT_Ay7PuM5uAE
recordkey: YT_b8TRzYM34I
recordkey: YT_bbXZcu2qMk
recordkey: YT_BfT_W2zJ2c
recordkey: YT_BhWO-uZyLU
recordkey: YT_bIhK6pClPM
recordkey: YT_BmIZ4rsm0o
recordkey: YT_BpxsH2MG8Q
recordkey: YT_BXbDZuaOWE
recordkey: YT_BzriMkICGc
recordkey: YT_CPatouhfnM
recordkey: YT_d4vfZtDUe4
recordkey: YT_D8coj4Wbjg
recordkey: YT_Dg5mQ1FUy0
recordkey: YT_E3E0QsGNtE
recordkey: YT_eJDsi9MLdc
recordkey: YT_enMxE-RMzk
recordkey: YT_EQnQvR3-RM
recordkey: YT_F-x1TNzWIw
recordkey: YT_fJAbfB0_BU
recordkey: YT_fM9XCI8VA4
recordkey: YT_fOIoqSAA6g
recordkey: YT_FWel_VOKxk
recordkey: YT_FXd55NPApo
recordkey: YT_g6XGNdPfak
recordkey: YT_g8wtTfjTl0
recordkey: YT_gDY3NU5-VM
recordkey: YT_gFq2nQCFR4
recordkey: YT_gjUbIe3Ayg
recordkey: YT_Gr6lkvWcmI
recordkey: YT_griyiIZtDo
recordkey: YT_gU16QHolJ4
recordkey: YT_gu8c3WzHN8
recordkey: YT_gV7VLV0z9s
recordkey: YT_GVJmahRUag
recordkey: YT_gzU1X9TwUE
recordkey: YT_hOuDtaY75o
recordkey: YT_Hsxiq3uyZM
recordkey: YT_hx_GmcqmvQ
recordkey: YT_iBl4bOxnmA
recordkey: YT_IdQ3Jsu5t8
recordkey: YT_iFneNvgAMc
recordkey: YT_IHWqdq4vsA
recordkey: YT_IMKX_NinKI
recordkey: YT_iZlAKGSBqY
recordkey: YT_IzSfbTSvxA
recordkey: YT_Jj5q7NNzV4
recordkey: YT_jlJcKOu72I
recordkey: YT_JX0UxQLURw
recordkey: YT_k2DsLmp0K0
recordkey: YT_K30s-XSJx0
recordkey: YT_kfIThnw3i8
recordkey: YT_kibhAhjjHU
recordkey: YT_KON74OKBTo
recordkey: YT_kOv8qiIJbI
recordkey: YT_kvLlRqm1sI
recordkey: YT_l-CJ48TtRg
recordkey: YT_La3WOY79uY
recordkey: YT_Lc9VZyarUY
recordkey: YT_LJGvjbEP_M
recordkey: YT_LKEJKONb2M
recordkey: YT_LLpS-gqmMQ
recordkey: YT_LyTeAj8Nbc
recordkey: YT_MHMckK62Qo
recordkey: YT_N-IU2kirAc
recordkey: YT_N7IYGpnoyo
recordkey: YT_NIUEVOYqEY
recordkey: YT_NLE07PsQ6g
recordkey: YT_nxg8KL9nOo
recordkey: YT_O3Mw4EnHfg
recordkey: YT_Oa4_jJnMns
recordkey: YT_Oc1YdVsKKo
recordkey: YT_OFuHydUV7g
recordkey: YT_oLvkh6LiDc
recordkey: YT_OP8tYDKRVM
recordkey: YT_OQi5mBFSaU
recordkey: YT_p9R-5E59hE
recordkey: YT_pIc_XyUbpU
recordkey: YT_pIu8SXzr9k
recordkey: YT_pMASaaKNOw
recordkey: YT_pMbaRthN2k
recordkey: YT_PX8o3l9Pyw
recordkey: YT_Q4ERkNkHW4
recordkey: YT_QKk2Zssjxw
recordkey: YT_QMEmdNqQa0
recordkey: YT_qntDvFN3cc
recordkey: YT_qow9tcCZmw
recordkey: YT_QuDNx3-aTY
recordkey: YT_R3W1oKz1wA
recordkey: YT_rHxfZGTsog
recordkey: YT_RswZdwqTPo
recordkey: YT_RvkWheLMiQ
recordkey: YT_rxxz593Aac
recordkey: YT_rYNM6c84Vw
recordkey: YT_s2DSy7syEo
recordkey: YT_sbUibrcPdI
recordkey: YT_SmJrcTENm8
recordkey: YT_SnA2FYh5rw
recordkey: YT_SYUofWzcRA
recordkey: YT_T51XPlk0L8
recordkey: YT_t9JOtJpeNM
recordkey: YT_TiQhPhxyo4
recordkey: YT_TrwO20Dy5U
recordkey: YT_U_C84_-fyY
recordkey: YT_uDj-tnU-Hk
recordkey: YT_uGXtxo4eV4
recordkey: YT_uy7ztw0o08
recordkey: YT_v5XN1dkcX0
recordkey: YT_V8e2YuYz8Y
recordkey: YT_vev7OHb7HM
recordkey: YT_VNH9nCtC-U
recordkey: YT_VOTynt5s7M
recordkey: YT_W0qfW9VaKQ
recordkey: YT_w25lekXRA8
recordkey: YT_w2qub2-QDA
recordkey: YT_W4DsuErndg
recordkey: YT_W8P1a9ey2M
recordkey: YT_W9Xzuvc-oA
recordkey: YT_wqfWZNecuQ
recordkey: YT_WTx6RMXCgo
recordkey: YT_XCIccL83nQ
recordkey: YT_xHRL9Ot9tw
recordkey: YT_XIQpoq195o
recordkey: YT_XJrsi7TmKA
recordkey: YT_xPPyk0Ru9A
recordkey: YT_xPvlqzOKmk
recordkey: YT_xrRTyZIjZ4
recordkey: YT_XSMMzs3b88
recordkey: YT_Y3DvIQtArc
recordkey: YT_yRRu1xqxMk
recordkey: YT_Yt_xVIwf5k
recordkey: YT_yVGqKkMGoE
recordkey: YT_ZL5LGkEFC8
recordkey: YTa-4qaxE8B1Q
recordkey: YTA-b6sC-6k74
recordkey: YTa-iKm2FUOi4
recordkey: YTA-ip7LXV0TY
recordkey: YTa-lmz1YkB2k
recordkey: YTa00lQvGOsY0
recordkey: YTa062uNJcsN8
recordkey: YTa0HExu2Dmco
recordkey: YTa0iSr4OoGhM
recordkey: YTa0Iwwmi2UpY
recordkey: YTa0ldoD9o5_I
recordkey: YTA0NLLEa4YzM
recordkey: YTA0W-bzVFoiM
recordkey: YTA0w_QE5_Co8
recordkey: YTA1-A3Ot25QA
recordkey: YTa10h-Q2ZgG4
recordkey: YTA15983hhdvQ
recordkey: YTa1BELozL1-Y
recordkey: YTa1PaXkoKxE0
recordkey: YTA1UNvfLoVJA
recordkey: YTa1V2I5Gayek
recordkey: YTA24iK73JX-8
recordkey: YTa2C2GjDFh78
recordkey: YTA2Iok2ElOvU
recordkey: YTa2L8p6c4Myc
recordkey: YTa2p-Px3dDFM
recordkey: YTA2PEhp4vv90
recordkey: YTA2shsD-kZ5k
recordkey: YTa3EyygtilfM
recordkey: YTa3k9W6RrVf4
recordkey: YTa3Ofq0DvJDk
recordkey: YTA3QFeD_hkdg
recordkey: YTA3snQTn9la4
recordkey: YTa41h-GOqQ_8
recordkey: YTA4BUtJGgGfA
recordkey: YTA4GrWNGFSMw
recordkey: YTa4PGqlaiO7U
recordkey: YTA4QsqEU4O-Q
recordkey: YTa4TOuvYVwXA
recordkey: YTa6axZM8KW3M
recordkey: YTa6u0PMjbD5o
recordkey: YTa7ai9i_wyYo
recordkey: YTA7TxCJfEjNM
recordkey: YTA7vNwERpEs4
recordkey: YTa7WHkjOGVnI
recordkey: YTa8A-9224ntE
recordkey: YTA8l5GBhBkCc
recordkey: YTA8QR5EJjJ8M
recordkey: YTa8RafyLO9U8
recordkey: YTa8YBC0FKqLc
recordkey: YTA9F9QmNjOw4
recordkey: YTa9ucOlA5mrg
recordkey: YTa_oFv004-XI
recordkey: YTa_oHWz_hBq8
recordkey: YTA_RUXCEHsgM
recordkey: YTA_STCAAhVuk
recordkey: YTa_THItnSx4M
recordkey: YTaA7CFszfPPY
recordkey: YTaacpeTuKpIA
recordkey: YTaahg0m8fP3I
recordkey: YTaAkr37X3B0s
recordkey: YTaAPBTQ447SI
recordkey: YTAAqjINN8b-o
recordkey: YTAARlbhf1R_w
recordkey: YTaaswg3EXKsE
recordkey: YTaAxo6IIR7SU
recordkey: YTaAZL5aS_aWA
recordkey: YTab2w9bWoFYY
recordkey: YTAB7-G-pnj7A
recordkey: YTaBAoQb2OzE0
recordkey: YTabDu8Rdljss
recordkey: YTAbFBjmbi-Tk
recordkey: YTABigL1QqAUs
recordkey: YTAbQ4UiNBAGg
recordkey: YTaBqJI8zy144
recordkey: YTaBSHgCgRJK4
recordkey: YTAbSS71D4r54
recordkey: YTaC8DJR3Wd5A
recordkey: YTac8EeqICHOU
recordkey: YTAC8xj3ELRL4
recordkey: YTACDH_cspONo
recordkey: YTAcGlFH5fjTI
recordkey: YTAClqdB4sRrk
recordkey: YTaClqVXuyoA4
recordkey: YTacybIqBfIM4
recordkey: YTAd-lhyhN-Lc
recordkey: YTad2MtHL2ZIQ
recordkey: YTaD4KALY9pR0
recordkey: YTad9USxfQfD8
recordkey: YTadBWiqHNLzE
recordkey: YTadGf2Bwzt2k
recordkey: YTAdnSOG2cr8Q
recordkey: YTAdOmIbqPZNA
recordkey: YTadVvg9ukpCA
recordkey: YTADxIz9GQicU
recordkey: YTadY6nPKI3S8
recordkey: YTADybLGZdzos
recordkey: YTaDZSDHX9wSQ
recordkey: YTae5_MlpKwRI
recordkey: YTae7XGjjvGUs
recordkey: YTAe8rmoPrEk0
recordkey: YTae9bsVY82tI
recordkey: YTAEAkWw39Vi4
recordkey: YTaEATuDJNqko
recordkey: YTAEC4rG7hwrg
recordkey: YTaEehCr5r42Q
recordkey: YTAeI8_ry1Ut4
recordkey: YTAEleior9hOc
recordkey: YTaeo_GOK41b0
recordkey: YTaeoSvWVhof4
recordkey: YTaeS2YyR4AvU
recordkey: YTaEx5DMglKlQ
recordkey: YTAeyBJBvpQGg
recordkey: YTAEYpmpE-G0k
recordkey: YTAF0Pxg32R6I
recordkey: YTAf6wnxlGtmo
recordkey: YTAF7nRINZzrA
recordkey: YTaFh7X0Wmmoc
recordkey: YTAfL-p_6NyHc
recordkey: YTAFPLEZnTnzA
recordkey: YTAfQqv6ncaJI
recordkey: YTAFtNzUbPI3s
recordkey: YTag17rj9UpA4
recordkey: YTagmTAXyP3jA
recordkey: YTaGN2J6wqVXI
recordkey: YTAGslnGWQaCU
recordkey: YTagt_4PKydMA
recordkey: YTagVKEf80oTc
recordkey: YTAGwaFwXKDOY
recordkey: YTAH1U3GsnCMA
recordkey: YTaH88zg4X0GE
recordkey: YTaH8ulzCVtOk
recordkey: YTahH4ZWboPRM
recordkey: YTaHMb8Zfm_eE
recordkey: YTAHO5Sjg1TOU
recordkey: YTAhRTQZCpKq0
recordkey: YTahSdSrCRkv8
recordkey: YTAhuND-qu3HM
recordkey: YTAHUvfuka5UU
recordkey: YTAhvZQP-QRD8
recordkey: YTaHyHQF8azJQ
recordkey: YTAHYTvMJ8GXk
recordkey: YTahZ1sRuTfgQ
recordkey: YTai0UZctYgHA
recordkey: YTAI2iwUEm0Vw
recordkey: YTAi9Shx5v8c4
recordkey: YTAIgfMzM1Zt4
recordkey: YTaiLzsrRxrBs
recordkey: YTAiMnOvrCKoA
recordkey: YTaIPChEs21wM
recordkey: YTaiXetSN-OIU
recordkey: YTaJ4hLdctL-4
recordkey: YTaj6__T9rHJQ
recordkey: YTaJdNA-Nfeb8
recordkey: YTAJIkDTF1hLE
recordkey: YTAjlxCgk9sT8
recordkey: YTAjqsrKm5Qp0
recordkey: YTajrukz_vkqc
recordkey: YTAjRVFQ2m35c
recordkey: YTAjSL96F3N5Q
recordkey: YTAk38-BxDy00
recordkey: YTAKemn1CPTPM
recordkey: YTAKjT4EnLC2E
recordkey: YTakLDJoP6COo
recordkey: YTakNbWbnJOmI
recordkey: YTakuldyvsCjI
recordkey: YTakvbbzAVizs
recordkey: YTal0wIq2P0sU
recordkey: YTaLBW-bo7_XE
recordkey: YTalg1pQxUd3E
recordkey: YTaLgmvqrGXDw
recordkey: YTALjIOvzLUzk
recordkey: YTAlQJMLpQVxo
recordkey: YTalv1KcolVn4
recordkey: YTam5h-DIycIc
recordkey: YTaMfACTdfWfg
recordkey: YTAMfDdaExdds
recordkey: YTAmFv7G0EoM8
recordkey: YTAMKWuruS8NQ
recordkey: YTaMLXMIgmGg4
recordkey: YTaMmngSHT-3c
recordkey: YTamR4Ituctig
recordkey: YTAMrXftJEXh0
recordkey: YTaMYbTWJ6-vQ
recordkey: YTanebD_Y6BDM
recordkey: YTAnfNWQAst0I
recordkey: YTanildcdZTe8
recordkey: YTaNIZgZ9-oq4
recordkey: YTANnsOBvD27s
recordkey: YTAnvznjNlFOY
recordkey: YTANWjM_p4NwU
recordkey: YTanXx50V21dc
recordkey: YTANZHPat6pas
recordkey: YTaO4nyOoxUcI
recordkey: YTaOaQ5RqVutc
recordkey: YTAoE3HXQ60ZE
recordkey: YTAOfe86EZ1s8
recordkey: YTaOKJ6BFUu1M
recordkey: YTAorQKWlswYM
recordkey: YTAOuTZIrBSk4
recordkey: YTAOvgYQWStao
recordkey: YTaoy0vmoPjlM
recordkey: YTaoyvN8y5mCM
recordkey: YTapF80eJaV84
recordkey: YTApfvsNALAFg
recordkey: YTApiWHktnL5s
recordkey: YTapqj6y46ipw
recordkey: YTaPvPJTU7QZo
recordkey: YTaPXWNSH7EfQ
recordkey: YTAqd5ecvAVNA
recordkey: YTAqIb3oBYMQE
recordkey: YTaQNat6OV0e4
recordkey: YTAQQ_v_UxQSw
recordkey: YTAQY-UzR3PoM
recordkey: YTAr1uq8kuNAE
recordkey: YTAr33d9BvUPc
recordkey: YTar5naD9doRM
recordkey: YTARdr0nOQ8uA
recordkey: YTaRHjSH-m7yc
recordkey: YTARIkyTE1JYE
recordkey: YTaRj5fTwHfv4
recordkey: YTArLjhttRm7E
recordkey: YTARpn-RIyoSk
recordkey: YTaRQ4Sat-hwQ
recordkey: YTArQj6d55WIY
recordkey: YTaRS1_YICoZk
recordkey: YTaRvkbEm42oY
recordkey: YTaRvLxFA_Id0
recordkey: YTAS-vyw42IJ4
recordkey: YTASCeBESs3fc
recordkey: YTAScHOUehHgc
recordkey: YTAsgqDETaAsY
recordkey: YTask3-bldBc8
recordkey: YTASP5V6zDCKU
recordkey: YTAsSXfjEnktg
recordkey: YTAsvvXdOChmY
recordkey: YTatcwpiFx1i8
recordkey: YTAtD4UYL2RAU
recordkey: YTaTf2r4oaZ9U
recordkey: YTAtjW634Pypc
recordkey: YTATLZMuyvDA4
recordkey: YTaTmD66pK6P0
recordkey: YTAtoODi74XBY
recordkey: YTaTxYf23f4wY
recordkey: YTau5_6lQCArk
recordkey: YTAUdrx4DdqYk
recordkey: YTaUFcqCCdunM
recordkey: YTAUFp8um0CUo
recordkey: YTAUgpHFnfHas
recordkey: YTAuHo2JsVXbA
recordkey: YTaUJAA9VFaN0
recordkey: YTauJrBI3dipQ
recordkey: YTauJzIP8qXrE
recordkey: YTaUkZQvr3-HU
recordkey: YTaUo5RB7cs-8
recordkey: YTAupU2scZxCg
recordkey: YTAuUrKd-Y9Nw
recordkey: YTAV-C7kVSSM8
recordkey: YTAv83Xw3Khxw
recordkey: YTavB4o_h_27Q
recordkey: YTaVBdkdTeRL0
recordkey: YTAVDiJxvQQhs
recordkey: YTaVJIz4Yx0NQ
recordkey: YTavpnWJkuCdc
recordkey: YTaVQvfP-T6m8
recordkey: YTavvS-XLkHk4
recordkey: YTAVx_QZqG8A8
recordkey: YTaW1-TF4niCM
recordkey: YTaW8O4HxFJKM
recordkey: YTaWaASpKX2js
recordkey: YTawJ-zvZPhzc
recordkey: YTAwLC3tMv4aA
recordkey: YTaWNIEVLhSoc
recordkey: YTawo79R7mI70
recordkey: YTawOeMEX_5to
recordkey: YTaWptCnFZH2o
recordkey: YTawt46waeBlU
recordkey: YTawxMQIb70KI
recordkey: YTawZtu_ll1a4
recordkey: YTAX-Qfp18j24
recordkey: YTAx8DGNHiX9g
recordkey: YTaXBwqfiMjbg
recordkey: YTAxcPQmx6EfU
recordkey: YTAXG74h1H4vI
recordkey: YTaxHHDtBqYwU
recordkey: YTAXK6xiPBfu8
recordkey: YTAxlNm8G9zDU
recordkey: YTaXNtAV16b60
recordkey: YTaxOiI9RFbLw
recordkey: YTaxQGzQ1ODj8
recordkey: YTaxtN417b3zE
recordkey: YTaXx_6QbGaDI
recordkey: YTaxxAw4IEHW8
recordkey: YTAXyhOlqEByM
recordkey: YTaxywafBDosU
recordkey: YTaY_tedrqm2I
recordkey: YTaYCYdCh8JCM
recordkey: YTAYHoaRY5jbI
recordkey: YTAYI7Ax23vJ4
recordkey: YTAYn4rVltRJM
recordkey: YTAySqSamQXVU
recordkey: YTAYSZyy2BLP8
recordkey: YTAYVmnIQ34ZU
recordkey: YTAyW8ePUEWWQ
recordkey: YTAz5YTpLI_LQ
recordkey: YTAZ6lBmvIT90
recordkey: YTAzb41GnG-Jc
recordkey: YTAZFsfZxlrA4
recordkey: YTAzgd97-tllY
recordkey: YTAzN6Xn_FgBA
recordkey: YTAzObzLpgKP4
recordkey: YTAzvztgZgJ8k
recordkey: YTAZxqapbghds
recordkey: YTaZzkkuk86n8
recordkey: YTb-0yS3AGo3g
recordkey: YTb-7ZU0kkn6s
recordkey: YTB-yQO8eSIUA
recordkey: YTB0Bvx-J_HkY
recordkey: YTb0BZBeQuqDs
recordkey: YTB0gf47BV57A
recordkey: YTb0i69DsNQr4
recordkey: YTB0iD-kVonsg
recordkey: YTb14uv8DzYQk
recordkey: YTb1_90BRVHT0
recordkey: YTB1hfH-6eqKw
recordkey: YTB1mw7HQdCOM
recordkey: YTb1vQz_muSy8
recordkey: YTb2SercjiY4I
recordkey: YTb2UdQNtqPBY
recordkey: YTB2xtimO6lXI
recordkey: YTB30TsrT6KAY
recordkey: YTB3aiM80K7n4
recordkey: YTB3rJvs5hGhI
recordkey: YTB4aGsCaYH4Q
recordkey: YTB4JsyKgZ_i4
recordkey: YTB5aImdlIRBs
recordkey: YTb5B8kIqyTH0
recordkey: YTb5u8htTd6Lk
recordkey: YTB65edtOXp7I
recordkey: YTb65ZFXYGAjw
recordkey: YTB670WarrjAw
recordkey: YTB6a-MB3kBjE
recordkey: YTb6DVrffRnJI
recordkey: YTb6dx55WrhT8
recordkey: YTb6g60uyPXwQ
recordkey: YTB6n6FwlgUd0
recordkey: YTb6rVZ3TLgQ4
recordkey: YTb7BUBYjy370
recordkey: YTB7geAfwN9ZI
recordkey: YTb7KcvE4p0kQ
recordkey: YTB7r-Y-qi7o8
recordkey: YTb7TlQFbMu8I
recordkey: YTb8_ZY717Ajk
recordkey: YTb8WsPBb7TOA
recordkey: YTb93HU-NcpIs
recordkey: YTB99WD8qNqds
recordkey: YTB9a3dpK7h3U
recordkey: YTb9cIDzA90Ro
recordkey: YTb9msyyxl-go
recordkey: YTB_0EXexU0x8
recordkey: YTb_GubMKAwZI
recordkey: YTB_jknrYhp_w
recordkey: YTb_LcOLIlUTw
recordkey: YTB_pS5OUUlb0
recordkey: YTBa2E2txcOvc
recordkey: YTBa2XCvO0_-Y
recordkey: YTba3TDkSP89o
recordkey: YTBa4NFRSc97A
recordkey: YTbaaG_kAtmao
recordkey: YTBabtLbDHfIQ
recordkey: YTBafDyj-9RbQ
recordkey: YTbAFOeyOsCTY
recordkey: YTBANxQAlIHt0
recordkey: YTbArWXV6Z3pI
recordkey: YTbAtBQPfpre0
recordkey: YTbAUfaMIKijQ
recordkey: YTbAZ8O8vE7x4
recordkey: YTBB3_P7JVulY
recordkey: YTBBdSWe9cI58
recordkey: YTbBH0bIth4Pk
recordkey: YTBBVMRFUyZCo
recordkey: YTbbZnhWHAgOI
recordkey: YTbC5RKNFpOmo
recordkey: YTBC8mRyhYFlU
recordkey: YTBCDiBv_Cgxw
recordkey: YTbckMQocnIsQ
recordkey: YTbCoFu3F2Ph0
recordkey: YTbCOtmwDsCDE
recordkey: YTbcPnebLKo0Y
recordkey: YTBCqZIUhlYXI
recordkey: YTbCRP8tupn24
recordkey: YTBCSKnnW8nzc
recordkey: YTBCvg0JUN8oM
recordkey: YTBcWbpq54ls0
recordkey: YTBD2Xlj9cK6Q
recordkey: YTBD6O9ot-tkw
recordkey: YTBD_TKVegnPc
recordkey: YTBDDvMTT8VRw
recordkey: YTbdfejyUqR3M
recordkey: YTBDJm6tQ2OOY
recordkey: YTbDJVG-gDwHc
recordkey: YTbDnpdMx6-Dg
recordkey: YTbDpnoD1eFf4
recordkey: YTBdVzmf0CefA
recordkey: YTbdwewsG7I5I
recordkey: YTbdXA8IbK-sM
recordkey: YTbE6snZpqc8E
recordkey: YTBe86wMee2f4
recordkey: YTBeEvchKdLc4
recordkey: YTBeF2e7mh3Ic
recordkey: YTbEWEmDsYajs
recordkey: YTBexDHFo7AMo
recordkey: YTbEZITxdj4ZU
recordkey: YTbF5vnShBOU0
recordkey: YTBFh-uecTvxM
recordkey: YTbfokfXAefTQ
recordkey: YTbFRJlDsxYHk
recordkey: YTbfrzdiKkA9Y
recordkey: YTBg-NZnxUMeA
recordkey: YTbG0D3EdRJYo
recordkey: YTBgiyJxM9mk8
recordkey: YTbgStCoM1V9c
recordkey: YTBGZPlFHlcjY
recordkey: YTbh1ZO-KBuck
recordkey: YTBh7PujEoh7M
recordkey: YTBh7ViwFismw
recordkey: YTBHbMaD8h-w4
recordkey: YTbHD8H_G_8ME
recordkey: YTbhICWLUKCdI
recordkey: YTbhMTPnm3TM0
recordkey: YTBHraAfJCX8E
recordkey: YTbHXg_yHVeCg
recordkey: YTbHYCXe4YpVU
recordkey: YTbHzmHDCWAy0
recordkey: YTBi6Z6ZS_pVs
recordkey: YTbIdeRe9rZLA
recordkey: YTbIQDtkV9mxY
recordkey: YTbIsuKGBSbhk
recordkey: YTBiuBedXv96k
recordkey: YTBiw1626RyOA
recordkey: YTbixd_Y4IcMY
recordkey: YTBJ8rp1FeXQ0
recordkey: YTBJfvLLOO6kw
recordkey: YTbJilgPXJK40
recordkey: YTbjKj0QxYlH8
recordkey: YTbJlBACiIXGM
recordkey: YTbjmEieP_TX8
recordkey: YTbJRrgvv-8Hc
recordkey: YTbjUVIsUKogg
recordkey: YTbK3hUNjgviU
recordkey: YTbK8hElz6NUU
recordkey: YTbKAZSJRTLqc
recordkey: YTBkB7jMcbss0
recordkey: YTbKcjKevf8k0
recordkey: YTbKf5Lu7vqns
recordkey: YTbKFZoukFgEw
recordkey: YTBKGyIKFi4jg
recordkey: YTBKi8SflI5lE
recordkey: YTbkq0wh-ArzI
recordkey: YTbKx3RMXCzfM
recordkey: YTBL3NC4IJEfw
recordkey: YTbL4_g0i_U2I
recordkey: YTbL5P4SqwIac
recordkey: YTBLjV8pb-4mI
recordkey: YTBlkp3LoSS6o
recordkey: YTBLmRTcYr1hQ
recordkey: YTBLP8DOrubjQ
recordkey: YTBlPoYB66Isw
recordkey: YTblrwbNp3JRc
recordkey: YTbLSuODZvys4
recordkey: YTBLurlXsSqd0
recordkey: YTbLwe4YhgxXY
recordkey: YTBm1QIDAlXmk
recordkey: YTbm_f6t142g8
recordkey: YTBmGBSP0ho9k
recordkey: YTBmkjJSVD3_8
recordkey: YTBMmVS7J12xE
recordkey: YTbMUJEYWU24U
recordkey: YTbmuP8yfzLMI
recordkey: YTbmZt1yTigrU
recordkey: YTbn-Dxf0iAfI
recordkey: YTBn1sQGqMMc4
recordkey: YTbn2jDZjjZx8
recordkey: YTbN3H4EEvcCQ
recordkey: YTBN3kJVX2TdI
recordkey: YTbn3NlU8HiPU
recordkey: YTbN9yUZ4TWa8
recordkey: YTBN_phLqIKqc
recordkey: YTBndTyhDV7J0
recordkey: YTBNhxLnTmrLg
recordkey: YTbNjNHChKV70
recordkey: YTBNkFx0Y6yCk
recordkey: YTBnn8haV3SgM
recordkey: YTBNRJR5_jQTE
recordkey: YTbo75o3I2Zy0
recordkey: YTBoBbBz8UVaA
recordkey: YTBoCz1BCrAxo
recordkey: YTboG8fyn0rgk
recordkey: YTbOGy0bGDaOA
recordkey: YTBOip9yGAqXk
recordkey: YTBOjhVfdJRfM
recordkey: YTbokSvAb9I9M
recordkey: YTbOLcRArO4Ls
recordkey: YTBonlUJMg1qY
recordkey: YTBoTUqDejMNg
recordkey: YTbovcI-cpB-E
recordkey: YTbP8wY4AAshY
recordkey: YTbpAFAUArKxk
recordkey: YTbpfmnuxMPYk
recordkey: YTBPmpmn90Lf8
recordkey: YTbPPs2I95k_s
recordkey: YTBPs2DiDVOHE
recordkey: YTBPUkn0mgOgI
recordkey: YTbPWDeoVHbaY
recordkey: YTBPz-_T9zlGM
recordkey: YTbq0HQAE3B44
recordkey: YTBq9C9jY2MU0
recordkey: YTBQ9RGa6qa9I
recordkey: YTBQbWDLqmpGc
recordkey: YTBQD6kqKXph0
recordkey: YTbqJBQIs8cXQ
recordkey: YTBQMHH7zZfyU
recordkey: YTBqNQggCDgcw
recordkey: YTBqoX6wOkXPk
recordkey: YTbqv1pROMVeg
recordkey: YTbqwAATvPKSs
recordkey: YTBqyy2g5XWbA
recordkey: YTbrCYMh8OoBc
recordkey: YTbReTjbXfEkE
recordkey: YTbRO7EcqxozY
recordkey: YTbROpUJ8tFoQ
recordkey: YTBrVW5YVUgiw
recordkey: YTbS3NV45GvUM
recordkey: YTbS7Hnu-4qyc
recordkey: YTbs_9Yae3zPU
recordkey: YTbscLr8kwja0
recordkey: YTbSdgDr0--JM
recordkey: YTbSGP2thWLg8
recordkey: YTbsKzjm6Utkc
recordkey: YTBsMBWpTnePQ
recordkey: YTbsn1zfIQ7Ws
recordkey: YTBsoaSaqblMU
recordkey: YTBsQseQM483E
recordkey: YTbSuoekxHuKI
recordkey: YTbsW32oZZ-nM
recordkey: YTBSz1Hsz9JW0
recordkey: YTBT1B8J7XfBE
recordkey: YTbTJeUj2dIwg
recordkey: YTBtq5ttQKkWo
recordkey: YTbTTLvMAsmUY
recordkey: YTBTV8rFv1bLY
recordkey: YTbu2UWuE0vIQ
recordkey: YTbuJu9k3hdVM
recordkey: YTBuQeOUSRCk8
recordkey: YTbuscxydj0Do
recordkey: YTbUT5-fyXBT4
recordkey: YTBv5PNO5riyI
recordkey: YTbVbQEGEZ7eo
recordkey: YTbvk56xv2UfM
recordkey: YTbVNIXJ6VBfk
recordkey: YTBvNR2UWSK1U
recordkey: YTBVpIOHw3G6k
recordkey: YTBvplFdFIeog
recordkey: YTBVUZVSLBpwc
recordkey: YTBvVwGueI4tY
recordkey: YTBW0tyn8mXDY
recordkey: YTBwaLfiLV_bo
recordkey: YTbwjuJp1LK1M
recordkey: YTBwNzt7CJk88
recordkey: YTBwQ8W71P6lo
recordkey: YTbWs30mj0XWA
recordkey: YTbwUPOjAD4GM
recordkey: YTbWX_eKCzJQo
recordkey: YTBWy_7T9RjOs
recordkey: YTbWYFHuyJ4zE
recordkey: YTbWYfq3acWzk
recordkey: YTBWZ0Sos0QjI
recordkey: YTbWZWGzmUzJ0
recordkey: YTBX_YlCLV3wg
recordkey: YTBXAz8tMjxO4
recordkey: YTBxC3h2Bn4bc
recordkey: YTBxFN_ZqO6Nk
recordkey: YTbxj8AGK-aDE
recordkey: YTBxLkMM7MJr8
recordkey: YTBXsHMDiYbYM
recordkey: YTBxVoX3Z4FpU
recordkey: YTbXXFWbySBAw
recordkey: YTBY8YF8V-aBU
recordkey: YTBy_dC0eKxiA
recordkey: YTByBuBXvMOcY
recordkey: YTbYg7Oh1wS9w
recordkey: YTbYM1q6a-dwM
recordkey: YTbZ4vk-hbklM
recordkey: YTBZAKXLn30ds
recordkey: YTbzAWds6bWks
recordkey: YTBZmeKa6_DDg
recordkey: YTbZo2evpsCYA
recordkey: YTbZOkuqu_yrs
recordkey: YTbzos567KpPo
recordkey: YTbzQ0fMI0_Gw
recordkey: YTBZq1-QfxxO4
recordkey: YTbzqvK5FOo3k
recordkey: YTBzVvOqOH7fw
recordkey: YTBZxOT2XMAUo
recordkey: YTC---0oOxBFI
recordkey: YTc--FDUPZGjE
recordkey: YTc-ReigeLhiA
recordkey: YTC-UEbEPE9TY
recordkey: YTC-woC7_jqfQ
recordkey: YTc0BfK6iTMVM
recordkey: YTC0hQwgiNLn8
recordkey: YTC0j81xWswZg
recordkey: YTc0XcQjs5r_c
recordkey: YTc18rVO_GcTY
recordkey: YTc1Fo6P_oS5Q
recordkey: YTC1oW_cksL38
recordkey: YTc2fwC4thVLQ
recordkey: YTc2MjKP6duU4
recordkey: YTC2qLJnFCe38
recordkey: YTc2UDk4QxGyI
recordkey: YTC33rFPrgyVE
recordkey: YTc37OOrfGxuc
recordkey: YTc3gRDA_dODM
recordkey: YTc3QEkFtZmLc
recordkey: YTC3uV8ErNpR8
recordkey: YTc44AZLw4ZZs
recordkey: YTc4A_yLpqKzA
recordkey: YTC4c4FDbcRoM
recordkey: YTC4c_2eBSsPo
recordkey: YTC4smGdMnHO8
recordkey: YTC4XuYZfUS8E
recordkey: YTc5-5PTZlkE8
recordkey: YTC5fBxOt13iE
recordkey: YTC5WoJmqBPuo
recordkey: YTc5zm2N4APJA
recordkey: YTc6dUjMX0iJ0
recordkey: YTc75XhEIYH0g
recordkey: YTc7cmoWkJYeI
recordkey: YTc7lXH0E4cYM
recordkey: YTC7tiL1GVgDQ
recordkey: YTC8AdiufssWw
recordkey: YTc8dgKFwo1EQ
recordkey: YTC8FW6t3Yt6Y
recordkey: YTC8QxMMgmiSo
recordkey: YTc8vO9L7jMYM
recordkey: YTC97n-znFk9M
recordkey: YTC9n3PGhOPiU
recordkey: YTc_BiPbi-ybk
recordkey: YTc_KtJnEUDyg
recordkey: YTc_nQtzG1NoM
recordkey: YTc_nSMxG_XNw
recordkey: YTc_OpVtk6Jek
recordkey: YTC_q7ZaelUlo
recordkey: YTCa0iVRLvA7o
recordkey: YTcA_49yzFohk
recordkey: YTcAaWJyc5QpI
recordkey: YTCaCftQDpM3o
recordkey: YTCaGpoGLD8cQ
recordkey: YTcAmHtfV5vz4
recordkey: YTCaOwVnKQf54
recordkey: YTcAPvxWti_sc
recordkey: YTcAUtQxbbq58
recordkey: YTcAwO5eDBuVA
recordkey: YTCb4eVKVyy9M
recordkey: YTCb8MXlOL5C8
recordkey: YTCb_AoqAr_zU
recordkey: YTcBAc5MQt1Fs
recordkey: YTcbbPYmLHRMg
recordkey: YTCBKLbglIZbU
recordkey: YTCbuUIGfsMWc
recordkey: YTCbUUuCrgF-c
recordkey: YTcC-50L3CDD8
recordkey: YTCC0hl7MVGJA
recordkey: YTCc15OfDaywA
recordkey: YTcc2WlWhPu3Q
recordkey: YTCc3cs_Mcs6A
recordkey: YTCc9AFkCmP4U
recordkey: YTCCk1Re63PZA
recordkey: YTCCkDz0g8Yu0
recordkey: YTCCOiOpImoFk
recordkey: YTCCosdDUA418
recordkey: YTccoZM5C_XyM
recordkey: YTcCpNjZ9MbaE
recordkey: YTCcWkVPzvg-s
recordkey: YTCD2JSPDQRDQ
recordkey: YTCde8FxJ2C98
recordkey: YTCDf-pwd26vk
recordkey: YTcDICf-FCbUM
recordkey: YTcDjwlC8ZJw8
recordkey: YTCDK0_7ZnHow
recordkey: YTcDnzA1dThwM
recordkey: YTCDVt-yua2ao
recordkey: YTCdy6-Kv1nRg
recordkey: YTCeEXa3VLjfQ
recordkey: YTCehoJu-Enn0
recordkey: YTcEJlQMU0DYE
recordkey: YTCeJpRByVmi4
recordkey: YTCeLvUqoFX80
recordkey: YTcENwClY0jts
recordkey: YTcES6Hf3Uhqs
recordkey: YTCESh6YZfSL4
recordkey: YTcEwg8xaBVL4
recordkey: YTcfhdSUdxUS8
recordkey: YTcg16t5o5uOY
recordkey: YTCG3uKe0h9qs
recordkey: YTcG61eT_nXTo
recordkey: YTcg_uUSMG-JQ
recordkey: YTcGc1lqlRk_E
recordkey: YTcgg0T27Ynco
recordkey: YTcGjGjd6OOsM
recordkey: YTCGpRP2wxrkY
recordkey: YTCgQKoe4OYIo
recordkey: YTCGryBuAbo80
recordkey: YTCGsKOpLlHwo
recordkey: YTcgumDFf89c0
recordkey: YTcgZIYQ5S7tQ
recordkey: YTCh4iPbbKVlg
recordkey: YTCH4o7BEeYBI
recordkey: YTCh6t6tkYKBY
recordkey: YTcH9XohKTDLI
recordkey: YTCHaSX_9Oeno
recordkey: YTChBl7goD5AM
recordkey: YTchLL1hEOLVo
recordkey: YTCHlN9mZExZo
recordkey: YTchMnDu1WhpA
recordkey: YTChTrTD5XFYA
recordkey: YTCHy25rKTDIQ
recordkey: YTCHyZD_pqMwc
recordkey: YTCi3nOWe8wyY
recordkey: YTcI611wJQE8s
recordkey: YTCiFWgSpAKi4
recordkey: YTcIiMNE_a69c
recordkey: YTCioKeLsfRTo
recordkey: YTciPn-m_wr0Y
recordkey: YTcIwYMVqrPbU
recordkey: YTCIY9xNvZK28
recordkey: YTCJ-m7gGMB_I
recordkey: YTcJglAKGaht4
recordkey: YTCJlvLB2_bL4
recordkey: YTcJVz99-yMD0
recordkey: YTCK1Gdv5G4bQ
recordkey: YTCk2Xcqzo0RY
recordkey: YTck4nJNJ1aLg
recordkey: YTckcml3_IdF8
recordkey: YTCklsr7t_w4Q
recordkey: YTcKneYIsxlOw
recordkey: YTCKo7103xmNY
recordkey: YTckPgWPY9_kM
recordkey: YTckq2p1mdCTc
recordkey: YTCkqGYkjzt_s
recordkey: YTCkskzfTX3io
recordkey: YTCkSNIKUpOGw
recordkey: YTcKTGGDUoVLs
recordkey: YTcl6o6yX9nmk
recordkey: YTClEoLDKHz88
recordkey: YTClIt_xMfE2o
recordkey: YTCloJBJoqZLA
recordkey: YTCLsOW1bgT20
recordkey: YTcLttZeXyFQ4
recordkey: YTcLYnxjwYGL8
recordkey: YTcm7j_HEiWNk
recordkey: YTCm_uSDQhZ7Q
recordkey: YTcmaL_1Z-pGU
recordkey: YTcmextMh0IPs
recordkey: YTcmhJrweN6XU
recordkey: YTCMkanIII6rQ
recordkey: YTCmNgI3okWuU
recordkey: YTCMS1GJYAPa4
recordkey: YTCmtqZD3D4q4
recordkey: YTCmUSEcHb1hk
recordkey: YTcmvd0HF45iY
recordkey: YTCMY5wtOiQIc
recordkey: YTcmZkPKHQQTY
recordkey: YTCNItTFpieh4
recordkey: YTCnjG4OEP40c
recordkey: YTcNKm0unaK2Y
recordkey: YTCnkVX3PaT-Y
recordkey: YTCNrZspQvZc8
recordkey: YTCnw9lTtvd4Y
recordkey: YTcO048CDLnfs
recordkey: YTco24DybnLHg
recordkey: YTCo2KehIxUi4
recordkey: YTcohFVpkJJLo
recordkey: YTCoJyb2taDZM
recordkey: YTcoRZjRm5qTs
recordkey: YTcOuZX-022zU
recordkey: YTCOxeJ2LMnsE
recordkey: YTCP5picEqTRo
recordkey: YTCp7AQvZnJGk
recordkey: YTcphsYiMLis8
recordkey: YTCPkt2cwlTO0
recordkey: YTcPLSRwS_7dI
recordkey: YTCpnQ7XQS-hY
recordkey: YTcPQ500ldIvQ
recordkey: YTCPRa9g-P8P0
recordkey: YTcPURRS8Gn6s
recordkey: YTcPxvbAIluqA
recordkey: YTCQAS7Opt12Y
recordkey: YTcqg_o0pKrtM
recordkey: YTCqHuspub72w
recordkey: YTCQIwJr2Eyu0
recordkey: YTcqNg_pgKI9k
recordkey: YTCQThGfvRxBE
recordkey: YTcQVt_771dUk
recordkey: YTCQWLSkf4W3c
recordkey: YTcr69bN-IS9A
recordkey: YTCr6kgc7vPRQ
recordkey: YTCrb2thMvQXQ
recordkey: YTcrbp6-HoJPw
recordkey: YTCrg2O9wQLJA
recordkey: YTCRhzsFk6Zok
recordkey: YTcrMPRdmSYBU
recordkey: YTcrmWYkwVtrE
recordkey: YTcrR0apNq3Bo
recordkey: YTcRRgvWEEbck
recordkey: YTCrT63q2hW-8
recordkey: YTcrYYYn6eGyU
recordkey: YTCSd7_ajn9ag
recordkey: YTcSGu7eki758
recordkey: YTcsUlsCt9n7E
recordkey: YTcSy-Bez7oZI
recordkey: YTct2kiCSsiDg
recordkey: YTCT8clGqb99w
recordkey: YTcTbhwTkITzQ
recordkey: YTcTFZaEFQqP4
recordkey: YTCtIC-BVfoWs
recordkey: YTCtJIFZ9p9fg
recordkey: YTCtM8Bnr-GC8
recordkey: YTCtSy0qHbATI
recordkey: YTCU8sXuWu-WM
recordkey: YTCUI_iD-yn_E
recordkey: YTCUiJOzReZv8
recordkey: YTCuMyP6-1uN0
recordkey: YTCUnB_CHU6g0
recordkey: YTCuNOYbuARxs
recordkey: YTcuq74tWfGQM
recordkey: YTCUVrChTzw2M
recordkey: YTcUyeDurFBAo
recordkey: YTcvbg4AWNPmM
recordkey: YTcvExC4JWwgc
recordkey: YTCvGbDL6xvXs
recordkey: YTCvgwcuWa5nM
recordkey: YTCVIfZYLQmJc
recordkey: YTCVlEMLeQ9Ug
recordkey: YTcvoA1GZ7jQY
recordkey: YTcvQ5oyI8XXg
recordkey: YTcvx_KIS_UgM
recordkey: YTCvzQobsTh10
recordkey: YTcw-l6rqVvvw
recordkey: YTCW45-lPqH8w
recordkey: YTCWBXZ6A6HZ8
recordkey: YTCwg685_TLU4
recordkey: YTcwl35izIvNQ
recordkey: YTcwl8AhGKnLo
recordkey: YTCwM63otfsHo
recordkey: YTCwP22QPw_-M
recordkey: YTCwqtc-dQV90
recordkey: YTcx3AdQHQsnU
recordkey: YTcX5NJYJevmw
recordkey: YTCX6T04qHU44
recordkey: YTCX9FhAHZJUE
recordkey: YTCXFQfCgbHFg
recordkey: YTCxGpbEJ6-YQ
recordkey: YTcXi929beDNE
recordkey: YTCxR4noaBaZU
recordkey: YTcXTZj5M220U
recordkey: YTCxuTbmNPxRA
recordkey: YTcXy1jgM74R8
recordkey: YTCXyXyMWmmp8
recordkey: YTcy_t2h29zLI
recordkey: YTCyA5sQHU__g
recordkey: YTcYdbX1c2bQ8
recordkey: YTCyLhj2MXZRI
recordkey: YTCyowre9Bub0
recordkey: YTcyP6646rHwg
recordkey: YTcyw0SExgsAI
recordkey: YTcz91xsfY284
recordkey: YTcZ9KdjmuXvk
recordkey: YTCzaBNiIksSo
recordkey: YTcZb6bareCQg
recordkey: YTczb6Yc4FZik
recordkey: YTcZigp_nPyWQ
recordkey: YTczpfwgtYwBw
recordkey: YTCzQUvwJPesY
recordkey: YTczr33F-awI8
recordkey: YTCZTrIxPonKg
recordkey: YTD-3ugkVtK1Y
recordkey: YTd-xOaNgAoyk
recordkey: YTd0_lsxLuezg
recordkey: YTD107nBklPQI
recordkey: YTd1SDQg1nvu4
recordkey: YTD1seEApzy4I
recordkey: YTd2v3CdY-8Yk
recordkey: YTd2XBHpo53DQ
recordkey: YTd32nw50-WkI
recordkey: YTd352XLTEk6I
recordkey: YTd3CbrG3Vif0
recordkey: YTD3EX73a4IZE
recordkey: YTD3tvRbtYBb8
recordkey: YTd45fHdAhXWw
recordkey: YTd460Z6CXB4Q
recordkey: YTd478TD5HMLs
recordkey: YTD4feh5tS7uU
recordkey: YTd4flwyR9jfU
recordkey: YTd4G6zublc6o
recordkey: YTD4JGlp5rYo0
recordkey: YTd4K_Ghqmuac
recordkey: YTD4KJhCx5dVA
recordkey: YTD4KzY5_3CVY
recordkey: YTD4mF4KagpAU
recordkey: YTd4o7ROXpcQs
recordkey: YTd4oxyJ4Mcko
recordkey: YTd4USMAcQrRA
recordkey: YTD4ZaPbwbMnA
recordkey: YTD5-2HbvV3-o
recordkey: YTd54a0w-eE6M
recordkey: YTD5KFGTqPjoY
recordkey: YTD5mPqSZr-hY
recordkey: YTD5r58j61Yw0
recordkey: YTd6Cd-T7yuJI
recordkey: YTd6DEjXo6fbs
recordkey: YTD6HlucCrdKU
recordkey: YTD6Ir3LKrRes
recordkey: YTD6n0BD_8zuM
recordkey: YTD6UKaV8S7wY
recordkey: YTD6WoJAkIXBk
recordkey: YTd6yq-IV-mCM
recordkey: YTD76tcog4wFI
recordkey: YTd7CjnjUG6i8
recordkey: YTd7HmNh5tDPc
recordkey: YTd7wXNX8v-ZA
recordkey: YTd7xNi3Ofr8A
recordkey: YTd7Z2iQocohg
recordkey: YTD8ozD6yijjY
recordkey: YTd8X0cVMp8FE
recordkey: YTd9b_ajGnXlc
recordkey: YTD9BloUF4g7U
recordkey: YTd9GH7FAJWes
recordkey: YTd9JnudQNvRY
recordkey: YTd9y6B2rKEqM
recordkey: YTd_BRuIvfPfU
recordkey: YTd_E9vakWi6A
recordkey: YTd_FeoxIH-ew
recordkey: YTD_q9oLUZplw
recordkey: YTd_Qe_hrS4z4
recordkey: YTD_RxiIQGEBk
recordkey: YTda5L2jSb8_0
recordkey: YTDACuF70SWlk
recordkey: YTDak2zSZPX8s
recordkey: YTDao4NC2lE28
recordkey: YTdAP-1BNVLX4
recordkey: YTdAue2CYhej0
recordkey: YTdaXq88UHWU0
recordkey: YTdaXREofQV88
recordkey: YTdaxyN2xnysk
recordkey: YTDb4B9B9zTf4
recordkey: YTDB9d83PX24I
recordkey: YTdBbAXE45JOc
recordkey: YTDbbHfjXcYgo
recordkey: YTDbMB3IwcxcE
recordkey: YTdBqaNKgEQQc
recordkey: YTDbRkkJA3mms
recordkey: YTDC39PrgFKFg
recordkey: YTdC6Thb9Ibig
recordkey: YTDc7Z0ZsdI1Y
recordkey: YTDCe0b09bGzE
recordkey: YTDCNqnvym5rI
recordkey: YTdcOCCmLMLrI
recordkey: YTDcOw4lMN_sc
recordkey: YTDCUyutKs1Vk
recordkey: YTDcwxqHv_S0Q
recordkey: YTdcX2KOqRXOU
recordkey: YTdd6iZLlAEac
recordkey: YTDdDv3S_jdRA
recordkey: YTDDPGjuMLEUU
recordkey: YTDdr7nPQKPcg
recordkey: YTDdxX9Z9qcFg
recordkey: YTdE6_1_Jddss
recordkey: YTdEbHM3TZsrU
recordkey: YTDEboxYMphDY
recordkey: YTDegJef-Anhc
recordkey: YTDEJrsL6xTI0
recordkey: YTDemPnhzPqZc
recordkey: YTdeN68i62kCU
recordkey: YTDEqZ_oPXk9I
recordkey: YTdeslhDKxCmI
recordkey: YTDEVIontGZng
recordkey: YTDf6LHHvpHRw
recordkey: YTDf9vQ8xHVdQ
recordkey: YTdFcwNSSax6s
recordkey: YTDfION9shziU
recordkey: YTdFJORg3L3r4
recordkey: YTdfM_co6zK7U
recordkey: YTdfmWcZPNfWg
recordkey: YTDFpEOf3s4vo
recordkey: YTDFuG4TDlaoE
recordkey: YTdg_OC9xMV3c
recordkey: YTdGbgYtPE6uA
recordkey: YTdggC7JebBcQ
recordkey: YTdghcuvfFkSg
recordkey: YTDgkrLx43Lxc
recordkey: YTDgNNZFvNQ-8
recordkey: YTDH6CwG7PLvg
recordkey: YTdh6EQINF-ew
recordkey: YTDH89WIrKF0A
recordkey: YTDhAJZXjviYs
recordkey: YTDHAVJOC1i7k
recordkey: YTDhmJqQU9eSs
recordkey: YTDHTUNVmHJCU
recordkey: YTdI-L_QIeBEA
recordkey: YTDi07ZokVsO4
recordkey: YTDI1Irs1cvw4
recordkey: YTDi_0QD1yVwk
recordkey: YTdIk9bjkx4LI
recordkey: YTDIL_6i_OA1M
recordkey: YTDImyyI2UwpI
recordkey: YTdIo5Cvy7TIw
recordkey: YTDIP7FQBur8Y
recordkey: YTDIsWnPc1GvQ
recordkey: YTdIYwZMh45JE
recordkey: YTDj7hYw18J9s
recordkey: YTdjGHhvEVLv8
recordkey: YTdJHP94q9lWE
recordkey: YTDjIawtgsoCU
recordkey: YTDjK4b0FUM80
recordkey: YTdJmBeB51zOI
recordkey: YTDJn2kCRnnsQ
recordkey: YTDJo3OF8IIaQ
recordkey: YTDJqEaJaZrTE
recordkey: YTDjUUejtIwN8
recordkey: YTdk5a59JJ1Ok
recordkey: YTDKBTE0LyPeA
recordkey: YTDkDm0YEbe1g
recordkey: YTdKeHLogKM-k
recordkey: YTdKg5oSdYPkE
recordkey: YTDkHF4t492MM
recordkey: YTdKHhB3WKjgM
recordkey: YTdKiF-o1uZZ8
recordkey: YTdKq6FQ-SqHo
recordkey: YTDl5VX-FyJ9o
recordkey: YTdL9ySPdL5qY
recordkey: YTDlA55_fkMgk
recordkey: YTDlBC2RJAk6o
recordkey: YTDlDBxef-JqY
recordkey: YTDlJrSckes2Y
recordkey: YTdlXFE5oUagk
recordkey: YTdlylITF152M
recordkey: YTdM-yaQc9W-U
recordkey: YTdm0ZFhmCKO4
recordkey: YTdm9ipKepRbU
recordkey: YTdMEcjPkzc5U
recordkey: YTdMef89Sku-0
recordkey: YTdmk0twS6WyQ
recordkey: YTDMkq4os0PIs
recordkey: YTDmKtCOqh1o0
recordkey: YTdMM3X2zudGY
recordkey: YTdMOqvOGbS04
recordkey: YTdmPgEanMfGw
recordkey: YTdmpWVUNlF9I
recordkey: YTDmSCv4ObSjE
recordkey: YTdmWSUAHdreY
recordkey: YTDMYMmz7ZEco
recordkey: YTDN19dFTudQk
recordkey: YTDN2uioGUC48
recordkey: YTdN6Z132sFjE
recordkey: YTdN9zq5ZCW8A
recordkey: YTdNBy-NpXDAs
recordkey: YTdnDKu1ax6G4
recordkey: YTdNi-jodr-NI
recordkey: YTdNIom7dJrcs
recordkey: YTdnjyZfwCXXk
recordkey: YTdNkivzvV32Q
recordkey: YTdnOwt2N2vTE
recordkey: YTdNP8P1g-UqE
recordkey: YTDO2xuzDvSNA
recordkey: YTDo_v_6UTMv4
recordkey: YTdOdZuGu4nu4
recordkey: YTDOkIludUkAE
recordkey: YTDon6DrAEo1c
recordkey: YTdoqicKn-DRs
recordkey: YTdOQL5i0XkWM
recordkey: YTdoVs0E3CQs0
recordkey: YTDoyBvD_t8Ws
recordkey: YTdp3fLTuQoto
recordkey: YTdp6-wnfwVrk
recordkey: YTDp7JyHLhh9c
recordkey: YTDP7tkILfikU
recordkey: YTdPMddxxrZ-0
recordkey: YTDPwCG7mwj5w
recordkey: YTdpYUA96l5DU
recordkey: YTDq31hBDjIFA
recordkey: YTDQ3CsR0-QxE
recordkey: YTDqbfYhwVM1w
recordkey: YTdQJ_qyea7pk
recordkey: YTDQjvWttrOj4
recordkey: YTdQkz8a7utYo
recordkey: YTDQsMY9rpUaE
recordkey: YTDqVLvxXjux0
recordkey: YTdR4EqNc0LUI
recordkey: YTDR5JjIOLmtk
recordkey: YTDr7LysI7RS0
recordkey: YTdR_ZWA4rsOA
recordkey: YTDrakM0m-gZs
recordkey: YTdRciKQ4SL2w
recordkey: YTDrEZWCwU1_I
recordkey: YTDRK8ZxtfiXA
recordkey: YTDrQYpzc96Mo
recordkey: YTdRxttVYDPPo
recordkey: YTdS-LzlnogwA
recordkey: YTds4fybH9Oms
recordkey: YTDs9HDtWcHT0
recordkey: YTdSd20go2t3c
recordkey: YTDsGFZ0zXGMc
recordkey: YTdSJ7nuCdMjQ
recordkey: YTdsjyaFhaO0E
recordkey: YTdslIoQnGhzk
recordkey: YTDSoquju8JdM
recordkey: YTDtH7jZKrSKw
recordkey: YTDTIexB11lP0
recordkey: YTDTIwb1TVe7M
recordkey: YTdTJ4alT2uxg
recordkey: YTdtMD7Od834Q
recordkey: YTDTpaKzreHZg
recordkey: YTDtpCeYPPg6M
recordkey: YTDtporAck-4I
recordkey: YTDTtPTKzx6TY
recordkey: YTDU4HAIpr4n4
recordkey: YTdU_UCtrpyzE
recordkey: YTduKiNyZ-2yE
recordkey: YTDuQF_ccSyoA
recordkey: YTduvHy6eS4cw
recordkey: YTdv3GN54AvKk
recordkey: YTDvID-x7vW7s
recordkey: YTDvqbX_JgG74
recordkey: YTDVw1MRnAxzU
recordkey: YTDVwqKKhXAjY
recordkey: YTDVwt00KZqb0
recordkey: YTDVy0xh0bOiI
recordkey: YTDW1n0SOqsmY
recordkey: YTDW7r5h8HljU
recordkey: YTDwC7CSfg0eE
recordkey: YTdWGCOfBFyKM
recordkey: YTDWIdEmhfL44
recordkey: YTdWjdBK6jdyg
recordkey: YTDWKUsSSf2-0
recordkey: YTDwn6ln4hdeo
recordkey: YTdwOfPYHXxDE
recordkey: YTDwOr4UJmICk
recordkey: YTdWTXNrExQK4
recordkey: YTdwud0NHPZ-I
recordkey: YTdwuQ6iC0x2M
recordkey: YTDwy0vOGaq8I
recordkey: YTdXB6ep63wgg
recordkey: YTDXIdkfz6qx0
recordkey: YTDXiTH84hrD4
recordkey: YTDXJi3ZumGlg
recordkey: YTdxjSucn2THA
recordkey: YTDXkv6Tpcazs
recordkey: YTDXlctsZxQ2A
recordkey: YTDxmR_aNAu-U
recordkey: YTdXOYd7CcLU4
recordkey: YTdXShILiVyJc
recordkey: YTDy7KylgayrM
recordkey: YTdYcXM9P67F4
recordkey: YTdYj9oP1IRmE
recordkey: YTdyjmD6kZvhU
recordkey: YTdyjx3LACEmc
recordkey: YTdyL5-xJzlHM
recordkey: YTdYp1KfpRWxc
recordkey: YTdYtMUuOA4FM
recordkey: YTdz-9YbkQlfk
recordkey: YTdz3c7aNwatI
recordkey: YTdZbovF7oK3I
recordkey: YTDzDY_HQ2JR0
recordkey: YTdZfg9ACXAZE
recordkey: YTDzkZmEbZ1wA
recordkey: YTdzpfAIjHQXk
recordkey: YTdZPPNKnTNY8
recordkey: YTdZULKavcQXs
recordkey: YTDzvEsbJc3Ro
recordkey: YTe-_UnNRTyhQ
recordkey: YTE-nVQiYhWnY
recordkey: YTE-uyIXzsHAU
recordkey: YTe0aISUcX71o
recordkey: YTE0gq_SlEuRg
recordkey: YTe0V8uFlUIhY
recordkey: YTe1aVthQWSSU
recordkey: YTE1AXbOQ0lK8
recordkey: YTe1I0v1tKZBE
recordkey: YTe1QzhQR2sJo
recordkey: YTE23lzvnPygs
recordkey: YTe24dp4B4AkM
recordkey: YTe2jZJCgGetE
recordkey: YTE2OgYKB6tkk
recordkey: YTE2OiSgiar_E
recordkey: YTe2oLVbE5lMg
recordkey: YTE2Q_Ylh40Wc
recordkey: YTe2r2KZL8EY0
recordkey: YTE2Ra03iF3lc
recordkey: YTe2Yw1a8qjx8
recordkey: YTE3_jsWXOiNA
recordkey: YTE3JJDmOdV4Q
recordkey: YTe3pR2PkV6D0
recordkey: YTe4ME-fyudR4
recordkey: YTe4pp5J5kDUU
recordkey: YTe4pQ4zNElBk
recordkey: YTE4TCyws6KdQ
recordkey: YTE4TSipHCNZk
recordkey: YTe4tTlHkpIT4
recordkey: YTE5v1BVdCMBM
recordkey: YTe67q1KpphBw
recordkey: YTe69rWJyzBmk
recordkey: YTe6GyCj0ip3I
recordkey: YTE6jiOQ_ynRM
recordkey: YTe6rzGLwEesk
recordkey: YTE6xCDJx7mRY
recordkey: YTe6YlYRt2_c0
recordkey: YTe75qgcNVubo
recordkey: YTe7hKz0ILcFo
recordkey: YTE7ImPpbDDpg
recordkey: YTe7KNmIhGVcM
recordkey: YTe8aUsCHL-1g
recordkey: YTE8Nzz1IQM38
recordkey: YTE8pSuIf4-_c
recordkey: YTe8rOZfWf9mE
recordkey: YTE8sqJzKVcfw
recordkey: YTE8wFM0XgYQE
recordkey: YTe8Xjej5WMe0
recordkey: YTe8YleZSvnnM
recordkey: YTE9_dIND_nw0
recordkey: YTE9aBMyLG8Bw
recordkey: YTe9DPNZ5NsUc
recordkey: YTE9MnfM_KZJM
recordkey: YTE9QTZlmZZZ4
recordkey: YTE9SubUN0pmA
recordkey: YTe_nxMJ-FSiM
recordkey: YTe_TXwCNERRQ
recordkey: YTEa2Da7VmChY
recordkey: YTEA86WmtYDb8
recordkey: YTeaAcILk8c6c
recordkey: YTEAdNedCKywM
recordkey: YTEaGfUBbGcmQ
recordkey: YTeapgXHsv73U
recordkey: YTEASXqyUWjxg
recordkey: YTEaTMxyM-R3M
recordkey: YTeAWfjwloTBw
recordkey: YTeb2ohupyMLk
recordkey: YTEb5A1lyojGU
recordkey: YTEBc9RJyuqi0
recordkey: YTebINVe8JcmQ
recordkey: YTEbJOi4iwWbg
recordkey: YTEBm2V8tKMIc
recordkey: YTebp9qJAFh-0
recordkey: YTEbR2k8WDPt8
recordkey: YTEBsKPF8Ynto
recordkey: YTEbsq2JO6fTM
recordkey: YTEbvEQZyx0yc
recordkey: YTebw7r8XR1HY
recordkey: YTebxDJJYNoHA
recordkey: YTEbXWZMoo1NA
recordkey: YTEc3bqEgANrk
recordkey: YTECCiDmzXnY4
recordkey: YTECEfYHZZzyw
recordkey: YTecKeL9_2Hto
recordkey: YTECLSIMgjL2Q
recordkey: YTEcrnRsR7M94
recordkey: YTEcV29MkZ_L4
recordkey: YTEd_Yjj3ThAs
recordkey: YTeDFrUY6YYMY
recordkey: YTEdgJPyeSkYY
recordkey: YTEDJiDcO85Ao
recordkey: YTEDMthyGibFE
recordkey: YTeDX27nt_47U
recordkey: YTedYKDdba8rQ
recordkey: YTEdZj_zj1n0k
recordkey: YTEe2VDL3BSLQ
recordkey: YTEE5XrQzVhvU
recordkey: YTEE__EWQcEQ4
recordkey: YTEeEohp4GwRw
recordkey: YTEEhMBdLNdmk
recordkey: YTeEWjSld4vOA
recordkey: YTeF3dJDox4r8
recordkey: YTef5p-Jo5gYU
recordkey: YTEF74QUA4kmc
recordkey: YTEFIgGqgG4bc
recordkey: YTEfkOvmZSxkE
recordkey: YTeFmEi4jEQSw
recordkey: YTefNO3hWhOoo
recordkey: YTeFOP70RcP2s
recordkey: YTefSaQW2SljU
recordkey: YTEgdfy62WET8
recordkey: YTEGeqMxo8xwg
recordkey: YTEgFD6PI7s_s
recordkey: YTegFknGiOn2I
recordkey: YTEgI1m8RW_MY
recordkey: YTeGKtQXLEnwo
recordkey: YTEGQIJ6AOUFo
recordkey: YTegvk224BZ4E
recordkey: YTeGyciBd3-zc
recordkey: YTEGYV0dHjpwQ
recordkey: YTEGzivO3RJBg
recordkey: YTEH0i-DvuZGI
recordkey: YTeH3Y_EnV7DE
recordkey: YTEh6g_6M8FOU
recordkey: YTeHCoSNf4Tec
recordkey: YTeHDZVtEewR0
recordkey: YTeHfEGIQ4yuE
recordkey: YTEHk4Jw9FQoE
recordkey: YTehMk5OY7NFY
recordkey: YTehu8Ee5cH-g
recordkey: YTEHwjqtwXi18
recordkey: YTEi0067lIYJM
recordkey: YTei3nu2WN7xo
recordkey: YTEi3uuIUtodI
recordkey: YTei_r9r-6RUI
recordkey: YTeIGoe73JiWk
recordkey: YTeInOpbY3I0s
recordkey: YTEiP251tmIjg
recordkey: YTEiqeN9tASi8
recordkey: YTeiR4ExyWdyU
recordkey: YTEit4HTnOxuQ
recordkey: YTeitTuvlpbpc
recordkey: YTej-kAA71KhI
recordkey: YTEJ2guzy2qsc
recordkey: YTejaVHbQ0AcQ
recordkey: YTEjc2TJMiK5A
recordkey: YTeJE9N8_xI70
recordkey: YTeJnp_SJGaCs
recordkey: YTEJPogt76xZw
recordkey: YTEjvdntlX7mk
recordkey: YTek0e2o7GoXc
recordkey: YTekdnG4kQDx8
recordkey: YTekJo9r5v68o
recordkey: YTekrxX4i02dc
recordkey: YTekv8yoa8BBA
recordkey: YTelAfhh9Pikk
recordkey: YTelBowOYCFzY
recordkey: YTELiKcszU_Xc
recordkey: YTELpM0FzsuOk
recordkey: YTeLUngAs1FWE
recordkey: YTElW8S1IxC04
recordkey: YTELWe-30AHJg
recordkey: YTem0pmq7jZf0
recordkey: YTEM_zehlpwSQ
recordkey: YTeMAEE997ekk
recordkey: YTemcHhOXV5n4
recordkey: YTeMi_cVOlv18
recordkey: YTeMkFGmqnHIE
recordkey: YTemKQcKVSRjw
recordkey: YTEmPs7CX3eys
recordkey: YTeMq6iHuHRuU
recordkey: YTEMs_URdEwz0
recordkey: YTeMUVgCwUG8w
recordkey: YTEn5fdQbDizA
recordkey: YTeNB8YhSgvow
recordkey: YTENecgymheFU
recordkey: YTEnGY7GdbW28
recordkey: YTeNKi3mo2dwE
recordkey: YTENQo15SvBZk
recordkey: YTeO1jAbc9BGU
recordkey: YTeo1TE2Yx7-c
recordkey: YTeO4Eu28nwfE
recordkey: YTeOAPJuZqEAg
recordkey: YTeorf5cvYIFo
recordkey: YTeOSUwMdxP6k
recordkey: YTeOXpt1IZ9m4
recordkey: YTeP-rF_g2wrM
recordkey: YTep1_psQJVPM
recordkey: YTEp1WlcJYRys
recordkey: YTEp_a4i9YfNk
recordkey: YTepb-Bf-Obn8
recordkey: YTePcr-Os-FtE
recordkey: YTePF3zDnYM_I
recordkey: YTEpHevL2Gb_Q
recordkey: YTEpj7NwlL3Hg
recordkey: YTEPlQp0zKrKU
recordkey: YTePmd8iLwhQY
recordkey: YTepURRB_E_z0
recordkey: YTEPV3AUsblbQ
recordkey: YTEPvM1c_sl1g
recordkey: YTEPwl1oMnKgg
recordkey: YTEpYrshxNcIY
recordkey: YTEq0hau88EJQ
recordkey: YTeQ3Ij_bcp64
recordkey: YTeq_CURru8J0
recordkey: YTeQD1oE0Iz0I
recordkey: YTEqEaFGOF9JA
recordkey: YTeQISZLZRwQ4
recordkey: YTEqMnnARHik4
recordkey: YTeqUZi-6Eon0
recordkey: YTeqXzUwb8UbM
recordkey: YTEQy-ZazbebU
recordkey: YTEQz7cPSPKUg
recordkey: YTER4nfxChpY8
recordkey: YTer7Ucezgm5I
recordkey: YTEra1sWQBW5w
recordkey: YTEraIDQoAfvY
recordkey: YTerDynYHyiSs
recordkey: YTerGmM6rFOTo
recordkey: YTeRiROCjc4GQ
recordkey: YTErLr3Dmbh08
recordkey: YTerOUtMNY-Rg
recordkey: YTeRvBpLJA4N4
recordkey: YTeRXa4VDfagk
recordkey: YTeRxGXU-jZYY
recordkey: YTes6JP-I7SRI
recordkey: YTEs9ouHHvRiM
recordkey: YTESbYzh9wo3c
recordkey: YTESE79yX37ck
recordkey: YTeSNwriMavtA
recordkey: YTessjVb14mV8
recordkey: YTeSsl5qlZhlo
recordkey: YTestmi_2K6EQ
recordkey: YTEsuStsDZvdA
recordkey: YTEsV03TTRiJw
recordkey: YTeTbl7492XW0
recordkey: YTETdOQH6fUVk
recordkey: YTeTi0Lzq7ibQ
recordkey: YTeTj0KEQu29g
recordkey: YTETjYgqyeOXM
recordkey: YTETlD6OGQPu4
recordkey: YTetPGMSdasyo
recordkey: YTetPuvOSMkok
recordkey: YTEtzEiMk2eFc
recordkey: YTEu8GW3yxz9g
recordkey: YTEucHC04--yU
recordkey: YTEudvG2qmma4